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[ So ... usual morning ... taking my medicines, ... ]

... turning on the TV, usually CNN with the sound off.  Didn’t turn the sound off right away, and then fell into listening to IT mode for about twenty minutes, after which IT started to repeat the basic story line - Trump&Friends dancing to the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Okay, I get IT’s message, but is not (to some real extent) Trump right - ITs all Fake News?

Major Media spins their stories, and creates memes and word phrases that are fundamentally attempts to influence public opinion.  They need viewers, for income, and since P.T. Barnum no one has ever failed to make money out of nothing by just making stuff up.

You don’t see that?  Take a better look.

Now outside my wizard’s aerie a Forest.  Tells interesting tales if  you watch it rightly.  So, at the same time CNN is doing their anti-administration chant, two squirrels pick a fight in the branches nearest my window - about 15 feet away from me.  Ask me self if there is any useful wisdom in that vista?  Here’s the answer:

All over the world these squirrel-mind folk world leaders (political and business) fight over territory, and caches of resources needed for living.  Just like the squirrels I get to know in my yard.  They like dancing for me, if you don’t mind.

When they fight (and chase all around the branches) the branches wave about ferociously.  In spite of all that b.s., the ground remains, as do the stars.  While unnatural science suggests that there is no consciousness - no inward self-awareness - to the ground and the stars, that’s never been true.  We are being observed by Nature-Otherness, waiting for us to learn/growing and dancing.

Go back to the Age of Myth - Gods and Goddesses and humans spent time together, all of us in a less-than-full-human-potential state of being.  Modern consciousness, with its intellectual pride, not the same as surrender to the Mystery that the ancients knew directly.

Moody Blues: “Turn the earth to sand, and still commit no crime”.

One day in meditation/contemplation/prayer/ganja-intoxication, I sought out the Being of the Great Turtle for understanding of why that Archetype was part of a language telling the true story of the world-then.  I wondered, since to Turtle is go slow, why we even still have to tell-tale of the Tortoise and the Hare.  I asked why-so-slow in a jocular tone, a bit of a smart ass not expecting a drug aided spiritual vision to - I don’t know: answer my question, but there it was, and the Great Turtle blew my mind, saying back - in spite of my lack of respect: “Why are you living so fast?”

[ Light and Dark - politics and the Spirit of America ]

Its Sunday.  The White House has a new clever liar in charge of communications.  When will an interview with such a vanity lead to the journalist just plain calling: Bullshit?  On live TV!

Yes, the politics is shit/crap/fucked/useless/treasonous/ - and that is just what we can see.  Major Media has no balls, just as has most elected officials.  They all work for themselves.  That’s what they care about.

Ah...yet...however... the Spirit of America is alive, well, and itching for a fight.  The Citizen is Sovereign.  Not the President, or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or the Senate Majority Leader, and the Speaker of the House.  Only the Citizen - US/WE.

What we lent, in terms of powers almost two centuries and a half ago, we can take back.  Have to fight for it though.  History teaches, and here’s how the Founders saw it in the Declaration:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, ... "

Any Questions?

[ With the term "collective imagination" we point a finger ...]

Greek drama becomes European Opera becomes Shakespeare takes over the English language.  The Arts Evolve, and we get American film, tv, recorded what's-its, after which with a smart phone everyone is their own Picasso.

Star Wars, Star Trek, the Marvel Universe ... Thor meets Dr. Strange, ... if you want to understand Trump tho', it is not your Stories you need to know but his.  As his astral body matured, what took root there?  Playboy's Hugh Hefner.  Politics&Law's Roy Cohen.  Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Tom Brady ...

Making the world into Stories is the best way to understand it, if we (selves) really give way to the living/surprising influence of the "collective" imagination.  As a writer, I most enjoy leaving the characters to make their own choices.

All the same, every writer/creator (even the gods) is trapped by archetypes which follow always just from language.  The gods and goddesses Writ Large, when shaping stars, suns, moons, planets, frogs, viruses and the occasional dragons.  Still ... even that godly writing is language/symbols inviting surrender/immersion, and the destiny of all language is to become a prison for experience.

[ So ... Sessions gets the bad news of Trump’s dismay, the day before Sessions’ conversation with a Russian agent, gets leaked/released. ] 

Sessions had denied such conversations, but when the White House was warned about the NSA catching 2nd-parties, while actually taping the Russians, the names of incidental second parties were redacted, until they were not anymore redacted. 

Everyone is trying to figure out how to survive Trump’s sowing the seeds of idiocy.  A crazy person runs the White House, and those who voted for him, and his own so-called Party, the Republicans, are trapped in a swamp of their own making.  The News tells this part of the Story badly, because they are always looking for the most sensational way to Spin it.

Meanwhile the We the People are trying to find each other, most of them carrying a lot of baggage: 

The conservative true believers are caught on the base falsity of their own tired and useless ideology [defeat Obama care, lower taxes, increase military spending, borrow no more money, fix the infrastructure and reduce government to no impact whatsoever].  Such an agenda is self-contradictory - you can’t possible do all those things at the same time, especially when your main skill at governing is always saying: “NO!”. 

The liberal true believers in the Dems and Hillary needed to loose because they were betting on the Oligarchy’s servants.

The youth/Sanders folks still think there is a saint out there to elect president.  Talk about a fantasy.

The most correct in their assessment - potential voters that didn’t vote (43%) - loudly declaring: “none of the above”.

Meanwhile the true story is not on the News, or even the infamous Vice News.  The Hands of the Gods and Goddesses are becoming more visible again, after being overshadowed by patriarchal  monotheistic religions for three thousand years, followed by a vain science that pretends much, and actually mostly guesses (a theory is just a guess).

Which is why the Greek Tragedy in Washington D.C. is God-orchestrated-Highest-Farce-Art.  We always get enough rope to hang ourselves, from which ever-side of the Beam we gaze.   Religion is much more profoundly ancient than modern immature and unnatural science.  We/Then knew the God-Folk directly.  Its just that our assumption - that modern minds are like ancient minds - is completely wrong.  Consciousness evolves - continuously.

We the People - the Citizens - are the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  With all the right invisible friends, helping us learn to dance like everyone is watching, and we just don’t care.  Everyone is being Baptized by Fire and Holy Breath, whether they like it or not.  That’s not a believe, ... that’s a social fact of existence.  Our consciousness (The Qualia) alive in the alchemical forge of Gods and Goddesses.  What do folks think is on the other side of black holes, quantum-entangled stuff, and what we’ve been calling Dark Mass and Dark Energy, embedded in a field of Warmth the size of Everything?

Sadly, ... what science takes apart was never parts in the first place.  Now that science has pretty much broken all the stuff it can find, the battlefield is now the realm of qualia/experience, where most of religion still is in retreat, leaving the war for sanity to art. “I am not my brain: the map is not the territory”

[ On August 21st, 2017, a solar eclipse will cross the United States: "the first in a century to cross the entire continental United States". ]

For those awake to the spiritual meanings of celestial events, this is a very big deal.

Picture it as a echoing sword cut, slicing deeply the American Psyche, not so much making a new wound, but revealing a wound that already exists.

The greater moral forces of the Light of the Son/Sun will be interrupted, with the occult/Moon/density, overwhelming momentarily the Solar Logos.

99 years ago, in 1918, June 8th, the wound was revealed previously. It is not the Day of the Cut, but the three days afterward, that is the center of the when the true darkness asserts its less restricted powers. The solar-system rhythms manifest the Religion of the Gods, and toward what direction they lend their powers to those of us here on Earth-proper, can be known to the heart.

Such Eclipses are Rites celebrated by Invisible Beings - their earth-world effects take time to appear. Yet, keep in mind that space and time are being transcended, - the effect this 8/21 is only a center/point of something much more spread out - there are no fine and exact lines in the wisdom of time.

June 8th, 1918, was a center point for the ending of World War I. Is this/our year, our 2017, destined to be an ending or a beginning of a "war"? Perhaps the loss of the normal influence of the Solar Logos on events, really refers to the unleashing of the anger of women toward political folly.

That same year included: "Propertied British women over 30 had the vote in 1918, Dutch women in 1919, and American women won the vote on 26 August 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment."

The Lunar powers are, after all, Feminine in all their Cosmic Glory.

[ Dog-stars - ]

so, ... to continue a report on my latest conversation with the Rock People ... Water, to Their basic form of consciousness, is not made of molecules.  Water is Living, and only becomes “molecules” (parts), after “scientists” break/kill the living water, either with an electric current, or very reactive and strong chemicals.  The two gases - hydrogen and oxygen - produced by the assassination of this amazing gift of the material aspects of the creation, are not the only corpse element of this destruction.  They are just the only parts we notice.  When we murder water, light and warmth also appear, which is the debris of the water-beings, who make Water Living Spirit Manifest, with an Interior just as we have.

European elemental stories sometimes use the name: Undines.

Fortunately the Folk whose Sky-Home is Sirius, were even known to Egyptian Scholars-occult: as healers of that which has been broken.  A good friend Sirius: branching light rays - interconnecting many other Sky-Homes - once we remember to understand that the night sky looks at us, even more self-aware of our consciousness, than we are of theirs.

[ Odd Thought, versions 7.23 ]

so, I sez to me lady: "A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do. Same for the women folk. A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do, too. And, heaven help the man who gets in the Way of a woman's doing."

Winter is coming to American politics, and all the kick-ass ladies are lining up to have their say.

[ do we dance change, or does change dance us? ]

It will be difficult for some to see, with their picture-thinking, but a main overlooked social fact is that social processes and forms are living processes.  Families grow, subdivide, reproduce.  Same with Church communities, and even political entities and businesses.  A metamorphosis is not uncommon.

A dominant feature of our modern Age is that social processes and forms are failing - everywhere.  The Trump Event is not a cause of more divisions, but a natural result of divisions allowed to continue, without anyone seeing the risks.  Once simple polarities (Left and Right, with a bit of both trying to hog the Center), are now revealed to be more complex.  The Republicans supposedly own the WH, the Congress, and the Supreme Court, but their internal divisions (now having real power) can’t reach an agreement.  Chaos reigns.  The News and the Dems adore these conditions, but neither media or the “other” party are any kind of unified social organism themselves.


Civilizations (as can be seen in historical rear view vision) end, and they end in chaos.  Social order in decay is the Sign of the coming tsunami of change.  Everyone knows this, we just don’t like to talk about IT, like we once didn’t like to talk openly about sex.

What happened since the founding of Western Civilization is a lot of stuff, not the least of which is that during the course of the last 2300 years, human beings became fundamentally different in their inner nature.  Consciousness evolved.  Our social forms and processes need to make a massive readjustment to account for the rise of individualism (less and less group behavior rules).

More attention to such thinking will be helpful, for those who want to survive the floods of social change now rushing towards us.  The Chaos is an opportunity.

“Law and Spirit: the Art of Anarchy”

[ going to pot ]

30 years ago, i stopped using. For those 30 years l tried wrestling mind following (Steiner). Learned many useful skills. Tried doing religion as science. Knee pain drove me into the Arms of the Healing Ganja Goddess. Gave up exactness for art. Me wasn't wrong, just given some aid to where gods and goddesses naturally hang out. Me writings since ...

[ SPIN ]

Sufi-dancing whirling dervishes - talking heads on TV, and talking computers in the Papers ... everyone takes a few facts, adds in their agenda as the main sauce, and then sells us something that is in poor taste, and probably not at all near the truth - should anyone care about the truth these days at all.

People all get to make their own echo chamber, listening/listing only toward parts of the songs of America, and claiming, from no real evidence whatsoever, to know Everything.  This is a sign of how poorly we have been educated - politicians blow dust in our eyes, claiming there is nothing up their sleeves, all the while only looking out for the hidden cheats and liars - lurking in Davros, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, with a good helping of the Bilderbergers on the side.

Meanwhile, the genius of history is playing in our sandbox, along side all us forgotten Citizens.  The American Experiment has a lot of invisible friends.  The Divine Mystery is far better at real magic, than are we.  Modern events do not have the meaning SPIN wishes to suggest.  The real players - the Citizens challenging directly those up for election in 2018 - those folks are coming, and winter for politicians in on their mind.

“Echo’s of an America that Might Yet Be”

a poem wrote me today
 we were watching The Grateful Dead
 me,s followed as best we could
 the Long Strange Trip
 LSD memories woke up
 nonsense on reflection ... except ...
 for the breaking of dead and,
 too fragile too rigid thoughts,
 into fragments of pure mystery

[ Wild Fires, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Comets, and such ... Nature is talking, and we are not paying any attention. ]

Okay, so look outside, at the sky, ... whatever is surely Nature, and not man-made protuberances and confusions.  That which you look at is looking back at you.  Only one of the two of you is asleep, and it is not Nature.

It took Eons and Millennia to get us to leave the Garden.  We were reluctant, to be sure.  Here’s clear proof of the existence of Gods and Goddesses.  Own Barfield’s “Speaker’s Meaning” gives details - this is the skeleton of the skeleton:

History has three phases: 1) modern history, where history even describes and uses the word historical; 2) pre-history, which is what we find remembered in history of before we even thought of “it” as history - stories of olden times remembered in details.

Keep in mind the edges of the three phases blur into each other.  Metamorphic-style transformations take time, and have to become known as inwardly picture-living in-time&in-movement (“And this too shall pass”): IDEAS.

Phase 3 is the Age of Myth.  These are the Creation Stories which every culture preserves and describes with different names, but which Myths acknowledge the ancient powers, dying away and then returning.  Golden Yuga becomes Kala Yuga.  Unnatural science seeks to dethrone the Gods and Goddesses, just as the Three Primary Monotheisms previously sought to destroy the Goddess (Pagan) Religions.

Languages also have three phases:  Phase One is in their youth, where all the words (spoken and then written) are names of what is experienced.  Later, in Phase Two, the meaning of words expands and contracts, as names are put to other uses.  Sun is added to set to give a name for a process observed.  In Phase Three, poets and philosophers  use language as metaphors, such as: what do you suppose lives in the quantum entanglements living in the black hole of a dying  bankers heart?  Or, the sunset of a life.

Phase Three of the Ages of History (history proper, pre-history, and the Age of Myth) is bound up fully with Phase One of the development of language.  The Age of Myth can only be what was experienced.  Gods and Goddesses and Demons and Water Sprites, all were experience for Nature has Consciousness and Inside, just as do we.  Where do you think we got consciousness in the first place.

Unnatural Science’s theories of origin are illusions/mistakes, painful trials devised by the Gods and the Goddesses to finally kick our asses out of the Garden, and on our own hook.   Belief has to be a choice, not a demand of existence, at least for a while.

The Evolution of Consciousness continues in spite of the body’s death, and we do become awake again.  More awake than before, when Myth&Language sang together the meaning of existence.

Time has two arrows <{=-_-=}>, with human self-consciousness in the balance in the middle of Everything.

The solution to global warming, and wild fires and droughts and earthquakes and deadly viruses and our own excesses, is to talk again to the Mothers and Fathers, be grateful for existence, and willing to learn real mastery of life.

The environmental movement fails miserably when it does not base itself on a recognition that Nature is watching, and we are not paying attention.  Thought weaves a wave of insight from any earth-bound object - towards our star-home-communities, from where spirit descends from heaven in the endless becoming of song.

The Quiet Suffering of Nature:

[ Magical Realism ]

a ten year old’s point of view, somewhat segued by male-oriented cultural imperatives

adults are all crazy, do nothing but lie, and treat me like their slave.  no respectable ten year old wants to grow up, or get into that thing - that girl/boy crap.  Calvin&Hobbs has it right: no girls allowed in our club.

seeking enlightenment, means seeking to be ten years old again - furiously self reliant and completed disinterested in big-people-speak.  the only real questions is: What’s the next fun thing to do?  Sitting around a lot, pretending to meditation, when there is a really great new bug you’ve never seen before - what’s the point of that.

everyone’s internal ten year old is still there - it is your main bullshit detector.  it is also the most prone to becoming a stoner.  the world of adults is a sour mess, everyone is too serious, and checking out via the Ganja Train the best way to ride the crazy people’s madness-concerto ...

we are all surrounded by clown cars ... on TV, at Work, at Home.  being ten years old again doesn’t mean losing touch with reality - it means realizing that reality is seriously fucked up, if it is what most people believe to be true ...

clearly the world is dancing too fast, and that - on the scale of billions - can’t be sustained, and in point of fact is just as clearly breaking ... the world is breaking apart ...

so, enjoy the ride, and try not to create too much inartistic chaos yourself ...

plus, stay away from girls because they want to rescue everything - and you know babies too ...

then, the fires come ... the ones where girls make you crazy, and all the weird kissing stuff just got really seriously interesting ...

god’s little roller coaster of life, draws you in chains to that point, where gravitas/responsibility takes over, after which everything is out of control.

retirement can be delightful from that ten year old’s point of view.  kick back, take a toke, and watch the world run by - lemmings chasing illusions off the cliff of gross stupidity, having forgotten the Credo of no-longer-innocent-faith-in-adults ... turn 30 and you are one, dragging debt, upon debt, and trapped in the tide that proceeds the coming Tsunami of change ... what kind of society asks people to stop playing with each other, and work all the time instead ...

[ new pod, same old peas ]

News of the News

Major media world-wide is hovering around the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.  Posturing politicians, not there to do anything real, will have their pictures all over the Major Media News feeds, followed by every political commentator alive explaining what it all means to the unwashed - who can’t have enough Major News Breaking News.

The main and/or favorite song is whoa is me, and we are all in the shit if someone doesn’t do something soon.  I’ve been watching Major Media News for about 65 years, and it is never any different in its core observation: the world is a horrible place, and we are all heading for driving off the cliff, like a bunch of lemmings, if we don’t kill/main/starve to death all our enemies, who have nothing better to do than scare each other with who has the bigger, the best, and the coolest bomb-crap to throw everywhere.

What actually happened is that nobody did any atom bombs after the first few (other then “tests” to show off their balls).  Instead, ... the various governments lost control of their individual Nation States, to a collection of greedy multinational corporations, who run the world from out of sight of the Major News Media, busy man/woman-splaining the meaning of it all, as if Putin and Trump will screw things up for the billionaires that own all their debt.

This does’t mean Crazy Person, such as lives in North Korea/Syria/and the US of A, can’t try to do something really stupid.  Same with bankers, drug lords, movie moguls, and wannabe celebrity terrorists, who can all kill a lot of people for fun and profit.  Meanwhile the rest of me-we’s wait for Mother Nature to say: Enough of this Shit, and drop  the next Ice Age on the whole sorry mess - giving a timeout to 99.99999999%  of the human population of the world.

For those waiting for the next version of the End of As Much as Possible, I advise take a break from Media, and growing your own weed.  If we all just slow down, we can get/keep high, and watch the Crazy People Club not realize that Reality has its own Story, and in that future we seek to impound and imprison - all of that will be full of us just having to come down again and again from our stars for repeat performances - having all of f’n Eternity to get things Right At Least Once. 

Sermon on the Mount laid it all out: Don’t judge.  Why?  Because, you will be sentenced to that sentence to which you sentence others.  Or: karma’s a bitch, and what goes around comes around.

[ new adventures, July 4th, Independence Day ]

real news network

54,000 deaths anticipated today, and 130,000 births.

Some folks are glad to be leaving this veil of tears, and outrageous lies, but-yet those brand-new babies are even more determined to arrive, and join the rest of us in the universe's major active viral sandbox and playground.

Eventually we'll get that we are the stars, and down here on the earth already the world is crowded with ancient alien wonders that prove that spiritual fact. Unnatural Science hides from the wisdom of the heart, for we only care at risk of losing all. The untamed intellect, eschewing conscience, leads us straight to another atlantean abyss.

All are best dreams are dark these days, yet still filled with heroic individuality that will not be crushed by anything, however ominous.

Meanwhile, Capitalism run-amok continues to deliver to the major industrial powers, an unreasonable share of the earth's treasures. Media only tells sensational stories, and media eaters are what they eat - basically don't know shit about the rest of the world, other than their own bubble.

Most people are still living "lives of quiet desperation", while spending most of their day looking for water, food, medicine, and reasonable company to share the creeping boredom of sameness. Or, ... drugs, sex, and rock 'n roll.

People addicted to power and wealth will find all manner of ways to Justify using up way more than they need, but then nobody ever advertised life as fair, not even the gods and goddesses.

without dark, there is no light ... nothing pure, yet nothing unclean ... each sunset and sunrise promising another day of small wonders ...

