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The Art of God, an actual theory of everything. By Joel A Wendt

When I first visited America as a teenager I was astonished to be welcomed by the armed border guard with the words, Welcome to God’s own country.”

Every patriot (child of a land) knows that s/he comes from God’s own country, in my case Scotland, but generally we keep quiet about it at the borders…. Not so America.

This book is about the Idea of God’s Own Country and the author is American, he keeps quiet about little when his country is at stake.

I experience this book as audacious yet unashamedly homespun. That is not in any way a fault or a denigration, it is in the best traditions of the commonsense school and indeed, if I read the author right, he is saying that we all need to get homespinning. He is showing us the thinkers, ideas, biographical processes, inspirations, out of which it is possible to weave a cloth that keeps the soul warm in the cold material cosmic space that is the New Age of Materialism, now born of an actual Big Bang.

As long as the Big Bang is just a theory of a few cracked physicists, the rest of us could live with that. But at Los Alamos the Big Bang theory gained the power to fall from the skies and visit actual destruction of horrendous proportions on the earth.

What have the atom bomb and a theory about a Big Bang in a galaxyless galaxy far, far away to do with each other? That is what this author is trying to tell us. It matters how and what we think.

Of course the materialists will argue that the audacity is to think materialism..all living things, including self conscious beings, are just the product of a random Big Bang and fortuitous collision of chemical elements. That is not audacity but just weak scientific thinking. Nowhere in the history of science has life ever been observed emerging from the lifeless. At every moment, should we wish to do so, we can observe the lifeless emerge from life. That we cannot explain the process is the scientific challenge, but that it is an empirical experience is beyond doubt; life is primary, lifeless is secondary. Any one of us could take another and show him in the plant, animal, and human kingdoms a lifeless chemical corpse emerge from a living being. No one on the planet can take another and show him the reverse, a living being emerge from a chemical soup, pie, casserole or laboratory oven.

So why do we waste billions in resources trying to understand something that is not an empirical experience...namely that inert chemicals produce life? Well again that is what this author is trying to show us. It matters how we think.

So here’s the thing. In this book a countryman of God’s own country goes to the Temple of Materialism, enters and asks What is the purpose of this very, very expensive Temple?”

The answer is, “A Theory of Everything,”

Good,” he replies, “that is a worthy aim, just what I am looking for.”

The book comprises the various debates held in that Temple and the author’s ten pence worth,(which by the way is not a monetary value but a Manichean one) and indeed, the author emerges with a Theory of Everything...The Art of God.

It should be mandatory reading in every American High School in God’s Own Country.

The author asks us to keep a lot in mind..often.. but at least we can get it into our minds...as a layperson just try getting in mind what the high priests in the Temple of Unempirical Science, an associate Temple to the Temple of Materialism want you to keep in mind!

No, far better to have a homespun guide who has been there and can show us a few tricks, for ultimately, as the author knows, we are all going to be called individually on our Theory of Everything.

1/1/2012 E.A. MacKenzie.


The Esoteric Import of the book "The Art of God, an actual theory of everything" by Joel A Wendt,
for the School of Spiritual Science of RS.

This content is for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The author has the right to refuse to enter into discussion of this content except with members of the School of Spiritual Science of RS, or those she deems capable of contributing constructively to the matters discussed.

Dear Friends,

Please forgive me if I begin with a necessary preamble as there may be public readers of this content.


The Esoteric School of RS exists at the threshold Exoteric/Esoteric. The human being also exists, has his essential being, at this threshold.

The School does not exist on Earth, has no centre, either in Dornach or anywhere else. It has no earthly centre other than its existence in its members. It is “distributed “. That is to say, we can get a picture of the current form of existence of the School via this concept “distributed” as this concept appears in the book The Art of God.

Modern life, for all of us, is lived at the very least within the precincts of the Temple of Ahriman. That is to say, we are all participants in a Mystery Drama at the soul level. No one on earth is free of participation; no one living the modern life is outside the precincts of this Temple. Those living the Luddite (modern usage) life of course are free to think of themselves as living outside the Precincts and that this is virtuous, but this is just pedalling backwards whilst appearing to go forwards.

