Law and Spirit: the Art of Anarchy.

Canto One


I am going to create a course in the Law, for those inclined to the spiritual and hungering for a more moral social life.  I will write this in a series, published first to my Facebook friends, although the ongoing/growing version will also be found here: the
Worcester Hills Gazette:

For a quick understanding of where we are today, in America at least, this: "Economic and Social Rebellion"

Lawyers are everywhere, as are our Courts.  Much arises from this that directly effects our political life - laws are, after all, constantly being created.  All the same, most who write about Law do not recognize the full existence and participation of Spirit, which is as real as matter. 

The professions that make up our legislative bodies become a serious factor in law-creative results, and for a long time lawyers have dominated these bodies where laws are manufactured.  The educational processes behind those who make laws - these processes are a kind of spirit laid into the individual.  Common ways of thought, what the word-anarchist Owen Barfield called: collective representations, and the socially half asleep call: memes, ... come from educational/cultural life.  Presently doctors are more numerous, with former governmental workers joining the crowd. 

As comedy notices, lots of chaos and anarchy among the feeble minded inhabiting our nation's Capital.  All those degrees, and no one seems to know how to think.

When legislators think, ... that activity is spiritual activity, however careless.  It is an activity by which Ideas are made real - and incarnated into our social life.  The health-care debate/farce is a perfect example.

When media conveys a story to us, its arts too are a spiritual activityWhat-it-all-means/horse-shit is shoveled onto the world of shared media/experience.  Commerce, by moral choice, is all over media in order to manipulate our experience, and gain advantage.  In reply, the Arts-anarchists are saying, often not very politely:

Politics today is a lame art, based upon foregoing original thought, to join the big club sucking at the teat of wealth and power.  Wealth and Power kills anarchists, with as much forethought as lives in the quantum entanglement lurking in the black hole of a banker’s heart. 

There is no need for the Arts-anarchists to tear down the social - it is already in full-metal jacket decay.  Rock ‘n Roll, was followed with the end of studio films, and the Arts-anarchists led by Warner Brother’s arch-anarchist Bugs Bunny, became free of commerce on all its edges - Pussy Riot indeed, post/after Bugs and R. Crumb

The reason commerce flocks to redditors dancing the twitter, while also-facebooking-their-photographic-arts, is because that’s where We are - the consumer of ... what?  If there is a place we dine for ideas, there will lurk the liars-professional.  The Collective Imagination knows no bounds at all, however. 
Disobey says Henry David Thoreau.


AND, sez: Emily Dickenson: "Assent, and you are sane; Demure; - you're straightway dangerous And handled with a chain."

The fashioning of the Ideas for laws, and the social changes to be generated, are spiritual activities, all of which occurs in the absence of the general knowledge of spiritual facts.  Spirit is in fact the source of the Law, by which the need for social order struggles with freedom for individual human beings.  More order, less freedom.  Neighborhoods with drug dominance modes of existence, are just a different kind of bank in the Caymans.  All depends on what folks value, and then preserve.

The above, and coming comments, are intended to be a kind of diary for what appears to lurk in my consciousness as a possibly long article, perhaps even a book.   It is meant to be very pragmatic and practical.  These comments can be safely ignored, although
we have not yet a government stamp of dis-approval, given that these comments are actually very dangerous. 

People who think its time for a revolution in America will find here a lot of useful information.  It is a series of comments for anarchists who want to actually think, and thus succeed.  First and foremost, a true anarchist serves the rights of all.  Anarchy in practice is the opposite of being selfish.  All authentic religious leaders are anarchists, and the births and deaths of all types of religions - including the Love of Money, as Yeats noticed, looses mere anarchy upon the world.

For a taste of that as a potential film, go here: The Grandmother War.

The Bible of the Anarchists who want to Think is
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin.  Familiarity with it offers a new language within which authentic anarchists can talk to each other.  As much as possible that will be my bible here, and I hope to only walk softly up to the edge of fair use, before jumping over/in with both feet.

Canto Two


At the Wavefront of the explosive birth of Mr. Internet&Companies, were the forerunners - Open Source.  Information should be free to all.  The true nature of our electronic communications should be a fully functioning anarchy.  Not there yet, though, which leads us to:

Groundhog Day.  Time, and the Laws of Spirit

different day, same shit / and then you die

Existence is borne forward a day at a time.  Cycles of sun and stars alternate.  Consciousness (spirit) evolves, just as does the matter of life.  Even inert matter has consciousness.  Learn to listen to rocks.  They are very wise.