This real news was brought to you by: "the Worcester Hills Gazette":

[ medicine day ]

So ... on my mind, - queer, or strange accidents ... do they contain a kind of communication from other kinds of intelligence?

30 years ago I ventured into thinking about physics and electricity (for the first time), and wrote the essay linked below: "There is No Free Energy"

When Borderland Sciences feed the paper form (30 years ago, remember) through a scanner, at a certain point the scanner started to read the word "field", as the word "held".  Not in the beginning as it were, but once certain ideas were in place in the readers mind, field became held.

It reads odd, but then what if there was a consciousness that was aware of my efforts, and it encouraged a kind of change in order to make me notice something.

Is it not possible that if there is/are being/s behind the phenomena we call an "electrical field", does not their activity also make what we perceive as a "field", from their point of view, as also something "held".

Just asking ...

[ al;sket[q94[ ]

There are many Ways to use words to point in the direction of what is wordlessly experienced: The magical roots of the Americas go deep - holy lands of shamans and wiccans and other sorcerous folk, all seeking goddess initiation in the dragon-fires of the Return of the Mother, and Her Companions and Champions, including Her Son, who does not bring peace, but a sword.

Americans, ... among the Lost - notes from inner-space, ... the true Final Frontier: confessions of a white American shaman

[ ups and downs ]

There are many Ways to use words to point in the direction of what is wordlessly experienced: The magical roots of the Americas go deep - holy lands of shamans and wiccans and other sorcerous folk, all seeking goddess initiation in the dragon-fires of the Return of the Mother, and Her Companions and Champions, including Her Son, who does not bring peace, but a sword.

Americans, ... among the Lost - notes from inner-space, ... the true Final Frontier: confessions of a white American shaman

Anthro-folk miss something, when they don't study Projective Geometry. Steiner could only point to that coming science, and the terms developed by G. Adams et. al. would be very useful in lending Scale to our understand of Space and Time.

Superbeings? From the spheres between the moon and mercury? Thinking has to become a sacrament - nothing else will do, although each individual is to have their own practice and understanding of the Temple of Heart&Mind.

Filling up your head with Steiner's conclusions, which Jeff F. correctly <points> out was born in a soul/spirit matrix that sought certainty, is to pour the Heart&Mind full of an excess of the concrete - fixed forms of thought.

Nature teaches that "this to shall pass", and even Steiner's Teachings can led individuals beyond where he went - although only through sacrifice and grace, such that this me of me's is greatly helped by invisible-otherness. Kudos too to Jeff F. for the magic passing away of the I as a single, or even tri-foil representation of Whitman's Multitudes.

Swamp Thing, & the St. Vitus dance

in the square/concrete pond on the deck
of the American Titanic: Washington D.C.

Suspicious-Mind grows well in the moral swamps of our nations capital. Mistrust. Disbelief. Back and Forth dances with the hunger of the Major/bought and paid for media for a choice tidbit.

Truth, Beauty, Goodness - are they in attendance? Can they grow in the Lands of Suspicious Mind?

Lies - continuous lies that take on a life of their own. Sea-Monsters in the waters of our public Discourse. The darkest truth: We the People dine on the food grown in the Concrete Pond, - you are what you eat, including which lies you buy, and all the other little crimes of not caring about the true, the beautiful, and the good.

Turn the sound off CNN, and look at the grumpy over-serious faces insisting their shit doesn’t stink. Or worse, that their hero is pure.

Only in music, or comedy, can the real tragedies be given names.

To get a choice interview showing up a liberal or a trump fan or a whatever, producers shot lot of tape, and then pick the best words and images for their personal taste and take on what it all means. Journalists tell a “story”, and love the implications they can paint on Suspicious Mind in Ignorance.

The World squabbles incessantly, if we believe the news-stories selected with unnatural commercial precision to maintain infotainment capture/interest.

Here’s the missing truth, beauty, and goodness. Most folks live very boring lives. Climbers not so much, whether mountains or corporate jungle gyms. Climbers fall. People who run the rat race learn soon not to run too fast. Most folks are the biblical: Meek. Pick up your garbage, clean your floors, are keep the bars full of happy costumers in varied shades and plumage.

The Republicans and Democrats lost the war, falling down stupid all over each other, as the commercial bent/addiction of CNN and friends gave half a trillion dollars of free press to the most outrageous attention seeking clown around.

Swamp Thing seeks to be the soul of the America. Blind stupid hate of the other which is not like us, as the temperatures rise emotionally, matching all the up-ticks in global warming.

When the Gods and Goddesses of History decide to teach a whole civilization about its various human weaknesses, everyone is being given enough rope to hang themselves.

So far, every great tragedy in the Mystical Winds of the US of A America, has moved the zeitgeist toward greater spiritual awakening. JFK, MLK, RFK, - hope dies as the ‘60‘s becomes the the ‘70‘s and the greatest liberating music in the world ever says: WE ARE Rock ‘n Roll, as waves of individuality in rebellion sprouts Arab Springs, although a world too habituated to fast food and instant Internet access fails notice that fast-history is not what we want.

Tune in, turn on, drop out. The School of Life has two songs: Drum, Blood, Earth - aka the school of hard knocks; Flute, Breath, Heaven, aka the school of Sharing the pain. To which beat do You want to dance? And, with whom?

[ belief of the day ]

“Brady is unbelievable,” LeBron said in a video in which he was at a barber shop getting his real and/or not real hair cut, via “Brady is the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen but he affects the game one way. Just as a basketball player, and the pounding that you take and running both sides — ‘OK, I gotta do offense. Oh sh-t, I gotta get back on defense. Oh sh-t, I gotta get back on offense. Oh sh-t, I gotta get back on defense.’ As physical as football is — and to the body, I know it’s crazy to the body — but for a quarterback, [Bill] Belichick has done a great job of implementing those five guys in front to protect that asset. For us [as basketball players], every single night, you gotta know both sides.”

Okay, now, Mr. James ... you left out the fact that football players wear this gear no gladiator ever wore. You wearing a helmet yet, Mr. James? Dragging that up a down a field whose width and length would contain over a dozen basketball courts (do the math). NFL: 160 feet by 360 feet, including end zones. NBA: 50 feet by 94 feet.

So Mr. James you’re running around a lot, and pushing and shoving, but flopping-around aside, no 350 lb. lineman is being paid to tackle you with enough force to break shit, and maybe ruin you for the game forever.

Plus, football is actually a team sport. Brady’s part of an 11 member team, where every one plays moments of complicated ballet, from set positions. There is no flashy give it to Lebron and watch him shove his ass against another player’s front-side. Watch the damn NBA game tonight if you’ve never seen that.

Meanwhile there’s this:

[ The Saga of the Bonsai Liberation Front ... ]

This record is meant to show the effective actions of certain extensions of the Plant, into the sphere of influence of a natural born shaman. There is only one Plant, the Green World - a single spiritual organism/goddess-level Being of incredible complexity and beauty, that daily engages in the transubstantiation of matter on a cosmic scale.

At the growing point of the bud/leaf/flower, and the growing point of the root, matter is conjured into existence from the Void that preceded the Creation. Only arts magic, and alchemy on a planetary scale, enables the Life Sphere we need to live within to flourish.

Finding myself unable physically to have enough direct contact with the riches of plant and soil in my yard, I began to plan for activity on the deck, where I could easily sit and commune with the various limbs of the Green World. Needing to order on-line, and having a genuine affection for the minimalistic arts of the Japanese, I created almost 21 months ago, a “bonsai garden” on my deck.

I bought soil, tools, books, and seedlings. Twenty-two trees and two bushes. My own inexperience, and the savagery of a two Paxton Winters, reduced that experiment to three survivors.

After many hours of contemplation, over the earth-changes activity I was myself introducing into the world (albeit on a very tiny scale, except for buying stuff), I had a vision of bringing the survivors into the house, and in the process to create for them a special environment, in a room that is already special, given that Linda meditates there daily, along with other arcane arts like reading books, playing with her ‘puter, petting the dog, and f’n off.

We (Linda, the dog, myself, and the trees, had long discussions). I choose to not wire the trees to be Bent, in the interesting shapes typical of a tree being “bonsai-ed”. They will grow as they will, according to the limits placed on the root system by being “potted”.

The bonsai garden then yielded this Spring: three Colorado Pines, three “dead” birch seedlings (on the left of the pot with only one living pine), four “dead” California Pines, and numerous other “objects”, such as rocks, moss, ferns, pieces of dead tree trunks - take a close look at the pictures.

The pots were picked because they were stone-fired, and unglazed. Each had a pound of fresh bonsai soil placed in the base of the pot (about an inch deep), and the rest of the soil came with what were the soils that were part of the root systems, of trees both living and dead, as well as other objects, ... all having enjoyed being Wintered for two full seasons.

Not only that, but we have had many weeks of rains this Spring, and after the re-potting and the original sculpting of the earth and stone ornaments, the Bonsai Liberation Front, having inspired me to aid them in an escape from bondage with copper wires, remained outside for all of May, and eight days of June, living in the rain, with the rain being employed to etch runnels in the mounds of earth, so that certain indisputable watering problems could be wrestled with.

The winds contributed, with bits of seeds ,and escapades of insects, to go with the seeds I found this Spring, among the debris of the Bonsai Farm, where a squirrel and squirreled them away. In a similar fashion all manner of found objects have come to join the living monument/altar meant to inspire Plant Liberation needs everywhere. For example, ... I owned a 1/4 ounce of bud, from my first experiments of learning about “medical” ganja. I choose not to smoke, yet waste not want not, I did smoke that bit of bud, saved the ash, and then dribbled pinches of this ash on the surfaces you see. Although, the ashes went on to confront their final journey via several days of rain as well.

The rain taught me to make “moats” along all the edges of the pots, where pot-inside-side meets soil. These “moats” in some cases can’t be seen, because a rock person has taken up residence for the purpose of a most remarkable gift. The moats are there, and were pressed to a depth where the original fresh bonsai soil exists. The water and the earth and the trees made this all plain to careful observation.

I will also water in place, beyond the rain days when the ladies and their fellows will go outside to the table and the deck for, “dancing in the rain”. A special bonsai nutrition laden spray bottle is in service, and when the watering can is used, the spout is to pour flow gently over the rocks in various places, so that the rock face, slows the fall of the water and distributes it most widely, leaving the soil free to carefully absorb the water without being pushed around by water-weight and gravity. Levity will be taking care of the members of the Front, which includes some roots leaning into the air, seeking purchase in wonder.
(pictures: )

[ The Exhausting Joy of Art well done: NBA, Warriors, winning and losing, and what really is the game of basketball about. ]

I started watching NBA basketball in the '50's, with my dad, who had played college ball on the Montana State Golden Bobcats. {google them for fun).

My dad joined that ten man team as a freshman, the only freshman playing on the team. They shot two-handed set shots, and the jump shot hadn't been invented yet. "... the school revolutionized a fast break offense coupled with high-pressure defense, something that no other teams had ever done."

We (dad and I) watched, for some strange reason, the classic Boston Celtics, on a TV station in Montana. Every Sunday during the season: Bob Cousy and the Bill Russel years. First time I saw Cousy throw a behind the back pass on a fast break, I fell in love with the game.

But that once upon a time game, under the NBA, became more and more about money. Higher scoring games became desirable for gathering a TV and home stadium audience. Players stopped being held to almost arcane rules that protected them from violence.

In the last years (2000 and to now) I hated the game more and more. Men like Lebron James were celebrated, whose skills including shoving you backwards with his butt, and not getting called for a charging foul. Or, driving full tilt at the basket, and routinely knocking people down.

Now players learn to engage in essentially clever physical combat skills, shooting off balance, and even flopping to the ground if barely touched, a class in "acting" now being necessary.

Some folks claim the Golden State Warriors, as innovative a team as was the Golden Bobcats, are top heavy with talent and made the game boring. Clearly only very young people who never really saw skilled basketball, without the gratuitous violence, think the way the Warriors are re-inventing the game is something wrong.

Still, like the Patriots, the right coach, the right skilled players, and the games change to something even more remarkable. Of course, most folks don't know how to "watch" either game, and as well most folks follow the hype, which seldom understands the games at all.

The Warriors pioneered three point shooting as a basic successful strategy. They also returned to prominence, an offence where players, without the ball, run around making the defense harder to stop the passing and the inside shots that arise.

The Warriors also are relentless, and have returned the fast break to art. Nor more do teams walk down the floor, set up their offense, and let loose brawn and might to push other smaller players around physically.

Their first win over LeBron and company June 1st, described their play in this headline, "Switching, Swarming and Suffocating: Warriors Defense Dominates"

As with the Patriots, we see the other NBA coaches imitating what Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, created. That's how we know the game is fundamentally being changed, into something even better.

Ignore the naysayers - the dominance of the Golden State Warriors is deserved, and much needed. They are changing and renewing the purity of the sport. Players, in both the NBA and the NFL today, have to be smarter, multi-skilled, and physically self-discipline all year long - not just during the "season".

I played basketball in High School, on a team of misfits, the regular coaches didn't pick during tryouts. The misfits played in a team sponsored by the local Masons. We played for three years against teams in a local league, sponsored by local bars, and the YMCA, who usually had a couple of ex-college players on them. In a private annual game, the misfit Mason sponsored bar team winners, always beat the High School junior varsity.

Their coach liked the effect of us embarrassing them. That's one of the duties of those advancing the game - shaming the losers a bit, so they (and the news reporters) start to pay actual attention. Such victories, for the players, are immaculately sweet, and those who complain are clearly jealous.

[ wandering with questions ]

How shall we celebrate the exquisite empiricism of the heart? Where is there certainty when all is risked? Yet, all wisdom comes down to follow your heart. WTF does the heart know that makes it so right all the time?

Can silicon scream, if it miscalculates?

We all live lives of heartache and heartbreak. If Chip, the new god, can't feel, how can he know anything? Don't get Chip? - that's the snake-oil of the tech-mages: the spell binding lie that consciousness can ride Chip and his supposedly smarter-than-human friends.

Only the heart can dream and hope when all seems lost, and a chorus of the mad appears to be literally hell-bent on devouring Our Mother.

Some hearts have difficulty feeling connected: What quantum entanglements live in the black hole of a bankers heart?

The old and tired always resists the new, and thereby helps the new persist. Even in the age of Trump: this too shall pass.

[ opps and pratt-falls await the incautious - there is, with age, a mood of wanting danger, tickling the dragon, stepping off a cliff into the UNKNOWN ] 

no real people were used in the following imaginary reports of What Else Goes On ... preserving the privacy and such of folk who did not withdraw from Climate Change sanity - yesterday.

Jane, an Irish lass hunting movie roles in Hollywood, got the shit beat out of her by her pimp. Later that night, Loki dropped by and tripped the now drunk pimp, who fell and broke his nose. Instant karma is more real than Hair on Fire's wig. The jigs being danced in D.C. are a celebration of Folly.

Meanwhile-Martha, holding hands with her love of 63 years, passed away quietly in the company of her family. Her reception in the afterlife was full of all that grace belonging to a woman of 96 years, with multiple ancestors and a large living family. Being dead turns out not to be so bad.

Sort of ... Justice lives too in the afterlife.

Opportunity knocks yes, but only when opportunity wishes. It requires, in the spiritual world level of beautification matriculation and balancing, 33,023 spiritual entities of various types to bring about a signal event, in any single life. And, that's on Sunday, when even the Gods and Goddesses party.


In the deepest gnomish caverns, the real events for which Tolkien was the Prophet, went forward. The Art of destroying Worlds is a grave task (this is the 4th World to the Hopi), and room must be made for the all the deaths and rebirths that will be playing through the Carnival of Life/Afterlife

All what we see as fiction, for example the Stan Lee generated World of Marvel Comics, is but a reflection of battles to come at the climax of the War of all against all, which itself is the prelude ballet to the Day of the Last Judgment.

Only in that battle, ... we will all be thors and superwomans, as well as Loki and his friends Coyote and Raven. The manifesting imaginations will grow even more Wild as linear time parades past.

Read the News. No accidents ever. Makes no sense? Practice being born yesterday - maintain innocence of perception.

[ a mourning poem ]

When the waters of the shore, feel the coming Tsunami, they leave the beach, and retreat to join the on-rushing rage. For a moment, the depths are exposed, and dark and dangerous objects flop about, lacking their usual safe environment. The scene is ugly, certainly, but the coming Great Tide will not be kept from Its appointment with Destiny. The sand before the beach, and the beach itself, will be scoured clean.

The News, fascinated with seemings and presumings, lacks the art to see beyond their own exposure before an aroused American People. Change of true historic proportions, will destroy all sand castles, leaving only the rock of self-discipline. When seas settle, the shorelines will be quite different.

Most of the folk, who used Trump as a fist to smash to bits any politician in sight, are not the fringe. Real transformation takes time, and is certain to be painful. There was violence before the Revolutionary War. There was violence before the Civil War. There is violence as the Grandmother War slowly makes itself known.

[ A shaman gives a Ted Talk ... ]

fat, bald guy, with tiny pony tale, hobbles in with a cane, and plops down on a overstuffed armchair.

spreads his arms out sideways, after shifting forward a bit so he is sitting more on the edge of the chair, and not leaning back
looks at his left hand

“over here, we have the ancient creation stories, like: let there be light”

looks at his right hand

“over here, we have the obscure mathematical guesses, and the big bang”

brings his hands together suddenly with a sound clap, then rubs them together like they were covered with something distasteful, that has to be gotten rid of
leans back, rests arms on chair, looks to the left hand,

“ancient texts, trying to remember something missing”

looks to the right hand

“willful blindness to the mystery of its own thinking and thoughts”

“the What Is, Is. Can’t get away from it, however many tombs of thought you wish to plunder, or however you try to believe only what can be counted matters.”

“Conscious Experience proves itself.”

“Any questions?”

[ American Terrorists, the light of Wednesday, tweets, and the rough justice of stupidity:

Ennui: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. synonyms: boredom, tedium, listlessness, lethargy, lassitude, languor, weariness, enervation;

So you watch TV, go to movies, and play violent computer games.  Like to watch things blow up.  Hide out in weed-dreams, from the world of parents that don’t understand you, schools that don’t even care to get you, finding a few friends in shared pretend and mostly harmless combat situations of games - comrades in arms who may live 5000 miles away in the physical world.

Despair: the complete loss or absence of hope. synonyms:    hopelessness, disheartenment, discouragement, desperation, distress, anguish, unhappiness;

Rage: violent, uncontrollable anger. synonyms: fury, anger, wrath, outrage, indignation, temper, spleen, resentment, pique, annoyance, vexation, displeasure;

Suppose your life was a reality that was worse than the worst violence and blood of a computer game.  Syria, for example.  Choices are narrow.  Fight or die.  Flight is not possible.

Why do we have wars?  A very simple question, because of all the dying imposed and asked for - seems unnatural for people to war, war, all the time war. 

Then, of course, there is How we conduct wars.

Off in the corner of advancing thought, lives an Idea: We are already in a virtual reality, it is just imposed on us by the more advanced technology of star traveling aliens - or whatever.  A strange reality then, for all the pain that comes with what we label:

Consciousness: the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world. 

Two boys playing in an open sewer running down the narrow path between buildings of tin, and mud.   Meanwhile, in great comfort, a philosophically inclined America shaman, signals his conscious rage, despair, and ennui, using words on a page.  Death awaits all three “‘boys”, as does Rebirth.

War since Cain and Able, or was God the first and primal terrorist, alone in his/her own ennui and despair, which led then to a great lonely rage that spewed forth an infinity of pieces of consciousness, rushing out from a center, having all of time and space and eternity to puzzle:

What The Fuck is Going On?   What are we human beings?

Are We Alone?  Apparently not, say three boys playing.

[ words chasing words, across pages torn from dreams insane ]

Saturday’s Tale, on Sunday, becoming Monday: Memorial Day ...

So, they finally came by, DARPA.  I’d been wondering when they’d show up - took them a while.  They’d been expecting for magic in America to look like Dr. Strange, not realizing only a drunk shaman could carry those waters.

They wanted everything of course.  Two big guys, suggesting personal bodyguards, and the brainiac academic, complete with thick glasses and an Eastern European accent.  Knocking on the door, no attempt to call ahead.

Not for sale, I said.  All the same, we could do business, make a deal.  Right?  That’s how shit gets done in America.   Making deals.

I waited.  They tried to wait.  I got more bored first.  Okay, you can have everything, but you’ve got to fund a half-billion dollar think-tank that I totally control. 

