Material In Quotes ”-” >below<: Is taken directly from the headlines of my daily digital NYTimes, on a moody Janissary-January winter song, post the beginning of the Reign of Queen Trump.  If your metaphorical taste leans to the British, that is.  Meanwhile, through another window,  the elite troops of sultan Trump, being his Janissariy’s - that has a more Persian flavor.  Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire, signals agreement by blinking twice, coughing once and hardly laughing for-ever.   Queens need Courts, as do Sultans.

{{{{{todays delights}}}}} are courtesy Avi-indica, orange-flavored 10 mg lozenge, while listening to classical music. 

Lead Headline, upper right of page: “Trump Starts a Crackdown on Immigration with a Wall”
What happens if we change the meanings, a bit.  A “Crackdown” is, according to the squirrels, well, you know, a kind of dance where your throw your nuts around, maybe even trying to hurt someone on purpose.  Squirrels have great pretend territorial wars, by the way, which is the root use of the term “squirmish” (showing signs of restlessness resulting from feelings of discomfort or distress).

So, if you are in a nut-throwing-around contest, and feeling a bit squirmish, that’s how Trump feels, maybe, who knows?  Having contained “whims” all day, late at night he really needs to tweet on something, it is so sore down there, and a good b.s. tweet, is just the thing.  Yet, here is where it gets juicy.  Hair’s little-trump wants to play too.  So, using your wonderful imagination, what if we change the meaning of the word Immigration, to be hidden-cheeky-speak for ::::: something you Do To a Wall.  So little mr trump’s solution to being squirmish, is to Immigrate the Wall, push it out, erect it like Trump Tower, from within his <totally spaced-out disconnect from everything> mind, and into/onto some woebegone wisps of Texas dust and scrub brush, where not even just the mere thought of such a barrier has never-kept people out of where they really want to go, ever.

Someone needs to take Hair for a fly-over of the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, and the Pyramids of Giza.  He is not building a wall, yet.  Got to raise his ambitions.  Wait, ... I get it!

Trump Towers Arcology:  Thirty Stories Tall, and an acre wide, 1800 miles long. Totally green and self-sustainable (when we get the kinks out).  Fully Armored.  Everyone working on this died for the cause.  Got a too much unhappy population in Detroit?  Sell all the ones that want/what?/want to be elsewhere: lottery tickets.  Win, and you and yours get to go to the TTA, built in between the US of A, and Mexico, and designed by Jessee James the outlaw bicker TV show star.

Sell both sides of the Wall.  Need jobs, I’ve got some.  Mix and match, throw in letting the Mob own some inside aspects, laundry and such.   And, of course, some of their people have key access to rooms, but we have to keep theft situations under a limit, because some f’n regulatory body might catch us for breaking the law.   Meanwhile make a bigger deal with MegaPrison.Corp, .... they provide the trained security bullies, and we give people a choice to follow our rules, and if not immediately satisfied, we’ll refund the price of the lottery ticket and you can go back out <THERE>, or take some steps down the amenities ladder.   What’s the catch?  The catch is the deal-making gold?  Total security.  Eyes everywhere.  If it happens, we see and hear it. {note to BF: who is going to own the franchise in the basements?}

What about Orwell’s Scary Dream, of Big Brother?

Not a problem.  Implanted I.D’s.  Sound system two-way.  You set the level of precautions : what has to happen before we help you? <yes, William Gibson in about everything. Read the guy and he shows you real stuff.  Makes you think, and all the while .... But I Digress, ... ladies in trouble will never have to leave their rooms, working their beds that is, but with a Madam instead of a Pimp - which is the Hair?  Madam or Pimp.

So,... good old throws-his-nuts gets the Bannon Baffoon to organize a ceremony, mostly of noise -- all sizzle, little steak - as they say; revealing for all to see, Big Donald play-acting as President, milking the whole carefully crafted and well lit set to show BD in his most best throne, waving a pen.  What will be seen !later?  Just how mighty is Trump’s Pen?!?  Will there actually be a real Wall?  Yes!  Trump is the Lone Ranger, ridding into Texas, to the tune of the William Tell Overture.  Not only will there be a Wall, the Wall will have a Name.  Any guesses?

[NYT head-line: “The Doomsday Clock Advances Toward Midnight”  the upper right lead to the “Opinion Pages” section - my favorite always-reads: Collins and Dowd.  Interesting voices.]    

So sitting here with MJ, chewing the weed stalks, the fun mind, goes oh yea, this is great ... picture a monster clock advancing to-for advances up Midnight’s Skirts.  Next comes the sweet words, the first sentence under the skirts of the headline.

“With the threats of nuclear weapons and climate change, it appears President Trump will only make matters worse.”

“appears”?  “worse”?  And, “threats” too.