Michael requires us to live a modern life. One of Michael’s Archangelic manifestations is as the Archangel of Modern Life; it is an aspect of His Being as the Archai of current Times, the Time Spirit. In this capacity He works alongside the “young” American Folk Spirit and the Spirit of the English Language, and gives the cosmopolitan nature of the Times as a whole and America in particular. Thus His particular endeavour at this moment in the Consciousness Soul Epoch has to do with the Mysteries of the West which begin geo/physically/spiritually with the Etheric off the West Coast of Ireland and are upheld and guarded geo/historically/spiritually by the Mysteries of Hibernia.

The Mystery of the West is Ahriman, just as the Mystery of the East is Lucifer and the Mystery of the Centre is Christ.

The book The Art of God is inspired by the American Folk Spirit and its companion progressive Archangelic Beings. This “young” American Folk Spirit can be seen as the Angel spoken of in the Matthew Gospel who led the Holy Family back out of Egypt: the Angel who appeared to Joseph but is now newly risen to Archangelic rank. I myself followed this Archangel in its conversations with the Spirit of Esoteric Christianity, the former Celtic Folk Spirit, in the writing of Aesthetics of Economics and in Shepherds Fire where He reveals more of his Being. His many signs are there in American culture for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Ahriman too is working at the Archangelic level. RS met Ahriman at the border of his incarnating process through the Archai realm to that of the Archangelic realm. He met him in Nietzsche. Philosophy is perennial and is passed from Time Spirit to Time Spirit. This was Ahriman’s access to pass into the Moon sphere, the realm of earthly Time and immediate pre-earthly birth existence, which he could only do with the permission of Michael.

From the Archangelic realm he could INSPIRE Nietzsche in the last part of his life and philosophic production. By the time of Nietzsche’s madness Ahriman’s possession of Nietzsche’s soul was quite clearly visible to RS and also his possession of a portion of the Archangelic realm. Ahriman’s intent was to pass through the Angelic realm to bodily incarnation. The portion of the Archangelic realm that he was able to possess through Nietzsche and German Philosophy differed from the allotted cosmic place of the Ahrimanic Beings. It was a portion connected to human beings and to their creation of materialism i.e. not God-given but Man-given (gender specific)

His success with Nietzsche prompted an attempt to incarnate in the Centre within the German language where he would have appeared as the Double of Christ, that is to say, humanity would have experienced him as Christ whilst Sorat replaced Lucifer. To be more spiritually scientifically precise, Ahriman, Lucifer’s karma, tried to free himself from Lucifer and hence from Christ, the Lord of Karma, and incarnate as a pseudo Lukan child. He would have possessed extraordinary magical powers so that it would have been virtually impossible for any majority to have distinguished him clearly and, given that the Theosophical Society was confused on this issue of The Second Coming, very great danger for humanity was in process. This attempt in the Centre was prevented by RS incarnating Anthroposophy into the German language through the German language Archangel and Michael, the Time Spirit.

RS fought tirelessly to awaken humanity so that it would be prepared for the incarnation to which Ahriman has a right. But Ahriman does not know what a right is. Humanity barely knew, as women had no full and universal international suffrage in the west until the 1950’s. There was insufficient Christ consciousness of the required degree during the early 20th c and the Anthroposophical Society had also failed.

Instead we had Hitler, whom many experienced as the “Saviour of Germany”, in the Centre, Franco in the South in Spain, Mussolini in the East in Italy and Stalin in the North in Russia. In Occult Britain many of the upper classes experienced all but Stalin as “Saviours” of their respective countries and looked with envy at these political “saviours” who got the masses working and restored order.

From the Archangelic realm Ahriman conquered all but esoteric West, and threw up simulacra of himself in the socio/politico/economic life of Europe from where the conflagration of 2nd ww spread worldwide.

From the West he instead inspired, from the Archangelic realm, his own star, the Counter- Zarathustra Star.