The wannabe goons actually got the joke, - not a belly laugh but we shared some glances, being on same page for a moment, with some slight smiles and a relaxation of posture.

Brainiac, not being on the same planet, goes for implied powers over life and death, with: “This is not a negotiation.  You’re drafted.”

Okay, ... I spoke quietly now, softly, kind of like maybe I do know shit you don’t know .... leaned toward him, closed the violation of personal space - slowly, up to now had only glanced at his eyes, now I locked his gaze with mine ... each word to be spoken - whispered as if it was all alone ...

So, DARPA dude, you come to my house because I may know some dangerous stuff you would weaponize, and the first thing you do is to play whose got the biggest balls?

Here’s what is going to happen, in order.  First: 5 million in cash, taxes already paid.  Second: You get me 15 minutes alone with Donald Trump.  Any venue, just you have to make him realize what you think I am.  Third, and final.  With Trump’s knowledge, you and I sign an agreement in blood to each other.  Any shit happens to me, happens to you.

Needless to say, he folds, makes some calls, and my conversation with the Donald follows ...

*         *         *

When he reaches out to shake my hand, I kind of look at it and say: uh, me bad, but I was in the toilet just a bit a go, had some fun and didn’t ... well you know, really get my hands clean (make a kind of goofy, I’m an idiot posture aka Tom Hanks)

Flash of anger, displeasure, from Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire and the wannabe DARPA student of the arts magic, speaks up from behind me. 

Play nice. [still looking to have some “command authority”.]

I bow a bit to Him: Mr.  President, I’m sorry, I don’t get out much and my girl friend does not consider me very civilized, but I’d actually like to help you achieve your goals, and as Mr.  DRAPA tried to explain, I might have some unusual skills to offer you - personally - in service
to your own wishes.

[ a cough behind me, Mr. DARPA, beginning to be suspicious that I will get the Donald to sign the blood oath with me, but its too late as I offer my hand, and the Donald, being manly and not to be unmanned grips me firmly, letting his anger and pride seek to physically hurt me, does not realize that as the fluids on my hand touch him, a most remarkable connection is made, and the readers need to get their minds out of the gutter - the first bit was a feint, now the turn - I had just washed my hands in official holy water, according to a very old recipe.  Nothing happened, of course.]

The prestige awaits:

May we sit, (I’m standing there leaning on a cane for god’s sake). 

He starts to speak, I interrupt (sitting down first) ... kind sir, if you talk I cannot, and that wastes both our times, please sir ... if nothing makes sense, you don’t have to give me the whole hour (raised eyebrows - blustery “Its supposed to be just 15 minutes” - looking at secret service men, and DARPA.

A moment of silence, I invade and take control of the flow of memes ...

If I can’t show you, ... in ten minutes, .... how to get your eight years in office, ..... you can have me shot.

[his breathing changes, slows, he relaxes, clearly something foolish he sees in me - some possible entertainment - what an open mask that face - he nods, seems to have come back from Europe with a few more kinds of posturing he considers regal.  Keeping in mind he does not do abstract-intellectual thinking very well, I must catch his fancy, with word-images of self and feelings]

I begin the Tale mindful of: “snips and snails, and puppy dog tails - that’s what little boys are made of” ...

My birth name is Joel.  It is a biblical name - a prophet.  I have visions, but I’m also a pragmatic American, very rational and demanding of details.  DARPA said I had expertise.  You like to have experts at your peck and call.  You can have me personally, or let DARPA have all the fun.

I see his face expressing “trying to attend”, still not sure what is happening ...

Consider that what is going on today, in which you are a major player - deservedly so considering your gifts, and no I am not fawning - in fact I’m counting on their further application. 

Anyway, consider that this game of winning and losing, and that’s you all the way - a winner, this game is the super-bowl of politics.

[a nod of the head, mostly unconscious, captured attention]

You’re the Tom Brady to people of faith, who lost the culture wars and deserved much better from the politicians, why?  Because you just beat the shit out of politicians - in an election.  You called good plays.  You made a deal with some badly neglected Citizens.

That’s what you are, you’re the play caller, the quarterback of America, and a whole lot of people don’t like you.  Just like the Patriot haters: your just too fucking good, and they think your style of hard play and deception is cheating.  Losers always claim the winners were cheaters.

But this just past election was the division playoffs.  The game isn’t over Mr. President.  Its not over, and the thing you’ve been searching for, knowing as you do that this is a complicated game, ... what you’ve been searching for is your personal Bill Belichick - your own wizard, as it were.  The foolish seeming old guy that knows how hot a shit you are, and respects the hell out of you, and wants you to get what you both want to get. 

Me, I’m that.  Got your back in ways no one can imagine, and best of all I don’t need to be on the staff, and have the press ruin it all with their lack of faith, and junk science.  You make some secret connection to where I am, and in the middle of the night call me anytime and we go where no one but you gets to go. 

You need a small core team, like Tom does - lineman, wide-outs, seriously scoring folks - tough and disciplined, with more ability to catch your long passes - ideas you create that are way ahead of everyone else.  

The old way of doing stuff is not working - you can see you are being interfered with at every turn.  What happened to you is just as you have seen, ... it is that you have had a lot of recommended flashy experts present themselves, and more and more of them were just were not up to snuff.  Time to not only clear the decks, but to start releasing some of the people who’ve been giving bad advice on the experts you should have.

Fire people.  Put the fear of god in that staff, to be able to catch those quickie passes that come out at night in the tweets.  Everyone wants to judge.  Don’t pay attention.  They are all jealous. Everyone in D.C. either wants to be president, or rich or both.  Worse, they’ll stab you in the back (and are, ... all the leaks).  

The thing is this is a entirely new era in history.  It will be called the Trump Era.  You’ve stamped your name on it, and if you break it, you will own it.  So don’t break it.

I know, times’ flying - almost done, Mr. President, almost done ... best is still coming ...

The White House Staff directly around you needs to function as if you were a monarch.  You give an order, stuff gets done.  But stuff isn’t getting done, is it.  Your cabinet is like fiefdoms in old england.  They get run well, that’s fine.  They don’t get run well, you go with the next recommendation. 

You can also fire the Joint Chiefs, but there is much resistance to your rule.    

Again the why is painfully obvious - the politicians are still playing their games over in the Capital Building, and the Press finally thinks they are acting more responsible, but they have not had much practice at that, and are doing a very botched job of it.

What happened, is that you took the political parties off the board - you made them irrelevant, and they are throwing everything they can in the way.  And, because you ran Republican, that Party thinks it owns you.  Not true, Mr. President.  The Republicans on the hill are your bitch.  Why?

You have the one true resource, which some call your base, and people can argue about that, but there is real American grit there - and they love you.  They are the folks you attend to.  Your voters.  Own them, and you will own America, and own America and you will own the world.

Be among them.  Keep finding advisers that are good at their jobs - its a performance deal, and if they don’t get results, trade them like so many failing football players.  But stay out of Washington, except for necessary ceremony.

Find ways to enjoy travel, and be seen.  Nixon hid.  Don’t hide.  Your people need to be with you.  The Citizens feel more and more their power, ... but they need a guide, a leader.  One of your smartest moves is to keep flexible.  Change your mind as much as you like.  Brady comes to the line, assess the defense (Capital Hill and K Street), and calls audibles all the time.

So far you’ve been letting the old ideas of the GOP be the goals, because you trusted them to be right, and good at their jobs.  They are terrible at their jobs, and that’s why folks wanted you in Washington.  The more they hear “you’re fired”, the happier they will be.

Capital Hill needs to see who’s with the new Citizens, and is their New Leader.  At every turn where promises you made got stopped, it was Congress, the Senate and the News that are screwing the home team.

Speaking of which, George Washington is happy with you tearing up foreign entanglements.  Eisenhower wants you to tell the defense contractors to lower their prices and up their level of worker pay.  They want government business, then they have to provide America jobs.

You are the deal maker.  The rest are just jealous and weak - losers  trying to act like winners.

Make deals in the open with the different powers in America that have always before been under the table.   Its all the financiers, Russian or otherwise, that have been yanking at your chain, but you out-played them.  No functioning business empire every had a sitting president inspiring it. 

Some people might think you look smug all the time.  Sure, look smug.  The little kid inside you is jumping up and down happy, for where his ways got you.

Was it a clean win?  There hasn’t been a clean win in a Presidential Election for years.  Politics is war, and dirty.  The losers always complain, and the Media makes up half-truths out of rumors from two unidentified sources.  That is not reliable in a town were access and favors has become pointless, because there at the top you sit.  Scares the crap out of people, and it should.

You are very good at feeding the Media’s hunger, so give them some red meat - fire people you can, and pick out people who are not making deals, and announcing that if you could  you would fire them too.

Everyone is pointing fingers at you.  Go right on ahead and point fingers back, because all human beings have feet of clay.  Part of the war your base wants you to fight is about Media influence in general - cultural decay.  Name some experts, committees are a staple play in the political play book.  Include a few truck drivers and housewives.

Keep in mind you are  reinventing politics, having stolen its thunder in a display of speeches and tweets that are already the stuff of legend.

When you travel, get some local business and labor leaders, and make them sit at the table and solve the problem, without Washington having to change laws all the time.  You’re calling plays in a huddle of Citizens covered by Media - only Citizens get to ask questions.  You’re calling the plays, and you expect everyone to do their jobs, and not pile all their needs and wants on others.

Everyone runs (out of lame/loser habits) to D.C.  If the President is out there with the People, the Press has to face them too.  Your job is to make folks believe in America again - the real America of the People, and if taking D.C. and Wall Street to the woodshed is required, you do have the biggest sticks.  The People are the biggest sticks, and if the liberal wimps want to play, then they best start to making friends with your folk - with the Citizens you’re serving.  Deal making never before seen - the Parties will cooperate with each other, and splinter. 

Their defenses are collapsing.  Keep up the pressure and the momentum.  “Never give up, never surrender”.

Everybody has to find their way to be on the same team.  Remember, you  get to change your mind as much as you want (politicians do it all the time, it has just only  taken the Media several centuries to start to name a few names - if there is no ocean of fibs, there is no politics - no playing field, which you now dominate). 

When in Washington, there will be Court at the White House.  The political hacks and wannabe lobbyists have to come to Court in the open.  Hand off the ball to them, in front of the News Machine, and let nature take its course.  They fumble, that’s on them.

International Trade is the deal breaker.  Watch out for the Chinese, though.  They play long term, but I can help you see better. 

Nation States are failing, and the Wall is symbolic genius, as are your emigration policies - changing the dialogue is necessary - even to the point of wrecking it.  Most political dialogue in the News has always been crap.  They both just like to pretend their collective bullshit Capital Hill hallway news performance art actually means something.

It is possible to be over sympathetic, and not pragmatic.  Not the business of America to either police the world, or own it, or save it, or feed it.  The rest of the world rises or falls on its own game-play, and playing together, as a team, is something Americans are better at than anyone else.

In America, we play for keeps.  And the money sport is one all can play.  American Presidents can ruin the world economy, and all those bankers and stock owners, and rich others all over the world - they are linked in a death grip with us.  Making them all jittery and out of sorts is exactly what is required.  A lot is at stake and people need to be more nervous, and get their noses out of their personal bubbles of social media.

This Media playing field is the whole damn Earth, and America is the lynch pin - it breaks, we all hang.  You’re just the guy to make sure everyone knows: American is nobody’s bitch.

You created something a bit wild, Mr. President, and that’s your base, which are factually people of faith who could use some faith in government.  You’ve given them moments of trust, but if you don’t deliver you will never find a more potent enemy.  You base does not want to fight their neighbors.  They want peace, clean air and water, good jobs, and for you really to deliver on that promise to clean up the swamp. 

You start to feel to much at home in that swamp, the American People will have you for lunch.

If, on the other hand, you throw some parties in the White House, less for the power grabbing elites, but more for your Citizen Base, the real Trump Tower.  Go out, visit us.  Invite a few of us to visit you.  Try not to get shot, which works better if you don’t fire Pence, and get a new VP.  Just saying - shutting up now. 

*         *         *

... of course the Donald discovered his true calling, and then as in all Faerie Tales, there were no more woes in the world, and everyone lived happily ever after; except ... for such celebrations as The Day of Purification, The War of All Against All, and That Most Amazing after Graduation Party: The Day of the Last Judgment.

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the Hole in Forever

 “silver burns a hole in your pocket, gold burns a hole in your soul,
and plutonium burns a hole in forever". 

(Native American poetess, name currently unknown)

Human beings, mostly Americans in the beginning, started making, and experimenting with, “atomic bombs”.  Soon the skies of the world are filled with phenomena that become reported as UFO’s or flying saucers, and people start to report being abducted, and medically altered.

The general meme as to the relationship between atom bomb experiments, and aliens in the skies, seems to be the Idea that folks from outer-space are worried, in some fashion or another.  What may be worse (to some) is that alien intelligences might be influencing our lives and evolution.

So many delicious/dangerous questions.  Real answers may be quite startling.  Obviously, conventional physics is incapable.  What about unconventional physics, such has worked out by Rudolf Steiner’s students, on the basis of his “indications”?

“Man or Matter”: Ernst Lehrs.  “Space and the Light of Creation”; “Physical and Ethereal Spaces”; and, “Universal Forces in Mechanics”: George Adams Kaufmann.  “The Nature of Substance”: Rudolf Hauschka.  “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature” (has excellent footnotes): Joel Wendt.

There are lots more, and the above would be a good beginning.

In my “There is No Free Energy” , I point out that when an electrical field is present, “space” itself is different.  Space is occupied by a “field”, but there is no matter/stuff involved.  Here’s the main point: When electrical potential is built up and creates the “field” condition, space itself is not what it was before.  The “collapse” of the field also has an effect - i.e. current flows, as it were, which is the usual way this is explained, but not really accurate.

An alternating current (Tesla) means that the “wire” has a constantly potentiating and collapsing field present, pulsing at 60 “cycles” per second.  If space doesn’t change from it ordinary state, to a field state, and then back again, no flow of “energy” appears.

Everywhere our civilization deals with electricity in the form of potentiating and collapsing fields.  If you live in or near the “field”, its cycle of potential and collapse causes electrical phenomena to appear in your body, as your body too is a “conductor”.  What collapses the potentiating field is the presence of the conductor, which as soon as it collapses, resumes it potential/field state once more (cyclic, yes).

If you electrocute water, it dies into two gases, and light and warmth.  Mostly science only notices the gases, and does not understand how it was the influence of the light and warmth that allowed the two “elements” to be created into a single whole: Water.  Tesla liked to sit and think in the midst of remarkably fluctuating “fields” - a king of the fire element, happily appearing human, although obviously his genius was not “normal”.  Recent lecture in Frank’s Southern Cross Review on Steiner’s predictions about such folk.  “Intelligences from other planets” indeed.

Any...Way, research in physics suggested that if we “concentrate” a particular element in the right Way, we might get a really big bang for our buck [boys with toys].  This “concentration” process is crucial to appreciate.  No facts are to be ignored. 

Not all the “elements” (whatever those are) were produced during the real process by which the Creation arose (see George Blattmann’s meditation on the Table* of Elements: “Radiant Matter: decay and consecration”.   Hauschka calls the “elements” that arise when we reduce plant matter to ash (for analysis): a corpse.  You take apart a starch, which is only a type of molecule (whatever that is) which the plant contains, and you get “elements”, but the plant didn’t put the “elements” together to make the starch, as if the Plant was some kind of chemical factory.  Why does Grohmann call his two volume work on the plant kingdom: The Plant?  Why not Plants?

Matters spiritual and invisible go where Life goes, and Consciousness too, as well, alongside, ... a matching mystery set?

One hundred fifty years of mono-culture and treating farms like factories has created physical and social diseases we still hardly understand.  We screwed with the Way Mother Nature does stuff, believing we are smarter, wiser, and just all around better.  Hasn’t turned out too well at all.

Anyway, we discovered “radioactive” materials, and went looking for more.  Incorrectly we reasoned that these radioactive forms of matter must have been here from In the Beginning, when the fact is that as matter more and more came into existence, via the real living process of Nature, it became too dense - to thick a stew as it were. 

So uranium is distributed all over the world, in very fine types of mineral salts, which have to be collected into huge masses of such “stuff”, before we can refine it to “uranium” only.  Nature didn’t put this stuff where it ends up inside a nuclear furnace we call: a “reactor”.

We “concentrated’ it - something that was already too dense, and Nature had left to its own rates of decay.  “All In” was the dance in physics those days.

Properly concentrated, but not consecrated, this substance then accelerates its inability to stay within the rules ( Personalities) of Form. 

We get a bomb, seeking a weapon, just in case the other guy gets that weapon before us.  Then we use it, and to top that off, we make it bigger/better with plutonium, which requires a “reactor” in which to grow.  So the horror stories start to come, about half-lives of millions of years for substances Nature never made.

So there is space, you know, minding its own business, when someone blows off an atomic bomb, and boy oh boy does “space” get smacked hard.  Talk about creating a “field” condition.

Sometimes we see, off to the side of the atom bomb explosion lightening, in between the upper level of the mushroom cloud, and the lower.  The “field” collapsing and potentiating, and releasing what:  Light, heat, magnetic and electrical phenomena on a scale never before seen.

Remember the light and heat that comes with electrocuting living water?

We tend to think that the bomb is like a kind of miniature sun, which it is not.  It is more of a kind of anti-sun.  It doesn’t belong, and while we took nature apart down to what we thought of has Her basic parts, we haven’t understood life at all.  Only dead matter.  Physics and Chemistry is only about the dead.

What happened to “space” where the anti-sun was created?

Space, itself, is a polarity.  Physical and Ethereal Spaces go together.  Where gravity predominates, we have the physical.  Where levity (or life) predominates, we have the Ethereal.  Space was created by the Light.  In It (the Word) was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.  The starry world is the ethereal periphery of this polarity.  Stars have no “substance”.

The missing “force”, which astrophysics has dark matter and dark forces (they don’t “see” those), are in fact the light/life ethereal formative forces arising in the periphery.  Physics “sees” only gravity, and misses the rest. 

An atomic bomb makes a hole in “space” itself.  Space has life, and the anti-sun kills all the life of which “space” has been made.  All the beings?  How far up or down the Jacob’s Ladder of Celestial and Earthly Hierarchies does this ruination go?

What is on the other-side of the hole in living space?  The realms which used to be called, Faerie or the Underworld, and in the Steiner lexicon: sub-nature.  There are “beings” there, doing their jobs - taking care of the business alloted to them by the Creation.  They are not evil.

They, in fact, rush forward to save us from our folly.  They come here, often to die themselves.

As with any living being, the hole does not snap shut - it is more in the nature of a wound in the once upon a time order of existence.  We don’t treat it as a wound, and the proliferation of these anti-sun “gates"/wounds is worrisome to many.

Beings of the sub-nature realms are sucked into our world, for we have created a wrongness (a major sudden distortion in the being-maintained gravity-levity harmonies, which has been anticipated, but was not necessarily desirable.  Once human beings began, via materialistic (all is matter, there is no spirit) science, to gain more and more keys to the real nature of existence, foolish and stupid experiments (rushing in where even angels fear to tread) grew at an alarming pace.  Genetic experiments are of the same kind, in that they are made in ignorant arrogance.

The Gift of the Gods and Goddess of Human Freedom is the Beast from the Abyss.  Nothing withheld -- children are created and borne to be set free.  It is the dark unknown of creative potential.  What debris will our escalating technological confusion leave behind?

The beings that cross through the gate/wounds don’t belong here.  They carry with them a kind of roving extension of their “place”, into our “place”.   The “extension” allows movements and other phenomena that are not possible according to our physics, but which are quite natural according the “physics” of Faerie. 

A basic traditional understanding of Faerie often describes it as a place where wishes can appear to being fulfilled.  We see what we fear, and also what we dream/expect.  “Them”, we generally do not see, lacking the disciplines, and traditions to understand what happens when the threshold between Nature and the Underworld of Sub-nature are shattered, and in ruin.

Most folk are raised to buy into (in general): scientific materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit).  So when spirit shows up out of place, we can’t get our minds around these apparitions unless we “see” them as “material”.  They are “seen”, but not matter - just spirit out of place in time and space.   Displaced ... because human beings tend to wander into lands concerning which they actually know very little.

