the announcer announces:

The Tides of Time, in the Lives of Human Beings (spirituality as soap opera, yet of the most aesthetic nature)  
the crowd moans in reply
whoa ... cosmic man ... is he stoned?  .... huh?  Why not?

Consider the human form, in the light of the idea <[“form follows function”}>, which led to a pajama-party of spin-off inner TV shows, ultimately becoming ideas as music, and then entertained by that which we read and name: <[“Steiner-mind}>.   <[“Steiner-mind”}>, thus fertilized, generates from that idea-seed, what we seek to study in Anthroposophy 1.0, the idea that a real “part” of the human form is represented, by Steiner-mind, using the words: “the metabolic limb system”.  Got to respect that Steiner-man, for he can clearly shape Ideas, even on a page or in speech.

The form-torso (that’s where all them innards is dancing around trying to digest the last meal you didn’t really need to consume), ... the form-torso is the materialized glyph sign of that WILL-IDEA, which changes matter into spirit and then back again.  This torso-form extends into the shaping gesture of the physical world through archetypal kinds and tastes of “will” (the five elements: the akashic (the source); fire (spirit); water (heart); air (mind-seeing); earth (manifestation) , which Ideas then physically manifest themselves in the form of the five limbs, linked to a central “source”, containing a heart. 

“Mind?” eats and excretes Ideas, especially several impossible ones before breakfast (which is literally true, not just figuratively = before the fasting gut needs to generate metabolic and digestive actions, the mind space above has finer seeing, not just of the aesthetics of a sun rise, but also such as knowing why you milk the cow twice a day) . 

Steiner’s “Idea-sculptures” are good nutrition for the fire of spirit, which is brighter in the vertical gesture of the chakras.    In “the mind” “itself”, as well, are manifested metaphorical analogues of these five limbs.  After all, we “grasp” the meaning of words/ideas all the time.  Don’t we?

A pure geometric expression, merging into the shaping of the world itself, lives in the sharpest kind of abstract order, manifested in the Cathedral of Thought, named Projective Geometry.

Consider the mark we make: X, as in “x marks the spot”.   Two lines crossing, themselves being a kind of unique gesture, next to the gesture of  “point” and “plane”.  So, follow closely now, ... X, or two crossing lines, in the same plane, always has at its center a “point” ... a point being a pure geometric skeletal sprite form, where space at that point is itself emt, or empty of space.

Nothing disappears, in the “abstract”.  So, yes yes, there is no there there at all, geometrically speaking.  Yet, emt, or empty-ness, exists.  “Nothing” has an equal existence  as does “Being”?  Sorry, I lapsed momentarily into the stately philosophical sounds of the 19th Century.

So, its winter, go out in the snow and do the angel dance.  X marks the spot, of a base chakra aspect of the glyph in space, written by ... hmmm.  A conundrum?  All objects in space are built of matter, and shaped by ideas, some of these ideas being a property of an invisible whatever.

Anyway, so imagine a solid sphere made out of megazillions of individual bits (points) of will.  Make the sphere smaller and smaller, until there is no sphere there at all, but only an empty [  ]  what is the point of these words? 

Next, expand the sphere, even to infinity, through lines arising in the point - as if the true-idea-of-a-line is a point-with-ambitions.  Lots of X’s mark that most cool central spot, and add some shaping stuff, we get empty space now filled with stuff.   What shaping stuff?   The “stuff” whose abstraction name Steiner gave as “formative forces”.  If you can follow these geometric splashes of color in your mind, dear reader, that is good basic Anthroposophy 3.3, or doing what the dude, as in Steiner said.  No, ...  don’t just say the words: Do the words; be the words: love the words into being inside your mind and heart. 

One of those pesky difficult Steiner students, George Adams, has a great book: Physical and Ethereal Spaces.  This was in the preface by his friend and colleague, Olive Whicher: “Confirmed by Rudolf Steiner in the knowledge that the quality of thought prevailing in the new geometry is in reality indispensable both to the scientist in his quest of world-reality and to the individual on a path of spiritual development...”

Now if a line is a point with ambitions, what is a plane?  A plane, geometrically, is both points and lines, simultaneously, unless it is a airplane like on its way to exploding.  The sphere is ambitions times infinity grandiosity, for the new is neither the “parts-of-the-old” made whole, but rather where??? the “parts-of-the-old” are rendered mute.   If the parts are individual human beings, then on a social scale, what is a Society?  It is a line, in between all the points (ambitions) and planes (grandiosity), which in moments of celestial madness, thinking to make his own point, a celebrity dude, M’, threw some celestial “parts” into the Underworld. 

At a mega scale our world is as the consequence of that particularity named the “M-point’s ambitious line”,  seeking to be fully realized as a member of a community of a mobius shaped spinning all the time infinity of loopy singers, we are presently forced to call: the Consciousness Soul Dance.  A Preamble to the Countenance of Christ.  With what savagery of purpose does the demigod set fires in our world - the world of the children rightly caged, yes, but stop acting like you get to want to burn down the playground.  Want to ameliorate Climate Change, get down onyour knees in the forest, then lay your head in the lap of the Mother, and listen to the songs of flies and other spirits of the air.  Or, you could just remember to water the plants.  

How much does/did your will share in the decisions of the design of this world of space, time and consciousness.  The only Idea that guards the belief in actual freedom, is the Idea that we are to blame, for all of it.  Beginning to end.