The imagination cannot be contained by the laws human beings fancy controls our existence.  Through eons, millenia, centuries, ... the human being slowly sheds the life of quiet desperation, under the foot of kings and queens and popes.  The Constitution of the US of A is written, and The Republic is birthed.  The source of law-creation is no longer to be the dominance game of wealth and power. 
The individual citizen is declared sovereign.

In the US of A trust given by the Citizens to their political servants is violated, and the Republic is being Betrayed.  To the Arts-anarchist this is no problem.  “Manure on the Field of Bodhi”.  Whatever the later fate of the tech/communication/computer revolution is - each and every person at this time has their own

Magic Lantern


 - a gate to all the knowledge of all the ages.   Genius coughs up a tool.  Will we have the wisdom to find the right use?

LeGuin’s: The Dispossessed, is an imaginative study of human nature, and our relationship to the forces of social order.  Instead of arguments, this work unveils its themes in picture stories, including the basic fictional conceit.  It calls itself: an ambiguous utopia.  We live into the novel; and, over time illumination fills the mind with the primal social questions as are revealed in the dramas of an individual life. 

Two worlds are proposed.  One earthlike (Urras), the other - that earth’s unusually large moon (Anarres) - has an atmosphere, and supports various kinds of life.   Those in rebellion against the over-social-control of the individual, stop a civil war by accepting exile to Anarres.  Hundreds of thousands immigrate.  This event is 200 plus years before the start of the novel. 

For over 200 years Anarres has been incubating human beings whose core principle of social life is the complete autonomy of the individual - children are raised to remain in tune with their own natural tendency to anarchy.  The rebellious are called Odonians, after their main philosophical thinker, a woman named Odo
(LG's Own Song).  Her art was to reinvent language and create the words&grammar needed for expression of the underlying principles of the relationships of individuals to other individuals. 

The novel is suggesting that we too - residents of the less imaginative spheres - are prisoners of our languages, as well as the requirements of social form.  Simple sentences are rich with observations:

The main character, Shevek, is leaving Anarres to go to Urras, as part of his own scientific pursuits.  The Odonians have acquired some very interesting ways of seeing/meaning (ideas) concerning the sexual aspects of life, and Shevek observes that many the objects he sees and touches on the spaceship, which brings him to Urras, have curves like the female body.  Of course, ... just like our own modern world. 

An Odonian would consider such an object non-functional.  But then Odonians have spent the last two centuries on a world of little drinkable water, and limited food sources.   Something non-functional costs lives.

Ursula K. Le Guin is one of the wisest creators of modern literature.  Writing in the alleged genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which the elites in the old written arts  have failed to appreciate, the powers of Le Guinn’s mind gifts us with so much, through lectures and books.

group of potential American-Arts-Anarchists might enjoy sharing/readingoutloud the potent modern conceptual music in the novel: The Dispossessed.  We the People own the primal lawmaking power - the Constitution is ours, yet are ruled by a vain oligarchy that views us as prey.   Toward what star will we steer our Ship of State so as to lift it free of the Swamp of Lies?

Anarchists on Anarres do not own anything personal.  To own is not to share, and a main insult is to call someone a “propertarian”. These folk then, have chosen to become voluntarily "dispossessed"

Wealth&Power loath the truth, in fiction and in reality.  Shall we show them some here and now America-truth?  How?  What?  Who the fuck cares -
an arts-anarchist places no boundaries on their personal creative imagination.

Consent, you’re sane; Demure, you’re straightway dangerous And handled with a chain.”  Emily Dickenson

Raven, Coyote, and Loki walk into a bar to discuss how a low-caste member of their trickster folk-tribe  got permission
from the f'n Big/Picture Idiots, to incarnate and mess with folk-folks, a genius obviously, although he is more cold than
warmth and light ... these days, when self love reaches this level, it shows might, but little wisdom,
irritating smoke and mirrors is after all the best a trickster can do, anyway, being otherwise
bored silly/goofy .... so, poo, dry tears please for
now anyone is allowed to play, and ... well ... "so it goes" means


Canto Three

Law and Spirit: the Arts of Anarchy

Control - social control:::

" ... there is no true self government, in a political sense,
if there is not an equal proportion of self-governing
by the individual, of whatever~!~self, in a moral sense."


