the reader may enjoy reading this song aloud, then pause and do something else, ... later go on ... or repeat as necessary
the sounds of the words - spoken - have their own dance, not just in the mind, but every-when-where that hears

[Warning, this may be the most Subversive Stuff you
will ever read - nobody is going to like it, as it commits
multiple offenses to the static mindset-prisons everywhere.
Will your mindset be among them?]

Americans, ... among the Lost -
notes from inner-space, ... the true Final Frontier

confessions of a white American shaman

Sometimes shamans have to seriously challenge folks’ worn-out views.
All the same, it can be a difficult art to introduce New Ways,
and an Art even harder, to choose to just listen for a while.

Maybe something is going on in the Spirit of the US of A, that explores ...

flute and drum - heaven and earth - breath and blood

The following is a kind of song about what is not-seen, but wants/needs to be known.  The reader will perhaps find unfamiliar expressions, it being difficult to use Words on a page to point in the direction of the individualistic dances we all share from just being human.  This is not an intellectual exercise, or argument by the Way, but merely a Tale of a Journey to an Unusual Territory.   The situation will hopefully be better illuminated below, because for most readers ... much of life itself will be familiar, ... just that in this story: Life - human biographical experience - will be wearing (what to some) are a fresh palette of Ideas, with a different back-story. and some alternative Names.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  Albert Einstein ...

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” Einstein, once more ...

Then there is: “ ... insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result”. Which is attributed to Einstein, but no source has yet been found.

At the roots of the social difficulties of modern humanity lie spiritual realities and riddles.  The world works in real ways that can only be recognized and understood by casting aside erroneous assumptions that flew into our lives on the wings of an unnatural and immature science.  The Ancients were not wrong, nor is Faith incorrect.  No small matter that, which evokes a different kind of Tale about America, the People of America, and the Meaning of world events.  She's back (never actually was gone - just misplaced as it were), and has a lot of friends and companions, human and otherwise ... including Second Comings, Wizards, and other highly skilled folk.

“Shaman” is a peculiar, and perhaps dangerous, Word.  Folk, who cry out over cultural appropriation, may pick a fight: “That’s our word, you can’t use it.  It belongs to us”.

Sorry, no.  Ideas belong to everyone willing to grasp them, when they ride by - from whatever source.  Similar problem with the word: White.  Modern culture is lost in the confusion that race is significant, which effectively makes it so.  Where folk are lost, shamans have to go. 

I do not mean by this word (shaman) to imply secret powers, either.  Voodoo, ju-ju, hocus pocus, abracadabra - a real shaman does not.  However, ... nor do I mean to imply that the Universe (or Reality, or the What-is) is Not magical and mystical.  Human experience is decidedly, and most especially: Magical and Mystical ... and Scientific and Artistic.

Here’s the hard and the sad of being a shaman.  You don’t seem to get to pick to be “it”.  It is a bit like the game of “tag you’re it”, ... It's just that the Folks who “tag” a shaman are much more like gods and goddesses than anything else.  By the way, “God”, as a word, is a little tired tho’ isn’t it.  Overused in too many pointless Ways.  Although,when you use that word, dear reader, ... does your idea of gods and goddesses include you/me/us?

In certain circumstances I/me like these kinds of words: "Divine Mystery".  Sometimes: “the Word”, or “the Wind”  If you asked me where to find god, I’d say: look in a mirror, which is shaman-speak for the most obvious of observations any “mind” can make.  Plus, ... isn’t it curious that human beings make bets about anything that comes to mind to make a bet about.  Underlying this is a belief/observation from childhood: The world is magical, and wishes do come true.

The scientific Gods are named: "wtf does religion have to do with "reality, "chance, "accident, "coincidence ,and "randomness" - at least in the sense implied by big bang cosmology and neo-Darwinian evolution, ... All the same, the Past didn’t happen that Way so far described (except, there seems to be a general agreement to shroud the "where did all this crap come from" question in mysterious terms.  Still, given the seemingly outrageous complexity of our experience, those are not bad Tall Tales created for us so far, by an oddly not-yet mature science.

Yet, ... we've outgrown the old gods, going now for the new (while praying to both in the face of winter), because what we/me are is something very remarkable.   Very much more than just a piece of walking dirt, on a stone ball covered mostly with  water, drifting aimlessly in a nearly endless oceanic cosmos of stars, planets, and wisely reluctant otherness-alien civilizations.  Not that.  Way more fascinating.  Throwing out the Gods and Goddesses took a lot of fun out of life.  Don't like what gravity did to your body?  There's a complaint window, accessible to all - which is always manned with the appropriate to your own culture invisible.  Open 24/7.

As we live in a modern, basically scientific, culture - an educational process for creating  “shamans” equal to the moments/movements of modernism is then advisable.  The Folks that “tag” you make certain that the actual gods and goddesses of chance and fortune offer you a lifetime’s opportunities born in being a Fool:  As in ...

You don’t know where you are going.  Nor are you going where you believe you might be going.  What is worse is that most of the choices, that led you to where you presently are, you have made yourself.  You get “where”, and still have to choose: What’s Next.

Sound familiar?

The Tag-you’re-it People also don’t tell you what to do (except ... circumstances can seem to force choice - a major Riddle that).  Basically they do deliver possibilities and potentials.   Twenty-third Psalm and all.   Gifts can be a burden, or a joy.  Hard to live with yourself if you don’t put them to  the use your-me's-selve's judge/create: (as in - you get to decide - see: <god-in-a-mirror>).  The most magic true idea is that all human beings are in various states of a shamanistic education, according to their own character and culture.  To have a human biography can be a wonder for the person living it.  The School of Hard Knocks works-over everyone, as does the other-half of the University of Life: the School of Sharing the Pain.  It is just that the names have been changed, from time and place - in the once in a while - djinn/double/dark-side/angels/watchers/tulkas/saints/ lands of Always been that Way.

Love, from whichever whatever gods and goddesses, is centered on the individual biography - i.e. yours, and everyone else's.  What we call history, news, as regards the course of nations and wars - all that is a secondary social phenomena, in which the individual biographies are embedded.  Hard to get your mind around that?  Read on, notice your life, and decide for yourself.

One Way to paint the picture (with wiz-bang metaphorical aids) is that all the world is riding in ships, facing perfect storms - each sub-storm perfect for them.   And, you-we-me’s ride up and down on the waves of a constantly crashing social ocean, where rules of navigation (moral or otherwise) can change wildly.  Everyone sails seas of troubles.  Many believe that what is right for them ought to be right for everyone else.  How much of the seas of troubles comes from the waves we make ourselves?

A recent American presidential election was full of stark surprises - shocking to see, like the Death Card in Tarot.  Something unexpected happened.  Even the winning candidate did not expect to win, until he changed his mind again, and said he had expected to win.  He got “lucky”, and found out that his personal Next-Now "is harder than I thought”.  The Gods and Goddesses have created an astounding display/lesson in Civics.  Precisely calibrated drama-educational opportunities for all to grow into even more interesting Citizenship (render unto Caesar - the State, And unto Gods and Goddesses - what is Theirs).  The Trump Event is Moral Physics as Farce, which we sometimes also speak of as: “karma’s a bitch”.  The Ancients knew a lot of stuff better than we do today.

