The Delights of European Reticence, flame-basted on the Vulgarities of the Americans.

Or: Why we dare not say Fuck on a Steiner-related forum.  Or, Steiner Forbid, be sarcastic, and even give a spice-trifle of a caustic wit-art&word-play.  Okay, here’s the test: Socrates, Steiner, and the Holy Mother, are all reading what we are writing here.  Perhaps even little children.

Aghast, we can be, on seas of words in space.

Two characters on Television have recently meant a great deal to me.  The character Sheldon, on The Big-Bang Theory, and the character Sherlock, as played by Dr. Strange.  Sherlock confessing to viewing himself as a high functioning socio-path, and Sheldon quite certain he is (mostly) always going to be the smartest person in the room, because that has actually been true just about every minute of his life.

It is a wonderful world where genius can also be thought of as an illness.  As, Too Afar from the Norm. 

I’m bored.  Trump is boring.  This Facebook thing is boring.  I’m getting righteously “stoned” every morning.  Then, there it is ... that lurking thing there ... that f’n empty page.

So, Wendt, write rightly.


Let me see ... hmmm ... who should I channel next?  Problem is that every damn one of them is a “know it all”. 

Oh, and if there is anyone out there that I have not yet offended, please take heart: You are on my List.

See, my task, should you accept it, is to torture anthroposophists, and students of steiner, until they give him up.  You can not even begin to find yourself, dragging around a head full of what you think Steiner meant. 

There’s this story that when asked why he became a Catholic, Valentin Tomberg replied: “Because Steiner asked me to”.    So who asked Wendt to study Steiner?   What difference does that make about anything?

Some one or two >here< (not sure, don’t read everything), have suggested I show no skills of an empathic nature.  I’m wounded.  You have have to stop stooping to being mean to me!

Let me sum up the situation:

The World is Already Perfect.  Everyone is always right where they need to be, however much they don’t like it, for the Steiner-rumor is we all volunteered. 

We are not even required to be in the same karmic-effect time lines.  This is complicated, but goes something like this:
The main thematic cultus of this Earth Present is “human” incarnations for billions.  A “human” incarnation involves having to choose between “good” and “evil”, even if those names are not at all in the particular cultural paradigm of a specific biography.  However, the actual growth-factors of the inner awakening to personal moral creative responsibility can be similar, the formulations long established in that aspect of the World Temple we might call the Natural Social. 

This being one of those seemingly simplistic choices, go one Way or another Way, has a bit more variation than Steiner could allow for, given that it was always possible when he spoke and wrote to commit a: TMI: too much information.

You don’t get an avatar-flesh body to play in, unless there is procreation.  There will be primary relationships - some kind of family-raising-whole village stuff.  Not everyone incarnate is of the 10th Hierarchy.  Demon’s and Angels, having missed out on some aspects of the growth available in the <this Now> present, will show up for make-up lessons, along with all the regular folk.  Keep in mind our linear notion of Time is not the only possible configuration.

Each individual biography is also perfect, with a main aspect of its perfection being the divinely helped creation, and the maintenance, of the notion of what the fuck is going on here?!?

Each individual incarnates into exactly the family, economic, racial, cultural, language, historical, etc. etc. etc. they require, and when we sleep at night necessary adjustments are made, given that the helpers have access to knowledge outside of the limits of space and time.

Can we change karma in life?  Why would we want to know that?  Life is just for us, inside and out.  All Life asks is that you face Them, and be yourself.  Leave the big picture items to the Big Folks, who already did the human thing, and the artist thing, and have a whole bunch of qualities we Reside Inside Of on our way Out There to Full Independence, or not - choice never ends.

Sometimes we run too fast, fall down go boom.  Every goofy thing, anyone ever did, including the Big Folk, all gets laid out in a Rite of Mutual Confession, Regret, and Forgiveness, a Day so amazing, it pre-echo’s its writings on Our walls.

For those not yet acquainted with Anthroposophy 3.33: Meditation, practicing being awake in an otherwise quite mind, needs to be accompanied by Prayer, confession and honesty to self and to god, a fully private matter.  Then: Think.  The mood and the intention of thinking cannot be separated.  The Sun in the Mind provides both light (kings) and warmth (shepherds).

Our personal biography will provide all the challenges that are just what we need.  The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  Old Testament to the Divine.  In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.  New Testament to the Divine. 

Also, ... You cannot fall off of your path, without being Caught by Her.  Each time.