I always wanted a column on Huffington Post, and then I realized I have already got a column in Cyperspace - what could be better?   Sorry to abuse the eyes of any folk who hunger here for other sustenance, but ... the reality is I write to write - the writing is the end.  Useful to you?  That’s up to you.

So, ... good morning all, ... I’m nicely toasted, just been reading stuff on a Facebook place that is called: ANTHROPOSOPHY and MECHANICAL OCCULTISM.  

Sometimes reading That Page makes my mind spin, or is my mind already spinning and moving my eyeballs across a page at the same time, increase the spinning ....

All the same, people striving to gain access to mysteries, and those following Rudolf Steiner, who probably has no peers (but who does, if you think about it): Those people can be counted upon to be seriously trying very hard.  Steiner seems to have set a very high bar (scary smart, and those visions and what he says because of them, and his cognitive Arts - oh, my, god: amazing.  And, exercises, studies, basic books to grasp, even one’s on philosophy).

So, fortune shined, around 1978, and I ran after Steiner.  Had some native talent, so that soon I am reading stuff no one else doing basic anthroposophy reads, like G. Adams’: Space and the Light of Creation, which is great mind yoga, as is the even more obscure: Universal Forces in Mechanics.  

Of course, that’s the deep question isn’t it.  Creation.  Faith says Let there be light, or some version of that, and not-faith sez random chance, and we have no testable ideas anyway ... modern physics has fallen off the cliff on that one.

So G. Adams writes his “paper” on mathematical physics, which is (as it would need to be) a difficult read.  That’s the holy grail of physics, right?  God particles dancing to the Mystical Jazz riffs of Quantum Theories, multiplying like roaches in the dark, under the refrigerator, and out of sight.  Only stealing in at night, to drop idea-stink bombs into modern culture, where the future historians will joke that at the least the Heartlanders in America (as were all the rest of religious peoples) were right on their essential “faith”: God was/is real.

Shall we have a go at me interpreting Adams?   For those, who just have to know, I barely get this at all.  As a consequence rather than goofy it up ....>

[book is hard to get and that’s just one more sign of the dumb people pretending to be smart, by how much Steiner they can quote, instead of seeing to it that books like Adams and others don’t go out of print and remain easily available]

 < .... let me skate by a bit on poesy (Barfield’s middle between prose and poetry):

I am where I am.  I am, effectively, the center of where I am.  Through my senses I spread out into the surround space, which I conceive of as “physical”.  In my thinking/imagination I stand before a world requiring the utmost care in examining: my-Self, but which examination is made very hard by Life.  Maybe Life is trying to tell me something?

During Life I acquire a geometric representation of space, in my mind, through my education.  This is the Old World - the world of Euclidean Geometry.  This understanding of “space” is fundamental to our present-day knowledge of the world.

That notion of “space” has, however, changed completely, as newly thought into existence by various remarkable minds, including a dude who supposedly did a lot of the original research, in his head, while in prison.  With the appearance of the On-looker Consciousness, a new geometry was required, and was evoked in art.  {c.f. Art and Human Consciousness}

Its rules, when made abstract, were called: Projective Geometry, or Synthetic Geometry.  Saved by Steiner (as with Goethe): to be the best mind yoga possible, and Made All The Easier, by books with pictures, instead of equations.  Still, you have to grasp the picture in the mind/imagination, and move it in the gestures of the constantly morphing geometry, when reduced to pictures.  Drawing them helps.  And, obviously, looking at stuff of all kinds.  This is the generating geometry of life.  Plane and Periphery.  Light and Weight.  Levity and Gravity.

What’s the Point?  Who’s in the Center?

Euclidean Geometry is sub-set variation of the Mother of All Geometries: Projective Geometry.  The problem for the modern scientist is that he lives in the Euclidean mindset as to what he considers the “real physical/material world”, but has not yet found a way to see the phenomena beyond the Euclidean limits.

As previous remarked in some anthrpo-ness 3.13: Until part of being a member of the Anthroposophical Society, is the teaching of and reverence for, the great minds who Steiner set aflame, we have no life or value for the world.  Of all that, though, it is projective geometry which is the key.  Do anthropops want to change the world?  Easy, ... grow projective geometry teachers, breed them like an army.  Cast them everywhere there is a University, as the vagabond scholars of Rudolf Steiner.  Fund them.  Feed them well, before, during and after each sojourn, such as what lives now in The Nature Institute.  We should be giving away millions of Adams book: Physical and Ethereal Spaces.  Study That! Study Group Groupies!

Why?  The Mother could use some support, in the Idea realm, ... okay?  ??? - modern cultural artifacts can be arranged this Way:  The Spirit of Christmas (varies, but what if each day was celebrated as That).  Love is expressed with social and physical warmth, and someone generally give presents that are received. 

Every person who is involved in Steiner or Anthroposophy or Waldorf ... (and a lot of others we have never heard of) what to share the wealth, and part of the “wealth” is human spirit-wealth in books.  All sojourners on this earth are spiritual vagabonds, looking for tea and company, in the Fires, and Waters, not seen in Millennia.

True gifts of the spirit are not to be owned.  I am only of value the more I give myself away.  As with an earlier age, the concept of “patrons” remains viable.  The Vagabond is well known everywhere, and suppose a nice couple came to town, well aware that there are those who call Waldorf evil witchery.

Every graduate of a Waldorf School, or a Study Group, or a Branch: is anthroposophy in the world.

So, ... our well-trained vagabonds come to town.  No secrets, have to be obvious.  Then, of course, after a few murders of anthroposophical vagabonds, and all the usual vanity of publicity, the sacrifice (Christianity is full of martyrs, we tried to tell him not that gate, but when the river comes and the tide goes out, got to do it “my Way”), ... sacrifices alway are made, because People choose to do that.

The Path of the Vagabond Anthroposophist IS: <Being on the side of religion, in a scientific way, and being on the side of science, in a religious way, through developing the arts, ... a journey perilous - but necessary.>

And, knowing what Steiner said has to be the last thing you know.  Best to know stuff personal, and when queried be able to whip out the smart phone and show them how to get a great free education on the Internet, because that’s what we want to help people do: Learn, and here’s the menu.

Then go on to say, as I do, but most people don’t get: Guess, ... what’s better?  I can walk with you for awhile, while you walk your own way, just keep in mind that decades of constant pain left me a profession grump, and only recently did the Goddess Ganja provide a much needed daily source of levity, in world drowning in too much gravitas. 

Retired: outlaw anthroposophist.  Longtime magical vagabond. :Now:  j. wendt, intoxicated wannabe poet  ]]]  [[[ formerly: social philosopher and occasional fool ]]] I have an address and we like visitors. I, however, do not at all like surprises, or pranks (very disrespectful).  Also - have a short fuse and am not above grabbing the nearest inanimate object and propelling it <!somewhere!>.  Anybody interested in anthroposophical magic?

the cosmic christ and the holy mother are the score and the source.  where we are, they are.  All are The Singing, set free of any limits whatsoever.