]]<(-in odd places, the World Song gets refreshed, from wellsprings unknown-)>[[

We live in what appears to be a very confusing time.  Trump etc.  Hard to find people who can see the other’s point of view very well, in a Nation whose citizens have been professionally divided against each other for many years.  The following is a small effort to increase understanding, spiced with whatever outrageous thoughts wandered by.  If you don’t read this, you will not know.

An America-Song (part one of ?????)

Ender’s Game Redux:  “The enemies’ gate is down”. and “I can’t beat him until I understand him, by loving him ... then I completely destroy him” (Ender)

“In order for the idea living in the object of  knowledge to draw near enough to be perceived by the act of cognition, which is a creative act, we must love that object which we seek to know.  We can have an interesting discussion of the act of cognition, or of what and how “ideas” arise, but in spite of our epistemological beliefs/philosophy, the fact remains that for there to be a “generative” act in cognition, its root must be the intention to love the object of thought.”

]:][ which a lot of folks are sort of doing all the time, we just never study it, or - shall we say - very often try to do <“self-less loving perception”> of people we strongly dislike.  If we like them, its easier.  Old wisdom.  Time honored.  Not always a smooth ride, unless - you know: <the Beam in your own eye> thing. ][:[

]]]-[ The Artist Of The Deal> - Trump’s new/old Way of Doing America’s “business”? ]-[[[

Scholars of various kinds, myself included, have argued against the “political idea”, that America should be run like a business.  We, followers of that meme, have (at least, I must so confess) ... I/We misunderstood what a “government” is, for much of how government does what it does, requires endless compromises and “deals”.  The term “business” itself is very flexible in its meanings, such as “give him the business”, where “business” in this instance does not mean be nice to “him”.

We know America is, if we are honest, an Oligarchy - “a small group of people having control”: Not a democracy.  Eisenhower warned us, and we did not heed that warning.  All the same, this <Oligarchy “group” thing> is not very good at what It does, being mostly led by their common errant psychological (and “blood”) traits.   In our time it is hard to form a real cabal, when the dogs at the top of the heap are equally as good at being nasty, including not playing well with others.  Mr. T fits that profile nicely, and he seems to be on vacation from the taxing “business” of the Trump Empire, and has chosen to save us all from ... whatever we fear, I guess.  Everything will work out fine, if we but do all that he says.  He says he’s smart, so trust we should?

Mutual interests will often create temporary associations, but some kind of top down club running everything is a fiction.  Not to say there are not those who try, and even believe they succeed.  This World gives us a lot of Ways to get lost in illusions.

>}> It is also amazing how little history is known today.   I apologize if this is repetitious, but Today grew out of a rather complicated “context”, so much so that Today is imprinted with the context.  Observing the context then illuminates past echoes in Today.  Today, ... well it is itself, isn’t it, - a place where the Past was buried.  Let us do some recent historical archeology then ... shall we?

The military-industrial complex is the metaphorical axle of the complex “wheel” of government.  America very much needed - if it was to survive the calamities of the first half of the 20th Century - a strong military, and a vigorous productive economy.  Given that WWII was preceded by the Great Depression, America was blessed as the ‘50‘s began a period of long term positive economic growth.  Nobody sat down and said: lets do this.  The “complex” just happened as a natural result of shared ambitions, coupled with questionable morals.

And YES, that era of the 50‘s was certain to pass, for a number of “reasons”, only a few of them having to do with voters who are too happy to pay attention, and  who kept sending ambitious idiots to DC, slowly diluting the general intelligence of that whole, already small-minded, wannabe City.  D.C. is not a great City, in the sense that New York or Chicago or San Francisco are.  For the wheelers and dealers, it is a temporary place to stay while seeking an advantage.

Politics is <The Game of “Deals”>.  Constant deal-games in play.  To make and unmake laws, for purposes not always obvious.