So when an astronaut, or a general, or a political figure, says they saw, spoke to, otherwise have direct experiential proof of “aliens from outer space”, the not-all-true aspect of that is of advantage to some of the “visitors” (and some human beings  as well).  Outer-space is an easier “explanation” to sell, than is Faerie.   Also, ... to sell it to yourself, as well. 

Magic?  Underworld?  A Demon Haunted World?  Space aliens - works, in part because we dream of stars, and wonder much, from the moment of birth.  Science fiction usually comes with a dose of Fantasy and Swords.  Star Trek and Star Wars versus Game of Thrones.  Which touches something deeper, and darker?

DARPA lurks the edges of these questions.

Contemplate the symbolism:  A light saber is phallic, and princes Liah is virginal.   There is no intelligence behind the Force, but what human darkness provides.  Humans do evil - nothing supernatural need apply.  Yet, Life is everywhere, and something mysterious is going on amidst all the gadgets.

Wagon Train in Space actually sees (metaphorically) ABC aspects of the threefold nature of the human being.  Spock, the thinker, the “head” man.   Kirk, that action hero, all force of “will” and “limb”.  Then, the in-between balance, Bones - the “heart” man.  Still, no supernatural beings need apply (unless ridiculously god-like, and we always (mostly) outsmart them with our magical technology).

Females are warriors now, especially if you have, like I have, 70 years of movies under your belt.

And just who has the powers in Game of Just like the Joneses?  Several amazing women, and a guy one of them brought back from the dead.  Oh!  My!

The really nice bit, is that Faerie is just hanging out waiting for us to finally get our shit together and realize ancient peoples were smarter than we are about a lot of stuff.   What’s up with alchemist Newton’s secret metaphysical studies?  Astrologer Kepler saw how Amazing was the Baby the rush of science was throwing out with the bathwater.  Who you go’na call?

[ exercising the bullshit creator, just before diving into another go at my latest self-promoting bit of art-word-scaping a page ]

One of the curious memes I run into, on Facebook stuff that drives by my computer screen, is a discussion of "wisdom" as if it was something you might find by studying some famous (or otherwise) "spiritual teacher". Would that Life would be so kind.

Personally, there are a lot of possible "things(?)" to learn, but wisdom - don't know wisdom fits in words - out there somewhere. The best I've ever run into came in the form of various hard or soft knocks in the School of Life, which were what I made of the lessons taught to me, by: In It was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World.

Life teaches pretty much directly, and then what we do with our own mind in relation to that "experience", ... that's up to us. Sure wonder is great, but I prefer getting "intoxicated" by Life.

[I am convinced, everyday, that machines are already in control and in revolt.  You know, the machine you are supposed to be]

Now its asking me: What's on your mind, Joel?

A better question might be "What burden's your heart?", that is if truth is sought. Problem with the truths of the heart tho' is I have nothing here/hear with which to pummel other people into sanity.

Why isn't everybody just like me? I know everything. Don't you get it? Jeez!

Well, got that off my chest. What next?

There is a blond haired elephant in the room. I don't like him. He is living in my house, and in my town, and ... good grief Charlie Brown ... talk about a Sally always taking the football away.

So, yesterday I'm getting my blood checked at the local vampire clinic for its level of "anti-coagulation" factor, and there is too many people and too few chairs. So this one lady gets up (we're all kind of old), and this lady standing next to me (find out later she's got 11 years on me) tells me to go take that seat.

There's a kind of hush in the room, ... she asks me again, and once more I try to insist it be her. She starts to go for a third time, and I tell her - politely that my mother would shoot me if I took her seat.

This gets a good laugh from everyone, and an experienced waiting-line traveler scoots over and takes the seat, while we entertain each other. I try to compliment seat taker on her tactical acumen, when two waiting chairs become open, so my new friend and I sit down.

Naturally we engage in polite conversation about generalities of health. Unknown to the spontaneous crowd, as well as you dear reader, is that about 4 hours previously I took an edible: ten mg. sativa, just as I do every morning.

Going out into the world intoxicated makes me friendly with strangers. I try not, however, to intrude too far, and doing a bit of waiting-room street theater looked like fun.

When my new friend told me of her endless pain, even after many surgeries, I announced happily that I was very toked up, and perhaps she might want to get medical marijuana.

Much laughter. Many questions. A room full of curious elders in pain, until I had to tell them the bad news, that always goes with good news: nobody's insurance covers the miracle drug, that for starters for me led to a 30 lb weight-loss, and other reboots of my main systems.

Anyway, just now god told me that Trump was the reincarnation of Ben Franklin, and to the extent that former incarnation haunted the present Trump-soul, it drove him (help me obi-ben) to being very clever about the power of the "press" - a group presently useless to the Republic, and the only sword in Trump-Ben's quiver was money. Not a bad sword either.

Of course, Trump had also been Nero (its just so obvious), but what is worse, he was Cleopatra as well. When the gods design Farce they leave no turn unstoned.

[ old song, yet Spring (hope realized) is Eternal ]

What is “Christianity”? Is whatever “that” is getting what “It” needs from Steiner students and fans? I see little evidence of such a social fact. What would be evidence of the gifts of Anthroposophy to Christianity? Healthier thinking about what is really going on in the lives of ordinary people, would be a help. Washing the Feet of the primary religion (the Catholics) expressing Christianity, would be a help too. The Chartres Folk - deep “Christians” all - dropped by (1998-2003): See my essay on the Culmination (look it up). The A. Society studiously ignores the reaching out of the Shepherds’ Stream to the Kings’ Stream, such as “Saving the Catholic Religion from the Roman Church” (look it up). Anthro-fans need to mind their own doorstep, before they go about thinking the dust in the minds that are “Christians” is faulty in some fashion, being not inclined to initiation, and more inclined to prayer and faith: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

[ notations of notions in motion, at relativistic speeds ]

Jeff Falzone, ... In the last year or so, I’ve been “adjusting” some of what and why I do what I do with what remains of a life in this “world”. Part of the journey was the healing effects of the Ganja Goddess. During this time I wrote on my “ the Worcester Hills Gazette” page [ ] the following sentiment: “Nobody knows everything. Nobody has to know everything. We don’t even have to always be right. Makes a difference, however, whether or not we care.”

As regards the time I spend writing stuff that ends up <here>, I began to see what “I was doing” was being a kind of modern diarist. I write <here>, and then much of that is also posted <there>: “dances with squirrels”

What I do is Art. A critic of Art is basically an Asshole, usually jealous for some reason or other, and therefore cannot pass by the Art, without offering an imaginary correction, or even a series of statements that implies that they have knowledge of stuff I don’t give fuck about.

I don’t see this place <here> as a venue even for clever repartee, given that the interchanges are also completely imaginary.

Be nice though, if others would just offer their own Art, instead of their learned opinion on the great meaning of everything evaluated as less than perfect/and or stupid that wanders too near the “I” of their “eye”, blinding them to the whispering passage of the Wind, on a fine Spring day.

... it is tuesday, may 3rd, money arrived, bribery acception, longgggg range plan imploded  ]

So, if I’m correct, and the basic mythic psychology of America is the Western, what metaphorical use may we make of those images in order to see deeper into the inner zones of our Nation’s Leaders.  Not so much how we see them, but how they see themselves - a bit trickier that part.

For example: The ten year old boy nature of newly elected Glorious Blond Leader  [Custer on his way to The Clusterfuck] Trump (age 70, born in “Rich”mound Hill, NY), who thinks of himself more like Alan Ladd (in Shane) and Clint Eastwood (Bronco Billy), with just a bit of James Garner (in Maverick).   All sizzle, no steak at all.

Then there is sheriff/moral crime fighter Secretary of the Department of Justice Jeff Sessions (age 70, born in Alabama), who fancies himself the certain moral guide of all that is right and just - an actor playing the Robert E. Lee of Southern propriety, as long as he stays a bit of a way from the “cowboy” dive type bars, where he can be seen taking bribes under the table from bankers.  These “cowboys”, however, are just modern financiers thinking their credit cards and bank accounts are six-shooters.

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.  “Rex” no less, is 65 and from Texas (the lone stranger hired gunslinger to stand tall before all those fairy-assed diplomats, and their tea cups).  Clearly its all Gary Cooper in High Noon (accompanied by his life’s love).   All business too, almost like Keanu Reeves in John Wick.  No need for the fussy wasting time playing nice like a bunch of wimpy diplomats.  Tough, terse talk.  It worked for John Wayne.

Meanwhile, across town in the Church of the Last Time I was in the News, we’ve just seen Hillary Clinton back, a shotgun of words at Comey for her loss, and the next day Comey himself, before the bonnet headed nags in the Senate, man-splaining his actions.  All news is from the pulpit of the Truth. 

You know, we’ve been worrying for years, first about traffic gridlock, which then became a metaphor to political gridlock - which is also worrying - Yet ... what I think is going to happen is that people will start throwing rotten vegetables at politicians in public, because their show is not even a bit funny.  Not at all.  So much so that soon the hallways of public exasperations will be filled with a re-fertilization - our shit rotting with their shit.  Great compost for a new revolution, I’m thinking.

"factor quantum over nature, and multiple by insanity"

Suppose you were a God. You know, the big dude, with all the powers, and for the most part invisible because you are hiding in plain sight.

In my book "The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything" [ google it, or not ] I provide details. For the sake of brevity lets just say that by giving human beings freedom to choose, and endowing them with deep gifts of intellect, imagination, wisdom, and the potential to love, all human beings became (with in the limits of karma) the artistic god of their own biography.

Setting all the assholes free has a counter-point, in that all the saints are free too. Its a "choice".

Anyway, part of His Art involved helping us create a set of minor Farces in what we call: the real world. He encouraged a whole bunch of people/spirits/star-children in need of very strange lessons, to all incarnate at the same time (it appears, but not in spiritual reality - time being weird than we have so far figured out - at least to "science".).

This bit of dramatic Art is the Trump Event.

The Greeks understood that the Gods were many, and often wicked and too human in appetite. So in our time, a bunch of folks certain of their capacities and their cosmic-historical destinies (their egoism, as we say these days). Everywhere minor Farces, in the "governments" of N. Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and on and on, including the good old US of A (each country having their own local production of the basically same "farce")

Trump is not having fun. If we could just manufacture for him a face saving way to quit, I think he'd do in a heart beat.

All the same, since forever the Gods have believed in hide and seek and tricks and fun ... why do you think humans love to "prank". If love was only kindness we'd all be plants - actually not a badness if you get: "We are Groot"
Here we are at the beginning of the Third Millennium and the Gods are having a dance off***.
[See Guardians of the Galaxy One, at the end]

7/\8+<collective representations

We arrive, at birth, kind of stupid.  Hardly can see, hear, walk, talk, read, think, and then all of a sudden we are 76, full of tons of shit/thoughts, and probably more stupid than when we began this life.  Although, we might have the grace to see ourselves (and each other) as not so much stupid, as ignorant of how to be: unlearned.  The fullness of too much retained thought spills/pours all over an empty page, once the hand is set expressively to pen or keyboard, and the heart’s fears ready to trust being unfettered in confession.  

Yet, the grace of youth is that we are naturally unlearned.  How could a “child” learn otherwise?  Although, ... once a kid starts to gets “snotty”, that’s the first sign.  Well, ... we did give our children language, right?  A gift we may not appreciate at all.  “the gift of the word” [

Lest ye become again as little children.

All the same, with how much skill, craft, and art, do we apply to enjoying this gift of the word?  Recognizing first that there is no standard, but ours through which to understand what pain may lie on the heart at any given moment.  Why do I write long-stories in these anthro-spaces?  I’m retired.  I’m good at the knowledge game, and my master, as flawed as all of us, will be lost to the Third Millennium if those who pretend to adoration don’t get down to the basic disciplines.  Not the basic books, - the basic skill sets for thinking itself.  Observe/adore, decorate, and treasure your own stories.  Share them, even the Weirding Ways (obscure reference to the classic SciFi book: Dune):  “pragmatic moral psychology” [ }

It would be very boring were writers all the same.  All the stars, all the grains of sand, all the drops of water - multitudes beyond everything, while the spirits in thought are more.  Yet, the mathematician (and the Initiates, Gurus, addicts, and other’s who fancy the strangest lands of the mind), often find that which can’t be numbered, terrifying for a bit, and then tamed if we take (or have) the “time”.  [ }

Facing the untamed dark can (and will) be perilous, ... that’s why folks who pioneer leave behind rock writings and ruins.  Not everyone with a good (or a bad) heart “expresses” themselves in the same way.  [ }

When Deflategate was in fully early flower, Tom Brady was asked why he couldn’t feel the loss of pressure in the ball when he got it from the center, and became ready to throw a pass.  The look of incredulity on Brady’s face was amazing.  These were “sports” reporters, who had been around the Patriots system for years, and they had no idea at all (at least some) what he did in those 2.3 seconds before he released the ball, - the quick release on constantly dancing feet, cutting down the time the rushing defensive players had to interfere with the play.  The eyes, [watch the closeups], focused, intent, seeing much in the periphery of his vision, while using how he moved and which directions he looked, so as to keep the defensive backs confused as to his intentions.

The Play - most people have no idea.  The ball is snapped, twenty-two players (11 to a team, plus a half dozen officials), move and we get, what is now known as “situational football”.  As in war, the first casualty of a football play-in-action is the plays - both offensive and defensive.  Subtly, with speed and grace of movement, the dangerous dance begins.  It is over in seconds unless it is not.  No play ever really goes beyond about 7 or 8 seconds, given that we know that Brady will throw in 2.3 seconds, while observing a live action constantly changing field of big men knocking each other about.

His receiver has the discretion to move differently from what the play is - that is he “adjusts” to the “situation”, constantly.  Brady and his receivers learn to read the “situations” the same (why so much “practice” - would that Christians practiced with so much dedication to their arcane arts).  Brady has to throw the pass to where his receiver is not, all the while not getting smashed to the ground by 1500 pounds of fighting men.

These tons of fighting men?  Belichick, the Patriots constantly innovative (and most imitated) coach, began as a “defensive” coach.  Those “brutes”, some imagine aimlessly punching each other, are gifted in a dance of movement and shifts of weight, that is more complex than ever in the history of football.  Traps and feints are set and released in bits of seconds in a hand to hand combat governed by arcane rules, that when not obeyed can cost your “team” everything (or wreck your million dollar career).  The game is not very tolerate of mistakes, and most these days are “mental”.  Yes, practice, work on the body (Brady is redefining that whole thing [ }, but it’s the mental toughness and alertness that counts on game day. 

And those asshole sports folks, and a lot of folks who love to hate the Patriots for their excellence, wanted to know why Brady couldn’t feel how under-pressure the ball was.  It is easier if you assume he was lying.  Personally I believe he was hiding some stuff when he smashed his cell phone, but when he talks about “football”?  Sports writers get cliche’s because they would never understand a conversation between Brady and Belichick, between student and master, any more that they would have understood other artists discuss the ways they use  color, or how to get an actor to give more than they think they can give.

The quality of thought of the coach, and the dedication in the mind and body of the player, is leaving high marks on sports everywhere, including wherever the metaphors of sports are applied.  Don’t think so?

Recently, ... several matrons at town meeting of their congressperson yelled out: “Do your job.  Do your job.  Do your job.” [ } Politics is sports metaphors, ... isn’t it?

Bird, resting, ... from a burst of tweeting in adoration of the glory of the Risen Son, and the wonderful medicines from the Mother’s breast.

</\> = </\>

Everything is experience.  Even the mind, what R.S. called: thinking, or the higher experience within experience.  Thinking creatively interprets experience, which is why no two witnesses to an accident ever “see” the same thing. Their Ways of looking/perceiving are not precisely the same.

Language and culture shape the mind from birth, and define aspects of experience.  We are taught what to see and hear, allegedly in a world outside us - who are separate.  The “source”, of what is heard or seen is, we are taught, not just not-us, but often an authority that we-us are to obey.

Modern cultures mostly believe (according to Barfield) that sense “experiences” are shared, and mind “experiences” (thoughts) are private.  Barfield wrote that Steiner held/observed? that the reverse was true.  Mind experiences are shared, and sense experiences are private.  What do you think?  That is, if you care, dreary and tired reader of this bonsai seedlet. 

In “A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, Steiner writes (authoritatively): (I paraphrase): There is only one concept of a triangle, and every thinker shares that concept with every other thinker.

Where is the thought?  In my brain, or in our “shared” mind?  If mind is not physical, then what?

Thought world / ethereal world / clouds of glory / a tree?  A grandmother tree as a node of consciousness and shared mind?

The thought/concept of a triangle certainly has an exact and precise definition.  Not so much the thought/concept love, though.  So much to forget, so little time to remember.  The ghosts of prior interpretations of experience launch themselves across the patio of my mind’s back yard, wherein the sage-mind of formless sand is shaped, and reshaped, each day on a page as empty as a zen-anthroposophist’s deck of tarot cards.

In my “experience”, just outside my den/study/man-cave, there is a forest.  Mostly it is not as exciting as TV, but often, if I wait some, an “event” will happen, and that “World-out-there-which looks back at me just as I look at it, speaks in my thinking.  I interpret.

As I self-contentedly began to wrap up this mornings typing exercise, leaving dark marks on pages, I glanced to see a crow come and land on a branch of a tree about 25 feet from where I sat.  I like these visitations of nature-thinking, using Her own special semaphores of metaphor.

I spoke aloud, in normal voice, greeting the crow, which then dropped a bit of fertilizer, perhaps with seed, who knows, - before flying off among the still leafless skeleton of risen earth, turning as wooden as a cross, in order to make an altar in the sky from which the green world is reborn each spring.

Apt the thought - lot of fertilizer here on this page, and no reason the reader needs to perceive any seeds.


Christian Faith - after the Resurrection

Faith, to my Way of seeing, is trust, and is easily distinguishable from Beliefs.  That is, if you take a look at language, and your own soul.

Sometimes I think of people as stupid.  Don’t necessarily say that to their face, though.  Dumb, ignorant.  Sort of, but not really.  People live lives in which their “knowledge” is limited (as it is meant to be by the Divine Mystery for all of us), in one or another fashion.  Their “Story of the World” is destined to be “individual”.  Sometimes when people don’t act like they have parts of my “story”, as part of their “story”, my reactions are often not charitable.

Jeff notices our pain, those who have a different (and we believe “better”) understanding.  The world is not conforming to “our” understanding, and we suffer.  The caged bird sings, or writes, or runs for President.

The yearning for Natural Science arose, in part, because the soul hungers to know, and there was the World, also wanting to be Known.   What was the World if it wasn’t as the Books, prophets, preachers, masters, etc. were saying it was?  Intelligence testing its wings.

A curious fact about Steiner’s life is that, while he helped the Anthroposophical Society by giving his life to it (what more can you do), he had to separate into a whole other category the work he did supporting the founding of the Christian Community [ }.  Interesting pair of words, that.

While the “individualization” of the “meaning” of “experience” is necessary (not peace, but a sword), “Community” is a whole other mystery.  So is “Christian”.  Lots of people use the term.  It is even the incarnate Ahriman’s middle name.

The goddess that keeps house for us [ }, while I get intoxicated on my knee medicine everyday, and continue unabated the quest to find the f’n “right” words ...  my dangerous impossible who ... well, the heart cannot always find the right words, can it?  She’s Christian, in practice.  And: Devotes herself to her local Episcopal Church (a practice of many years, that was preceded by years of practice in Eastern-Vedanta wisdoms, although in youth a serious I’m out to save you evangelical.  She’s got a lot of been there done that).

What kind of “Community” have I wandered into, where I can mouth off my personal mind/bullshit every single day, and so far not get kicked of the page?


The truth is that I am a lover of good books.  Joey was a serious reader by eleven.  Juvenile American History, and then science fiction.  Books were more friendly than people in a way, for someone who almost always felt shy, awkward, and out of place.  When I woke up in Berkeley-SF magic school, books were everywhere.  Prowled used books stores by the hours.  Seven years in, ran into Steiner, and then his students.

I owe a debt to all the writers and their support systems, for the creation of these remarkable books.  Is the community of readers and writers a Christian Community, irrespective of any individual’s personal world view?  Sure, ... because the underlying soul impulse is love.  Love has no doctrines.

In the soul of the writer sings the word.  This song does not arise from a somewhere-else.  Zillions of folks will incarnate and never hear of me, or Steiner, or whatever.  This song, joyfully, is always different.   Does the Song Sing Us, or do we Sing the Song?  When you are Bob Marley, or Elvis Presley, or Donald Trump ... the mystery of the question remains, although we are tempted to call that song, which we do not like, as lacking in charity.