Chance and fortune also rode the New England Patriots to a comeback win that surprised even them.    Instant karma for the NFL, who are the real cheats.   Time to pay attention to the little daily miracles.   Shamans do this like breathing.

Dr. Who rides the Tardis, - - - not.  The Tardis rides Dr. Who, - albeit a passionate love affair with the Wild in Each.  A Time Lord only gets to be one of those if Time Itself starts the game of “tag, you’re it”.  All of us are getting “tagged”, by the way.  Different gods, angels, lower entities, and karma's a bitch - enough to go around for All of us me's.

Wherever a human being is, there lives choice.  Our choices.  That’s Why “we/me 's” are there - to make those choices.  No future exists, ever.  Maybe not even Now, depending on your aesthetic tastes.  But, we-me's all just got our own Now-biography, so WTF do we do <there> is ='s ours.  Not WWJD, but whatwouldme'sdo.  Authorized in fact, otherwise the "choice" would not exist.

In a world where everyone is potentially a self-learning shaman, what is the point?  Well, just that.  Lots of folk feel very lost, and don’t know how to wake up yet to the wise guide in the own consciousness: - <the own blind-seer of your personal spiritual destiny in this life>.  Our education, as linked to scientific ideas, truths, theories, and mistakes, tends to deny the spirit in the human being.  A Christian might look to the first two Letters of John, and see that if the Father and the Son are denied, as is done by modern science (all is matter, there is no spirit), that’s the presence of the anti-Christ spirit. 

Which we will soon meet below, far more intimately than we might like.


We are not our brains.   We are not the flesh - we are the spirit riding the flesh.  Granted the Divine Mystery organized the process by which we ended up in bondage to such Ideas as: <A “matter-only-reality”>, ... just remember that all that the Wind Sings/does is a Love-Song.  Including kicking human beings out of the Nest on occasion.  [And the Word became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us - even that Dude came down off Hhis whatever.]

This is not at all meant to demean “the Flesh” - the physical nature of the world of experience is remarkable.  Make a picture in your own imagination of the total network of nerves in your human body.  Isolate that, and give it a high-light color, say opal or opalescence.  Free it to sparkling constantly, because spiritual conscious is present.   The brain and its everywhere extensions (seen holistically in the picture-imagination) is a god-invented, designed and built “interface” between spirit-mind and the world of “matter”.

These nerves get smaller and smaller and smaller as they spread out into the skin, the largest visible sense organ.  The skin has three layers, where either: Nerve processes concentrate at one edge of the spectrum of presence; Respiratory processes concentrate at the middle of the spectrum of presence; and, metabolic processes concentrate at the most inward aspect of the “skin” experience.  Bandages are useful.  Kisses do a lot for pain.

This nerve-sense experience is the Flute.  When you sit quietly for prayer, meditation, watching TV or other Ways (I like napping), What you “feel” is the Flute.  Interwoven with the Flute, the Drum - the pulse of the blood - which also has a network everywhere in the “Flesh”.  "Reach out with your feelings, Luke".  The rhythm of existence (what the naive new age guru's call "vibrations") is Coextensive with the Whole of the Creation, although the usual lesson of any day is about what's next for you - you decide.  Your true lessons are in your own life, not on this page. 

As I write this revision, a wasp has wandered to my desk, reminding me to not forget his species and star-group.  They presently are nibbling on the lip of my cherry Dr. Pepper New England Patriots plastic glass, - a peace treaty offered in the heart, and wish spoken in the Air, in thanks to Their Works - In Sects.  Sects of "In's", turned inside out, so as to take apart failing matter, with art and organization.  A primal fear response is normal - stings are not fun, and can even kill.  Death is to look like Death, although me/I prefer a tiger to a hooded man with a scythe, as far as how Death should attire Itself.  Don't like bloody bodies on crosses, either.  Sunsets and Sunrises, is how the World paints Its stories of Light and Dark.  Best instruction ever - the Book of the What is.  Why Best?  Because it In-cludes you.

Explore yourself - you are the Gate-Riddle-to-all-Songs, for no human being in the Whole of the Creation is like any other - all Unique&Individual - - - a new creation self creating.  Scary - that Idea, isn't it.  No wonder we hope not to give such a gift to machines.  We know that if all our wishes could come true, we might not choose to control our POWERS!  Although, the Marvel Universe has forced the Super Heroes to Confront the Consequences of the Use of Their Powers to Confront and Kill (Eliminate from existence) Evil Doers.  Peace, I suppose, however, not on the table ... cause well - boys with toys.

Few modern scientists, or religious folk, enjoy their belief systems being tinkered with Via an in Your Face Official Shaman Notice that it is seriously time to pay attention to what Fundamentalism, of any kind, does.  It kills.  It does not create.  The fundamentalism of unnatural science, and its refusal to recognize the real nature of consciousness, stands in the Way of any Hope of meeting the Future on Human Terms.  Today's infantile version of Science is driving the Human out of everything.).

So many different, amazing, and forgotten, sets of creation-tales haunt the world.   Still the avatar flesh is: The Dust in “from dust to dust”, while That which was before, during, and after the dust, is the Glory from which even Time and Space are continuously refreshed and borne.

Darwinian-Evolution is inaccurate.  Not wise enough.  Have to look to poetry, and your own imagination, to be a real seer.  Books can help, but always a shaman’s own life teaches best.

Basically a shaman is taught such skills, crafts, and arts, as to how to have personal intercourse with the ancestors of the community which he/she is to serve.  So a white American shaman is to know not just the outer history of the America that is also sometimes called: the US of A, but to feel and encounter some of those historical figures.  To know the Inner Spirit of America. 

I once wrote: “We dream America.  We sing Her darkness and Her light.  We dream America, and America dreams us.”  WE, not I.

If we seek a “Spirit” of America, we will not find it in the bowels of the Smithsonian.  Look to your own heart for clues.  A curious question, dropped quietly here: Those who seek to be human, do we not also seek for something we can share?  We want to be ourselves, but not so much as to end up alone?  What is the relationship between I and Thou, or me and thee?  Are there Citizens of the World?  What do those who live in the geographic America do that models what?  Is there an "universal" American Spirit, which has run away as fast as it can from Washington D.C., for the moment?

Recall the beach just before a Tsunami - the waters rush out, first, and then come back with - well, Citizens are clearly at "war" with most of their governments.  Tides in human affairs always turn.

Another Way to see “us” Americans (in-spirit?) is that we more or less agree that these following instinctive invisible social-spiritual agreements generally apply: Work Hard; Play by the Rules; and, Mind Your Own Business.  Sure - lots of failures with that, but still ... in that Way we Americans wander Together trying for kindnesses, and giving them out ... pleases and thank-yous & a have a nice day.  At the same time, getting more and more tired of the people not working hard, not playing by the rules, and messing in our private lives, all the time - - -  that is too many “politicians” and “bankers”.