D.C. is where different sides of a law-making “issue” gather for “questions” which are then debated according to rules so arcane God would have trouble following the fore-play.  Then, the “deal” is made - but out of sight, and free of the need for any keeping of records.  After which, press conferences are called to order - by various “sides” -, with not one of these “legislature-folk” more than Playacting with Obtuse Abstractions - the blah blah blah of politics as usual.   The Media, dutifully, asks no questions that might get in the Way of the next episode of this type of legislative show-time <a politician in front of microphones Event, in congressional hallways>, both Media and Play-actors helping as much as possible to obscure what it all really means. 

Later, at the White House, another, more elaborate, ceremony:  The Signing the legislation “into law”.  Much ado about pens, who is next to who, and in which pictures.

Washington has settled into a dirty-minded low-class playing field (the Founders are ashamed), where it is incorrectly asserted that the Life of the Earth can be Carved Up on the Altar of an Illusory Democracy.  The Life of the Earth is fine, we are the ones in danger.

We call these government-types of <what-it-all-means-games>: politics.  If any “governing is done” that is purely a coincidence.  The ‘50‘s became the 60‘s became the ‘70‘s, to infinity and beyond.   Not sure about that last?  Beyond is where America, and the whole world, are these Trumped Daze.  Already insane, the World woke up one morning with a Trump sized hangover, and no idea what to do about it.

The Gods and Chance and Fortune made a Play, a very dramatic Play at that.

There was/is a lot of money to be made, by being, and or knowing, a mover and shaker in DC.  The American People are often given as the excuses and reasons for acts of law-making, but you don’t get an Oligarchy without players-in-hiding getting together and making secret, often unlawful, side-deals.  The 20th Century saw few laws actually made to really benefit the ordinary American (the New “Deal”), and a lot of laws made to enable various <“special”> (as in they think they are more special than the rest of us) <interests> seek to make wormy the legislative fruit far before it was ripe.   Then they sell us this wormy/moldy half-dead set of laws, all the while singing Hallelujah, and praise the Lord.

On top of which they have the gall to spend billions (extracted through fear, from us) ... Billions every two and four years telling us what an idiot the other guy is, and how perfect they are.  Everything political is the latest greatest best of all worlds pie in the sky intoxicant, and for some completely suicidal reasons, we-the-people drink this Kool-Aid over and over again.  Not to say we like its taste.  We are just too fucking busy raising the children and creating the wealth, to have the time to deal with the constant parade of lying idiots actually wanting to go to Washington D.C., and poke their noses into everyone else’s business, while having the gall to charge you for their interference.

Americans went to Big War twice, in the 20th Century, because they believed it was the right thing to do.  These were semi-volunteer Armies.  Then our political and economic leaders got adventurous, flushed with a success that completely came from the blood of others.  Intoxicated on power, we did a test run in Korea, and then on the pretext of an anti-communist global political danger, we had McCarthyism: a dark ritual of fear, which helped us keep alive the Frankenstein War Machine: A cultural mask hiding the institutional birth of permanent war-mongering. 

[ a side-note: After WWII, and the trials of war crimes in Japan, (there is a good movie) it was the Military that were put to death, while the Emperor and several politicians survived. ]

J. F. Kennedy gets in the way of whatevers, and he’s gone.  L. B. Johnson is seduced in Vietnam, mostly because his main focus was on getting Civil Rights legislation passed.   Next, the anti-Vietnam War movement enters from stage Left, and sadly starts blowing things up - mostly metaphorically.  You attack a bully, when maybe to not do so is prudent, but you “feel” the “wtf-anyway need”, so “destroy the “system” becomes the flavor of the day. 

The American political Left went to war against the Establishment, over free speech, civil rights, and, !!! to try to kill a “draft” driven army war machine that kills us without honor anymore - most were/did not volunteer.  Lots of good movies here, especially those by Oliver Stone.

Reacting to the Left, the American establishment (Left and Right) turns to the Right in the ‘60‘s, ‘70‘s and ‘80‘s.  The engine of the economy serves not just industry, but international corporations.  The State, as an expectable long-lived autonomous entity, starts to get eaten by fast-tracked Trade Agreements.  The people take a back seat, and their status as Wage Slaves becomes increasingly obvious.  An International Corporate Empire, using central banking (constantly printing fake money) as a lever everywhere, loans money, in a predatory way, to smaller countries to use to modernize, and at the same time the central banks loan/create money for the outside corporations to use in making <drum roll>: “deals”.   Poorly governed “countries” are easy prey for unscrupulous wealth.