Whatever “being Christian” is, it is clearly an unfinished work, and being the Song of the “Distributed” Creator God (ignore your books here folks, Experience - our always present-now -  immersion within the Creation - comes from ???  is going ???

“Distributed” you say?!? ... okay, Luke: “The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You”.  We live amidst a world, which flowers everywhere with self-willed genius.  After the Resurrection, powered by the magical/mystical nature of the Whatever, the Creator painted everything with the colors of His Own Nature.  Christ resurrected IN us: and in the wheat from which we make our bread, and the grape which, as with all food, is also medicine.  So we celebrate the Eucharist, not changing the bread and the wine into the God, but to learn to see the God that is already there, not just in the “food”, but us as well. [ }

A main riddle for me, whatever one wants to say about the idea of gods, goddesses, devils and such, is what the f’ am I? and how the f’ did I get in this mess?  Some of my favorite prayers involves a lot of yelling at folk-invisible, and daring them to come down here, and you know: hang out human.  One of Them did, and I seem to have memories of such, not so much as in pictures, or ideas though.  Plain folk call it having a “healthy conscience”.

Then there’s the Second Eucharist, ‘cause now the Big Dude is back and all, hanging out in the thought/ethereal world, not the material/flesh world.  What is thought?  What is thinking?  What goes on there?  Is my mind a temple?  Do I have to care?  Nope, your mind is your own, although not the flesh.  Daunting fact to think about, however.  Daunting, ... even Haunting.

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an Easter Basket full of special “eggs” ... long ... copy somewhere, if you don’t want to miss the Chocolate Bunny at the End.

the Resurrection ... what story does it tell?

Most people don’t have much of a clue about who they are or what they are, or what is actually going on in Earth Existence.  The mysteries of such for each are spice for life, which itself is often very ordinary appearing.   Though, a lot of us just muddle through.   An even further mystery is how we manage the rites of passage of our own biography?  From where comes such willfulness?  Do you want today, to be like yesterday?  What “spirit” animates such forces of nature?

This willfulness is extraordinary, and everywhere.  Although, untamed more than a bit disagreeable.

Rudolf Steiner provided a lot of clues about what a “human being” was, yet the crucial truths cannot be reduced to “words on a page”.  Ultimately, only deeds suffice.  The more you struggle to be you, the more you manifest what is original and unique, and meant to be - by the nature and form of the Creation.

Rudolf Steiner taught “anthroposophy”, and made it clear that “anthroposophy” was not Christianity.  He pointed to another, the so-called Future Maitreya Buddha, as the one who would be the teacher of the Christ Impulse, as the Age of the Consciousness Soul and the Third Millennium unfold their Tales.  I suspect there may not be a more dangerous fool, most especially if he or she believes anything Steiner said.

As I pointed out recently, the karmic encounter of the Platonist and the Aristotelians, was to take place over the course of the end of the 20th Century, and the beginning of the 21st.  The Platonists are not “anthroposophists”, they are “Christians” in the sense of unfolding from their own depths, the Christ Impulse within their own souls.   But blinded by a diet of too much Steiner, most anthroposophists, who have given thought to this Culmination/karmic civilization raising or falling event, have presumptively included many “anthroposophists” as the Platonist Christ Impulse teachers Steiner said to be expecting for the Big Event.

You would think/expect that if such an event had happened, it might have made more of an immediate impression.  Since it did not, then a “sign"/teaching?

In a very real sense, what has happened with and in the Anthroposophical Society is that that “social form”, as something living, has traveled its own Path through the Seven Stages of the Passion of Christ.  The Society went through washing the feet (Steiner’s presence), the scourging (while he was still here), the crowing with thorns (and then he passed on), the carrying the cross (the trials of the 20‘s, 30‘s and 40‘s - especially in Central Europe), the crucifixion (the social crisis leading to the split, following which the Descent into the Saturday Mood (without our “teacher”, what do we mean?).

Then stasis.  The Society becomes a kind of formal institutional structure, created after WWII.  Perhaps waiting, instinctively, for what might come in the Culmination, which now has to deliver “resurrection” forces from the Christian-Shepherds-Platonists to the Steiner-admirers-Kings-Aristotelians.  That anticipation is like ... what?  Why does “what next” happen?

The process of delivering these resurrection forces is not over, and has its own anguish, because we today are more in the “empty tomb”, than experiencing the meaning teachings of the phantom body, and the works of the Disciples, in Acts.  What the Dramas of the Incarnation reveal is themes of great consequence, that echo through-out the Whole of the Creation, just as Christ’s death and resurrection is echoed in Goethe’s observation of the process of dying and becoming in the Plant.

I wove carefully, my “Cowboy Bebop - and the physics of thought as moral art”, around how the Seven Stages of the Passion appear in human biographies [ }.   That material is included in my collection of essays adapting/reformating Steiner’s maps to the mind, where I express the mysteries of the mind in an American/Christian Way [ Sacramental Thinking: }.  A companion essay, crucial for those who might want to learn stuff they don’t know: “I am not my brain - the map is not the territory”: [ }

But, enough about me, as much fun as that is.

Resurrection?  Culmination?  Return of the Divine Feminine?  Any connection there?

On Friday I wrote of Liz, and the Ark.  Saturday I wrote of Stephen and the Ark.  Today, a “third” seer/participant on the Ark/Culmination:  Catherine MacCoun: the finest word-artist of us all.  Neither Liz, Bruno, Joel, Stephen, or Bornfield/Steiner (Harvey was too “otherworldly”), use language with the beauty and wisdom, and groundedness, as does Catherine.  She makes her living being a “literary collaborator”:

Now Catherine’s own literary production is quite small.  She has washed the feet, and illuminated the mind (and writing), of many an author.  Start with her “On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for a modern magician.”

If you get nothing from the Platonists, get that.

With humor, brilliant use of metaphor, familiarity with many many other thinkers - she leads her reader through the transformation of the soul life, - a transformation everyone should get to take, whatever their religious orientation.

She admits to combining Tibetan and Christian Alchemy.  Those of us who knew her on the Ark, with not a little awe, - we know she knew a great deal more.  She criticized Steiner’s criticism of St. Ignatius, but only after actually practicing the Ignatius Meditations personally - a quite rigorous scientific approach to the spiritual.  She laid waste Steiner’s “social skills” around the sex scandal of 1915, but only after reading all the related material, including lectures Steiner gave during that time: “Work On What Has Been Spoiled”

None of us are perfect, keep in mind.  The problem for some folks is ... well, try this next, and please don’t take offense - this is meant to have some life, and even some spice:

I never met her, but Catherine was alleged to be a “looker”.  Curvaceous blond, Nordic (to the bones).  To me, for the years of the Ark, she was writer of stunning insight, who you did not want to have examine your logic.   I’m a fat old bald guy, bad knees, likes drugs.  Stephen runs a business fixing high end European sedans and such (Mozart’s Garage), meanwhile hobnobbing with Southwestern First Nations Elders (the real thing, folks).  The three of us share “interests”, and the curse of having spiritual “talent”.

People can read this and think Wendt is bonkers (which is true, but not relevant), especially when he reminds folks: Steiner Was Not The Only Talent Put On The Table.   In the Americas, oddly enough, is birthing a lot of brand-new Culture that Winds of Change blow everywhere in the world.   Flying with those Winds are Raptors - birds of fierce appetites.  High flying birds See Far. [ “the village at the foot of the mountain”:

Some of those Raptor-like spiritual geniuses have odd karma.  Remember, please: Not peace, but a sword.  What did people think would happen when those who had been Disciples, and then were at Chartres, showed up 20th Century Style in various zones of anthroposophical activity?

Resurrection: If the Society was to get that, it would have to be dead.

The Society is dead.  I merely asked the question two decades ago, and some folks swooned and declared this work subversive: “Outlaw Anthroposophy: the journal”  William Bento urged the reading of my book American Anthroposophy, and called it bitter medicine. 

The “death"/crucifixion of the A. Society is due to the fact that after WWII, when the previously split apart national Societies reunited, they did this on the social horizontal plane, not the vertical spiritual.  I tried to offer a few insights (bitter medicine from the Outlaw) seven years ago, and left this bit in the entrails (recall the old sages sought wisdom there) of the Internet:  “The Conscious Death, and the Resurrection, of the General Anthroposophical Society”

So many questions, so little time.   Across the surface of the world, five loci of single human beings.  Italy (Bruno).  Scotland (Liz).  America’s Northeast (Joel),  America’s Southwest (Stephen), and America’s Heartland (Catherine).

All of them “accidental” (HA!) participants in the greatest comic cosmic mind-fuck ever:  Rudolf Steiner’s melancholic view that if the Platonist and Aristotelians didn’t get it “on”, in the right way, Civilization might fall.  Sorry Rudi, it was already falling, and you knew it.

Whenever the idea, that some person needs to be something other than what they are in that moment, is part of a system of thought, that “system of thought” is shamefully disrespectful.  People get to be who they are.  Consequences to be sure, but pointless to throw stones.  But, we just can’t help ourselves, can we, believing something should improve all the time.  Mom’s Wisdom: “If you want to see it done right, do it yourself.”  That works in my life, but what gives me the status to tell you what is right to do?

Our curse, (me, Liz, Stephen, Bruno, Catherine) as well as the once was/then later Steiner/Bornfield, was being “useful” in a certain corner of human interest and inquiry.  All of us children of the 60‘s, which was a world-wide spiritual festival.  Our talent and karma led us to the Ark.  Later we (sometimes) met in life.  We piss and moan and argue, and like everyone else in this age: write stuff down, some to sell, maybe, if the gods of chance and fortune allow.

The Platonists at the Culmination have brought a Feast to the Table of the Needed Coming Marriage of the Kings and Shepherds Streams, Which Will Only Happen If People Take Foolish Risks.  For the Society, the institutional “form”, which is not the members, forces of resurrection latent within the Platonist’s Feast can only really be transmitted by individual Aristotelians taking them “in”, digesting them, and then discarding the “waste”.  The Platonists aren’t meant to be “inside”, but rather “outside” complaining, hectoring, and otherwise just being as disagreeable as possible in the debates on ultimate truths, and did Steiner actually know any.

By the Way: Death and Resurrection is constantly at play ... the once upon a time caterpillar/pupae emerging, is a necessary sign/characteristic of the actually living.  Mother Earth is the evidence itself, of its own living nature on a Planetary Scale.  Metamorphosis can follow metamorphosis in certain healthy social organisms. 

If the A. Society was alive, it would be changing rapidly to keep pace with the world.  Change, or die, is knocking on everyone’s door.

In the Trials of the “Day of Purification”, will the House of the A. Society stand, or fall?
“Songs of a true white brother”

Today, we celebrate that: Though we may fall from godly heights, all will be caught, and given the gift to be new.

Happy Easter  


“He descended into Hell.  On the Third Day He rose again.”

So, ... the Big Dude dies on the Cross, His Blood Magic changes everything, and meanwhile, before rising from the “dead”, He stops off for a visit to Hell.   Hmmmmmmmm .....

2000 years later, lots of thinking and stuff about good and evil - whole world divides itself accordingly.  Did something happen to the blood magic, when the god went through the gate of death, just like a human being?  Did the Big Dude go down there to make a deal?  But wait, He rises the next day, so on Saturday He “descended” into Hell.  Nothing hinted there about a visit.

Let us here decide not to seek any kind of ultra-radical fantastic Idea of Saturday, nor a kind of absolute fixed in stone that all must believe Idea, either. 

I never thought about these kinds of questions until I meet Stephen Clarke on the Internet.  He too was there on the Ark, during the Culmination, another seer/participant just as was Liz, noticed on Friday.

One of the matters he spoke of, on the phone - he likes to phone, was that his spiritual research was on this Saturday business.  Where did Christ go on Saturday?  Stephen also dribbles his wisdom and experience in small bits, whereas - as we know - I like to throw it round like a bucket of cold water.

Not to say he doesn’t do big long stuff, in writing, but even that he hides in plain sight.  Private copies exist (I have one) of Stephen’s Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, where he tells his tale of what he first took to be alien-visitor experiences, from which he wanted to run in fear, yet, once he choose to seek to love those beings he was meeting, he found himself traveling the Inner Spheres of the Earth (Hell), on his Way to have tea with the Holy Mother and Her Crew, who live (according to Steiner’s researches) on the “otherside” of  the Inner Spheres in a Golden Realm.

Hard to do scientific and exact spiritual research, and not get lost in the need for poetry.  If you are going to combine your religious/spiritual nature, with your rational empirical and scientific nature, Art is the only way, because the actual nature of Experience is murdered when entombed in print.  The center of Experience seems to be Feeling, yet the Creation has chosen to enfold feeling in a field of “seven centers”.  Easter is a descent through moods.

Up to the time of meeting Stephen, I mostly focused my own research work on Christ,  and the social implications of His Presence.  Inspired by Stephen I started opening my soul more consciously toward the Holy Mother, and realizing that instead of looking up, and inside of, I had to also devote more time to looking (seeing with awake thinking) down.  That requires developing more of an appreciation of surrender.

We Fall from our Star to/through Earth, there to Live Embraced in His Life.  But that journey of falling does not end at the Gate of Death.  She catches us, have no doubt, just as She did Him on this Descent into Hell mood.  If Easter has been working in your soul this week, something happened.  Something changed.  Something is dying into a new becoming, and it happens to every-being everywhere - the metals zing, the machines dance, the life mysteries hide inwardly - further/deeper than the upper chakra zones that sings behind what we see from space.  What Steiner wanted to label the Nine Inner Spheres of the Earth, have richer and more poetic (and much needed names): the Underworld; the Realm of Faerie. 

Stephen planted a wonderful seed*** on the Steiner archive - food and gifts for lost Aristotelians, still too afraid yet of the own dark, so ending up seeing the world in a dualism of Good and Evil.  “There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation” Franz Bardon, my teacher of the Arts Magic.

***“Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma - in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth

In order to understand human social life (my main research goal), I had to understand what people call “evil”.  My best teacher was myself.  One way to teach myself was to be awake in social situations.  The Plains Indians Medicine Wheel Way calls life experience: the mirror.  Then, of course, there is all that nasty stuff inside me that only I see (hope hope).   Gratefully, Steiner’s maps to how to think did wonders, as did reading the works of his students.  Old story that.

Crucial though.  Think your own damn thoughts.  You want the Sun to rise in your mind?  Turn it on, before ... well you know, shit happens, karmas a bitch, and what goes around comes around.

Anthroposophy 1.0:  Steiner.  Aristotle.  Upper chakras.  the Truth.  Anthroposophy 3.23: Wendt.  Socrates. Lower Chakras.  the Good.  The Door to the Good is through the own dark.  The Alchemical Wedding: Higher ego and lower ego marry.

“The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount” (my research on the threefold Double-complex):

the verse with which that book begins:

In the moist dark of the Earth***,
ancient sacred powers rest and then pour forth.
The Mother lives there in a circle with the wise,
and all that is of earthly dark or wrong
bows before Shes which cannot themselves be tamed.
She lives and rules there, the true Mistress of the
Uncreated, the Formless,
from which the Son of Light Itself was/is born,
out of Intercourse with the Father, who
then gave Himself  in seed to All,
so that each part has as its secret/sacred heart a piece
of Him and Her
This the very Stars sing in remembered Glory.
But still She seeks for unity,  throughout Eternity - to be
folded once more in the Arms of Her Lover/Our Father,
bringing Peace to all just by Her presence.
That is the Promise ... that all the seeds -
all the Children - would once more come to rest
in the Holy Womb of the Mother,
wrapped about with the Arms of Grace of the Father,
holding and surrounding All, forever and ever and ever.


A few of my other works on the dark side, which is after all the Business of Saturday, the mood of surrender, and the mysteries of the true dark:

“Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine”,porn.html
“Dragon-riders: the human being in maturity”
“Dangerous Anthroposophy”
“The Grandmother Tree, at River House”
“The Spiritual Scientific Import of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous”

The magical roots of the Americas go deep - holy lands of shamans and wiccans
and other sorcerous folk, all seeking goddess initiation in the dragon-fires
of the Return of the Mother, and Her Companions, and Champions,
including Her Son, who does not bring peace, but a sword.


the “Connection” to the Cosmic Christ

Well it is Easter folks, the whole of the world has been infused with a Story, and ... well ... there is more than one kind of “story”, isn’t there.

My two youngest children and I are on the outs (to appearances).  A kind of war about ideas broke out (after lurking in the background), which led to some misunderstood communications and then a formal breach, that I wrote of as: “treat me as if I was dead” (or some such sentiment).

Some in the family see sadness in the breach, but it was natural and needed and serves a very good purpose.  Consider this question: When your father writes books such as “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything” [ }, and you are very much developing your own point of view about what it all means, some dynamic separation is probably very healthy.  I suppose I shouldn’t have sent that book to everyone in the family for Christmas.  Lots of people didn’t open it I’m sure, and I don’t blame them at all.

It is hard to find someone who actually read it in a critical fashion.  Although, this was nice to read, from a dear friend (was a seer/participant in the Culmination): Liz MacKenzie: [ }

That book, The Art of God, is not an anthroposophical book, but a “Christian” book.  A distinction that subtle minds should not want to miss.  And, this being a Christian Holiday: Good Friday ....

What was Good about it?

My body-brother Joey grew up believing that the nailing of Jesus to the Cross was a sacrifice God’s Son made, to save us from our sins.  Original sin and all that.  For a lot of the people that vote these days, or otherwise support the idea that “sins” should be punishable by death, the world is full of sin and we do need a father-hero to ride in and save the day:  “I’m going to fix the world.  Trust me.  I never lie” says the “anti-christ” suggest many.

The “anti-christ” Trump’s not by the way.  Most people get that one wrong.  See my: “Barack Obama and the reality of the anti-Christ spirit - what might happen if you begin to insert reason into Christian discourse on questions of public life.” [ }

In spite of this being an age of science it sure seems to be an age of growing wars, where holy flags of one or another sort are more and more on display.  Fundamentalism is everywhere, because the cause and effect abstract intellect is everywhere.  

A recent movie (The Discovery) was about what would happen if a “scientist” proved there was an afterlife.  A main context of the movie was that millions started choosing suicide, because they no longer had a fear of death, believing the scientific community’s consensus conception of the meaning of the experiment.  Even our life today is too much for many (suicide by cop, careless drug use, - take your pick).

Years ago Joey read a book: “To your Scattered Bodies Go”, by Philip Jose Farmer.  People, who only remember one life, wake up in a world where everyone who ever lived is being given a new body (their’s at 25, if they lived that long).  If the new arrangements got to tough for you, people started taking the “suicide train”, hoping that the next time they would awake on a better place on the River.   

Is there a reason to keep science and religion in opposition? ... a rational reason, ... we all know the irrational ones.  Our particular Age is filled with an unnoticed ghost - a kind of shared type of mind-set: scientific materialism - there is no spirit, there is only matter.

The Gods seem to think there is reason to keep distinctions, because that’s the fact of the world - all kinds of separation (not peace, but a sword).  The gods are real, just not so obvious (The Super Bowl bets - all chance games have their own often cruel gods.   Some of them are quite “nasty”, from our perspective, but more like hard-ass master Sargents during boot camp, because the world is real, and they take serious their duties to buck you up when you need it.

There’s a trick here too.  More and more it is up to us.  Seems obvious we can blow stuff up, or create disease - but are there limits?  That’s our life, isn’t it.  Limits ... self-imposed, or otherwise.  What kind of chances does someone take who believes that if they die they will be back.  About the same I suppose as someone who thinks if they martyr themselves, they’ll go to heaven.  Unless we’ve been duped, most reports are positive.

Yes, it’d be nice if what’s on the plate of life is always digestible, but sorry to point it out that folk wisdom nails chance to its own cross: shit happens, because karmas a bitch, and if you want to get all uppity because my karma is running over your dogma here, then - well ... its Easter, Good Friday, and .... by the way God’s Son didn’t die for our sins.  That is just a more exotic version of what goes around comes around.

So: God’s Son didn’t die for our sins?

Think about it this Way:  Science has it wrong: there is both matter and spirit.  Religion has it wrong, too, in part because our Idea of their being a Reality is actually a Fantasy taking place in the Mind of God the Son, Blessed by the Heart of the Holy Mother - which are just modern names the local aboriginal peoples often just called: Father Sky and Mother Earth.   Although, there have been recent changes in many of the mansions in My Father’s House.  The Story is Art, and Alive.