All the same, everyone needs to belong to some kind of tribe, even if for mutual protection.  Gangs; Militias; Church communities; scientists; Republicans; terrorists; theologians; and communities of new kinds of never before seen people (the cutting edge of individuation smashing sexual and racial identity as a clue) et. al.  Everyone a different book wanting to be read. [Check Out: "If all the world's a stage, identity then is just a costume." Sense8}

Once upon a time in England, and other fine places in Europe, there were in human languages many words revealing the stark social divisions between the aristocracy, and the <not-the-right-blood> folks.  A nice little America revolution, followed shortly with a French version no less (folks-French - who did not elect their “trump”, by the way).  Those revolutions threw out a lot of that social-blood garbage ... but not all of it.  I mean, a age in France and England where only aristocrats could wear weapons (swords and pistols), and duels routinely fought by idiot men demonstrating lower and lower levels of non-sense related to station, honor, and degree of drunkenness at the time of the challenge.  When a "Fop" wore elaborate dress, - showing off for whom?  Hidden mysteries everywhere.

Elites Still Feel They are our betters.  Who you go’n call?  Closest person/s is named you, and maybe your neighbors.  All the Citizens of the US of A are the actual/real government (study/think-about and contemplate the Constitution - it starts with a most glorious word: "WE").   Now we have to add to our usual heavy lifting (raising the children, and making the wealth), ... we have to add giving a much needed lecture in Civics to our  alleged Civil Servants.  Throw the bums out, works for me.  We have given them more trust than they deserve.  The tide turns.

All the same what we do exists in a broader context, with a large soul-part of what is slowly becoming the America-not-yet is something recently  transplanted from elsewhere, And, else-when.  Keep in Mind that the America we are here referencing is an Idea - something "invisible".  America is an atypical social form, much different from the usual flotsam and jetsam floating the seas of history.  Like all social forms IT LIVES ... and dies, and grows - very organic our changing evolving ways of living with each other.

America is a foreign-seeming to-the-Land scent/sense of what it means to be human, newly growing in an already existing Landmass  that had its own vital inhabiting ideas.  That has not been exactly working out well for the original inhabitants, both material and spiritual - physical and ephemeral (ethereal).  Yet, those who come here, most from elsewhere - what gods and goddesses do they bring, and how fares that convention with the local deities?  The Holy Mother seems to have found an agreeable home in the Americans.  Or maybe something more ...

Are you having trouble trusting the World - the seas of change, ... as well as doubting your ability to navigate (and by what stars)?  Very human.  Keeping good company always helps:  “walk hand in hand, and together we’ll stand, on the threshold of a dream” [Moody Blues]

This Land (Drum, Earth, Blood), which is conscious and aware of us, far more than we are willing to be aware of the real depths regarding the Thou of Great Seeming Other-ness hiding in the open in Mother Nature, ... this Land has cared for others before the “white” folk invaded/fled adventured into the already Known Unknown.  How to understand what seems so much horrific tragedy.  Can we try?

Slight shift of emphasis ...

Over ten years ago, I took a reluctant stab at writing a Second Declaration of Independence.

You know that experience of someone looking over your shoulder, but when you turn around no visible person is there?   For three days, every-time I was awake, there was the felt interest of much invisible-ness, looking over my shoulder, not so much to tell me what to write, but in wonder as to what I would choose to write.

All the same this is a “scientific” age, and what basis can there be for writing about anything others cannot see.  Science loves matter, loaths spirit, and can’t take a step without both.  Another Lost community.  Maybe its time to revision old debates, never really solved - just paved over with assumptions, guesses and mind-boggling theories (big bangs, neo-Darwinian evolutions, quantum entanglements, and [Best Read Slowly and Out-loud} <the search for gods in a particle so small it doesn’t exist until the favorite toy of physicists throws stuff together with ferocious drama, hoping a new “thing” of a certain dreamed up type will miraculously appear in the violence)>. 

Some of us shamans have made mad-scientist laboratories out of the stuff of science fiction.  Has our understanding of: The Good, and The Evil, or of Wars, Abortions - all human woes, and unseemly behaviors - been advanced in Cern’s Particle-Physics Temple?  Nothing is made of just parts.  All is Made whole.  It is we who take “things” apart <[ use of the word 'thing' means you deny their consciousness ]>, and seek to tinker with the Creation. 

Leibniz thought of his "monad" (smallest "thing"), as having consciousness and will.  In his remarkable Tale of Cosmic Whimsy, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson", Gurdjieff writes that the smallest is a community of beings whose will was to consciously choose complete passivity.  Cern is killing these Folk, thinking-as-in-unbelieving that in the death debris lies a secret only a cold intellect could imagine.  Being without Life. 

The Swiss Alps - not a bad place to grow shamans, of all kinds.  Visit Dornach, for the Temple resurrected to Rudolf Steiner.  One of the most unrecognized geniuses of the Age of Science.   This Temple is earned.  Steiner who, you say?

As materialistic unnatural science rode, like a wild-adolescent-know-it-all-biker into the knowledge appetite of Western Civilization, the Gods tasked a Dark Lord to waft an enchantment into Europe, and from there over much of the world.  If the Old Gods were to be falsely dethroned by Science, then New-godly sleight of hand is called forth.

We know this Dark Lord most personally as our individual wild, untamed, and far too often: Too Cold: “Intellect”.  Ignoring such ancient wisdoms as: As Above, So Below, scientific knowledge exploded, leaving in ruin a great deal of finely tuned wisdom of the more subtle aspects of experience.  Kepler called it throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  John I: the anti-Christ spirit.  Yup ... we’ve all got one of our very own.

Where is there a science of thinking and thought?  What could be more non-material than most of the content of human consciousness, which qualitative contents the physicists and evolutionary biologists need to keep on the sideline - if “spirit” gets in anywhere, their fragile theoretical belief systems/edifices are undone.

Sorry, new-atheists, but “you” (any state of being that says:  Please pass "me" the salt, dearest) are self-conscious, and modern science doesn’t study “me”.  The scientist of consciousness doesn’t study the self right there in the mirror every morning.  This scientific seeming arrogant/ignorance of insides comes from that deep inside - we all have our secrets.  We who do not go there (and there are many such we-me’s) are often Fearful of that <dark territory of untamed appetites, and moral confusion]. 

The big horror for unnatural science is the "subjective".  How does an objective science study the subjective?  Gosh.  Happens in AA all the time, when folk take what is called a: "moral inventory".  What could be more subjective, and yet clearly a necessary empirical examination of a life lived that seems to be full of folly.  Confess all your shit to God, and to another human being.   Try it.  It is not easy, especially when you realize you are still frequently an idiot, and must tread carefully around old patterns of dancing.  To shaman is to have lives, keep in mind: - real lives.