Having chosen to play among the fields of the lord, where the word soul still has value, are the endless studies of Anthroposophy 1.0 doing any good?  Not to worry, no rush - even chief dude Steiner said we had about four centuries to make “anthroposophy” have a real impact on human culture.

So, in a compartment of the shared mental intellectual creations of mankind, there are memes about a mathematical seriously-occult-curse-symbol-set, named:  “Quantum Mechanics”.   Better to study first, G. Adams: Universal Forces in Mechanics, so as to not get your head too bent by the vanities of speculation, currently a court favorite in Academia, although not so much at your local car garage, where a most profound law of life, attributed to Murphy, but probably created by his wife, due to his coming home drunk so often, states: If Murphy can go wrong, Murphy will go wrong.

Consider one of the limbs (the jaw and teeth - your mouth can often give you a third “hand”, provided the weight - metaphorical and otherwise - of any object is not too excessive) - this “one” limb is in (part of) the “head”.  The head itself repeats the whole form, given that the mouth is open directly into the metabolic limb system, while the nose is open to the rhythmic system (heart and lungs), and the “eyes” are an opening into the “nerve-sense” system. 

Soul of man!
You live in the limbs
That carry you through the world of space
Into the sea of spirit-being:
Practice spirit remembrance
In the depths of soul,
Where in the reigning
Cosmic creator-being
Your own I
In God’s I
Is begotten;
And you will truly live
In the cosmic human being.

[For a medical appreciation of these soul powers, as manifested in the physical, read: “Spiritual Science and Medicine” (22 lectures).  For a Goethean Science point of view, try “Man and Mammals: a biology of form”, by Wolfgang Schad.  “Man and Mammals” is not “Man or Matter”, the latter being more about physics than biology.  If you don’t know these works, consider the possibility that your studies of Anthroposophy 1.0, might have been too fixed on avoiding certain texts, whose challenge was too much possible work.  You are now being aided in understanding this present Meditation, as a decoration on the Door of the Narrow Gate, especially if you start to attend Anthroposophical Society meetings where these two texts are discussed.  No such meeting happening in your area?  Gosh, my goodness.  What will a “Your own I” - your “uprightness” -  do???

The Threefold Idea, of the form begat by the true soul nature of the human being, is the most crucial living imagination that Steiner ever produced.  Dude worked on it for 17 years, says the legend.  What’s he get?  A Cathedral in inner space.  Do study group work on the above books, and you will begin graduate work in Anthroposophy 3.3.    By studying the progress of Anthroposophy 1.0, as it fertilized the soul powers of writing for the heart in the head, we can see that early iterations of Anthroposophy then begin to appear what eventually became the masterworks of the most gifted Steiner students.  The near-space of Steiner-mind is surrounded by a community of Cathedrals.  Beware, however, those which are most grandiose, for that grandiose-ness has too much sympathy for the periphery.  As well beware the seductive thought-prison of those who prize exactness and certitude.  Only the formal, never the informal mode.  Too much sympathy for the center.

Why did mom say: Eat your vegetables.  Because she knew, in her bones and heart, that eating vegetables was good for you.  So, eat your vegetables, nascent Jedi Padawans.   Steiner called “it”: “the ethereal formative forces”.  Want to gain some really interesting ideas for your own Cathedrals of the Mind?  Time/tides to try some of those oh so difficult to read Steiner students, called sometimes: Goethean Scientists.  Gots to get your spiritual vitamins, don’t ya think?

For the Father Spirit of the heights reigns
Creating being in the cosmic depths:
Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones
Let resound from the heights
What in the depths its echo finds;
This speaks:
Ex deo nascimur.
The elemental spirits
In East, West, North, South hear this:
May men hear it too.


Want to study the guts of language which you use every single day, inside your own head in discursive thinking, or outside your head, yelling at the neighbor’s dog?  Study Owen Barfield, another student of the first master builder of the Idea Temple to Anthroposophy, where we discover the Word Renewed in the Re-Shaping of the World.  To know better of Odo’s gift to building a new world, where you first build a new language, read LeGuin’s The Dispossessed”, an imaginative work by an American, working out of the Collective Imagination, so as to realize in novel form, all the practical problems that would be involved in actually creating a social order based on the fundamental principles of spiritual anarchy, which book of principles Steiner called: The Philosophy of Freedom.

The Social Organism requires many builders and architects, especially those in the Arts.  Anthroposophy is a good school for those Arts, but this is an Anthroposophy that could not fully incarnate in Central Europe, the heart forces of the souls of the Center to World Culture having been tragically lamed in the two great wars, that stood between The Beginning Passing Away of Western Civilization, and the Dawn of the Third Millennium.

Steiner’s The Philosophy of Freedom has a skeleton-shape to the order of its ideas, and a very fine and lively one at that.  LeQuin met the same source idea on her own, and added some flesh to the resonating living idea of Anthroposophy as something made of both flesh and bone, entwined with nerves and blood, yet also only spirit-realizable (your will exercises - the Knowledge of Higher Worlds Way), or naturally (the American Way).  

The American Way?  The Whole human being as seven basic mutually organized energy cyclones radiating wishes and wants.  Not just the human being that dances across fields of biodynamic grain - the heart and the three above, but the heart and the three who have fallen after Alice, into what is beneath the surface beauty, to the shamelessly ugly, sarcastic, chaotic, and frivolous.  The ambitions, of all the points we are each trying to make, are very bright. 

Share your light.  You’re welcome.