Misery Loves Company: A Cyber-Soap-Opera - Will Take Forever To Tell ...

She waited, alternating disquiet with a splash of foot tapping.  He had tried to teach her to meditate on the different styles she had of waiting.  He was not critical of one or another, and thought of waiting as a kind of art.  She was, as always, impatient about his pointing out the obvious.

It started to rain.  What a stupid place to pick to wait - she thought - where it might rain.  She sighed.  Another thought ran by - a memory of him talking about one of his damn books.  Some kind a Martian thing from the mid-20th Century.  He kept quoting it: “Waiting is”.

Then she felt him.  Near.  She took a deep breath, and instead of screaming, relit a blunt.   Concentrated on the feelings in her back.  We actually have eyes in the back of the head, he’d said.   So?  Duh?   She felt him stop moving.  She tried to guess how far away, and exactly in what direction.  She was getting better at backside-seeing, but she knew she also had a lot more to learn.

Then his presence was gone.  She was tempted to suddenly turn, and the rain was getting heavier, so she was getting wetter.  Stillness first.   Then straighten up, slowly.   Move the attention to the bottoms of the feet as you do this, reaching for an anchor through the core, to the celestial other-side,  >echo’s of his voice inside her mind, as she formed the image briefly of those stars just earth-opposite of the ones above.

She turned around, carefully sweeping behind herself as she turned, knowing that he was going to be standing right there holding an umbrella out to her.  The umbrella was there, he wasn’t.  It hung there a second, and she just barely caught it in time to keep it from falling into a puddle.

“Show off!” she said loudly, while opening up the gift.  As she did a card drifted out, to the puddle this time, getting wet. 

Once rescued, the two of them secure under the umbrella, the card delivered its message in a forlorn scrawl born in his addiction to caffeine: “Dante’s.  I’ll be waiting.  You didn’t think I’d come out in the rain, did you?”

[“the Wizard’s Coven”, version .08]

Meanwhile at Dante’s: Ruminations in Progress.  The endless riddle of riddles: Men, and Women.   What a mess gets made when you separate human beings into two fundamentally different races.  Time for mansplaining dudes to step aside, and get out of the Way of Them.  Their time’s back, and wondrous to behold.


Fortunately the prison of gender organs is being fractured - so many shape-shifters out and about, making up whatever-genders.  Still::: Movies and such, art, poetry, song, finding paths through ancient Ways, ... We are the fractious debris of the Roman Empire. drunk on the hubris of the power of “science” ... so, ...  What you do is take, I d’no, a famous scientist, that astrophysics or whatever guy, down to some kind of nature outlook.  Vista, the Tetons, or the Grand Canyon ... and ask him: “Can you make that” - while pointing away from us in any direction, “you being a know-it-all ‘n stuff.”

Watch him squirm, because he doesn’t know yet, that you know the tenderest parts of his belief system, which are often the most dangerous.  Science is still building shit using powers it does not understand at all.  A lot of scientists, and their various partisans, think (as in believe) they know how the “what is” of experience got here in the first place.  So, you go on to say: “Have it all figured out?  Cool, how about you whip me up some consciousness out of you-know - out of nothing.  Can’t do that?   Come back to the pulpit of ultimate truth then, when you can do that” (pointing some more)

{commercial for Zen Anthroposophy} Of course, anthro-poops don’t know much about that stuff either, although some will be glad to all the time quote Steiner at you, as if that was sanitary.  c.f. From Normal to Healthy, which was a very decorous Way of saying we all human beings.  Not to say there are not some major modern minds out there in Steiner-land. 

My wish is that when you go to any anthro-website, that is about anthroposophy, you will instantly get connected to a network of Zoom-like cyber-conference rooms, so that you (the visitor, or member or friend) are immediately connected to each other, in - you know - a half-ashed: “Modern Way”.  Ongoing classes.  Places to leave questions.  Depending upon familiarity etc.  YOU see ???

Gifts of the Spirit belong to everyone.  Want “our” <so-called< movement to grow?  Give it away.  The tension between Christ and Judas was expressed  in some remarks about the value of “things”.  Ideas are real, but not “things”.  Easy to give away.

A Society, such as the Anthroposophical Society, does not exist to provide jobs, titles, positions, places to live, free air travel, special access to publications ... .   The Society exists for the Life, not the station.   The Life is only in the horizontal, and the Local.  No books necessary.  Like reading books?  So, your study group has 8 or 9 people.  That is 8 or 9 of the most cool books ever cooked.  A non-living book kills the Life.  The people meeting each other make fire.

I don’t think Christ wandered around figuring out where to build the temple.  Paul gets the credit for that.  Nor did Christ speak of His Church as something with rules (those were Caesar’s). 

The formal institutional Society, of anything but administrative positions, all paid equally, must go away.  Nobody gets special publication or lecture rights.  All works go to centrally available electronic libraries, that have paid staff.  That staff also gets to write a brief p/review.  Be nice to staff.

Staff does not need a site.  Staff gets to work at home, and visit the “office” only if the “office” doesn’t have the time to come visit them, because not being near Skype?  Getting the picture yet?  All hierarchy turned upside down.  the last shall be first, the first shall be last.  Welcome to the Third Millennium.