Memories Ugly, and am I ugly too, a question foisted on society by the greed of the “fashion” industry, whether it is moral fashion or cultural fashion or political fashion.  American shamans have been waking-up to the guide inside for a long time, and that most obvious drum beat/flute song of this <waking-up> we called “the “60‘s.  A world-wide not-yet-over Dionysian festival of spiritual intoxication and creativity.   Now fashion is more and more trapped on the Shaman Street of slow burning cultural fires. Now ... your neighbor with a sewing machine, and personal favorite political candidates will gladly fix you up, even with the latest popular spiritual-search books  ... no need Now for the Mall, the not-sharing people’s vampire seeking the blood and sweat and tears buried hour by trying hour - hard earned money trapped in plastic.

If people didn't need those jobs there in the Mall, I'd say burn these palaces of temptation to the ground before they do become more visibly occupied with real denizens of the zombie apocalypse: Credit cards; a Cashless society; Easy debt (hah!); More laws benefiting only the rich; Forcing us to take medicine we don't want/need: ... How soon to the world of long lines for food, like in Russia where it takes ten grandma hours in line for a ten pound bag of rotten potatoes ...

What is happening to money?  Everything is data - but clearly not safe.  Leave us Celebrate the Snowdens, the Mannings, and the guy who made a $10 fix for mal-ware kidnappings on a global scale.

A real scientist of consciousness lives by the empirical self-study of the same, which is much needed  these days.  Everyone still alive, and our ancestors too, is/are riding the waves, paying attention.  World’s covered in shamans, even in your own boat, were you willing to confess to buying raffle tickets on occasion.  Lots of shamans are artists of consciousness, or have secret lives that no one knows.  Consciousness as Individualized Self-created Adventure.  Nobody's business but your own, how you see the world of experience.

To be human is to “shaman”.  Each human you meet is a tale written in a most glorious/\/\/\horrible struggle: Life.  Consciousness and Life.  Two people meet casually in a doctor’s office.  Social kindnesses arise, ... bits of wisdom are shared as self-stories. 

[Trump is a good example of an individual who can only find his interior to the extent he ignores it, and seeks to make the world around him be his dreams.  He is not alone, in an Age when “celebrity” itself insists it be celebrated.  Mean-while our Present self-crowned King gets photographed with the war-criminal Kissinger, as well as gives secret time to the leading men from the folks sold to us over and over again as our greatest enemy - Russians (until the Military Industrial Complex found another victim - the dread Pirate Roberts in the form of: terrorists under the bed, and in the closet - be sure to buy a gun.]

But gosh, folks, says Itself - the literal and figurative “heart” of It All: The human being also has a heart, not just an “intellect”.  Which rules which in your life decisions?  Do you sometimes have to be the banker, and count up stuff, or do you like go for it - all in - dumping outward the raw truth as lives inside you?  Do you see now the fires that burn the world?  Of course you do, ... who among all "me's" cannot see/seem/seam them.  Beware, however, the con-man who says he can fix the world of its demons.  Not a shaman, such.  More of a charlatan.

Hard sciences, like physics and chemistry, are afraid of the soft sciences like psychology.  To the former you have to provide numbers and count visible “things”, while to the latter the art of caring about yourself, and caring about others (“caring” being of the sensibilities of the own heart) - that art cannot be “seen”, or measured: Only “Felt”.

A shaman must also be able to have intercourse with the Spirits of Nature.  Do you know about Mozart and the weight of a gift?  Sherlocks and Sheldons and Shamans are gifted, but there are many kinds of gifts, or better yet sheaths of gifts, for most gifts have many arrows in their quiver.  Cupid never runs out of shafts for his bow.  And, ... there is nothing in the Creation without gifts. 

For example: All pets are magical, and join us in mutual adoration (or regally ignored as in the case of the Cat family of minor gods and goddesses, that have always been haunting temples  looking for a handout.).  The human spirit is seen by the kingdom of animals as the needed divine mystery presence incarnate.  No fools among dogs and cats.  Nor did we self-evolving humans want to loose the "touching” of the Wild companions, from back when we wore various sentient avatars, singing songs with the stars, who were themselves taking turns - tuning in, turning on, and dropping Earthward.   Flute, Heaven, Breath seeking Drum, Earth, Blood.  There never was, not even now: “survival of the fittest”.

Bones do not tell the whole tale.   On our way to here, we-humans wore many kinds of bodily forms - temporarily.  We participated with the Gods in the Design, having a great personal interest given that the Whole of the Design was for us.  We knew this for a long time, and gave then ourselves: the Age of Myth.  The Stories of the Gods Goddesses on Their Way to Being Forgotten.  Golden to Kala Yugas.  Light becoming darker and denser.  We, that once were a part of everything, Fell to Earth, so as to become, for a bit, lost but to ourselves.  The most wondrous bits, of humans' still in the always becoming beginning: We get to artistically self-create in/out of ourselves, should we choose.


Nature has always appeared Whole.  Not parts - Whole.  The Copernican Revolution, where the untamed intellect too often led the Way, was inseminated (how, Oh yea, ... from Raven, Loki, Coyote and friends) with the idea that what we see (attend to with our senses, etc.) came from parts.  Not Whole, as sound religious knowing has always perceived, ... but pieces.  The intellect loves to count.  The heart is right to refuse, and no child is raised, or war is fought, without a great deal from the heart. 

Water.  Life necessary.  Symbol of Feeling.  Science is mistaken when it says water is made only out of hydrogen and oxygen.  What is created water is created out of nothing, by the living divine metabolic processes in the Atmosphere.  Water appears, and the ancient celebrations involving water are fearsome, although the riddle of weather can be remembered, if we dare to go back a bit in time (perhaps aided with an intoxicant - there are festivals and celebrations to be created), and read: "The Queen of the Air: Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm" by Ruskin

We are the ones that produced those gases by electrocuting, or otherwise poisoning, living water with chemistry.  At the same time that we liberated these two gases from water, we ignore that we have also liberated warmth and light.  So, if you kill the life in the water, you get two gases, and warmth and light as aspects of a death process.  The intellect triumphs over the heart here, basically as much as possible chasing the uncountable out of consideration.  Not to say some might not be able to quantify what science imagines to be the tiny amount of light and warmth.  That's not the question.  The real question is: Where/how did light and warmth lurk in the Water Folk in the first place.  Does Water have an inside like we do?  Is Water conscious?  Legends grace us with many names for the living spirit in Nature, which Genius of Folk do not always know themselves as independent-selves, but rather as members of communities.  The Grandmother Tree opened me up to much that I still am adventuring.

Personally, I’m for a just the right temperature candle-lit bath with a special friend.  A feast of warmth and light for the senses.  In the Speech of Existence, Water sings the Tale of Selfless Love.  She Gives; We Receive Life.  What do the star-sleuths dream of, but other worlds with water and life for us to go fuck-up too.  Do You get it yet, Who the Stars Really Are?

The height of the pieces baby-science claims to have found, and named, remains: human conscious experience, and about That our more and more unnatural science is still guessing.  There are clearly no pieces without mind first, however.  It is mind that creates/notices/defines separations and differences.  The heart holds Everything dear, whole, and worthy.  We are then - ourselves: Mystery.  All of Mystery.  Of Whatever Culture.  Can even scientific metaphors help?  What quantum entanglements lurk in the black hole of a bankers heart?

