WTF is Anthroposophy?

Well, sorry folks, but Anthroposophy is not what most “anthroposophists” believe it to be.  This does not mean most folks, in doing what they believe they are doing, are not doing good.  Lots of Good being done, all over the place.

So Anthroposophy is something still mostly unknown, although a lot of folks think they have found it, and it helps them very much to believe this.  Faith, belief, trust - rites of passage.

Anthroposophy is not Spiritual Science.  Otherwise Steiner could never speak or write of: “anthroposophical spiritual science”.  This is a kind of nonsense: To treat the two terms as identical, which would make the above quote mean something like grape-flavored grape flavor.

Doesn’t work logically (of the Logos).   This does not mean that what people study is not Born Of Anthroposophy.   Anthroposophy is the “Mother” of a New Mystery, and the “children” are the A. Society, Waldorf Schools, Camphill, etc. - anywhere Steiner is followed and praised, at least in an institutional sense.  What resides in individuals, however, is far more important then doctrines promoted by institutions - office statements of what it all means.  What It actually means is up to us to decide.

Anthroposophy is the present Name for a certain human capacity, that it was not possible to develop, until the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul.  It is a new/old Way of Thinking.  Owen Barfield notes that until about 250 years ago, the word: “self-consciousness” did not exist in English.  The Word is settling into human nature, and the bow wave of this huge change, is our recent past, present, and what we may well think of as: Too much of a sour future.

The Stellar Logos manifests in human thinking, under social conditions that are basically moral trials.  The social conditions are necessary, for if the “self-consciousness” is to find moral freedom, it has only life in which to earn this capacity.  A classic instance worth a thousand, in the Goethean sense, is the Trump Event, where escalating political tensions have driven many people off of the fences, and the sidelines, and into the fray.

We - living today - are the beginning manifestations of the Stellar Logos in History.  The I/you/me  is latent with the first aspects of this manifestation, through that particular biographical crisis involving moral choice.  Choice is one of Seven Aspects of the Divine Mystery that is being given free reign in human lives.  It is Primary, for if there was no Choice involved, there was no Creation in the first place.

This comes about because the Stellar Logos is also the Lord (I prefer Artist) of Karma.  Our times are filled with billions of individual dramas, each precisely cast into the needed form by the Hosts Invisible, following the Rhythmic Direction of the Heart of Love, and His Mother, the Root of All.

The Bad Guys are severely outclassed, and always have been, being bit-players in the daily rain of small miracles.  The World’s Song means to cause pain and stress, for man’s inhumanity to man (otherwise known as: the Beast from the Abyss), must burn itself out.  Fire and Holy Breath.  Not peace, but a sword.  When will we too, carry the cross?  Its burden is “light”.

Thinking is a Sacrament.  Yet, we can be individually frightened to face the raw human being we truly are.  The deal is, with a Sacrament, you don’t ever have to be perfect.  You don’t have to have arrived some “where” or “when”.  Just plain old you, at the time of the Sacrament.  Tomberg said: Learn to think on your knees.  Steiner: It thinks in me.  Me: Will the good, and think with the heart.  The Door of the Narrow Gate is always Open.

The Second Coming came with “attachments”: a Second Eucharist (in the inner trials of choosing the good and finding the true); and, a Second Pentecost (discipleship - the Faith-Way of the Shepherds, can marry initiation science - the Gnosis-Way of the Kings).