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4/25/17 Open Letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sanders

Both political Parties are in disarray.  They have not been doing their jobs, and remain in denial of any “fault” for the Trump Event.  As long as the Parties tell that particular lie, there is no hope for many, and We the People will have to continue our somewhat chaos-oriented “intervention”.

Too many folk in D.C., and NYC, continue playing the same games - basically addicted to betting on making money, at whatever cost.  Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is madness (Einstein).  However, We the People are not “mad” in that sense.

We the People are fed up.  We could use real leadership - an actual statesman/women who does not place their own re-election ahead of speaking the truth.  We the People are not stupid.  Although, We seemed to have misplaced our faith in politicians.

Clinton and you and others, lost the election.  Trump didn’t win, you lost.  As usual, the campaign among the Democrat candidates was dog eat dog.  Real (not alternative) Facts:  43% of eligible voters did not vote.  Lazy?  Or, just don’t have the “faith” anymore, after too many decades of Democrat/Republican failures.

If you still want to help We the People, you need to start listening to us, without the filter of poll taking and your own speech writers pretending you know what to do. 

The greatest gift is to quit the Senate, and join/serve/work for ordinary People.  They need spokes-people, they just don’t need professional politicians anymore.  And, don’t even think of running for President.  Ambition kills the honest heart in the mind, which is why ordinary people are raised from birth to never trust the words politicians say.

Only Deeds Count. Quit publicly, and apologize. 

Sincerely yours,
Joel A. Wendt, American Citizen, your boss, - this is not a demotion, but a promotion.  “Help me Obi-Wan, Help me. You're my only hope.”  "we have met the enemy and he is us"  "are we having fun yet?"

4/26/17 An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the leading generals of America.

[bit of karmic background gifted Joey with some insights that began when he attended the United States Air Force Academy, from 1959 to 1962, was spiritually wounded getting a pre-seminary degree in 1963 (Denver Univ.), entered and graduated from Law School in 1967 (Univ. Montana) - a clerkship on the Montana Supreme Court follows. Those insights were passed on to me, where I further developed them with the help of R. Steiner’s maps to the mind.]

Dear Friends, across a sea of time

George Washington must confess he is a bit ashamed of how you are conducting yourselves, although he is very sympathetic. There is no higher obligation, for a warrior, than the defense of the nation, all the while leaving to political judgment, when it is truly necessary to go to war. “Necessary”, though is a whole other deal. History teaches that those who are careless with that, end up wrecking everything else in sight. I warned of foreign entanglements, I did.

All the same dear Chiefs of Staff, your not demanding, that your political masters at least follow the Constitution (War Powers belong to Capital Hill), is a failure of duty on the Altar of Ambition. No mixing words here, and everyone sees the consequences. Military adventurism by politicians is on the rise, the Congress fawns before money, and gaining rank in military culture is aided by actually being in wars, not just planing stuff in the Pentagon.

Those who take up military service inherit a certain acceleration down a grave slippery slope, that leads only in one direction. I have faith in them and in the American People, even the Donald. We require politics as Farce before We the People get on with the wholesale rendition of politicians, back to their hometowns to explain all the “stupid” that is happening.

By whatever name we use, the White House continues to fail to observe the Constitution, in large part because military-culture developed a layer of politically ambitious generals - a tragic flaw, not just for the generals.

Military officers and servicemen and women do not have to follow illegal/immoral orders. The courage to do that lives in a personal moral choice, that only individuals can make (we all walk in our own shoes). All the same, a leader who does not realize that the whole base of his authority, in military matters, is entirely rooted in his own moral character, has fallen on the toughest battlefield of all. No fiercer combat in a warrior-life exists, than that willingness to stand up to all our enemies, foreign And Domestic, even at the sacrifice of life.

Look around you - our greatest generals - observe the debris of careers pilling up everywhere in Washington D. C., because temptation to be false to duty is a onerous, sometimes impossible, weight for anyone.

We know also what haunts us. There are folks who want a King, and yet refuse to admit it. Our Republic was crafted to resist this very danger. Follow the heart of the Constitution: the rule of law. A warrior needs no better guide.

On Capital Hill, and in the White House, as well as K street with its burrowing nest of snakes (lobbyists and their money), there exists many with far too much ambition, and far to little common sense. Washington draws moral compromise like flies on dead meat. Yet everywhere some bit of character comes forth, and all benefit whatever form it takes.

Part of the American Character is trust in the rule of law. It took only a couple of federal judges to stop the Kings orders in their unconstitutional/immoral tracks. Marches bloom in our cites, a spring of flowers resistant and awake. The News, remember, finds it profits in being prophets of doom. Don’t pay attention. Without them as the main audience, there is no Farce. Farce then is spiced up with a good dose of hyperbole, and the sky is falling. The Donald only knows from what’s on TV. Be better than that.

Sadly our wannbe King is mad. Sometimes it takes a bit of mad-king-ness to wake the folks up, who thought all they had to do was vote every couple of years, if they bothered at all. Being a real citizen is being asked of all of us, especially those that Divine Providence has helped rise to the position of the Joint Chiefs of the most powerful armies in the world. Just those we need. Not sure of that?

Military Culture is at its roots our neighbors and sons and daughters. Trust them to find the right things to do in the middle of a seriously thorny thicket of crazy people waving atomic weapons in the air, as if this display shows how “smart” they are. Lots of very smart folks in military culture, and lots of ways to be “wounded” in quite different, and more invisible battles.

Sincerely yours,
Joel A. Wendt, American Citizen, your friend. “Help me Obi Wan, Help me. You’re my only hope” “we have met the enemy, and he is us” “are we having fun yet?”