Intelligence: artificial, synthetic, original, organic, moral,
invisible, immortal, and free.

For some reason this original/organic “intelligence” is not so satisfied with death.  It fears, and is taught, that death is its end.  It wants to survive death, not realizing that it already has, does, will do, but/and tempted by dreams and dreamers, seeks to unite with <drum roll>: The Singularity.

Suppose it was possible for “intellect” (as distinct from “intelligence”), to make a mirror of itself in self-composed states of matter.  If we read the dreamers of AI, Android, Borg, Terminators, Skynet, and Avatars: Its doable.   When I was in high school, a major magazine (been many iterations of this urge to popularize “science”, since): Predicted I would be flying back and forth to work in my own private helicopter.  There were even drawings and pictures of experiments.

I instead got the Vietnam War, Donald Trump, bad knees, and a great life.  Like all of us, we pay prices for Life.  So, you love your child, and your child loves you.  Will those carbon-based “feelings” transfer into silicon?

People who want to better human beings are very dangerous.  We don’t satisfy them in some fashion, and they want to fix us.  Or maybe themselves - mostly? 

Okay ... I make a device that is basically a mechanical arm.  I put a silicon chip in the arm, and power sources, imitative of better living through redesigning human capacities, and hopefully it can’t be hacked.

In some fashion or other, the problem of connecting the chip to my brain has been resolved, and we hear of thoughts moving the arm.  Fantastic, needed, and amazing all in one.

Still not noticing the glaring Other-Question: “Okay, if the thoughts moved the arm, ... What moved the thoughts?”  Just asking.

So, ... scientists still don’t know what consciousness is.  Don’t have a clue.  Oddly, they don’t actually study consciousness.  It could not be more in front of them, you know, being themselves presumptively conscious.   They do seriously study “matter”.  Without a doubt we have amassed more data on matter then-ever.  Need silicon to help us count, though.  And remember.  And spell, and add, and correct the camera adjustments before <finally>: we get to play: Hit the button.

What I want to know is whether or not my robot body gets to scratch itches.  Or get a back scratch from a kind friend.   Or, get held on dark days.

Oh don’t worry, sing the siren songs: We have Imagined a  holo-deck, so we can certainly build one, maybe, if we can just catch that “god” particle in action.  And virtual reality too.  What’s left of your consciousness (might miss some of it during the transfer - seems likely even), What’s left can easily be made to believe.  Virtual Reality Full Sensory Experience, with all the latest wonders in enhanced powers; coupled to a carefully manicured “what it all means”, so what’s left of You, won’t care about what’s missing.

A world of machines, part human (?) = Matrix, ... and dozens of other imaginative future anticipations, that only SciFi generates.   All the same, The Machine will always be a Monster.


Necessary Momentary Inter-dependencies.  Intellect seeks survival, if the world loses physical bodies (flesh), and some (who etc.) become purely spiritual: Who gets left behind the New Jerusalem.

The “Why” is among all the oldest stories of how “this World” came to be.  Crucial question: the split and purpose of “heaven And (?) earth”?   Or, in another mode: Where-from comes the Wild? 

A case in point: Men And(?) Women?  The Gods, being Gods, discovered or invented: sensation, an aspect of experience.  Sensation: sensational, sensual, sex.  With a very nice, non-silcon, driver: Connected to urges to reproduce the species.  Pan, being dragged by his Nymphs, into the stream because he won’t keep himself clean enough, yet mostly the wild at play with the rush of sensations.

The split of what-had-been into Heaven and Earth, gave Order out of Chaos.  Not random Chaos, but the original “chaos” of the realm of the Uncreated and Unformed.  Seriously artistic order.  The human being was designed, and created, and does most of the healing, and the thinking, and the working, already.  Sure, for profit in a competitive market, robots are able to do repetitive tasks, but they can’t make a human baby, or the cycle of life that feeds all of us.

Human beings are always going to be superfluous to concentrated wealth.  On Earth.  In Heaven, whether you believe in It or not, human beings are not superfluous at all.

Thinking we can build a better body will just go through endless experiments that allow us to truly use our young as an endless supply of parts, for the intellect, <without intelligence>, that drives the war machine.

I’m >writer here< demanding, by the way, that some scholar of Steiner, get off the pot, and collect in one volume all the dire predictions that he made, implied, invented sarcastically, to audiences that were very hard to love, all to see if he could shake up their mushy thinking by scaring it a little.  Good story tellers always go Grimm when necessary. 

An untrained and undisciplined imagination will always think the worst, when viewing “either/or”s.  “Both/and"s, on the other hand, are unlimited is scope.  Will “Sorat, and the Great Evils” (sounds like staid excuse for a punk-rock band), destroy the Creation?

If they could have, they would have done the dark deed already.  Why wait to have so much fun.

This means something more is going on than: Dances with Good and Evil, to the Mechanical Monster Mash.