Governments tend to need to control human beings.  In a sense, when the Founders of the Republic finished the Constitution, their conception was that the forming of our form of government had one basic goal -
the granting of limited powers to the central government, which was tasked quite expressly: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The Founders did not want there to be political parties, for their experiences up to that time had revealed the inherent follies of such an approach.  We now live in the Trump-disaster, which was created by the political parties, who have basically failed in all senses to have established justice, or domestic tranquility.

Instead, the political Parties systematically lied, fought over power, committed crimes to gain control - everything but take care of the real needs of the Citizens.  Some details are here: “Uncommon Sense: the Degeneration, and the Redemption, of political life in America

The basic Arts of Anarchy concern how to be liberated in spite of the efforts of Wealth&Power to control:  Woodstock:  Joni Mitchell.

Existence is meant to be lived slow. 

every day at 6 a.m. life starts all over again.  no hurry, tho'

The Trump-disaster is a blessing, because the underlying Spirit of America is in rebellion against the power of politicians.  Real historical change does not occur overnight, and healing the ravages of Party Politics first requires that the Parties be forced by divine circumstance to enter failure-mode.  Dis-array benefits future potential, because the connections that maintain power among elites are failing.

The arts-anarchist appreciates that his/her enemy is not one’s fellow Citizens Yet, the political Parties have been so busy for many generations, we take for granted that there is a reality to all the Ways We the People have been divided against each other.   Liberals, for example, caught off balance by events they did not understand, blamed those who voted for Trump.

In this sense Liberals were not well led by either Clinton or Sanders, and their own Party: the Democrats.  The Parties have always favored their own interests in Wealth&Power over the needs of the People.  As the Parties strive to recover from the Trump-disaster, among themselves they flounder and fight.  The Senate and the Congress are seemingly controlled by the Republican Party, but they have become factious in the extreme. 

When the Tea Party candidates took office, they no longer accepted Party leadership, and although not in name, we now have effectively a form of government split into multiple small factions.  Ideologies triumph over the search for real solutions, and the former grid lock that came with the Republican leadership’s refusal to support Obama, now has broken down into a complete inability of the no longer viable Republican Party to actually produce legislation.

Ray Charles: America the Beautiful:

Gridlock has become chaos, which is more and more lost in suits, and counter-suits, mistrust and infighting, and flying accusations and subpoenas.  Trump’s possible ability to appoint another conservative justice, worrisome for many, is actually just more chaos.  The Court really is not a cohesive Republican or conservative operation.  Justices are not predictable, and have views of the Law and the Constitution that have a great deal of reasonable depth and value.

It is a meme of the flailing Democrats, that the Republicans are all bad people.  Meanwhile the Citizens are being forced by divine circumstance to face the perception of divisions, and rediscover our common peril.

wonderful Rock version of Star Spangeled Banner:
Jimi Hendrix - "blows up" the same, at Woodstock:

This New Story, of the What-Is-Coming, is not found where major Media plays its infotainment games, but out there in the jungles of Facebook and Google and Twitter and Reddit where each person is sovereign, and possess their own personal role in painting social media with arts-anarchist.

Yes, there is a war on over Net Neutrality, transparency, ... over commercialization, ... but for all that drama, ..., for all the pains in the ass's, Fubars&Such, I can still mostly write what I want, upload the pictures that I want, and connect/interconnect/and dance
Internet: ~!~!~!~!~!~!~ 

America is aging in certain circles, and being reborn in others.  The personal is the political, and all politics, even for anarchists, is local.  Think for yourself, and disobey as much as possible.  Don’t follow anyone.  Be a politically sovereign individual - that is your spiritual legacy from the Founders.  All of Them ...


meanwhile back with the "Dispossessd" ...

Shevek, on arriving at Urras, is housed on a major university campus, while various factions try to pry from his mind, the mathematics he has created: Which combines a physics of the Now (i.e. the simultaneous), with a physics rooted in Liner time (i.e. the sequential).  Along with his rooms on the campus came a servant.  The rooms were so huge, Shevek wondered if he was to have roommates, having been raised in the sharing required by always living in dormitories. 

On Urras he did not acquire roommates, but rather a servant.  There is a beautiful scene where Shevek tries to explain to this “servant”, that he (Shevek) does not know how to give orders.  Nobody on Anarres gives orders to anyone else. 

“The Dispossessed” is full of wonders.  Buy it!


Canto Four

Scale.  Perspective.  Idealism.  Think globally, act locally, means understand how the world works, but apply that understanding right into the closest aspects of your life.

