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"Nobody knows everything.  Nobody has to know everything.
We don't even have to always be right.  Makes a

difference, however, whether or not we care."

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Law and Spirit: the Art of Anarchy

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Major Breaking News-
dateline July 10th, 2017:
editor gets ready to apply for admission to Harvard Divinity School

Don Quixote sallies forth from his mountain redoubt to fix all the world's woes,
finding the gravest infractions in the Halls of the Academy, where
an unnatural science has reduced the religious to a featureless
abstraction on the meaning of human existence.

Major Falling News, dateline August 22, 2017
the editor Crashes and Burns from too much Ganja Excess

Announcing Editor's New Business Card: all links are active

Videos: <(ganja dancing "wendt-style")> Fake fake-news, with Nino Baldachi and Friends.
--- basically, none of us needs to know everything, and as a bonus, we don't have to always be right either ---

Dances with Squirrels

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The Trump Event, and the abc's of a spiritual social science

Pipe Dreams

The Delights of European Reticence, flame-basted on the Vulgarities of the Americans.


Outlaw Anthroposophy Redux

Intelligence: artificial, synthetic, original, organic, moral, invisible, immortal, and free.

Misery Loves Company: A Cyber-Soap-Opera - Will Take Forever To Tell ...

passing thoughts in the key of indica

Anthroposophy 3.23.xes


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post-literate consciousness

Anthroposophy 2.0 - the Ganja Revolution Begins

Digesting the Unthinkable - reactions to the Trump win

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the one and only Worcester Hills Gazette

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language is the prison of experience