Deals are the moxie of Money.  Which is more important, in the Art of the Deal: the Artist, or the Deal?   If people have an interest in the Artist, or their Art, what will they see?  “Getting your moxey on, is the same as putting your brave hat on, it’s getting the confidence up to do something.” Urban Dictionary.

[[[ Moxie is also a false face. The Hair’s moxie is cracking, and he is making it up, all of it - on the fly.  He is about to free-fall, like Wiley E. Coyote, missing a turn and going so far off the Cliff of Realty, there is no there there, beneath him. ]]]

Accidental or not, the Wage Slaves in Plantation America, are Distracted by having the teat end of the cornucopia of the world, spilling endless supplies of mostly not too nutritious food onto their dinner tables; while being Dreamed by the most amazing fantasy creation film and television community in the world.  Bad food weighs down the light of the Mind, while fake dreams help you pretend your life is sane.  The American Empire (the warmongering military industrial complex) steals a page from Roman History and tries to give us bread and circuses. 

All the same, George Lucas did not just write and direct and give birth to Star Wars, he invented new stuff to use in making this kind of art.  See, the American Empire is neither Rome, nor are we pre-Hitler Germany.   Americans are Makers.  The sun-spirit runs through our hands and into and onto the world.  Even hands poised over keyboards.  Art can only come from the heart, and the fact that commerce finds itself dependent upon Art, shows that in this battle with the Scourge of Hair, Art is already winning.  “No!” has been said, and we said it.  The press made it official by actually saying <liar, liar, hair on fire>, although years too late and as out of touch as usual.

Meanwhile, the Lords and Ladies of our “betters” can’t keep their collective pants zipped, and more and more their excesses become public.  Hair opens some doors to the creepy wealthy, and like California giant yellow slugs they gather in the Swamp, which Hair asserts he is there to drain (of money, obviously).

Meanwhile, and more and more, we notice our food is literally crap.  Well, ... not natural “crap” like compost, but un-natural crap like artificial fertilizers and other poisons. 

We get sicker and sicker, and between corporate spin, and a completely missing ability to just do basic thinking in our Media, we get blamed for being sick.  Got to eat right you too fat Americans, and please at every opportunity, buy cheap “shit” (that’s metaphorical) that is broken when arrives, and come to our Nice Malls, where we have lined up for your pleasure a most remarkable collection of the “bright-shinny-new”,  and while shopping: Eat, eat, eat, and eat some more.

The whole commercial advertising industry is designed to get us to act against our own best interests - all the time.  Yet somehow, according to the eat-right-diet-police (including a lot of well off doctors, insurance companies, etc.) ordinary people need to muscle up that WTF, so as to not get suckered in by the onslaught of advertising that has inroads everywhere.  We should feel guilty?

What is the Trump Event?   The Giant, that crawled over all the bodies in the Clown Car, is “a” Master of Lies (not the Father of Lies, that Dude is far more subtle).   Not “the” Master, but “a” Master, who is not nearly as good as he thinks he is.  Overconfident, he has decided he has the chops to take on the Cruel and Heartless who possess nukes for toys, and bluff his Way to dominance.  Keep in mind: From his point of view, The Trump Event is about him, not us.

Trump is trying to play “Checkers”, with a mind that is all Thumbs, against folks whose intellectual cultural toys were the games of Chess and Go. 

He remembers the ‘50‘s, with its Doris Day romantic comedies, and every home has a Frigidaire.  That’s the America that WAS great.  Simpler times.  Also, Hugh Hefner “appears”, and the Donald has his role model for what it means to be a “man”.  One of the important factors to understand, is that we too: Need ask what “cultural” influences become aspects of the dreams and hopes, which fuel <our> fantasy ambitions.  We make the guide map of our life’s direction, with imagining ourselves being some or another variation of a celebrity-deity we admire:  James  Bond.  Olivia Newton John.  Elvis.  Tupac.  Sheldon.  Sherlock, and (my personal favorite): I am Groot! 

