Former Cranky Old Man opens an on-line course in Anthroposophy 2.0

?&?& Anthroposophy 1.0 < a leading  thought &?&? >

Anthroposophy 2.0 < an offering of song > 

< song # 1 )
Readers of Rudolf Steiner have an easy Way Out of the current madness:  Consider getting Stoned. Think about it.   Imagine all the hard drinkers in D.C. smoking weed on the Senate Floor, and making hemp our national plant. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@

<  song # 2 > “Why?”   “The world will drag on you ... Use His Love to Pull You Through” ... a verse in a song about the Second Coming, called One Step Into the Light, from The Moody Blues: 1978.  

<  song #3 > “Huh?”  We live in a hard Age.  It is not easy to live with over-vicious public arguments on political issues, and sharp edged twitters lacking wit, or grace.  It is also the Age of the Incarnation of Ahriman; and, The time of our deepest possession by the anti-Christ spirit.  We cannot escape these influences, so that often unknowingly Anthroposophy 1.0, can only be digested into the soul in a Way such that we feel too much gravitas.  Not everyone, but certainly some, will use the comparative mode of thinking, and reckon they are not as good an anthroposophist as they should be.  This not true, but the mode of comparative thinking (“this” is better than “that”) is often our home ground.  Never fear, the Goddess is here.  T H I N K   ABOUT   H E R!  If you want to “sell” Steiner, here in America, he needs a spokesperson.  An American spokesperson, ... even a European can be an America, its a state of soul.  Why is it the Germans are so fascinated with Indians?  The whole culture of America likes to live its down time half-stoned, and then a whole bunch of those former, sometimes bearded and long haired, warriors went to lay down their arms at and for Standing Rock.

<  song #4 > “But its a drug.  Its dangerous and addictive”  Yes, all of that.  But so is life = dangerous and addictive.  Alcohol is old style take a break, marijuana a modern take a break, and was also made by Her Holiness, Nature.   This means many things, not the least of which is medicinal, on both a physical level and a psychological level.  Too much Ahriman?  He is in our face every time we watch the News, with its distortions of the true.  Counter with a party.  Bring your own intoxicant.  Share or not.  Get Stoned and talk about the future of Anthroposophy 2.0, which just now got replaced by Anthroposophy 3.0.   Pay attention, this is good stuff.

<  song #5 >  From the point of view of a contemplated study of the experience of getting “high”, my best intoxicated encounters with the living imaginative spirit of ganja, thought very Holy by the Rastafarian, reveal that weeds gift/nature/experience helps us shift our attention from being under the dominance of the sense-world eye (Ahriman’s World) as a mood of daily experience, turning away from the fixed, to the constant glorious chaotic tingles - our inner world of zillions of feelings - a ripe field of feelings, such that when Walt Whitman visited there (Leaves of Grass - being another word from another age = to “ganja”), he observed “I am multitudes”.

< song #5.23 >  each feeling a song, to which our intention can direct its attention, while in delirious repose

<  song #6 > To be too much a sense being, and seeing the world through certain rigid eye-given-thoughts, means we descend to living in the valleys of the solid world.  We can be there too anchored in the sometimes savage forests of hard knocks, and not ready yet to trust in the riches of our personal consciousness, or soul (The Narrow Gate).   In the TV Show Joan of Arcadia, God encourages Joan to trust what lives behind her eyes, and then to learn to see in the dark.”

We are helped by Lady Ganja to “see”, with greater clarity, what Christ Meant in Luke: “The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You”.   This is no metaphor, but rather living spiritual truth, which is best known when actually “felt” - that is consciousness directly perceived by the attention needs us to feel the whole, not just the part.  Anthroposophy 1.0 was good science, in part because Steiner gave us names for a lot of parts.  Sometimes in reading him, we get a sense of places and actors on a stage so vast, as to be beyond mere words spoken and written.  Yet, the idea of clairvoyance still takes its key from physical seeing.  If you seek Anthroposophy 2.0, there are billions of Narrow Gates, one for each of us personally. 

< song #6.1 >  Stoned/liberated prose/poetry always tries to fly away: witness: “a music leads the mind through the starry night, like a tree growing branches at the speed of light” ... from “The Memory of Whiteness”, by Kim Stanley Robinson

< song # 6.2 > Are mind and brain the same?

<  song # 7 >  Yes/nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo, ... you would not want to smoke too much, of this now manifesting lately intensely consciously cultivated conversation between human thinking, and certain beings of Nature.  What makes the News, where Mr. A lives, is all the bad stuff going on in the world.  While meanwhile in many nearby hoped for privacy castles, people are kicking back, getting intoxicated, and letting off steam.  And, best of all, it is nobody else’s business but theirs, whether they live on in doorway in New York City, or a house painted all white, in Washington D.C. 

< and, song # 8 > Where the F’ is the biodynamic weed?   Ought to be on the market, for if biodynamic foods and wines are recognized, isn’t it time to start growing biodynamic hemp, and show that world how hip we were already when being anthropososphists 1.0.   Many are now  seeking the Way to be 3.0, through intoxicating conversations with Goddeses, inside your own mind.  Ganja sweet dreams are there to succor the soul, and clearly can be one of many a modern mystery rite.  Another Mansion in “Our Father’s House”.  It is not at all important they be perfectly true.  Run away, as fast as possible, from any collection of ideas and people, where the dead guy is always right - perfectly right.  No better sign of a problem with understanding the world, than this.  Dornach became a spiritual Trump’s Tower, filled only with licensed accolades, and wannabe postulates.

< song # 8.1 >  When high the exaggerated and fantastic are certainly there - Lucifer has his place. However,  a sober review of the taste of the lingering ideas from your last high, may lead to the detection a few false notes.  Edit them how you wish.  The Goddess loves you, but don’t bet your life, or the lives of others, centered on believing intoxicated thinking.  You want a stoned surgeon doing heart surgery on your baby?  Enough said.

< oh, wait: song # 9 > “Thoughts” while on Ganja are accelerated, mostly because the attention, and the intention, are liberated - it is after all an intoxicant.  You can learn by noting what goes on in your sober mind, and then seeing what it becomes when set seemingly free.  So, for example, most people having read too much Steiner, may find they have to murder Steiner in the own mind, in order to be free of his “knowing imprisonment"*.  Since he’s dead, we sure can’t sue him.  Can we?

< song #10 > Every Age has its intoxicant.  The counter - Holy Ganja - to the psychological gravity flowing into modern culture through NEWS, is Nature’s healing echo to the times.  When the ad guy wrote: “better living through chemistry”, he was talking about “humen’s” synthetic chemistry (which led to the opiod disaster), not Nature’s Chemistry. Which intoxicant is “appropriate” (really?) for this Age?  Who gets to say, but the individual?  And, by the Way, Life is Art, and learning when and how to paint outside the lines is an essential ingredient in the maintenance of sanity {Anthroposophy 1.0‘s “equilibrium”}

< song # 11 >  It is the function of Anthroposophy 3.3, to “fall” out of the Cultural Sphere, and into the Economic Sphere, although this “falling” will actually be a climbing up.  We “fall” out of ourselves, but it is ourselves only that can “rise up”  That is two different “ourselves”, by the way; and, yes it is here being suggested that if you want to do Anthroposophy 3.3, you really have to renew all sources, including fixing our over-estimation of “saint” Steiner.  Who to substitute?  Look in a mirror.

*We will take up Steiner’s “knowing imprisonment” of our minds, in the next letter, if I manage to remember.