Suppose Trump’s Face and Name Takes Over the Whole World?!!!?  Will that blow-hard be able, like superman, and chase the clouds away, by being all shinny of spirit.  Well, the Doomsday Clock is Trump, in Life, and he does have some nuts with bombs.  Same time, I don’t think any of those guys, or their DARPA guru’s, would be willing at all to think that maybe Mother Earth is Climate Change with a Few Complaints.  Tattooed behind their eyes: “If it can done, it should be done.”  Theme for 2017 a Space Oddity, with digital effects promised, with life and death necessities of always unknown X-Files flavor.  In a time which is serious with <we don’t know what is going on, or what is going to happen next>'s:  A recommendation: as often as possible, intoxicated, sleepy or not, sit still and breath. 

The Universe has always been Mad as a Hatter.  What kind of Dude thinks up human sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll?  Celebrations, like The Summer of Love, The Chicago Riots, the perpetual-motion circus called Congress.  And still some find it hard to imagine that only that which is immortal already, has this much passion, power, and artistry.

Isn’t, or ought to be, our Midnight’s magical: dreams End, reality returns, plus a yearning, at least those are some of the emotional notes of: Cinderella.  The Doomsday Clock comes calling, will you marry me It sings, there is no hope.  Not even politicians any more know how to bestow hope.  Well, these are feminist times, so Cinderella doesn’t need anyone to take the inner doomsday clock and ... well, the rest will have to be left to the individual imagination.

]]] Cinderella does have the Much Magical Moxie: <Virgin,Mother,Crone>, so obviously nothing else needs be said.  ]]] myself-I prefer Dragon to Crone, these days.  Crone is a word from the time of Villages, and old women living alone on their edges, still, remarkable, alive and no doubt wise, and as ugly as sin.  Yet, both Virgin and Mother still there in skills both idiot and arcane.  Having met several serious impossibles, and adored them, I ... well, there is a picture with this poem.

America is being inseminated by a con artist, possessing remarkable skills, because - just face it folks, he dreamed big, practiced his arts and honed his skills.  And waited.  Time became Ripe, and the patriarchal mess, still spawning in D.C., ejaculated: <Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire>.

He, who could but not  Plunge Gracelessly into Her, the feminine he does not see, for surely, America - Columbia - is of the Earth, and the Earth is a She.   But, all the same, when it comes to Ceremonies: Standing Rock rocks!  When the idiot Right, can mount an against all ... All Odds, In your face camp-out in all weather for multiple seasons - a marvel as unlikely as Trump?  So what the privileged skip out on the poundings and discomforts of Mother Nature, gather in well stocked buildings, to publicly pray, and behind the scenes make deals with the devil.

What kind of Convention do you go to?  Star Wars, Star Trek, just plain CosPlay, or the local bar to whatever?

The Inauguration Ceremony?  The great Passage of Power?  Sanity & Style along-side Butt Not: The guy who is helping the rest of us fall off-over a cliff, and charge us for the privilege at the same time.

]]] NYTimes: head-line> “Lies Pave the Way for an Assault on Voting Rights”  First, I suppose, the seductive possibilities of “Lies” must work well, or we would have discarded them millenia ago.  “Pave” is an odd/common metaphor, although the “Assault” characteristic  seems to lean toward something “military”, acting against something that may or may not be needing protecting.  Voting Rights: could/should be carved in the American Soul, but alas not yet.  Think whack-a-mole.  The lies never die.  It is also a no-brainer why any sane person would “assault” rights.  Yet, some in madness do: They get something for themselves, by taking that something from others.  That’s right: politicians, and bankers.

<please carefully regard the below as a whole.  bunched up just like that on the page.  fun can be had by starting to read the names of the writers, in order top to bottom and then back.  Is there some kind of secret fun-club at the Times where the nerds hang out, get stoned, and play interesting games with words.  Perhaps, the below looked at as a <just-one-presence> become a inadvertent Mandela>

“Blow: A Lie by Any Other Name
Collins: Mike Pence Pulls President Trump’s Strings
Kristof: The War on Women
Leonhardt: Health Care Snuffleupagus
A High School Defaced With ‘Trump’ and Swastikas
Mary Tyler Moore’s Guide to Leaning In”

E.G., but perhaps inventively punctuated:  “Blow Collins: “Kristof Leonhardt A. Mary”  or the titles run together: A Lie by Any Other Name Mike Pence Pulls President Trump’s Strings The War on Women Health Care Snuffleupagus A High School Defaces With ‘Trump’ and Swastikas Mary Tyler Moores Guide to Leaning In

[[[ Welcome to the New World of Signs and Portents, and a <making> through some reassignment of signs. Or, what writers do with a “page”

 ]]] A lie - by any other name: Mike Pence pulls President Trump’s strings

[[[ no interpretation necessary

]]] The War on Women Health Care Snuffleupagus - a high school - defaces With ‘Trump’ and Swastikas

[[[ poetry

}}} Mary Tyler Moore’s Guide to Leaning In

Is  the Genius of History Mocking Americans?  Not if you can dance to Salsa, or Country, or Hip Hop, or march for and against, and behind and in-front of: <the current crisis of the Day de jur>

It is simple.  The world is magical.  We all know the world is magical.  Dark forests, dank caves, and dragon riding: ever wonder what it feels like to drive/fly/zip! a Blackbird Sr 71, at a forward velocity more than   three times the speed of sound?  Boys with toys, and girls with causes: makes for an interesting world.