Sometimes our dream-leaders are smaller: The cop on the corner who paid attention.  The teacher who stayed after school to help a 14 year old learn to read.

For decades Trump plays/watches from the sidelines, as politicians ruin America.   Rules and regulations always getting in the way of “deals”.  Trump imagines he can do better.   He plays with that image of himself for years.  In 2015, or thereabouts, he decides to go for it.  He is actually smarter than the other members of the “clown car”, mostly because he shuns ideology, for whatever words and ideas he needs to say to close the “deal”.  Lies are the tool of the salesman, just as lies are the main tool of the politician.  Not committed to GOP ideology and faux “seriousness”, Trump is free to say anything, which he does to great applause.

He is many other things as well, not all of them pleasant.  He’s throwing out rules right and left, and people, who like all painting to be inside the lines, are getting disturbed.  Forced by the campaign to articulate themes, he, already a well-practiced showman, shines, and the Media can’t get enough of him, despite his coy immodesty.

“If it bleeds, it leads” is a cliche describing which story comes first in a News half-hour.  Trump learned quickly, that the Media would bite on any red-meat idiocy he threw in their direction.  He trained them well, and still Today, whenever the Hair floats a good one over where they lurk, up they jump to take the bait.

Money is fun to play with.  Helps to be staked before getting into your first Game of Deals.  Charm and clever with words a needed art.  Selling, and Buying a quick step dance, often requiring considerable mental agility.  Trump, like other billionaire New Yorkers, was low class trash - not a blue blood.  The City that never sleeps, also never misses a chance to snub.  All those fancy balls and stuff: wealth showing off.

He can appear on the surface to be a “Republican”, but those folks are just a means to an end.  He wants to be in charge, and have a chance to Do It Right.  In his photo-op first day in office, he signed an order that disavowed that latest Treaty-Game, TPP. 

This running as fast as possible away from Trade-Treaties is what the Left actually wanted, and Hillary would not concede as necessity - part of the issues that split the Democrat voters.  Nixon went to China, and on his first day in Office, Trump tells international money that he is here to Play, and Win.  The TPP is part of the “banker’s-game”, and Hillary their queen’s-pawn. 

Change for the good is happening, but like in any living body (which a Society surely is), the arising of gross symptoms, calling for medicine, appears at first to be ugly.  In a very real sense, for a Society and Culture to gain future health, after periods of grave disharmony, ... such a Society will begin by appearing sicker.  Otherwise we never try hard enough.  This time, in words sort of Yoda-ish: “Don’t try, do.”

Trump’s isolationism is necessary.  Whether his reasoning and understanding is academically eloquent, or not, his gut is right.  Mega-international corporations have been using the American Military, as their surrogate enforcer, when such types of “moves” were required.  Iraq was threatening to abandon the dollar as the “reserve currency” for oil.  So, recently, was Venezuela.

Our Media does’t bother with details, forgetting the folk wisdom: God is in the details.

View it from this direction: As the 20th Century developed, governments all over the world continued to use “diplomats”.  Diplomats do not just try to stop wars, but each foreign Embassy, has economic, cultural, military, CIA et. advisers - built on a crucial agreement: the Embassy is Foreign Territory.  And, of course, diplomats constantly make deals.  We’ve seen the films and the TV shows.

Many diplomats, as individuals, come from the wealthy of the world.  They know how money works, and they know who the money-masters are.  The whole of the world’s diplomatic “culture” is a weird mixture of theater and lying to each others face, just as is politics at home.

Trump’s been giving that group of folks a wake-up call.  Overly sympathetic people probably bought the News-meme that Trump’s: <letting all the Obama diplomats go at once> - was mean and terrible and stupid.  Internationally, it was an excellent move, because it was an “action”, not just some words (the tools of diplomats), which move said: the old way of “doing business” is over.  Take me seriously when I say all “deals” are up for renegotiation, and the America I run is not going to pay for stuff other people should pay for.