The Ancients knew the human being to be a tripartite organism of spirit, soul, and body.  The spirit is immortal.  Then, as Western Civilization dragged itself up out of the baggage of the rest of the world's history, eventually to conquer weakening religions with baby science: Immortality was forgotten - a miracle remembered in Greek myths, and known today, as well, to true shamans everywhere,  in whatever culture, and by whatever name.

Our Existence is a Great Work of Art that Will Never Be Finished.  Why finish it?  Perhaps we will conquer time and space, and then arrive in one after another strange alternate reality, such as living a life in which we are Trump, or JFK, or the fool of god that stole my pot, out of my magic chest one evening, around the time I stopped a drought in California, discovering that some powers (gifts of the art magic) were way too complicated.

The main, most precious of all, shamanistic gift is as a “story teller”.  A quiver that is never empty.

Preachers preach.  Politicians take polls to make their lying more effective.  A con-man, ... well we’ve been seeing a lot of that lately, haven’t we. 

A shaman tells truth-stories, and with this makes the medicine they contain easier to go down.  Kind of like the zen-idea: “the empty mirror”.  Using metaphors is not just poetically essential, but philosophically required.  The World is where logic breaks down, and pain (consciousness) is best understood with the Imagination - which is what happens when the heart rules the intellect.

America is not the best place to live in the world.  The American president is not the most powerful person in the world - he is the most dangerous, because he/she, and a lot of other folks,  are holding tightly to powers to which the People have not consented.  The barbarians are inside the gates of the City that is the Beacon on the Hill.  Is peace possible where the love of power/money rules? 

Americans are not the greatest people in the world, either.  Nor is being a shaman a big deal.  We are not a messenger, or the message.  For example, I’m just an old man, more inclined to intoxication in various forms, including the sensual.  Also, I contain the usual vanities, and am writing this near the end of 76 years of life (two wives, three marriages, 5 children, too many jobs), while using medical marijuana to stave off the constant pain of two badly damaged knees (nothing of a cushion in the middle).  Happily stoned, while daily watching the Farce on the Stage in D.C. unfold - Life like this, makes even soap operas stale and tired.

For me to seek [tag-you're-it happens in the mind as well], ask and knock ... so as to actually know the story of the Americas, ... was to first contemplate upon a mystery.  That Land-then was a rumor for many (except to those already living here), and even those European trading ships, that traveled everywhere, carried the works of early mapmakers who liked to fill in large empty map-spaces with the words: “there be dragons”.   The map makers turned out to be very much right.  It is just that some dragon-level-gods and goddesses, lurking  in the backbone of the Mother (the north-south mountain ranges of the Americas) liked blood, and are still around encouraging troubles, such as drug-cartels, gangster politicians, and other ways of haunting civilization, wherever She (civilization) seeks to be reborn.  No light, without the dark.  Tides turning.

Today the Past remains visible in the Present.  Memories haunt all the sailors on chaotic Seas.  Watch the News, where one moment after another is turned into debris.  Towers fall, towers rise again.  The world of America (the US of A), is a battlefield of Ideas (Flute, Heaven, Breath), and of Life (Drum, Earth, Blood).  How to understand?  All the secrets are right in front of everyone, except to the degree the past rules our ideas, dreams, passions, hungers, faith, beliefs, theories, needs, wants.  We are so busy with desire (Third Noble Truth), we don’t give ourselves time to play in the own mind-space. 

Imagination, ... “new” thoughts and thinking: home grown spirit-thinker creating spirit-thought.

Change your mind, change the world.

The Aboriginals of the Americas were many, with an amazing cultural and spiritual understanding of life in the Light (intelligence) of Father Sky, and the Care (heart) of Mother Earth.  Many names the multitudes of gods and goddesses wear, and no reason for anyone to assume that changing the name of the rose changes the rose itself. 

Invaders brought the name: America.  Did they/we hide then a truth?  Or, has: “Oh Columbia” come home?  Where was She before?  Did Atlantis actually exist?  Were Ancient Aliens helpers, ... guides of Ancient Civilizations? 

Clues abound to wondrous questions.  A preview of coming attractions:  I made this “case”: that the Hopi oral history remembers Atlantis, and their story of the two brothers, one going East from Atlantis, the other West, each carrying only part of the wisdom that was once whole.  Two forms of consciousness, evolving parallel for thousands of years.  Those who went West we call Aboriginal Americans, and inside they are different from what comes later back to them (in this Now) from the rising Sun.   More fun details below.

What names do the gods and goddesses of Modern human beings wear?

Modern Cities are not so much different from older times.  Many temples, many kinds of religion.  Trump Tower - a kind of house of worship.  Bars.  Dress shops.  Betting shops. Actual churches.   Homes piled upon homes, offices piled upon offices, - at night a visual art illumined by electricity, while more and more human beings no longer get to see that realm in which they are born, come earthward for a time, and then return as needed for rest and resurrection.  If we lose the True Reality of the Stars, may we not lose, as well, ourselves?

Human beings are not exactly the same inside today though, as they were even as recently as the Incarnation.  Consciousness changes over time, subtly.  How worship is conducted, depends upon the gods and goddesses adored.  What are your favorite appetites and guilty pleasures?

Metal taken from the veins of the earth becomes a web of silicon.  A beggar in Singapore has a smart phone, with access to endless libraries, and can send pictures to “friends” anywhere and when.  The phone itself a magic lantern, illuminating interconnectedness from one node of shamanistic presence to another.   Few still know little of the magical arts by which electricity is raised out of matter, and sent on more its dangerous journeys.  Danger Will Robinson.  Danger.

Rulers were told, in the before-time, the dangers, and never should have dug up all that metal.  It had been placed right where it belonged, being a kind of materialized nervous system, just like the present general configuration of the human spirits’ avatar body.

Blood, Earth, Drum - the Mother’s flesh/material/physical Body, She being also Flute, Heaven, Breath.  A story those who love fighting over words, yet wish to call themselves “Christians”, might want to revisit.  The Holy Mother, & the Cosmic Christ.  We live within Their Hearts & Wills, and every name from Past Ages is just as good as any other, or none at all.  Should the reader wish some refreshing of far older names; a fun gateway shaman here.

Yet we (some of the shamans - the “Magicians of the Gods” rendered services for favors) let loose among the salt of the earth, the related Hungers to Possess the yellow, the pretty, the precious: “my precious”.   “Fuck! ... Jane! Did you see where I laid my car keys and phone!?!”

Human beings most-strangest Art of all: Trash Heaps.  When the meek inherent them, they will commit a scientific-alchemy even today possible, and dreamed - healing the Temple environment where we live.

If the world is mad or sinful or both, ... am I not Of the world, and therefore ... also mad and sinful?  Notice the “If”.  If the world is Also glory, magic, and love, then there is the Balance, at the Center of which is the single human heart, who/whom/which endures better - the less carrying their own cross alone.  Tea  & Sympathy.  The Immeasurable Uncountable Meaning of Company.

A great deal of modern life, all over the world, is under the commercial influence of companies and technologies that have escaped the normal restraints applied by Nation States.  Something bred itself in America and England, got loose in the world, and keeps copying itself everywhere.