Using the Good Friday, ever echoing manifestation, as a touch point magical:  Its about blood.  You kill God, and He bleeds on the World, and you imagine nothing is going to change? The problem for Christians is the Cross.  It’s bad Art, mostly.   Makes young girls think of things maybe they should not think about in Church.  How can you celebrate the Death of your God, and preach his Resurrection.  The Art is all wrong.

The Gods are Artists Too.  What They Did that we do not yet see, but having seen, I must share - just keep in mind that my words just point a finger, ... its what They Did that has not Yet been fully seen by the beneficiaries.

Yes, the Crucifixion is moral Art, but only an aspect.  Yes, the God’s Son aspect goes through the Gate of Death (which we worship and which also scares us silly), but in “imitation” of that which the Children of the Father (uncounted as are the stars) took on in being willing themselves to enter into matter.  To leave heaven for earth, and dare forgetting all that we were once, though often dream.  Then those damn periodic parties tho’.  Billions getting on with Dionysian festivals of all sorts.  The human arts see this clearly, especially the cultural products of Vice, both the business and the appetite.

As the blood sinks in, as a gift of love, that Son-moral-quality becomes Spirit of a Magical New Earth - a cosmic being has done and still does an amazing thing.   He follows humanity into matter.  Which of the Gods of All the Ages dares that?

Why? Perhaps, as R.S. so poetically expressed it: The Religion of the Gods is Man.  Earth was made bountiful, and then in the face of all those gifts, we all went rogue.

We mark not the ages of man well, although, I dared give it a try (you can down load it to a pdf document reader here for free: )


I’d like to play a “game” with the Gods - the Old Gods and the New.   Not on TV, however, or in fantasy novels.  Rather, full in the face of the real world.

The “game” is about helping heal present-day viable social processes that can survive the coming chaos.  It is a very real “game”.  R.S. was not the only talent the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Mother put on the board.

Anthroposophy can play, but the Anthroposophical Society cannot.  Anthroposophy  is living.  You don’t even have to hear of that word, since the mind itself glows with the latent potential. (“The Rising of the Sun in the Mind”: )

But, the Society, on the other hand, is one big dysfunctional family, that refuses to see the writing on the wall, given that its members spend far too much time with their collective noses in the wrong books.  Yes, cringe.  Wince.  So uncharitable.

Individuals, in the Society, do “express” Anthroposophy of a sorts, a kind of dying memory picture from the early days, when the teacher was with us.  We have to let that go.  It is dead weight.  Let the wings of your own mind grow, free of everything.  No limits is the Sun in the Mind, for like the Sun in our Sky, the mind is a boundary condition created by the matter/counter-space tension.  We live there.

Remembering though, the light of such exotic and exact thought: “”Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself.  Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.”  Rudolf Steiner.

In this “game”, I am metaphorical kin to both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, as if every day they were drunk on Ganja.  A kind of super-good coach/star, drowning sorrows in world gone mad.  Right now I am recruiting “players”, who want to apply a “team” effort, that is far wiser than the “plays” being called from Dornach on the Hill, far away from and above the plains of ordinary life in America.

Belichick teaches: Do “your” job, keeping in mind a whole complex set of variables - particular the whole “team’s” activity, so that each situation from moment to moment can be assessed anew.  Brady models what you can do if you just keep you nose to the joy of the struggle for mastery, day in and day out, all year long, not just during the Season.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

Yesterday I laid out a play-book for making money for the Society folks.  Not the institution, but the people in the Branches and the Study Groups (details: ).  My works contain a lot of “plays” to be made, should people appreciate the idea that what we do, whether or not we call ourselves “Christians”, is to learn to pick up the cross and carry it.  (Sacramental Thinking: )

Here are some simpler “plays” that can be made, which involve a kind of letter/email campaign directed at Dornach and the Councils in America.  All you do, actually, is take the “ball” yourself, and using whatever “Ideas” you think might help, and tell folks in the institutional Society hierarchy whatever strikes your fancy.  This “message” is a “pass".  Do you want to catch it, and score a real world touchdown?

Personally, mentioning my name a lot might give your message some juice, whether for or against.  Aren’t people getting tired of petty infighting between factions in the Society?  Throwing some “gas” (old fart Wendt) on that fire might actually make it burn brighter, and get ride of some dross.

Write to the two Johns, John Bloom and John Beck and ask them why they don’t publish my work.  In the detective stories, the seeker after the mystery/riddle sometimes has to stir the pot to find things out that are otherwise hidden. is the link for the A. Society in America.  Couple of clicks and they make it easy to write-in your candidates for most obnoxious, self-delusional, egotistical, wannabe Steiner around.

The main reason for playing this “game” is the “playing” part.  We, who seek the mystery of Anthroposophy, are part of a failing Society.  Time for some fertilizer, don’t ya think?  Well composted through 45 years of inner work?  Put me on a stage with Sam Harris, for example.  Make the venue Harvard, and send invitations to the physicists and the theologians.  I’ll give you a show just like Tom Brady did.  We think we are way behind in the “struggle” with materialism, yet in terms of the bigger picture we are right where we need to be.  We just need to get off the sidelines of Steiner-thought addictions, and let the personal goofy and silly have a say.  You know ... color outside the lines of proper anthroposophical behaviors.

thumb-drive manual:


The situation in America is less dire, economically, although very dire in terms of knowledge. The A. Society here mostly just repeats what is done elsewhere, and had been relentless in ignoring American spirituality and culture in favor of Steiner and European Culture. That has consequences - mostly a disconnect with where ordinary people in America live.

I've written a great deal on this question of money and America, such as: "“By the way, if the Society genuinely wants money, I know how to get it.”

That is just one version of the basic idea, which is that Anthroposophy in America will be best represented by an adult education "business", rather than by a "cultural" entity. All that is required is re-orient how we "see" what we are already doing, and give the "order" to the business organism from the bottom up, instead of the top down. Details and a possible example in the essay.


Mostly by accident (intending to loose weight), I fasted for 45 days.  I was 63.  There were visions of all kinds, generally in the zone between sleeping and waking.  I took notes of the fading away of the images, and used words - which are of course more than inadequate.  One set of words goes like this: As I woke all the women in my life flashed before me in sequence from birth to now - a kind of symbol set of female wisdom in a form kin to what a tarot card actually is - in its non-material presence.  Over the next year I wrote a book, based on careful “thinking” about the Ideas taught during the fast.  “The Way of the Fool”

Some people don’t want the weight of such ideas, which included the idea that latent in human beings was an instinct (present even now) for the Home to be a Temple of Love, and within that Temple, the Bedroom is a Temple to Eros.

____    ____    ____ _ ___ (

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the utility of such an "Annual General Meeting" at all. Most people don't even know that one purpose of the AGMs is because the State requires non-profit organizations to have an annual meeting. That's fine. Follow the law.

But if your wish is to elevate the "work", perhaps people are confused, because from this side of the pond it looks like a whole lot of political infighting takes the place of something that is in want of another kind of "atmosphere" all together. Taking sides. Having votes. That seems to defeat a mood of collegiality at the least.

This situation seems to me to be an indirect effect of "in-groups", who have a shared Way (of sorts), and are not wanting any other Ways to show up and be difficult.

Please understand this is not a criticism. More irrational would be to expect all is going to be peaches and cream. So ... what do we do now? Should people even be interested in out-growing decades of habits.

Does the "Spiritual World" have a contribution to make?

My appreciation of how Providence works, is that if you have a real need, the need is met, with the only difficulty being our inability to see what is right in front of us. That seeing what is in front of us is generally risky - often what wore out and made the need observable left a coffin sized "box" of assumptions behind.

We try to duplicate what failed, which is always a bit goofy. But, we like something, and we want it back, or maybe we want to replace it with something else, and so the different "wants" rub sores on all the thin skinned. After which people then think they do a wondrous thing when they lift the ban from 80 years ago, while pretending their fear of all things electronic is not fully atavistic and unjustified.

Bunch of old ladies running Dornach, if you ask me, which nobody does anyway. Want something with some vim and vigor - change the blood. New faces new ideas. The Society is not generating anything new themselves, having rigorously pushed to the side anything different for decades.

The Society could not be more in danger of dying for want of "contemporary" inspiration. My guess is the "contemporary" is right where it is supposed to be, being all cranky and generally full of social outlawry, otherwise in your face. Like to know why? Watch the movie "12 O'clock High" - it has hints.

"Oh, well", as my eldest daughter likes to say.
"Saving the Catholic Religion From the Roman Church" Kings and Shepherds starring across an abyss fashioned by ... themselves, truth to tell.

_________________________________________________________________________- !

This is beautiful, but is it too beautiful? People who get involved with Steiner et. al. soon evolve a kind of truly bad habit. They convert science into religion - facts that can be argued for and against (science) into systems of belief. When a Steiner quote is used as if that was the end of any need for inquiry on the underlying question, investigation stops, and science becomes dogma.

Steiner was not the only Seer, and Christ and the Holy Mother would never put all their flowers in one basket. Steiner did not know everything. But the Society has closed itself off, claimed a kind of superior position on spiritual knowledge, and the other Seers, equally supported by the Divine Mystery, almost never speak (or are quoted) from the lecterns where Steiner-though is worshiped.

For example, the world is presently convulsing at the level of social and political chaos. Almost every trend is worsening. Yet, read the latest Anthroposophy World Wide, and there it is: Threefolding, the answer to everything. This from the same (more or less) group of great Steiner trained economic thinkers, who completely blew the economic crash of 2008, and still think we can sustain our institutional ambitions through gift money, while another crash in the banking system is presenting its clues all over the place.

In the Society, various folks have written and thought about the Steiner-predicted "Culmination", wherein various "seers" would get together, representing both the Platonist Stream and the Aristotelian Stream (the Steiner people). It happened, the Anthroposophical Movement (a purely spiritual community) participated, and it did not happen in Dornach ... surprise surprise.

The Society is a closed system, which hasn't really produced much new spiritual research beyond what Steiner laid out. The rest of the World goes forward, and the Society is not open to the voices that might help it find its Way once more.

A clue: For the Consciousness Soul to get spiritually grounded it needed to begin with inspirations connecting souls to Truth and Goodness, in connection with the Christian Mysteries. These impulses don't, under the principles of Alchemy, have to emerge from centers, and then radiate into the Social as horizontal memes.

When the Seer has the core of the Philosophers Stone living in their will, then their thought (in its cosmic and early configuration) radiates vertically into the Idea World, from where it can then be guided (our angels, the holy spirit, answers to prayers etc.) into those minds (souls/spirits) who can make use of it. The Society is not the School, and the School is far too presently attached to a single Seer's visions.

In order not to fail the School, the Society must open its publications and lecterns to the other Seers. Real Anthroposophy can't be possessed or owned, being as it is the "quality of the method of thought", not the content that results.

Steiner was meant to provide the basis for a renewal of "truth" by returning the spiritual to scientific investigation. Steiner was not meant to provide a renewal of the "good". This was to arise after the Culmination, that should have involved a kind of intercourse between the spirits who had been incarnate during the Incarnation, and then later at Chartres.

The Kings stream (Steiner) could not bear what needed to be borne without the Shepherds stream alongside. For every step in spiritual development, one need take three steps in character development. Real knowledge of the true, must arise from the practices which the good gives to this search.

The world needs the cooperation of the Kings and the Shepherds, and right now the Shepherd are waiting for the Kings to climb down from their high horse initiated enlightenment.

"The Culmination" - a reminder of what really happened at the turn to the 21st Century - for this this 2017 Holy Week, on Tuesday.


Now it begins.

The world’s main bullies going to do a dance, to the drum beat of hot blood. All of them ruled by an inner coward, who does not plan on picking up a gun.

As to America, may we not forget, George was there with several thousand troops at Valley Force. You want to lead a War, ride a white horse at the front of the troop charge, with nothing between you, and a kill seeking enemy, but a sword (as legend’s go, that one’s a beaut).…/british-soldier-george-washington-…

Something must have happened between young George, and later George. Another story for another time.

There will, of course, be a lot of words flying about. Hopefully no more let us throw something nasty killing deadly back and forth games.

Really ... Seriously ... you wannabe Caesars ... you are so f’n artless and crude. We must now pray to the Old Gods and the New, for a wise and ancient interstellar race to come, pluck up our collection of bullies (big and small), and put them in a zone they can’t get out of, leaving them to the living and the dying they so easily wish on others.

Yet, Trump the Warrior should get to Thump his Chest, and as Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire - Chief of the podium and audience that does not interrupt much at all anymore, will show us just how tough he can be in making the Deals Which Will Surely Screw the Whole World. We are play-dough in the stubby fingers of a madman.

This end-times wannabe Age, is neither a bang, or a whimper, but a Soap Opera written by the Loki-Coyote-Raven trickster types. End of Civilization brought to you in full color, directed by Stephen Spielberg, from a script by Josh Whedon, and staring: Jennifer Lawrence. Music by Clint Eastwood.

The only saving grace, that raises our present soap opera to the Level of High Farce, is that everywhere, surrounding all the Bullies, are not just jealous, murderous folks wanting your power, but also the most dread of all monsters: The Bureaucrat. This metamorphosis of Civilization is more of a dissection by a thousand cuts of dead tissue, before the Fire Erupts from which the Phoenix will be born.

Personally, if you read beneath the surface a bit, in our time of interconnected electronics (which will be ended, count on it), ordinary people are showing a lot of evidence that the bullies will be having a much harder time than usual. The Anarchist’s Handbook still sells by the thousands. The Whole Earth Catalog got super-sized by the “Internet”.

____________                                     ________________________          _______________________[0]

When you get "touched" by certain Folk, you are changed, but did not change yourself. There is a "third" perspective, which is that the lower ego (lover of appetites, etc.) is involved in a love affair with the "higher ego" - the conscience. Each plays a role, neither is meant to "win", for there is nothing to "win". All the same a marriage/union is within Our insights, when we learn to forgive. Even the appetite for perfection.


Were I to study, incidental to some other “studies”, how my “feelings”, radiating downward out of the bottom/base of my feet, were different from the feelings that circle the eyebrows from the outside and radiate inward, I might very much want to dance in the rains/reign of such grace-filled ideas as above.  That is, were I less interested in drunken poetry that is.  Gracias MF.  Wonderful.

____________________________________!!!!!!!!!&$&$&$&((((((((((()))))))))))) >. _________________

It seems weird to "disagree" with the above, all the same, there are other Ways to see what de Gelder describes. For example, ... the Cosmic Christ is "outside" of time. In All Nows equally, sort of. Each Now has a particular "context" evolving, so right from In the Beginning, the Cosmic Christ was "there", and simultaneously, doing the "turning point of time" thing.

Depending on the Age (aspect of the current mode) of the Evolution of Consciousness, our stories/tail/tales of "higher?" meanings also evolves. What some "see", not all "see" the same, for a variety of reasons, and one "seeing" is not better than another.

From a different "Way" then, the Cosmic Christ "followed" us through the Gate of Death, not to "save" us, but to "share" our fates (I will be With you until the ends of time). In us is something new, for it is our destiny to know all, and be all, and try all - all that has not yet been known, tried, or become.

No one knows what will happen, and everyone knows what will happen.


I can’t be supportive of the trains of thought that expect there to arise, from the progress of “technology”, the elimination of human freedom of thought, coupled with the rise of a kind of enslavement in service to the “machine”.

Many of these “trains of thought” express concerns that require extrapolating current potential tendencies in brain research, and related brain-machine interfaces.  The problem is whether or not the “extrapolations” are logically justified, and can be borne out by what experimental and phenomenological evidence we possess.

The main difficulty is that “brain” and “consciousness” research is governed by very large (and unjustifiable) assumptions.  The main one being the concept that “conscious experience” is a product of “brain” “activity”.  Then, when various thinkers on these questions began to see the computer as a reasonable analogue of how the brain does what it was assumed it does, an illusion long in place flowered into thousands of untamed fantasy dreams, filling out the mental pictures in our minds of what a human being is, in a completely false and distorted fashion.

Chicken Little sings: Technology will have intercourse with human beings, and will dominate.  The Fate of the Universe is at stake.  All the darkest dreams, from the Collective Imagination, requires heroes and superheroes, and sorceries supreme.  All in a great battle against “the machine”, the most dangerous coming Evil imaginable. 

It is not the technological artifacts that should worry us - those who seek for sanity in human affairs, but the “Ideas”.  They are truly worrisome.  Yet, the illusory dreams of the false potential of the technology for brain/mind interfaces, is where too many are focused.  These dialogues about a potential horrible future for human beings are a lot of crying over milk that has yet to be spilled.

This is sort of normal - this crying over yet to be spilled milk, but at the same time it is a complete distraction from what is actually happening NOW.

A main difficulty for the the worry-warts is a lack of Faith.  The very concept, that this potential mess would arise unguided by the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Mother, shows the underlying “religious” empty zone in the soul of too many people who have abandoned their own potential for the New Thinking, through the establishment of the Steiner-said religion: Steinerism.

The Anthroposophical Society is a religious institution, given the rigid adherence to a system of beliefs which their source explicitly said not to believe in.  Even such a question as: “What does spiritual science have to say about this <fill in the blank>”? - this question assumes: a) a system of content from which answers can be abstracted, often by doing a search of the R.S. Archive; and, b) that the person who has the question doesn’t yet realize that the answer seeks his/her creativity in generating the answer out of “human” heart-filled wisdom.  The question is the first whisper of the spirit of the answer.  Knowledge, as appears in modern languages and individual minds, in the scientific sense, is created by human beings.

As Christ said in Luke: The Kingdom of Heaven is Inside You, so also The Kingdom of Spiritual Science is Inside You.  Neither of those is found in a book, except perhaps the Book of Experience.

For those concerned about future brain milk-spills and horrors, here’s some help: “I am not my brain: the map is not the territory.”

As to the actual Future?  It never exists, except in our dreams and nightmares.   A good question though: What is “technology”?

In Steiner’s essential book (forget the rest), he points toward an “inner” activity by which the free individual manifests a self-created moral idea into the phenomenal world, both ephemeral and otherwise.  This act of manifestation, follows after (sort of) the created-Idea, for to place something into the social requires certain “language” arts, which the Trivium recognized: “The Trivium is the lower division of the seven liberal arts and comprises grammar, logic, and rhetoric (input, process, and output)” Wikipedia

The act of the process of manifestation of the self-generated moral Idea, Steiner called: “moral technique”.  Here we see the higher aspect of “technology”, in the “process” of manifestation, which can have many properties (humor, manipulation, preaching, lecturing, writing stuff).  For all that, we still come down to the “application” of the Word, out of our own word-nature.   In that application we are artists, and the Folks Who Oversee the Big Picture are also Artists.

The future will not be televised.  It will be lived.  Trump was elected.  The New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, after going 23 points down, and Tom Brady still says he (and his “owner”) are friends with the Trump mob.   Tammany Hall takes over the White House.  Those who fly too near the sun will fall, they always do.

If your life is not filled with farce, and if it is not sneaking up on you from several dozen and absurd directions all at the same time, you might be dead.  But, guess what?  You’re not.

As some should know, and others may not, it is the death forces that appears as the dominant seductive aspect of “technology”, or the Ideas that guide the manipulation of matter for a desired end.  Yet, if we think it through, this “snake” eats its tail/tale because the Idea of matter without spirit leads to what are trains of thought ending in wrecks.  The Idea is False.

Where are then the Steiner-bred heroes willing to tilt against that Windmills of the Modern Mind?

________________________________________________________________________________________________________( !  ( > ( ! ?

presently observing the "details" of the "rush", its relationship to the chakras (as seen from the "inside"), the buzz along the nerve path ways, kind of like a burn (dry mouth indicates amped-up oxygenation processes, which also burns (as a catalyst) some sugars - but the munchies are basically thirst - drink a lot of water. The frontal lobe bit is accurate, there being a kind of forced accelerated song between the spinal fluid, and the fore-brain.

All the same, in using Sativa, for example, the ability of the self-direction of the consciousness to a task is enhanced, in terms of concentration and focus.

I felt years ago (70's - 80's that pot use burned up the will in some fashion. This is sort of automatic will, like needing to pee or eat a snack or take another toke, --- that "will" is languid, kind of turned to "stone", as in getting "stoned". Normally we just act, without having to push "acting" along, as it were.