Is Trump to be our designated cheapskate?  Do we need one?  Do we need to No Longer be the go-to answer for every problem in the world?

The classic knee-jerk liberal wants to go save everyone in the world, and for sure expects his/her government to do that.  Fortunately we Americans don’t have the mojo.  Not our skill-set.  In point of fact, it never was.  Nor should we even expect this: <The world to be saved>.  America is the dream-model of where you can go, and with hard work, and minding your own business, you just might save yourself.   Saving everyone else? ... as all of us know, via our own bad-habits: a pipe dream.  Or not.

Trump’s American fantasy of an endless ‘50‘s of money, deals and sex, died a long time ago.  That didn’t stop him.  He just turned his “name” into cash.  Here’s what makes him and his Gang = “reactionary”:  The present scares the shit out of the Trump Mob, and they are trying to drag us backwards, by going fast-forwards off of a cliff.  Government by the noise of Tweet and Executive Order.  Noise, ... because the whole things is, for our Mr. T: show business.
The world is a very strange place, very strange.  Keep in mind, that the Gods (allegedly) have historically, pre-historically, and mythologically, used Fools as Tools.  So, the Gods (nice to have someone else to blame, right?) gave us not just a magnetic (to some) businessman, whose own business “show” (campaign of lies) got the better of the politicians “show” (campaign of lies).  The Gods gave us just the right sort of maniac, to be just as maniacal as the endless supply of leaders of countries, from whom we’ve been hiding under the rhetorical bed, while waiting for “America” to fix it.

Actually ... Trump having no fixed ideology is very Zen.  Do we know if he read Alan Watts in his youth?

My latest New Yorker magazine, has a long article on rich people joining the rush of doomsday preppers, looking for a way out of the coming zombie apocalypse.  Sorry to tell you folks, we were all infected just prior to birth, with just enough anal stupidity, to never change our minds until it is clearly too late.  There is no vaccine for head in the sand stupidity.

Yet, ... don’t you feel it?  The women are marching, and they are not wearing jackboots, but “pussy hats”.   No reason a “revolution” can’t also be a party, with the “tea” in this case being: grass, weed, dope, pot, marijuana, or Ganja I’n I initiation/convocation. 

Think about it:  The war on drugs was really between old bald white men, who liked alcohol and sexy girls; and, young people tired of bullshit, while kicking back out and trying to keep out of everyone’s Way - the hurry up, and get me mine: folks.  The young won the essential battles of the Culture Wars.  The young always do, ‘cause the old farts are always dying off.  Where did Sander’s folks come from? The main intoxicant of cultural leaders in America is no longer a depressant (Frank Sinatra, hat tilted back, with a cigarette dangling from a lip, and a small glass of Bourbon in his hand). 

Bob Marley sang his Way High, and the world noticed.   The culture changed and now seeks a “high”, while as an additional benefit: Mother Nature made the stinky weed to grow anywhere.  Serious Medicine, multiple levels, now becoming free (sort of).   Don’t have the money to pay?   Thievery is risky of unintended consequences.

The core of the main battle-in=the-grass is agricultural.  Will businesses rule, or can everyone cultivate their own?

Black/Brown - all flavors of folk - are pushing back on their fronts too: The cellphone generation makes serious movies of grievous acts.  When bad shit happens to ordinary people, you don’t always have to call anyone but a friend, because our social network skips below the radar of authorities, and 50 people show up to help change a tire.  Very terrible events create the ceremony of lit candles and mementos.  People come and meet and share the woes of another dreadful act, done to a people that is really getting more and more tired of dreadful acts.  Americans stir on their seas of troubles, and draw together for mutual help.

Trump is not paying attention, at all.  We - regular Americans - are an encamped army of grandmothers and children, whose fates belongs to our free determination.  There are more children than Republicans, or Democrats, and they are going to be watching.  While these little ones grow up, they do, and will have, very fierce guardians.