We can’t fix Putin.  He’s a bogeyman, and not human.  NOT!  Whenever our political thinking strongly dislikes someone, or some group, the highest likelihood is that we are being totally clueless.  Seems an old tale, but when you judge, you only see the judgment - something you made in your own mind (the Beam).  Trump can be understood, but only if you consciously choose to respect his skills.  He won, and yes They lost, but divine circumstance seems, in its basic operating principles, to appear to tolerate much chaos.

If you do not think Earth Existence comes with considerable divine order, then you won’t get what’s going on. 
If you are a sovereign individual, so must every other human be.


Putin has karma, just as does ISIS and all “terrorists”, corporate leaders, lawyers, thieves, rock stars, and perhaps even our pets.  From the ‘60‘s: “my karma just ran over your dogma”.   All the same, public figures choose to be open to criticism.  If you make a big display of SELF, there will be consequences, many predictable.

Major Media treats our existence as actually describable, when it is not.  For every home reported as burned to the ground on local TV, 33,213 homes did not even have a power outage.  For every idiot the News gets to interview to make a point - this person or that person = everyone the News uses - tens of thousands of people don’t think the same, and many others don’t even care.

After much worry and years of wishing the world was otherwise than it obviously was, I gave up, surrendered to Life, and tried to work out what it/he/she was actually teaching me.  Basic point, that shows up over and over again:
Take care of what is in front of me, and leave the Big Picture to the Big Picture folks - the Gods and Goddesses being far wiser than I will ever even hope to become.

All the same, all humans shaman - we make the medicine by which we live and see and act in the world.  The arts-anarchist also knows wizardry, under many various names:
From  <oh-boy that Arcata Train-wreck Sativa is very effective in helping me figure out what to really bother with and care about>; To <if you want a friend, be a friend>.  

The basic laws, which the Founders accepted and hoped to count upon, are not written down.  They are social-laws, and we create/regenerate them in every action/thought we take - 24/7.  An example, especially true for modern individuals, wherever possible:
<work hard; play by the rules; and mind your own business>.

Whenever anyone argues that a recent action of theirs was “perfectly legal”, it is the above social laws that are being ignored and/or violated.  These social laws - which are the
Spirit of the Law, are higher than the Letter of the Law, and it is from our individual higher sovereign Spirit nature that the power came by which we Temporarily granted parts of it away, given the Scale of many of our needs.

What we gave, we can take back.  The Citizen is the Sovereign.

Some details on the “shaman” question can be found here: “Americans, ... among the Lost - notes from inner-space, ... the true Final Frontier”


Let us return to Le Guin’s The Dispossessed: the first two paragraphs:

There was a wall.  It did not look important.  It was built of uncut rocks roughly mortared.  An adult could look right over it, and even a child could climb it.  Where it crossed the roadway, instead of having a gate it degenerated into mere geometry, a line, an idea of a boundary.  But the idea was real.  It was important. For seven generations there had been nothing in the world more important than that wall.

“Like all walls it was ambiguous, two-faced.  What was inside it and what was outside it depended upon which side of it you were on.

What side of which walls, do you dear reader occupy today?  Arts-anarchist, in normal social interchanges, can be less habitual and instead more creative.  Walls of social separation can be bridged.  A mild intoxicant is helpful for those of us who are shy. 

A tale from my life:  I went to get my monthly (sometimes weekly) blood test for my anti-coagulation factors (taking rat poison to thin my blood - to treat A-fib).  I was what I like today to call: Toasted - relaxed, poetic of speech/thought, and delighted by the ordinary.  Each day begins by getting high - now a new career.

Most of those at the clinic are elders, and I came in, using a cane, to a room with several us needing to stand.  A chair opened up and the late middle-aged woman who was next in line, offered me the seat.  I declined.  She insisted.  We were being over-heard.  I decline again, and when she started to insist once more I raised a palm, slightly, to suggest pause, and then spoke - not loudly, but the room was small: “Thank you sweet lady, but were my mother to see me accept, I would be in a lot of trouble.”  This brought laughter, and most amazingly, while the two of us bantered, another lady, a bit younger but broader of beam, took the seat.

Social Convention has room for much creative anarchy.  A joke warms, and draws folk closer, while whiny/anger lends coldness, and furthers separation.  The social proliferation of steel magnolias (see The Good Wife TV Show) features fierce warrior-women, the hallmark of no more shit tolerated/allowed, as The Grandmother War heats up.  Walls go up, walls go down.  Walls get exploded. 
The social is the perfect canvas for the arts-anarchist.