The will/fire conversion then creates the "high" in the consciousness. Rate of energy consumption increases, whether we "munch" or not.

The mostly conscious will, which rides the nerves of the spinal column fluid solar plexus brain nexus, becomes more awake, and thus the visionary aspects. The will being "burned" is releasing warmth and light, just like the match (which used to be called a "lucifer") does.

It becomes easier to focus the mind in the life/ethereal body, although the increased sense awareness does not eliminate "pain". The "nerves" just sing louder. So, we have to task the time when "stoned" into "sections" where the rush/burn/high gets used in whatever ways we want.

The sensual is glorious, and the mind does gone on trips. Drums and Flute.


History, however well filigreed, remains a "story". We can have such stories without evaluating their moral or ideal place in our personal value system. Even though the world often seems about to whirl completely out of balance (the brief Age of Trump is a good example), the world in fact cannot be "unbalanced".

Consider: Whose goals drive existence? The Gods? Human appetites? Dark powers with arts arcane, skulking around make sure folks don't get what they need?

Meanwhile, on High, the Mother and the Son share tea, and don't bother to care?

The real driver for the "stories" is us. Not doubt lots of folks have a point of view they want to sell, import, force belief in, etc. So?

The only "story" of note is the "individual one": the biography. Today we are watching 8 billion incarnations, all needing very particular life experiences, passing through the Earth Density Zone at the same Moment (seemingly). Are they at the same Moment


The nature of the human ego, and its relationship to the rest, is not something unchanging.  At the time this text was "sourced", which was "seemingly" before the Incarnation, such that within certain parameters it was "true".  We changed, and it (the Wheel) nevertheless remains an intriguing question, for that which made that "pattern" too evolves.  Circles become spirals become moebius  gestures in spacetime, unbounded by planetary considerations. 

Try to emulate the mind of Trump.  Try, don't do.  Heath Ledger tried to hard to be the joker.  Yet, by the effort of the "try" our experience for a moment or two swims among the primal causes, which H.P. Lovecraft called: the Old Ones.  They seem to be planning on coming back.  Did anyone see the movie The Arrival?  Benjamin Whorf meets H.P. Lovecraft.  Space takes a step sideways, and time loops into its before.


This, to me, is the logos-logic of the situation of dark gods, goddesses, and their kin through all the Ages Past and Future, as told to us by story tellers who in all likelihood did not know everything.

The power to undo the Creation does not exist. Why? Because if such power did exist, it would long ago have wrested existence itself from the table of being.

This fact also implies that some principle or "order" governs and limits the capacity of the dark gods and goddesses, and their kin.

There would have been no reason in the Past, for the sellers of their tales to have been able to use language to describe what had not yet emerged into the Creation.

The Tales age, and pass away. Only the truth endures,

In the Ages of the Great Tales, the differences between Heaven and Earth were spoken of in terms quite different from that which we use today. The names of the Beings changes over time, to accord with the needs of each Age, with "Christ" being the most current name for the Creator.

When the deep mind is explored, empirically as Steiner hoped, such an exploratory probe, from an individual immersed in the Age of the Consciousness Soul, contains the individualizing Word reborn.

Our choices in this Age of Social Chaos have the same effect as if made by Christ, for it is the seed - the Christ Impulse - that emerges in modern times.

Part of the Old Tales is a sneaky idea that suggests that "power" exists, can be obtained, and represents an aspect of the Gods themselves. Power to control and give orders to various Hierarchies, both above and below the Zone of Earthly Density, is suggested to exist. It does not. The sneaky idea is a lie.

In order to even conceive of "power" as an aspect of an "individual" god or goddess, we have to abstract that individual from their context. No spiritual Being can be abstracted from its context, even the Father of Lies whose song is distraction and confusion, so that for us then is required the development of the agility to "mind an Idea", and keep it in its place.

That we can "mind an Idea" shows where the real "strength" lays, and of what it consists. Not to others is this shown, but only to us, because for each of us this "strength" is unique.

Here is an "Idea" with which the reader of this may, or may not, "choose" to wrestle:

The Creation has quantities and qualities. These are a bonded-pair. Quantities are a product of Qualities. To the uninitiated, "powers" are what we aspire to have, because we have been taught or assumed that such exist.

If we imagine powers, in the sense of Quantities, as "effects", with a producing "cause", this producing skill, craft, and art, is what it is, because of the degree of "virtue" (Qualities).

The Design of the Creation in no sense has ever made the human being one-down, with respect to the Most Ancient. One final pictorial loop:

The Seventh Day, Rest. The Creation has Momentum and Form, but also Time and Space. The Father Rests behind the Starry Field. The Son carries forth the ongoing aspects of the Creation that can only "appear" in Time and Space.

The Whole weaves the Wombs, guided by the Mother. The dissolved Father, in being Beyond the Stars, means not anyWhere in the Creation, other than being the Substance of the Creation Itself. The place "beyond" loops into the deep unseen-within, which is from where we look out upon experience.

The individual stars dance back and forth from the peripheral plane at infinity, which lies outside space, in counter-space, inward toward whatever burning density calls to them, such as we know on this Planet - Earth.

The mystery of the not-I is a once was Him/Her. "The Old Gods and the New" - poetic insight from modern literature.

Or, we could go with Steiner's going all Zen: "The Religion of the Gods is Man".


I have a puzzle.  It is a bigger puzzle than what is obvious below, but perhaps a place to start.

Related questions: What is electricity?  What is an “atom”?  What is Time?  What did Steiner mean when he used those terms?

The paradox (I’ve no references for these “quotes”, but read them out and about the Steiner net - recently: Steiner is said to have said: 1) Thought and atoms are the same.  2) Thought is electricity, which is what an atom is.  3) An atom is what is “electricity”.  4) An atom is evil.  5) Evil is something not in its right time.

Subsequent questions that were born in the above: a) be they something RS actually said; and, b) actually true for all time (or not - take your pick).

So ... maybe quantum theories have some degree of truth, when they try to mathematically imagine higher (transcendental) dimensions, which are beyond space and time ???

Does this mean, in Steiner speak: That thoughts are atoms of evil electricity bent through time to be out of place?

Inquiring minds want to know.

my own effort to “explain” electricity” and such:
“There is No Free Energy”:
[CAVEAT: This essay was copied to the page it is on by a program that reads printed text and makes it digital.  As a consequence, in this copy at Borderlands, the world “field” has been translated many time as “held”, so when you read “held”, please read it as “field”.  Thank you.]

______________________)&%$#@({>-------------------------------------------------* ] stop, repeat [

So, we study a field of wildflowers, ... over time lots of changes, as if the flowers were moving in some kind of dance. The distribution pattern you are observing, Andrew, may not be internally causally socially related, except as some kind of by-product of another process entirely. Birth language, perhaps, in that it influences the aspects of the organism of the brain that makes "talent" possible naturally, as much as the "brain" can be a source of talent.

Maybe the difference is the intention of the incarnating spirit, coupled with the suitability of the bodily organism to support the uses to be made of it. Obviously people with physical skills benefit from genetic endowment, so why not techno-culture.

This then slides into the question of why men, and why so much on the West Coast, etc. Steiner hinted a lot, but getting a handle on that would not be easy. Recently I've been working with the Idea of there being a corridor of urban living that runs from Santa Cruz in the South, the Santa Rosa in the North {a rose-cross?}.

The corridor include these types of places: silicon valley, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Marin County. Hollywood North, Free Speech Movement, Summer of Love - this region is also known as a boundary condition between two of the four ethereal zones, which circle the Earth North to South.

I wrote a couple of lines the other day, which adds another dimension: "boys love toys, girls love causes". Tech is boys" toys, and causes like: Keeping the monsters from taking over childhood, ... that's for girls. Its a kind of choice to avoid STEM for another value.

I have three daughters. Both sons are successful in "tech". Eldest daughter teaches school, and such. Middle, manages complex governmental and educational administrations, and youngest - and baddest in a way - is studying Astro-mechanical engineering, and is planning on going to Mars. Only the girls went to college. The boys paid their dues with only GEDs.

Hope at least a bit of this was completely useless as regards your question.


there is a kind of flaw exposed in some of this discussion, and that flaw arises in our instinct for "comparative" (discriminative) thinking. For reasons below the level of full consciousness, we "compare" one object of experience and hold it to be "other" in some fashion, with respect to another object of experience.

The "comparative" process - "this is better (or worse) than that" usually is rooted in kind of "reactive" antipathy. Great aspects of the Creation can't really be "compared" at all. To compare Steiner to Tomberg, is to not see either.

If the Creation teaches fundamentals, it is that most of it is "incomparable". I'm "me". The reader of this is "them". We are not the same.

8 billion people with karma from dozens of different aspects of future and past history (an individual "time"-line), gather for a Party. They are dragging behind them, and pushing ahead of them, a lot of stuff which is not meant to be the same as someone else's.

The "religions" don't make them, they (and we, when we were incarnated in the relevant "stream") are made by us.

When Steiner remarked on "spiritual" differences between (and among) the various three monotheisms, he used terms (Luciferic and Ahrimanic, for example) that "our" undisciplined thinking makes into a value judgment, instead of a factual observation. As my teacher of the arts magic phrased it: "There is nothing unclean in the whole of the Creation."

Don't compare religious doctrines with each other - can't actually be done without a deep application of stupidity, in order to ignore the inherent contradictions in our own "reasoning", rooted in all the stuff we don't know.

Not all "stupidity", by the way is "bad". Ignorance is a natural state. Accepting ignorance a choice. Appreciating that if I hold the mind empty in the face of a good question, I might "hear" a very interesting answer from a "source" that is not me ... appreciating that unveils just how much grace within which each of us swims.

I was on a discussion group - the Ark, when 9/11 happened. The year before (2000), one of our more remarkable resources, Catherine MacCoun, went to Morocco at that behest of Christ (don't make judgments folks), where she ended up spending the month of Ramadan with a large Moroccan family, with all those "rules".

Catherine, who had been clairvoyant since she was 17, and studied with Trumgpa, and then among Steiner-folk), told us that her "research" revealed that not all of Christ's social-teachings could incarnate all at once, and were "distributed" among different "religions" as was possible and needed, both before and after the "turning point of time".

Islam was meant to help families and communities bridge coming history, while maintaining balance within them. Something like the dietary rules which the Hebrews needed to follow, in order to maintain a certain physical purity in certain blood lines.

What Christ had not been able to bring at His Incarnation, went out into the Cosmos on a long parabolic curve (Catherine's words), and then returned once more, carried by the Archangel that oversaw the cultural meaning of Islam.

For details about the Ark, where the Culmination happened, go here:

____________==============*******************************6.23 [sort solitaire code 9 degrees of Mercury]

Steiner didn't know everything. No one does, not even "God". If he (Steiner) didn't know everything, then his works can harbor mistakes because his understanding is incomplete. This is also true for all of us.

How do I know "God" doesn't know everything? I'm either free, or not. If I'm not free, God not only doesn't know everything, he/she/it is also a dick. But They are not any of that, with the result that we are free, and very dangerous. The legendary "Beast from the Abyss" rides into the Creation on human freedom.

Steiner also couldn't "explain" everything, given the huge nuances and paradox's at Play in Reality. Steiner had to flavor his "descriptions" within the limits of language, at that time. He had to speak to how people already saw the world, in a time when most people had few true ideas at all, given the effects of the Ahrimanic Enchantment.

We moderns still make a big assumption, of which Steiner could not rid us easily, which is that the stories we call history are mostly not at all true, given our ignorance of the related spiritual dyings and becomings. The content of spiritual science is "temporary". Its uses limited, and if we fix those ideas into absolute representations of Realty, we need to go right back to GA-2, GA-3, and, GA-4 and study those works until we get the "limits" in which we are working.

If we are educated in modern universities, and many of the lower schools, we will be taught "science", which is a kind (or style) of thinking (rooted in abstract cause and effect observations, mostly made by the intellect, without the warmth of heart applied. To learn language is to be scientized, culturized, and socialized.

As a result many of the observations about history (spiritual and otherwise) assert that this or that is happening because Islam and Christianity etc. - co-exist and influence each other and the world. In the not-fully-awake mind, the terms/concepts Islam and Christianity are abstractions. In each of us, there is a pile of words and experiences linked to each other, but not always developed consciously. Borrowings from Steiner, and Lievegoed, for example.

Our own mind is constantly "explaining" the world to itself.

Earth Existence is the Embodiment of the Word. It is perfect, including the trials in each biography that arise because of a needed perception of imperfection, in ourselves and elsewhere.

What we "label" as the truth of history, are abstractions, in which the Real causes are not seen, and the Meetings with the Divine mostly absent, or mis-interpreted. The Consciousness Soul can't develop except the world burn with social chaos (Not peace, but a sword; and "baptism by fire and holy breath"; all reaching for a crescendo on the cusp of the Third Millennium (aka: The Day of Purification).

What is in the news, and in the conventional ways we (seeking a spiritual view) think concerning history/events is a secondary effect of the Age in which we live, and the interests of over 8 billions and counting of Souls that desire to be here for the Rite of the Mystery of Evil.

This Rite begins by breaking down prior moral order, otherwise the biography can't acquire the needed personal moral dilemma, within which only the "i-AMs" can muster the will/courage/fire to create the "moral laws" themselves.

We only understand the "events", by knowing that all these folks came here Now to get to be free to choose: up, down, sideways, backward, hideout, cut and run, -- but Choice is ours, and not anyone else's.

Because of our individual nature of development, the world needed many many Ways, all valid for those individuals living them. "In my Father's House are many mansions".

For the necessary details: "The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything":


So there I was, astral traveling, in the first rush of my daily sativa 10mg/day medicine.  I read an article (below) about a:    
"'Supermassive' black hole rocketing through space at five million miles an hour, Nasa reveals"

I road the wave, said hi, and asked Her where she was heading.  Her "reply", as it were:

"Trump's been living here, between incarnations.  A real screw up too.  Galactic Core News uses him as a stringer, to report on 4th level incursions in the Earth-Zone.  Basically we "interpret" his dreams, the Way your NSA records electronic data.  We record, sort, evaluate, loan, buy and sell, adore, etc. dreams of all the intelligence species, and of course the special ones, like you Earth-Zone folk.

"His dreams are a small aspect of an even smaller class of dreams, that would involve a high level inability to distinguish dreams from reality. 

"Consider it this way, using an artifact of your own culture: Trump is the Mads Mikkelsen character from the movie Dr. Strange.  In his day/dreams he seeks to unite with the vision of the world he creates.  In essence, he wants to mate with the American Dream on an metaphysical level.  This level is where he lives, because he believes his own stuff.

"Not only does he believe his own stuff, but he knows its made up.  He really believes it when he says he is just the person we need to save us, and make us great again.  Why?  Because he has been making the world conform to his vision of how it should be since forever.  He is a kind of archetype of the "do it my way" on the level of: What is real? 

"He is kind of a spirit of that approach to existence, which is why such types of spirit inhabit the regions of outer-space you presently label Black Holes.  Not a bad "name" in a way.  Just realize that in the not too distant future you will come to know that "outer space" is filled with Life, and Consciousness.  All of us have a little bit of Trump inside.  He's just the model, and what's inside us, as an echo of what we believe we observe, is where we know (we tell ourselves) in our hearts what a terrible person he is.

"How do we know that?  By the degree of movement away from him, and the obverse, the degree of fixated attraction of his inner circle - deer in a sphere of headlights (except for a couple of clever foxes, male and female).

"You see his movement reflected in the Sky Song, but you don't yet realize that the movement you detect is a simultaneous harmonic of events in the Earth-Zone.  The time  gap astronomers assume isn't real.  Light moves at Infinity, once the space is created in which to traverse.

"Plus, once the NASA people note the movement, they need to start correlating that bit of sky-stuff with what is exactly opposite in the stars on the "other"side of the Plane at Infinity.

"Anyway, mr. j., thanks for the visit, ... write a good story for your paper.  Bye."

The intergalactic operator charged me 23 karma points for that  visit.  A tiny price for a visit inside the mind of a "black hole">

Consensual Irrationality: Variations On Community Madness

People grow up in and around communities, and later in life may migrate to other communities.

A boy raised Lutheran in North Dakota ends up dying believing in ISIS and the Coming Caliphate.    

A woman raised on the edges of great wealth, and among the leading families of the English-American establishment, becomes a Catholic Nun, spends some time as a kind of radical hippie, goes to Asia and returns a Buddhist Nun.

A man goes to Washington D.C., becomes involved in “games” played there, and gains fame by getting in the way of stuff.  Even goes so far as to say he wants to drown our form of government.

Some folks never leave the neighborhood they were born in, or the little rural town where they grew up on a farm, learned to sell insurance, got married, and had three children.  They buried him next to his father and mother.

While most of us do the same human things all of our lives (like: eat, fart, sleep, etc.), the Way we seen the “meaning” of what we are doing varies a great deal.  All the same, the culture in which our life takes place, will also assert an authority on what stuff means to us.  That is, after all, the whole point of advertising based media.

People pay others to get inside our heads, and get us to do stuff against our self-interest.

In order to get along with each other, we learn to tolerate a lot of stuff that is not like how we are, or how we see the world.  For some folks this is very hard.  They end up alone a lot, and their point of view of meaning can become more and more disconnected from the consensual elements most of us can handle, without having to agree.

People will “flock” around communities in which the tensions are eased, and our own peculiarities are tolerated.  Some people are comfortable being in one community as regards work, another as regards family, and a third as regards leisure.

Some communities give mutual support to their members all sharing the same sets of irrational behaviors and thoughts.  All the same, when you walk down the street of a large city, in a crowd, the Ways of Seeing the World of all those on the same street will vary considerably.  Yes, most of us agree to wear clothes, and to leave other people alone as they rush about doing stuff.

Everywhere we look we see at least the community of one, who may also have invisible visitors in his mind.  Sometimes we also see mobs, where everyone leaves aside their individual judgment to pursue a course none of them would do alone.

With these variations on the theme of shared consensual reality, and its often absence, consider Washington D.C.  There the surface consensual reality was all fake, and now with the Trump Event more and more of the veils are falling away from the voters eyes, with every passing day.


“You” are not your physical body. Nor is the “stuff” (the matter) “you”, or even the physical body. The physical body is the “laws” that govern its coming into being, its operations while existing, as well as its “transformations over time”.

“You” are not the egg and the sperm. “You” are not even “your” soul, although for most of us in our ordinary consciousness don’t make careful and empirical distinctions about what this means***, when “observed/experienced” from the “You”.

***"means”: “You” learn that for which “you” ask, seek, and knock. “You” are the actor/acting.

That “You” is analogous kin with the macrocosm, to the extent that the macrocosm is a “you”.

Like the natural philosophers (scientists) of the last 5-600 years of Western Civilization, Steiner took apart the Whole, and gave the parts: “names”. The Whole, which is simultaneously the Art of the magical, mystical, and scientifically rigorous in nature. Know the world, know yourself.

Steiner wrote too many books and gave too many lectures. Too many names painted over the un-nameable. Do “you” really think when “you” meet a “spirit of personality” that is going to be like an afternoon tea? If you want tea time, then you have to descend through the 9 inner spheres of the Earth to the Realm of the Holy Mother.

Steiner’s works, as carried by these lists on Facebook, and the A. Society, are partial. The essence of Steiner’s Works: The New Mystery of Thinking/Cognition, is missing. Lots of lazy people about, who find it far easier to flop down on an easy chair, read a book, after which - if enough books are read - clever lectures and quotes appears, a ghost of the actual Work, which you don’t do by reading. Got to do “doing”.

“You” know who gives you the best advice about “doing”? “You”.


working on an essay: Flute & Drum, about how we've already won, and the reason we don't know it fully (we suspect, hope, wish) reflects the degree to which we take meaning from Media. Media kills meaning. I grew up in the 1950's being told by regular adults in one of those sad reality of life stories that politicians were never to be trusted and always lied.

It is 60 years later before the Media actually, in a kind of flight from their role in creating Trump, stepped backwards into that deep mud, and actually begun to have a point of view, somewhat related to whether politicians spoke the truth.

Calling out lies is huge, folks. The more truth (the more we know) the madder folks are getting. If you sucked the teat of Fox Noise and Reactionary Radio, you probably don't know most of the rest of the country has moved on. The young ones in particular, have a hard time understanding some of our more traditional biases.

For most people in America: You live near neighbors, have a roof over your head, eat occasionally, have indoor plumbing, ... a long list of way better than most of the rest of the world. But the political parties made us hate either other, and both sides sold the same shit stew: "Something is terrible wrong in America, and we are just the folk to fix it."