Viral international corporations, - banker-mind driven heartless machines.  The Dark God of Untamed Intellect has escaped, created Its Own social form (conform or die), and exactly the question hovers: “what rough beast marches” where?

America - apparently - as in the US of A, is a stew pot, where satisfactions for all possible appetites is explored.  Closer to the heart of the story, America is also a kind of natural compost heap of adventurers fleeing from elsewhere; and, how dare we lamely look down on the courage, of parents and children, who migrate and immigrate on quests heroic.

Meanwhile, centers of supposed justice and power play games with real lives, their own boats not so much adrift on modern seas.  Congress gets better health-care than us.  Time to bring out the Pitchforks and Firebrands, ... that Castle of Heartless Greed Needs Warming Up.

Political borders are arbitrary, and economic process ignore them all the time.  Stupidity is also systemic, expectable, and ultimately amusing.  The Trump Event is Farce, written with the co-participation of the gods and goddesses, but still mis-directed like a terible movie, by a whole lot of people who see themselves capable beyond their level of actual competence.  Get Shorty takes over the White House.  Too Much Self-promotion never a good Sign, ... for the gods and goddesses always give us more than enough rope.

The People of the US of A, however, are rather unusual.   We have, in the longer arrow of time, less and less racial or cultural past physically lingering, unless we are First Nations folk.  Go to Europe and the Past is always in your face, just in the architecture.  Or Egypt.  Or Angkor Wat.  Sure, we imitated classical Western Civilization monuments in D.C. et al., but the real monuments of this Local Manifestation of Her physical Glory, we struggle even to preserve as “parks”.  We never made those.  They are not ours.  What then are we - that we think: What is not us is to be owned?  Mutilated for greed and excess?  Ruined for the future use of our children’s children’s children?

The untamed intellect can justify any appetite.

Americans are the children of the world.  We are their offspring, racially and culturally.  The world’s Peoples  gave birth to us, in a lot of cases with far too much drama.  What most call Western Civilization has not been crossing the Atlantic as easily presumed.   Not so much Opera anymore, as it is rap, hip hop, salsa, rock ‘n roll, jazz, - peoples’ music (and videos, tweets, instagrams, et. al.)  The World is a whole.  America is an inseparable part, - yet dreaming.

A spiritual/invisible fire burns in the dreaming America.  Aboriginal cultures, ancient civilizations, the Babel of languages, beliefs, and otherwise general strangeness living in the US of A, and all the Americas, are a work of social alchemy that is great Art just in itself.   Busting forth from the US of A is an Idea.  Don’t kill it with labels, just go fucking Wow! - that IDEA.  The still emerging Idea of America concerned the ascent of Individual Freedom, as could flow through Brotherhood, out of sharing hearts, from which it spreads all over the world, ... everywhere that <Idea of America> is dreamed, hungered for, wanted, and oddly imitated.  Native People's here will say, So?  We knew that.  You're right.  Still, mystery has its own song ... being ever-new, ... that primal mystery which leads and follows where human beings seek to wander.

What moves the migrations everywhere, as many heroic shaman/people brave the seas of troubles, looking for less dangerous waters (fewer sharks and madmen)?  From what source comes such extra-ordinary courage, and daring, and endurance? 

That soul-depth driver is the natural sanity of seeking that no more are: Kings and/or queens and/or popes and/or mad scientists to be allowed to tell us how to live, or what to choose. 

The Idea of America Births Songs of Freedom: From Woody Guthrie through “60‘s Rock ‘n Roll and beyond > becomes mirrored back from the world itself (World Beat), remixed with new roots (Reggae) and new hopes (Ska).  Felt Ideals got a reboot (hip hop), at the same time that unnatural science was declaring: God was Dead, the human being has no free will, and is just an chance-made organic machine.  Now those IDEAS ... they’re like the Chest Burster in the movie Alien - the heart rendering monster ... the Idea that the human heart is just a pump, rather than a most remarkable organ for sensing the invisible.  Millenia of poetry, and the intellect still refuses to pay attention to the heart, because what that heart wants is usually too scary. To Care, To Love, is to Risk.   Rock, Paper, Scissors, ... taking chances on chances is hard, without a salting of faith ... "Many Rivers to Cross", with time for Ganja-Dreaming.

The Spirit of America, as a consequence, is both hated and adored.  Yet. ... People still want to come here, and endure a lot to arrive.  The modern world tells a story, but to learn to “read” it, a shaman has to not judge it.  Practice Empathic Imagination.

Did the Genius of History have a Reason for this migration to the Americas?  Yes, but ... since the divine spark is distributed everywhere (Experience is an Embodiment of the Word Individualizing Itself - a quaint and useless idea for most moderns), ... but all the same a vital tone/note in the whole theme).  Western Civilization was driven by the same ambitions of all the prior ones.  Just a bigger scale of potential accomplishment, carried largely by the genius of spirit of all the individuals: beggar or thief, worker or consumer.

The Childishness (of unnatural science) is Ravenous to Consume Its Mother, and Become its own Father.  Out of balance and drunk on having apparently beaten aside religion, science invents what seem to be great works, in service to the same intellect as lives in politicians.  Both drifting across the Atlantic to the Americas, during the last 300 years, only to ignore the locals’ amazing wisdom, and unmake all their works.  Is that all there is to the Story?  Yes/No. It is all richly complex, because it is/was/will be all lived by conscious individual human beings.  Not enough books for all the tales that could be told.  Give a pause, and contemplate millions and billions of human beings living lives where nothing is lost, and everything just changes form over time on its Way to Becoming More.

Do you see yet who is the Center of the Creation, and of all the works of the Gods, Goddesses and all their mad progeny?

All the same, the gifts of the intellect are very precious, and should / can not be denied.  Banker beggars, and computer thieves abound.  In the sublime social ecology of modern life, every niche has, and is entitled to, its own meaning.

Known among the First Nations as the “peaceful people”, in the Four-Corners area of the Southwest of America, lives the Hopi, on their allotted reservation.  The Hopi have a major prophecy, and if there was a time for prophecy to help, maybe this is it.  A shaman thing in a way, but really just common sense (which does exist, even for those casting doubts).

The Hopi were taught, as part of their oral tradition (and various rock-writings), to expect people of a white race to show up.  These white folk would even claim the Land as their own.   A mad-thought to the Hopi, for what sane human being would claim to own the Creator’s gifts.  Many are the versions of that tale.  Yes, we came, we white folks (me/one/too - third generation northern European biological avatar).  Many changes to come next, sings the prophecy.  Got that right too, including this tragic bit:  A time will come when the shield of protection of women is raised (the modest Way of Dress), which will lead to a time of dangerous sexual license. 

Then the “doom” element of the prophecy - very metaphorical, and timeless - <a unique characteristic of the Hopi language], ... take a moment, and imagine sitting in the cool of the Kiva, the slow moving drama of sunset in the desert, as the changing colors made by light, spill away with the coming darkness, until the Stars appears - the Night Teachers.  Stories retold.  Children to educate into how to be a human being, while real invisible spiritual beings - Kachina - unveil wisdom for those who learn to listen with their hearts.