Women are coming, not just Winter.  We are not inside his Country, he is inside Ours.  We Own him, not the reverse.  We own the naming of his meaning as president.  Words, social media, cultural power sources - will offer an infinity of wicked poems - of various sorts.  Our future history will not Judge him to be or not to be <correct>, as Bush II hoped would happen, because that history is being written Now, by the endless supply of certain shocking displays of Trump’s far too many psychological rascal-selves.   One of Newton’s Laws, seems applicable.  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

He ran for President and (apparently unexpectedly/stupidly) discovered that Yes I will be the Center of Attention, even when Tweeting: ... Although not quite having anticipated the true measure of the ATTENTION, which is a Wall tougher than you/Trump can imagine, and you, motherfucker, ended up in Our Prison. 

Legal restraints are pliable, sort of.  Social restraint seems to be a no-show, if you are crud/crude enough.  Except, Now: Trump is inside the most scrupulously observed glass house, ever was devised, and Everybody Is Watching.  Expect a lot of “working vacations” near a golf course, which he owns, and each will in turn have to have its security upgraded, with all the perks that goes with that.

<Excessive Wealth> seeks all manner of justifications, for it is constantly in Its face - that if you have servants, then you are pretending to be better than they, and in front of the Eyes of God no less, who made it simple:

“It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven.”

Although, as regards Gods and such, it is even more important there to learn to read the “fine” (sometimes even illuminated) print.  Those who are cheating us, by making us all tricked by what they hid in “fine print”, will find themselves, in life after life, seeking out the Fine Print of Life, where it has always been: The Most Useful Places.

When the Press recently anointed him (>finally: exhausted sigh<) “A Liar!”, it was done.  Over.  There are and will be fools to line up and pretend with him, but a liar lives a life always digging his grave, and pre-writing the head stone:

The truly odd aspect to this, is that he is Our Liar-in-chief/Conman-in-chief. 

There is a feeling “wandering about the land” ... a sort of a feeling-meme ... not so much infectious, but a kind of cord, or notes - a music, great tides everywhere.  So many different minds and hearts repelled, by false difference, and h/old habits and tastes.  Can there be a rebellion, without rebels?  We are seriously divided, and without a doubt facing the Greatest Test of our short History: A house divided against itself will not stand.

Breathe and take a theme-brake:  Tom Brady and friends, did a wicked neat thing.  Practiced a lot.  The Citizens of the US of A will have to do a full reboot of their Republic, or Drown in the Confusion.   We’ve practiced a lot too.

If we fail to heal the social divisions, by ourselves - the Political Parties have no interest - it gains them nothing “useful” - all the worst fears the Trump Event evoked, will come to pass.

So far, we are not Allepo.  Maybe-eventually nuclear dust, but not done to us, as we are doing to others.  Go ahead: Eat, drink, and be merry, for Tomorrow is almost certain to be more “interesting”:<thinks Spock>.  Trouble is coming.  Winter is Coming.  Women are coming.

We are Spartacus, and Snowden, and Manning, and we yearned to be with Standing Rock.

Unless we are Heartlanders.  If so, we lost the culture wars, and hedonism, moral depravity, lack of character, and wealth, drove us to our knees.  We lost jobs, homes, towns, farms, children to foreign wars, and basically were Used as a tool by GOP politicians who really didn’t care for “our” issues.  Although, the GOP was pretty good at scaring folk, or buying them off - as needed.

The “liberal elite” is real.  They may have dreams, but what apartment dweller, working and living high above ground, has the guts to try to wrest a living from the land.  The amount these smart-asses think they know is nothing compared to the skills which made the “breadbasket”, that was America, so fruitful - whether or not the true farmer was slowly being eradicated by creeping agricultural industrialism.  We can’t afford “kal”, nor do we have a taste for such, plain living being a well known virtue.  Meat and Potatoes, when we have the meat or the potatoes.

What’s left of our communities, is being eaten by a wave of neglect seldom seen, riding polluted seas, on which floats poisons, such as meth, heroin, oxycodone,  - Washington D.C. has not kept its promises to Any Of Us.