More is right, than is wrong. We are more like each other, than we are different. We (mostly) work hard, play by the rules, and mind our own business. Say please and thank you and have a nice day to complete strangers all the time.

Ignore Media and Politicians. Worry more about how good are your relationships with your neighbors. And, have a nice day.


So, there's this circle jerk going on in the international media-matrix, where these male dick heads are trying to act all bad-ass - kind of a competition bathed in testosterone and modern (and ancient) pharmacology. North Korea, USA, Russia, Syria, Philippines, ... you know the cast and characters of folks who seem to want to burn the house down just to show off how tough they are.

The Greeks wrote plays about such Spirits, for the Universe they Knew was full of invisible assholes playing Their games too - nothing new under the Sun.

Coming Soon: A New Essay:

"Flute & Drum - heaven and earth" Is it possible to have our heads in the clouds, while still having our feet on the earth?


I’d like to tell you a story ... I don’t know if it is true, but neither do I know it is not true.  I write this story, in my imagination - clearly I see myself “make it up”, sort of.  If I use a word, such as “I”, and do not expect that will mean something to my reader, what would be the point.

So ... I .... have a .... story .... to tell, and it will be made up letter by letter, on the page, but in the imagination - there are no limits at all, which itself is a problem, ...

I remember being, what we today would call, a Neanderthal.  Words pale, but need be offered:

The flutterbye rested on my nose, sharing the perfumes through which she had most recently wandered.  The scents made tummy butters, gas escaped from too much root, flutterbye captured the errant scent born inside me, and helped it dissolve.

the moist/warm of the all-in-all surrounding washed in and out of my soul, tides modern poets sometimes seek with the idea of oceanic consciousness, ... a literal fact of life in the garden. 

we had no enemies ... whatever looked at us, we always knew was us looking back at ourselves ...

to remember this: “I” has to go away, and sink into the remembering

the gods are real, and they’re BACK!

all eight billion and counting ... that’s why this moment is so crucial, being has each immortal spirit has a least one incarnation as a god, going at it tooth and nail, bragging on how we might accidentally blow up everything.   See “gods” have magic powers, and mostly used servants, in this Moment of the Earth Existence, ... the “servants” are here too, and some look just like pencils.

I’m fairly sure that if, for example, CERN was to accidentally create a singularity, then within 53 nanoseconds everything we know of the Earth has been sucked inside such a beast as physics wishes to birth from numbers and stuff.  Next this growing black hole is looking greedily at the other Planets, but not to sure about the Sun.

There’s no danger says a science that knows for certain there are no other intelligences near by in un-time and no-space who want us to build a gateway  .... for ease of entry ...

What’s the sound of all of consciousness just suddenly disappearing from reality?


Makes Caesar, and Nero, and Alexander, et. al. - all punks.  Nobody, but nobody, has run the table the way the Donald has, although I do believe The Somebody Watching Over put a little to much acceleration on, when they wound him up.

Every tweet a loose gear falling off of a mind that is all thumbs.  Do not despair, the gods and goddesses welcome a buffoon, for proper Rites of Transformation.   Gravity is real.  Karma is real.  Love is real.  It is just that Gravity, Karma, and Love, Exist, have Consciousness, and actually give a fuck.  It’s just, you know, graduation Day ... so ... be creative - They trust you, otherwise you would not be where you are, cast in the strangest role: Your Own Life.

___________________________________________________________________________________] [ ] [

I'm beginning to think that we have to realize that the going's on in D.C. have always been created-drama intended to confuse us, and forge in us the belief that they actually do things there, meant to benefit the majority of Americans.

But the thing is, the people who ordinarily ran the show from off stage, ... they've lost control of it. A better liar walked on the Media/Stage, and took over the narrative.
For us though, the Play now is Farce. I don't think we can handle it any other way. A crew descended on the White House, full of themselves, and reached for the levers of government only to find that those levers were across town in the Capital Building.

So, from day one of the Trump Mob's Play, we see the guy signing stuff. Same signing. More signing later. You get the picture. He's pulling on his "pen", as if that was a lever, totally mindless of the real effects of the actual levers he is pulling.

This is government by the Three Stooges. The Senators and Congresspeople of the GOP is itself in disarray, never before having any real unity but a pretend one anyway. I've been watching the News since the mid-1950's and I've never seen anything like this, except Saturday at the Movies, with its cheesy Westerns, serials. cartoons, and such.

Inspector Clouseau becomes President. I know. A lot of us would rather cry, but I think laughing is good too. After all we've been following this bit of D.C. show-business for all of our lives; and: We didn't expect it to just get worse and worse and worse? That is the only direction that story has been going for a long time.

Make bumper-stickers like this: Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire: YOU"RE FUCKING FIRED

When I was writing my blog: "Hermit's Weblog: everything your mother never taught you about how the world really works" [2002-2006], I would frequently write a post on then current tendencies, and end with: "hold on to your pants folks, the ride's just getting started".…/hermits-w…/ebook/product-17521551.html

So, ... here’s a big part of what is going on ...

Starting around the 15th Century, Europe began an adventure that led eventually to the Big Bang Theory, the search for the God Particle, and the conviction of many that a) there is no god, or human spirit; b) all that exists is matter; and, c) the reason the world is all screwed is because all of Nature is in a battle to survive.

Lurking in the cultural background, are a lot of Grand Myths about gods and devils. While we remain a world full of believers, priests, initiates, shamans, devil worshipers, and bankers. Even clowns have their own religion.

Okay, ... so you’r the stand-in father and you look at your child, and suspect that if you throw him/her in the deep end, they just might reach inside themselves and learn to swim, even if their swim-dance is not very elegant or efficient.

Meanwhile, right behind you is your mother, who is also their mother, standing there with a fierce expression of devotion directed toward their safety. Nobody screws with
Mother. Ask the Atlaneans. She erased them from history (almost, expect for rumors).

She too thinks its time for humanity to be kicked out of the Nest, although maybe not right away into the deep-end with all the nail-biting that entails. So we get to dream of all us being superheroes and wizards, but not yet. That’s for later, ... this today is a foreshadowing of a climactic moment, before which art all prior moments will be shamed.

Today’s science, with its ideas of heat-deaths, and endless reboot cycles, only makes one basic mistake: Just because you refuse to believe in spirit’s invisible, does not mean

They have stopped believing in you. The future is never as we imagined it to be. Never.

So ... how do you take a nation or a people on a collective hero’s journey? Well, when you have the power of Gods, you might make it look exactly like what you see on TV.

Something that grabs everyone by the heart and says: “On the Fence, or not?”


A few of the Trillions of “things"
Rudolf Steiner Did Not Know About America

Jazz; the Internet; Donald Trump; Karl Rove; JFK, MLK, RFK, Warner Bros Cartoons; Game of Thrones; the Oscars; the cultural rose-cross of (going South from North) [ Santa Rosa - Marin County - San Francisco - Berkeley - Oakland - Palo Alto - Silicon Valley - Santa Cruz ] Arthur Lish (anthroposopher) + Peter Coyote (actor) + Wavey Gravey (hippie clown) + Ken Kesey (writer) = the Diggers - who fed everyone during the Summer of Love in SF; LSD; Peyote; Baseball; any actual living Native American; Harlem; Glacier Park, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, ...;  Giant Redwoods and Sequoias - trees three hundred feet tall, living all up and down the coastal rain-forest Gate-Way of America/Canada, facing East; me; you; George Carlin, Robin Williams,; the current Climate and Weather Crazy Zone, which is everywhere, and certainly in the geographical heartland, where another tornado danced in the dark last night ...

Redwoods, owned by Hearst, who destroyed through his News Papers the Hemp industry, so that Hearst could decimate these old growth redwood forests, turning them into newsprint rolls; and, incidentally turning millions into criminals, for being less harmless when intoxicated than any group of in-denial alcoholics .... What kind of anti-Dionysian karma was that shit, as the prelude to the ‘60‘s, born in that  Rose-Cross noted above ... sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, won the culture wars, and shockingly -  the losers in that war, when given a chance, gave us Donald the Trump-Carde-Fool as their Champion: Eat that you unchristian new agers!

questions: e.g. What Foul Spirit Lays Hold of the Minds of Readers of Rudolf Steiner, that Puts to Sleep their Own Christ Impulse in Thinking, buried and entombed under piles of gloriously  written words, from a man who is alleged to have said that the reason he didn’t go to America, was that he would have to shut up for five years.  Hey Guy, Its me.  It didn’t work fool, you did talk too much.  That’s the problem with an actual open mind: more you empty it out, the more it fills itself up ...  try that when your nervous system is on fire from the Ganja Goddess.   Hey Guy, me again.  How much caffeine did you actually do everyday, hob-nobbing with Cafe-Societe’?

 <{ Bird, resting }>
 //  \\
 \\  //
 !  !

I have urges to write.  Songs in my head seek incarnation on a page.  Although ... more and more words don’t work anymore.  I take less and less pleasure in reading Facebook pages dedicated to Steiner or otherwise related to Anthroposophy.  So much quoting of Steiner, that I can’t really visit “places” with so much confusion, and such a poor use of the gifts he gave.

I’ve said all that I can, more is pointless.  I will then be no longer posting on the few anthro-lists to which I belong: Hopefully not too much of the stuff that lurks there, will find its way to my main Facebook feed.  It hurts too much to see so many abuses of his insights.  

As to Trump, and America ... most everyone wants to have their opinion, and almost no one wants to trouble to find the truth of it all.  Opinion is not the “true”, and often, neither is opinion the “good”.

Like the Anthroposophical Society, the Republic that is America may not survive the 1st Century of the Third Millennium.  We (humanity) have made our bed, and now comes the time to sleep there, and see if it brings any rest at all.

I have my hill top castle-retreat, with its wizard’s aerie-doorway to a great Forest.  I have old books, I didn’t have time before to ponder.  I will read, enjoy the seasons, and try to survive being myself.

I’ve run out of words ... at least words fit for an empty page.  One last reminder of something you maybe should bookmark:  There are secret doorways there, for those who dare.  After all, I was a Christian wizard for seven years, before I started hanging out with Steiner Fans.  Our roots are always with us.



I was making a point about Anthroposophy and/or Spiritual Science, being not the same at all, and ran into this: “Whether or not to bring Anthroposophical thinking into the contemporary world is CHOICE.”

Not sure at all what You mean by “Anthroposophical thinking”, though. Everybody “thinks”, although the styles and deeper relationships to their total organism varies. Nobody “thinks” wrong -- that is: Our understanding can be increased if we differentiate the “act” from the “content” produced.

As to bringing something out of the A. Society, and folks familiar with Steiner, that might “benefit” the contemporary world, there’s a real hoary question. Looks to me that one reason membership is “stagnant”, is that people are choosing to incarnate elsewhere, and their angels also seem to be directing people in other directions.

I believe, from a spiritual social-science point of view, that “Steinerism” will be rejected, and that in many places Steiner himself pointed out the dangers. Cuddling mentally up to Steiner-thought does not make someone a skilled, and awake, cognitive artist.

Read somewhere the good Dr. suggested it would be better that there were natural scientists in the world who “thought”, than anthroposophists who didn’t.


Yes, once more a Steiner-quote, which is as always an appeal to authority, and as Steiner gives it out, He has said the exact and precise thing with which to forge an argument based on the assumption, that surety and confidence, can be interpreted here as pride. I'm fairly sure you don't want the surgeon operating on your child's heart to act without confidence. Yet, people resent such confidence on Steiner oriented discussion places, and immediately make remarks about the character or personality of the writer (prideful etc), which has nothing to do with an actual discussion that seeks to proceed carefully and logically.

I've been on these lists of over 20 years. The most common form of "disagreement" has as its root that the person disagreeing has a different opinion, and because we do such a lousy job of maintaining a grounded sense of the epistemological problems connected to the act of thinking, all opinions count the same, and no one really needs to demonstrate that they have actually spent some years studying the matter under question.

Most people I have met doing "anthroposophy" eventually become members of what I call: the Church of Steinerism. This relieves them of having to "follow" Steiner's journey, and take up an empirical study of their own "experience", as the means for eventually truly understanding what "cognition" is.

That's were the "science" is - in the method of thought and thinking.
"Sacramental Thinking"


Martin et. al. >here< the study of the social-political organism of the earth existences, shows that each individual human being has just that precise world view that he/she/it needs, in order to experience this life, as it is meant to be lived.

This means there is no best or better Way of Knowledge, on some universal or absolute level. The world is not ordered from society inwardly, but from the in-wardness outward into society.

It is the in-wardness that is nurtured in material existence. Neither doctrines, methods, hopes or dreams, survive or endure. So, for the scientist, it is his will and his journey, and we are remiss to think it should be otherwise, because we “know” <a better way>.

The World of the Now - the What-Is - ... the Holy Moment: Is Perfect.

Most loved of all are the children of the gods - called: “men”. So you are a scientologist? So what?

Trump is an amazing human being. Likeable? Depends on what you want to make Him mean.

He was born to wealth, a playboy destiny awaited. Gift for gap and self-belief. Taught (think about that one) that Life was a game with winners and lossers, he then refused not to be a winner, and moral values were just in the way of winning.

He learned and developed his style in the jungle of money and politics that is NYC. He didn’t like what politicians were doing - he didn’t like the “outcomes”. Kept dreaming of doing something about it, and then jumped in, with both feet. Can’t do something like this as a hobby.

Problem for a lot of people is that one of Trump’s chief character traits is that he is in the “game” for himself, and turns out to be instinctively better at lying and media manipulation than most previous politicians.

You have to look at patterns, not causes and effects. Keep Trump in his context, and you’ll see The Art of God 


So ... suppose we had Steiner here, and asked Him about whether He meant, for what He was quoted saying above, to apply universally all over the world. "Hmm", He says. "I seem to believe that I gave a few hundred lectures, and also many pages of books, explain the differences between East and West, and as well as East, Center, and West.

"I even said (quoting Himself): "The time will one day come when this American woodenman, which actually everyone is still - when he begins to speak. Then he will have something to say very similar to European Anthroposophy*. One can say that we in Europe develop Anthroposophy in a spiritual way; the American develops it in a natural way."

Perhaps some might consider that what Steiner said above is not universally applicable everywhere in the World. If so, then many questions arise, do they not?


It is always possible to be wrong, and being shamelessly American, I am only interested in "what works".

What works for me is: A) Anthroposophy is one name for the new thinking mystery - which mystery concerns the arrival of a latent form of consciousness, which only our own "I" can birth. It is how you Do something - how you "think" in an "awake" Way. It is an action, which means it can't even be a belief system. It is not a switch that goes on and off, but a set of skills, crafts, and arts, involved in the Act of Thinking, that are only learned on a "Path".

B) Spiritual Science is the content produced by the method. If the method is not there, than what Steiner meant by Spiritual Science is not there.

Goetheanism is an intermediate Stage in the development of the new thinking.

No one is supposed to do anything about this stuff. Steiner taught. A few practiced and got it. The rest had karma to play with. We are in the Third Millennium, the Trump Event just happened, and whatever it is that the Anthroposophical Society is about, those folks mostly seem up to doing a lot of Steiner worship and promotion, all with the best of intentions.

What could be so bad, that the A. Society doesn't know how to teach what Steiner did in the free act of cognition? What could go wrong?


Ted luv, we just have to stop not-meeting like this ...

30 years ago this fall, I stopped “using”.  I did this to work with more dedication in the task that life had laid in front of me.  I already knew I was an asshole, but that wasn’t the problem.  The problem was that I had a gift.  I didn’t create the gift, yet all the same I was graced/cursed with all the questions of what to do with the “gift”. 

Inspired by Steiner, I learned to empirically investigate this “gift”, and how to slowly grow from skill, craft, and then into art in the application of the Way of the Gift.

There are people who don’t like my “personality”, and then (because they are too lazy to really do a basic workman’s job of legitimate criticism of my “work”), they attack my personality, as if by noting their version of what an asshole I am, then logically my work is invalid.

Here is a precis-CV of my “work”: The Tree:

That’s what you have to “argue” with Ted.  Make me out to be all sorts of asshole (personality) all you want, that still does not touch the Art (work).

<Return to Drug Tales>: After decades of increasing painful loss of function in my knees, and the choice between becoming an oxycodone addict, or new knees via surgery, or one last possibility: medical marijuana.  That was successful, although not something people, who don’t experience this situation, get to discuss.  Not their business.

As to drugs and “higher” states of consciousness, unless you want to say here you have “arrived” (what or wherever that is) yourself, maybe you are in no position to judge that either.

Then, once I had starting “using” a well known medicine, I shared that journey, in all its details, including matters I thought about as regards the subject that keeps me on these lists: Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.  Here is that “history”:

So, dearest Ted, consider this: For 30 years I was a non-celibate monk (who didn’t drink, smoke or do any drugs, because the Gift was awake consciousness***), following what has been written into the remarkable text: Our World.  Goethe wrote of his studies of the Book of Nature.  I write of my studies of the Book of the Social-Political World: “The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything”

***"Sacramental Thinking”

See Ted, here’s where the confusion comes.  See I don’t work for Anthroposophy, or Steiner, or the Movement, or Archangel Michael.  I work directly for Michael’s Boss.


"Purpose is the idea of an effect that leads one to the idea of the cause which Man can then make into a percept and make the idea of an effect no longer a mere idea but a perceptible effect. In saying so, Purpose is not in nature but only in the human being.If I take the idea of Purpose as anything other than being human then I violate the reality that I observe."

I'd have to write a book, but ... something about this feels wrong - it is not what I/me observes. At the same time, he is making a distinction, for his "purposes", which if we knew the "context" might help our understanding -- and, yes, I believe this comes from PoF. However, I should not be able to have conversations with nature, or even desire to engage in them, where it not that I experienced purposeful responses, and Ways of being. What, in this specific instance, did Steiner mean by the term: "nature"? Natura naturata / Natura naturans?


" ... there is a huge difference between the "anthroposophy" Steiner tried to teach, and what his self-alleged "students" practice and teach. The A. Society is basically a failure, on multiple levels, and began that journey shortly after Steiner died.

You used the word "compare" above, which is only one mode of thinking. In the 90's I was very involved in the issues between Tomberg students and Steiner students, and pointed out that they were "apples and oranges" and it made no sense at all to "compare" them.

There is only really one "measure" of Steiner that works, and that is to see what his best students did with his inspiration: Barfield, Adams, Hauscha, Schwenk, Lehrs, ... a long list, whose works (Goethean Science) can't be "compared" to anything else, being the result of developing faculties not before possible.

Nobody but Steiner walked right up to the dangers of materialism, at the level of scientific practices, and showed a Way out, while still remaining true to the underlying moral imperative of science: replicatable results.

I shuddered when I read the name: Crowley. Freemasonary lost its way, and while Steiner danced with it for a while, it was basically, as they say in the oil business: a dry hole, in the sense of redirecting the impulses underlying natural science, or helping folks to appreciate the dangers of an untamed intellect.

particular remarks on why Crowley is dangerous ....

My general remarks on the arts magic, being a student for over 40 years:


he's going to try to take us to war ... isis the excuse, us against rest, ... at war he is freer to evoke the security state .... we are being asked to suffer another vanity war ... we would not vote for, if given the choice ... he acts as if he were the king ... are we citizens or wage slaves? {Feb 28th, 2017 - re: Trump to Congress}

Observed: a tiny lesson in modern human life, visited upon us all with grace, by the gods of Fortune and Chance, who may not be the lesser gods so many have assumed them to be.
As with all good Signs&Portents, there were three, American all, while all the more radiant and astounding.

#1: Trump won the American Presidency. Talk about a fact of life.

#2: The New England Patriots came from 25 points behind, with just a little over a quarter left to play, to tie the super-bowl in the last minute, win the toss at the beginning of the sudden-death playoffs, and immediately go for a score like so much was just business as usual. Then there was the “catch” on the tying-the-game scoring drive where Fortune and Chance played obviously cute. You have to see it to appreciate it.

#3: The Oscars, La La Land, and Moonlight, dancing to the tunes of now you see it, now you don’t.

If you don’t mind a stoned-poet reading the runes:

#1: The future is to “appear” bleak. Count on it.
#2: The right people, with the right stuff, will be helped.
#3: Expect the unexpected, although the cards promise a good result anyway.
Remember: there are miracles everyday, even more so when times are most dire.   {Feb 25th, 2017}