I paraphrase:

Wars will rock the world.  Twice, and then a third - the greatest and maybe final war - lurks.  The world itself is in distress.  Earthquakes, forest fires, floods.  Much destruction.  Help for the Hopi is to come, from the rising sun, from the geographical East - the true white brother people will share with us these trials.  An older brother reaching out.   Ages ago, we were One: Hopi and Elder Brother, but catastrophe forced us apart.  Now we come back together.  Our wisdoms were divided too.  Two wisdom tablets.  Two wisdom ways.  Separated, but now getting back together. 

Not all white-brothers, are true in the Way meant above.  The following sub-tale may help.

Over the Easter Weekend of 1985 I went to the Hopi Mesas, to visit Grandfather David Monongye, and discuss with him why I thought, what Rudolf Steiner had began, was the “true white brother" of the Hopi Prophecy.  Social aspects required briefness at a certain point, for when I said to Grandfather David that I thought I knew who the true white brother people were, other aspects of the room grew silent.  Too much attention for a strange white man in the home of an elder in a foreign culture.

First praying quickly inwardly, I said something like this: “Native Peoples know the Earth is a living being.  Western Science has denied this.  The Elder Brother people know how to know scientifically that the Earth is a living being.”  Grandfather David’s granddaughter interrupted us - physically, and sent me away with these words: “I do not want you troubling this old man’s dreams”.  ... Nuf said.

In the world of human beings, Life is not fake news.  When, from the Head of the Chest Buster, grew the Trump&Company, as a metastasizing social cancer on the Body Politic, the Children of the Sun and the Land were already gathered at Standing Rock.  There visible: flute and drum, heaven and earth, breath and blood.   The Lands of the Mother - ravaged far too much by the untamed intellect, heaved a sigh of relief - the People are waking up.

The Hopi Prophecy has some beautiful, language symbolism (magic and mysticism in the darker roots of the Americas): “This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun.'’

This bit about the Meha - the four forces of nature - This is a very big deal.  You take the blinders off and actually listen to Nature - read “the book of nature” was the way Goethe puts it - , you get around to discovering that the intelligences of the stars are already here on Earth - the Fermi Paradox Resolved.  Although, a kind of side trip into the application of protective, or synthetic, geometry to the world of stellar  phenomena is in order.  Euclidean geometry is so not up to the Glory of the Starry Heavens, while the laws of point, line, and plane, a kind of mathematical universal hip-hop bit, sings of the Plane at Infinity.  The What? At Where?

Dark Matter/Energy - the missing “cosmic mass and force” has had a lot of names, and was known to the Ancients.  There is not just Being-generated gravity, but Being generated levity as well, in  a True Universe which is nowhere empty of life - nowhere empty of being and consciousness.  Steiner & Company teach of the not-visible-to-the-senses: “ethereal formative forces” - the Meha.  I know: ... Carl Sagan’s dark dream of a “The Demon Haunted World” is coming true.  Science could rename the parts all it wants.  That still does not at all change the real nature of Nature.

What’s worse (for some), is that those fussy American conservative heart-landers that voted for Trump have at least placed their faith in God, and not materialistic science.  That Faith is honored.

A lot of Americans are white Christians.  That is where I ’n I was raised, while being regularly tagged, after having been created gifted.   These experiences led me on a wondering/wandering path, that included a deep experience of Christ’s Messages.  The Hopi Sun Being is the Creator.  The Christ, for white Christians, is the Creator.

Same Invisible Dude, different cultural context.  A seer has a curse - don’t you see, - - - for only those who have not seen, and still believed, are the one's blessed.

The Red Symbol refers, in part, to the stream of Christian heresies, that happen to be true - no belief required.  The Steiner people, and some others, call this symbol, that transcends space and time: The Rose-Cross.   The Rose-Cross has a cousin: the Sacred Heart.  Different folks need different metaphors.

All major religions have a somewhat disreputable cousin, where direct knowledge of gods and goddesses is taught, as against having to know them through a priesthood.  Islam has Sufism - ancient Persian spiritual depths entombed in the languages where Islam was born.  Judaism the same: Quaballah, but it is  more kin to ancient Egyptian mysteries.  Buddhism has Zen and Tibetan versions.  The Earth’s rich spiritual history and treasures never left.  They never stopped having truth.

We (some) find in our biography that we have been enchanted away from the gods and goddesses, because ... well, not a simple answer to that one, except that being a non-believer is not a bad gig at all.  Everyone can figure this stuff out for themselves, and the less baggage of beliefs you carry around, including allegedly scientific ones (all theories are beliefs), the more free you are to “think” for yourself.

The Roman Catholic Church fought against the heretical - for a time, as it consolidated the religious power of Western Civilization: Essenes, Gnostics, Manicheans, Tarot, Natural Philosophers, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, Romantics, Transcendentalists, and the modern resurrection of the spirit in science: Steiner’s “Anthroposophy”, which is built and modeled on Goethe (Goetheanism).

Again - same invisible folk, leaving a trail in changing/evolving cultural contexts.  The heart of this part of the Tale is all connected to something underfoot, as it were, happening in science, and which began in Central Europe during the 19th Century. 

The enchantment of Western Civilization via the love of its own intellectual prowess (split the atom even, WOW - good for you/us), ... this enchantment reached a kind of peak in the 19th Century.  Materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit) became the dominant scientific religion.  Regular Religion seemed in a losing war with Science, while Industry was raping the planet - the love of money (boys with toys) overcame sensible planing (girls with causes).

The Patriarchal monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, had already  devoured most of the ancient goddess religions (some “traditions” remain), from which came the Wise Men from the East.  The Judaic creation story favors the “maleness” of something that requires One become Two.  Eve is not Adam’s rib.  Adam is Eve’s child.  Mother first.  It is boys with toys that fled the Garden, and are still fleeing it, dreaming of star-flight and weapons of wonder, out of sight and out of mind.

Still, ... the pendulum now swings the other Way.  Cern cannot explain our pain, and every singer and poet and married person and mother or father or child knows Cern cannot explain our pain.  They can’t give it a number, so it doesn’t count in the Story of the World they tell. 

Only the Mother knows the story of pain.  Only Consciousness can begat Consciousness.  “Feminism”  “The Grandmother War”  Time for men to set down the swords of their vanities, and get back to re-inventing themselves.  I am not a man.  I am an “individual” human being.  Are you listening to the music?  Going to the movies?

So: The Rose-Cross is to set the four forces of nature in motion for the benefit of the divine everywhere.  In a science that includes spirit, that way With words is just as exact as “E=mc squared”.   Just because science wanders in symbol-worlds few can read, what makes Folks think the Gods and Goddesses are in hiding?  We just had to grow blind for a while: “May God us keep From Single vision and Newton’s sleep.” William Blake.

Another set of “word symbols”: “In it was light, and the light was the life of the world”.  Or, as Goethe observed: "Color is a result of the Deeds and Suffering of Light".  Religious poetry is exact scientific descriptions of not just what the intellect deigns to notice, but which the heart bears.  The heart, bearing the cross of intellect gone amok, is tired of boys with toys.  Time for girls with causes to have a go at corralling the social tempests.