Here, in the Heartland, at any rate.  Of course we wanted our past-remembered back - the better days.  Hair said it, and we swooned.  We were Great - the Fathers and Mothers of the Baby Boomers, and then hippies and rock and new age frippery, gnawed away, stealing hearts and minds with the siren song of Other Places.  And if you can’t get the money from McD’s to go to Tibet,  much less enough for a bus-ticket out of town, at least you have enough to get high for a while/waiting for a change of fortune.

Trump was our only available champion in a world gone morally mad, where the New Atheists treat our Faith as without any value at all, when it is precisely what keeps us sane in an overly profane world.  Of course the Heartland is not perfect, but walk in our shoes for a while.

Religion and Science do not need to be at War with Each Other.  However, that’s on “them” that don’t want to accept the obvious: Both are Right, exactly as Art perceives.

Which also means, those <Heart-landers>, being so despised by knee-jerk-leftist-trash-recycling-planet-saving-do-gooder-probably-atheists, <will get the Last Laugh on the God story>.  Even scientists will turn on, and devour, Big Bang Cosmology-type Ideas of Out-There, and their soul-less cousin: Neo-Darwinian Evolution about: Near Here.

So, avoiding more diversions: What do any of us need to do about Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire, ... the “we” that is: left, right, center, underground, far out, Bibled or not, but certainly needing to A) Eat and Drink; B) Have some shelter against the vagaries of whether or not weather.  And: C) Good company if wished.  Left alone if wanted.

We Own America, the Republic, the Dream.  The land?  That, we stole.  We also Own Ourselves.  If WE decide to make sure everyone here gets at the least: A, B, and C, we don’t need to use Washington D.C. or Wall Street to show us how to do that.  It is time for the American Citizen to Grow Up.  Stop depending on greedy, hateful, lying folks, to deliver any scheme that wasn’t not the next best greatest newest ripoff.

By the Way, the Greatest Generation is not here, yet.  Sadly.  They could arrive.  Hard to say: How goes the psychological-soul weather-social: whether-weather?   What’s the forecast?  ... There are Signs and Portents.  Serious Signs and Portents.  Signs and Portents demanding our attention.  One or two of them might even be reading this .

Trump and, the just like him: Fiendish Freaky-Friends <running forwards, facing backwards> ::: that’s one Sign.  Nature, of Course - the Mother of all Signs and Portents, is trashing the whole Planet, but only where there are authentically enlightened minds (or trans-editions) Does the Real Meaning-Weight <of the Spiritual-in-Nature’s-Commentary> Become Understood.

Schools, mostly, steal magic from the souls of children.  Without the idea of magic also being real, no one sees anything true.  But that open sore is a whole other battlefield.

Standing Rock was a Ceremony that saved us all from the savagery the Inauguration ceremony sought to suggest.  A heedless, and proud, defiant man: the latest version of General Custer, is planning to steal for himself, and his “kind”, anything that is not nailed down.

Mr. no-use-for-the-truth takes an oath no sane person expects him to honor.   That’s the “heart” of the Inauguration, which takes place in a city of too many “official” devils.   Standing Rock, involved healing and kneeling.  While accepting with grace our Mother’s offerings.

That, Oath, Can Not Stand.  That person tryingly dominating “our” public “eye” can not stand.  So Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl half-time show, keeps the questions alive, her Way.   The Rebellion already happening means: Waves of Ways of Change.  We don’t need a movement, we already are: Out of Many, One

Standing Rock’s Sign is its Name, but a Name that was lived by millions, whether in space, or in their hearts.  A human being stands in front of a tank in China.  Another stands, not just in the face of the CIA, but in the face of the even more scary NSA, and ends up hiding - seemingly - with the “enemy”. 

What’s more dangerous than an Artist with money?   Women, on the move, ...  We actually rule here, we American Citizens still unsatisfied and wanting even More Change?  Change yourself, Change the style of your art, dance, humor, truth, and: shall we, at the same time, make three or four agreements, should that interest?

The Citizen’s Question is this: What do I tolerate before I act, and upon choosing to act, how shall I act?