Canto Five


The artistic anarchy of all the gods and goddesses, including all human beings, squirrels, trees, viruses, and rocks - all my relations - weaves an odd symphony of unpredictable impossibleness

Global Warming is generated by emotional and/or psychic powers, interconnected via Spirit through a matrix of laws naive science doesn’t yet know.  All physical processes are the end result of the actions of Beings, many of which are not visible ... at least to the i/eye of those trained to read words, instead of the what-is.  Mother Earth can self-regulate the sphere of life, if it gets too hot, ... She just farts some volcano dust, and the albedo of the atmosphere changes, leading to cooling.  It is known that it happens, what's not known is that it is purposeful activity.

Help can be found here:  “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”:

Cause and Effect is simply not imaginative enough, as an Idea, especially the more abstract it gets, such as in mathematics.  Only the poet sees the true causes and effects.   Titans and Furies, and a whole mockery of jokers hiding in woodpiles - the world is “Demon Haunted”, just as Carl Sagan feared.

Meanwhile the world gets more and more dangerous (apparently), as mad men with powers proliferate. 
 What the f’ are the gods and goddesses, and all my relations, up to?

The Tale the Media Tells is False, yet a kind of religion for many.  Who regularly watches the evening news, or 60 Minutes?  Many of us get to design our factoid inputs - social media is/has replacing major media.   We get to create
Our Own Bubble, and most people live lives far quieter than those the News sensationalizes.

Terrible events haunt us all - lurid to picture, and fearful in anticipation.  Are we willing to trust the divine mystery with the direction and workings of the whole?

 The arts-anarchist recognizes his personal bubble. 

LG Again: Even in The Dispossessed, the life on the Moon/Anarres still sees social-power aggregate, in spite of individual freedom.  Confronted by a individual, who has acquired some social position by default and cleverness, Shevek listens to a mind making up stuff, in order to refuse Shevek that for which he must ask.  Read carefully - it reminded me of bosses giving me a job review, and then saying no to a salary up-tick, simply for reasons of dominance - just because they could.

“What worked against you was a combination of things.  The abstruse, irrelevant nature of the research you’ve done these last several years.  Plus a certain feeling, not necessarily justified, but existing among many student and teaching members of the Institute, that both your teaching and your behavior reflect a certain disaffection, a degree of privatism, of nonalturism.  This was spoken of in meeting.  I spoke for you, of course.  But I’m only one syndic among many.”

“Since when was altruism an Odonian virtue?”  Shevek said.  “Well, never mind. I see what you mean.”

It makes a great deal of difference whether or not we recognize the divine order in the world, free of the take that religions requires.  We can be entirely scientific in understanding: “The Art of God: an actual theory of everything”.  <That is a
social science text based on spiritual perception of how reality actually works.  It walks the reader through the maze of scientific error, directly to who/what it is that is an actual human being, via our individual paths and lives.

I'm a book, you're a book, tell a story, be a story, memory is not meant to be exact,
only soft and dreamlike, which is why ganja is medicine for souls
i'nI beholdening

"We Dream America
We Sing Her Darkness and Her Light
We Dream America, and
America Dreams Us"

out of many: 0ne .... government of the people, by the people, for the people

slowing down is an art, try it

Mother Earth is working very Hard For Us, not really being as WEAK as
those who, dis-enchant the world of consciousness and will,
while claiming to own it,and ruin it at their Will.  A Vain Fancy -
 Whole lot of folk been abusing the
coolest Gift - the Ever Bountiful Harvest
makes for karma for all, where
do you think drill Sargents
get their Moxy, at being
Not 0ur Mother.

Still the G&G'suses
set themselves and us free as birds
a rather amazing promise
which sadly requires
some occasional
labor -
being as when the End of all Ends comes, we be a bit prepared

All the same, no one reading this should actually do any thing other than read it. 
Or Not. This i'nI Read a few thousand books, followed some curious paths, and everybody is apparently presently immortal-dancing in matter (I've seen no evidence otherwise, all tho' Ideas like: The Last Judgment can bother us.  The Traveler VT tells that Tale thus:
a) we have to face all our shit, from all our incarnations,
WE then get to decide, Either an eternity in hell's fires, Or forgiving the whole creation - including yourself - you know part of the weight of wanting to come back all the time is that the existence in Matter is such a Hoot - exactly right the metaphor Cosmic Virtual Reality, its just that when the player dies, oBoY!  Much unexpectedness between death and a new life, although Rudolf Steiner investigated it as carefully as he was able.

