The Fermi Paradox (1)

The basic question the Paradox asks, is given that there are billions upon billions upon billions of stars and planets, how come no one is saying hello, or: “Where are they?”.  There are more than a dozen hypotheses about why they are not saying hello, but that we have not yet “heard” anything seems well documented.

Movies are made about first contact scenarios, and about us being invaded and conquered.  Lots of guesses  and fantasies.  What seems not to be asked is whether natural science makes an erroneous assumption about all this, that keeps us from asking the right questions. 

This assumption can be identified, and it is basically that the Cosmos (the Starry Firmament) is a place of physical matter and events, just as is our life on the Earth.  This assumption has arisen in many ways, but basically comes down to this:  there is only matter, there is no spirit.  All our explanations for nature's mysteries are assumed to be solvable if we only better understand matter.  So “life” requires DNA (and related research on genetics).  The brain is the source of thinking and thought - that is the matter in the brain causes our inner experiences which we know to ourselves as “thinking”.

I have written extensively on these questions, from many directions: Electricity and the Spirit in Nature (2); I am not my brain, the map is not the territory (3); The Misconception of Cosmic Space as Appears in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy (4); and, The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything (5).

The resistance against the idea of “spirit” in nature is deep, for once it (the idea of spirit) gets in anywhere in modern materialistic natural science, the whole theoretical edifice comes crashing down.  This edifice requires that “spirit” be banished from all scientific thinking, and has become a kind of “taboo” and “heresy”, which can cause the scientist who goes there to become no longer able to practice. 

The Roman Catholic Church murdered early natural philosophers (such as Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1600), and today, under the aegis of the modern "church" of scientific materialism, they just become shunned.  See the material on TED talks regarding Rupert Sheldrake (6).

The existence of spirit is right in front of everyone.  You don’t have to go any further than undertaking an empirical investigation of your own mind, from the inside.  Details are found in my book: Sacramental Thinking (7).

Once we admit that the spiritual is a fact of reality, then the paradox is resolved, because it becomes clear that the Stellar World is not physical, and the intelligences living there have been communicating with humanity since forever.  Our means for knowing this individually is in our own mind.  These “intelligences” are connected to everything in existence, and can be “heard” in our own minds.  We just have to actually look, and the answer to “where are they” is resolved.