So, try this:  Washington D.C. is an under-an-outhouse, where really bad stinky ideas maybe get composted.  Its a really big outhouse, as anyone can see, and it even rated some design-work by Freemasons, in creating the buildings and their symbolism.  Words and Deals grow here.  Not, morals or virtue.  Too many temptations to power and money, and most people being - you know: people - different strokes, except for the unavoidable fact that these crappy deals affect our lives, and the whole world’s lives.

A town of Temples, surrounded by a city of out of work underprivileged.  Not all that powerful, are they, the Gods worshiped in those Temples.  Not to say nobody goes there just to be “ambitious”, but doing good is often in mind, although the maps to what “good” means will vary a great deal.

Now the Serious Gods, the Gods of Chance and Fortune, their towns of Temples are centered in the Far West, and - obviously - Wall Street.  In Tarot, these folks works are laid out in a story that begins in the last card of the deck (card 78: the ten of pentacles).  Tarot’s best kept secrets come from reading Her back to front, gently, taking much care in studying the details.  It is after all, with Her: A love affair. 

Of course, few admit their worship of these Gods, although Trump certainly did.  Not sure he understood them, however.  He’s placed a lot of bad bets, cheated way too much, lied too often, and could not be more deserving of a Fall.  Clearly, they set him up, all the way.  Is there some Grace yet, that will carry him to earth, softly?

Is it entirely possible that this whole stage show is telling us something, if we are willing to set aside our -whateverview-, and: look with fresh eye’s inside seeing?

Trump is.  Can’t pretend he is not.   Deal with it.

He did and does cause a lot of heartache about which he has no cares.  The well-divided Country holds it collective breath.  Meanwhile, the Gods of Chance and Fortune put on a show for us recently, a delight beyond imagining.  Not only did the Patriots win the Super Bowl, making their fans happy, the Gods of Chance and Fortune, which rule any sport which attracts bets, got to tell a really great story.   A kind of anti-Trump tale, of human determination to succeed at skills, Trump knows nothing of.

Trump is the archetypal white male American Playboy, whose only love is himself.  Brady loves a game, and the nature of the game - the what-you-do-to-win Way, rich with discipline, intelligence, wisdom and great companions.  When the means are the ends, something magical happens.  Nor does such a concept mean you have to be perfect.  Brady, and his team, spent most of their time practicing: beating each other up, getting stepped on, knocked down, and doing amazing choreographed improve jazz moves with a ball.  And then practicing some more.

A wide-receiver does not run a planned route, according to a time table.  He runs a situationally flexible route, according to what he sees the defense do in response to his moves, keeping in mind the whole shifting framework of others, with faith that his team-mates will also do their jobs, such that: Brady on occasion throws a pass to a place his wide-receive is not yet, because Brady trusts the wide-receiver to make the adjustments the situation calls forth - many minds skillfully in sync.

On any given Sunday, you have many teams, paired up, putting 22 dancers onto the same field at the same time, with so much physical contact allowed that they all have to wear pads. 

People used to complain that Baseball was “the” American Sport, and then came Football, the NFL, and television to show endless arts of sport, less pastoral than baseball.  After a Century of Wars, we had to admit that heroes were getting physically hurt, so lets deify one of those kinds of game/ceremonies from which we gain so much for our cathartic needs.  The world is riskier, so make the games riskier.  Did you notice, or not, the plethora of teen-oriented fantasy films about young adults playing deadly games?

Trump thinks he’s an American.  He has no clue whatsoever, as to what an American is, which is: No Artifice Necessary.  Work hard, play by (and master) the rules, and find a Team with which to Play to win to-gether. 

What Team’s in your wallet?  The Hair sez nukes are a toy that needs to be placed on the table.  Think we can trust Trump to quarterback us rightly?  Or Bannon to coach Trump.  The abyss beckons.  I’ve heard a rumor, that if the zombie apocalypse comes,  ... hmmm, sorry, its a State secret, and by the way it is not zombies, it is aliens from outer space. 

The Moon reaches out.
May the Magic of the Stars
Dust your Dreams, guided by Her Light.