We decide - neither gods, goddesses or those who want to rule get to tell us what to do.  Of course, we can obey, if we choose.  Our freedom is a coin, that can be well spent if we awake to our potential as an arts-anarchist.  Yes - there are no rules except gravity, levity, sorrow, pain, laughter, singing, and keeping each other company as the Hopi Prophecy Day of Purification (the same as the Christian Third Millennium), unfolds its trials and treasures in each human heart.

Who are you going to decide to be?

Canto Six

Law and Spirit and Property - an arts-anarchist play-dough ...

Things.  When Shevek first meets his nemesis - the unofficial leading bureaucrat of Shevek’s physics syndic (who dressed our hero down in the Canto5, by saying Shevek failed to live up to a faked up Odonian virtue of altruism, ... at this first meeting, Shevek has a hard time understanding this unofficial/official’s office.  It is full of things.  We are collectors, ... I once wrote, something on the order of:

I Have too much
It makes no difference be they
things or ideas,
they are all stones ...
I will then Have nothing ...

Yet - I am surrounded by stuff, including my avatar body, this being a cosmically/comicley virtual reality - this fall into matter journey.  The Earth was made attractive for a purpose, which only purpose is Beauty, while the Rest is Up to Us.

It matters to me,
for Matter to be,
and that I,
to Matter,
do matter

LG Again: Most people’s rooms on Anarres have few things - material objects.  No clutter, for among the Dispossessed, possessing more than what one needs is to be a propertarian.  The bureaucrat in a world that abhors bureaucrats seems to have a room full of stuff others surely need and can use, but somehow or another stuff flows into that office but does not flow through.

Somehow “occupations of space” (Shevek’s wife’s name for her hanging mobiles), have meaning - they tell a story.  What stories do our personal collection of things tell about us?

Of course, my own rooms will not only not meet that standard, but as a member of the People of Plenty (Americans), most people I know have their own dragon’s hoard.

I wrote a poem, a later revision, of a forgegotton earlier trip there>:

We have too much
If we are not careful
things will possesses us

if they are lost
so are we
and we drag them
everywhere we move.

it makes no difference
be these things, or ideas
they can all be stones

so ... we will Have nothing
thus, the “dispossessed” become truly free

an essay on property, which itself is part of other essays: “the Word, the Idea of Property, and the Creation of a True American Culture”

Red Kachina one kachina two kachina three
Blue Kachina nine kachina eight kachina free

Moontrap Target Earth: trailer
Moontrap Target Earth: a visionary artist's remarkable whatthefuck'n-ever: a detailed reflection.

So many dreamers ... so many Ways to see ... in visions color contrasts sometimes suggest fundamentals: red = will; blue = life of feeling.  Seers worry over the

Moon ... ~!~!~!-
SPACE 1999  blasts the Moon out of orbit, ... Red Kachina/Blue Kachina moon dance, bringing back the haunting of the world by the Fey and Faerie. 

The Mother brings a party/festival/mystery, with ceremony, and many many many forgotten friends.  Nature sees us better, than we see Nature.  Unnatural Science is failing/falling away.  Gates are being opened everywhere/when, hearts are filled with wonder&amazement. 

On a macro social scale, the U.S. Constitution is fine.  But that law is only a skeleton on which we hang the living body social. Save the own positive and exuberant cheerleader, and save the world.   There is nothing wrong with America,

                                                                                      She’s hip hoping right along

having been gods&goddesses-sent/crowned with a fool to ruin party politics.  Liar, Liar, Hair on Fire - the fool/tool.  Boys with toys are falling flat on their faces all over, and it is the Age for girls with causes to wrestle and tame the social dragons ...  The Mother is more than back - She’s kicking Ass.

How we treat each other
IS as a matter of fact, outside of the letter of the law, becomes the living higher law - such as work hard, play by the rules and mind your own business.  That core reality  has been kept at bay, by those excessive owners and thieves of anything not tied down, and their tame political chorus of liars.  Getting along is a lot less work than not getting along/alone.

In the US of A, the fool/tool wrecked the Parties, and in the evolving chaos women are rushing in.   “
Women Move, World Improves” Gail Collins, NYT July 6, 2017.

In the Dispossessed, the changes in language come from the genius of a single woman: Odo.  Can’t imagine what a few million angry arts-anarchist’s women might be getting up to, which is guaranteed not to make the daily snooze news.  America is in seriously good hands, many of which are invisible, and therefore all the more effective.  
We dream America.  We sing Her shadow and Her light.  We dream America, and America dreams us

Canto Seven


the one you write yourself