Rudolf Steiner was the John the Baptist figure of the Second Coming of Christ, the voice crying in the wilderness of scientific materialism.  For those with the right attitude, finding a healthy new Way to light and warm your own mind may be coming to a library near your keyboard.

All the same, tastes vary for a reason.  Steiner’s life was a kind of baptism for the minds of those who looked where his light shown.   Sciences of all kinds have been reborn, free of the matter only prison.  Books exist, born in the Altar of Reason.  Science needs to be religious - in the best sense, while Religion needs to be scientific, that too in the best sense.  The key that balances them: Art, which the creative human heart possesses, and no one is to gainsay.

We see the World in Conflagration.  The Hopi have the most beautiful words for this Age we now enter: “The Day of Purification”.  Christ did not promise peace, but rather a sword.  “The center cannot hold, and mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”.

Yet, who decides what our Own Story means?  When a politician, or a preacher, tells you a story that the reason your life is shit is because the other guy (or god) has made it so, maybe that is neither a true, or a good, story.   What makes you dance like no one is watching?

We have a lot of help, by the Way.  Genius swims the Collective Imagination, and films international become Stories archetypal.  America as dreamed is hungered for, ... whatever the games - the struggle for individual freedom is everywhere seen, with this caveat:

The hard lesson is that real freedom is only truly ours when all our brothers and sisters, ... when “all my relations”, are free.  The rocks, the stars, the winged, the four-legged, and the green world: “We are Groot”.

In the middle of Europe, in the beginning of the 20th Century, New Revelation was dropped by the Gods and Goddess, right in front of the infamous authoritarian Roman Catholic Church.  Nobody, open to any unusual fermentations of the mind, could have missed at least some encounter with bits and pieces of Rudolf Steiner’s 6000 lectures, 30 some books, and other changes created by his “students”.  The fruit of that tree is ever renewed, and known more and more.

Even today the Jesuits are allegedly becoming fake-Steiner students, for purposes only fools would guess at.  Especially given how excessively goofy is the Anthroposophical Society - a kind of association I once described as: a Steiner-thought choral bureaucracy.

I’ve spun a different tale, being basically - just me: “Saving the Catholic Religion from the Roman Church” (its in my CV)

The Trump Event is just a stage show, in a lesser important part of the Whole Earth Theater than most fancy.  He struts.  He shrugs.   He is smug.  He leads the clapping for himself.  He is ours, ... Americans, - he is ours.  We pranked ourselves.

Sometimes people - the ordinary folk - allow their leaders a lot of leeway - a lot.  Then they don’t anymore - offer that leeway.  Especially since every act of the Trump Gang has been to increase the level of general aggravation and uncertainty.  People get a bit testy with too much uncertainty, and our political parties provide all that and more.  How long will/can the politicians and the bankers continue to feed on us, before the prey is discovered to have free will, and its very own mind?

Seems that day is here - right now.  Time for us to dine on them.  Kindly ... urges all mothers, - my own Lady said that if she met the devil she’d just ask him if he’d like some tea.  Interesting what the folk of the original modern tea party are up to these days: throwing the lies of politicians back in their faces at every town-meeting possible.

What is the basic posture of the politician?  Point A: Everything is screwed up and the other guy/Party is responsible.  Point B: Vote me into power and I will wave my magic wand over the news-cycle narrative, and no one will see me fuck the whole Country over, because there is a collar around my neck (made by whichever “dark gods” I let dominate me - usually greed, and the addiction to power, with a certain amount of religious fundamentalism thrown in for spice).

Seems the White House and the Congress are all dancing - along with the rest of us - to the tunes and the fires of the Day of Purification.

There are lessons everywhere for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear.   Even on TV, such as  the show Fargo - are flying saucers real?  Perhaps the “atom” bombs, blew holes in the tenuous threshold between spiritual and the material worlds.  Through that unnatural gateway, then flew creatures more akin with the living, yet invisible, spiritual beings connected to electricity and magnetism, than they are to the “human” beings.  The “gateway” clothed the travelers flooding into our time/space condition, with material form, and left great mysteries still to be unraveled.

America has dark places and old debts.  The Gods and Goddesses have never been slack, when it came time for payback (what goes around comes around, and the karma of the American political parties is huge). 

On the other - the most important “hand”: The resilience and generosity of Americans has always been up to the tasks.  It is just, as we all know (or expect), this Rite of Passage for the next phase of our Republic will not be easy, unless we somehow treat a seeming nasty-chore as a party, and turn protest into a celebration of Citizenship - the real folk/power from which the Constitution came as a limited grant of responsibilities to allegedly democratically elected officials.  Are they "doing their jobs"?  Clearly not.

When the American people get down to the necessary and occasional cleaning of their political house, they are all business, yet still enjoy parades, rough justice, and the tar and feathering of scoundrels.  First, the Revolutionary War; Second, the Civil War; and Third - now unfolding, “The Grandmother War”.

What’s that old saw about mother bears?

Societies change from what is internal to them, although all communities are subject to outside stress.  The individual human soul/spirit is a communal society: “I am multitudes” wrote Walt Whitman.  “I am the Walrus” sang John Lennon.  Some other guy: “I and the Father are One”.

I see no reason to suspect that the society/community that maximizes individual freedom will not then gain the best from all its members, ... with the opposite result certain, where the cruelties of dominance and prior restraint rule. 

Always, keep it simple, when and if the <art-words> are willing to conform ... a Goodbye for Now, however, is worthy of a lean in the direction of a zen-jedi, according to the magical elements and their invisible qualities ...

4: the sign of our Age is the return of the qualities of Eros, always known to the gods and goddesses, and lost to human beings now having to live within “fallen eros”.   A tragic result of being taught we are a mere cosmic accident and only a higher animal.   All are finding that the antidote to excesses of tragedy, is found in the irreverent levity of Eros, now on display at a Comedy Channel Near You ... Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine ...

3: if you wish to bother: Will the Good, and Think with the Heart.  [don’t worry about Trump - Art is already having him for lunch]  Oh, you think we could all blow up and die?  Yes, I do too - one among several horrible outcomes-unpredictable, although which particular “could” wins that race, this shaman has no idea.  I also think we will still be around, just more formally transcendent, regardless of how hard some madmen seek to destroy the Creation.

2: there is a fundamental division in the arrangement of experience to which the words masculine and feminine may be useful, sometimes ... it has nothing to do with sex (ha, ha, ha), .... although equipment is only relevant as needed, and personality should learn to play all roles possible, disregarding the bodily formations.  Some say the soul of a man is feminine, and the soul of a woman is masculine.  No wonder Ripley out-mans the men in the Alien movies.

1: surely we all exhibit (share) All these qualities (among others), as aspects of our individuality; and, much wisdom lurks in surprising places:   Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice and all things nice, That’s what little girls are made of.

0: boys with toys, and girls with causes - makes the world go ‘round.

a white American shaman’s curriculum vitae:

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