This star appeared in actuality, as a mockery, as a double star in the East over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But it was the outrageously open occult indicator that his physical incarnation would occur after the appearance of his “Star in the East”, and a symbolic number of years after. So, within 12 years of his Star he would incarnate “into a circle of 12 years, 12 seasonal rounds” ie into earthly symbolic /actual time.

Since he had failed to conquer the world from the Centre, he would have to now work from the West, the only unconquered directional. Spiritual/cultural North, South, East and West (represented by RS. Marie Steiner. Ita Wegman and Elizabeth Vreede in this undertaking) had prevented his incarnation in “magical/religious/spiritual form” in the Cultural Centre; he would have to incarnate in politico/economic form, that is to say he would have to work from out the politico/economic spheres from the West since he was prevented from working as a Mystic from out the Centre.

He was then guided by his own “star”, which was not a star at all, but a black occult human sacrifice which first appeared in its” purity” over Los Alamos, without its bloody umbilical cord, its earthly reality. Again a mockery, this time of the virgin birth. His “star” led to America.

This view on the incarnation of Ahriman is arrived at from 2 completely independent points of view and 2 completely separate but karmically linked heart attacks. In other words, 2 death initiations in two separate individuals not in any communication with each other. The 3rd point of view, which enables Spiritual Scientific triangulation and thus locus, is that of Anthroposophia, whom RS clearly stated we should consider as a human being walking among us.

The work of this paper is the Spiritual Scientific confirmation of the work of the American Anthroposophical author Joel A Wendt.

In his book The Art of God he gives a clear picture of the current form of The School of Spiritual Science of RS for those with eyes to see and ears to hear; those capable of exercising the faculties of Imagination and Inspiration. He does this with his beautiful working of the concept DISTRIBUTED as both Imagination and Inspiration.

This is a further working of the concept of Distribution as it appears in Economics, then in the Economics Course given by RS, and then in the book Aesthetics of Economics where the Mercury function of Templar Banking is described. There the higher Banking, the higher Mercury function is to do with Spiritual Capital, the concept that Adam Smith gave birth to as descriptive of a people, particularly the children.

It is the Mercury forces that move and guide commerce. In the book The Art of God we have described the penetration of the Temple of Ahriman by Moral Mercury/Venus forces. The current world banking crisis is the result of the withdrawal of Alchemical Mercury, Moral Mercury stemming from the immoral Swiss banking (Centre) during 2nd ww. ( See Aesthetics of Economics and Shepherds Fire).

With the above content we can now outline the Soul Drama of the world at this point,

A. Ahriman has incarnated
B. He is now a human brother

C. He is known to only one man, his brotherly keeper, his Abel, for he enters our human world in the spheres of Cain and only his brother Abel has sought him out of the forces of the Consciousness Soul

D. He is the karma of the “young” American Folk Spirit, thus of all Americans

E. He is the karma of a world generation who are Spiritual Americans

F. He is the Karma of the West

G. He is the karma of Occult Britain and the English Language Archangel

H. He is the karma of the Consciousness Soul

I. He is the karma of Thinking

J. He is the karma of the Ego

K. Without him no “not I Christ in me”

Those of us who are members of the School of Spiritual Science of RS have a duty to be clear about the Times we live in.  We have also a collaborative duty, because Science is a collaborative activity.  However we have a still higher duty and that is to be clear about the nature of Spiritual Science and where it separates from Anthroposophy such that only Anthroposophia, the spiritual being, can accompany the Christian scientific esotericist on their quest for Truth.  This is made clear in Shepherds Fire and the paper Prerequisites for Spiritual Scientific Research in the Modern Life.

However, if none of this work, The Art of God, an Actual Theory of Everything and Aesthetics of Economics/Shepherds Fire (all 3 are companion works), is supported or wanted within the remaining exoteric essene manifestations of the Society, then the School of Spiritual Science of RS will proceed to a form even more difficult to observe than “distributed” and the remains of the Society will wither on the  stump.

Ex Deo Nascimur

In Christo Morimur

Per Spiritus Sanctus Revivisimus

Elizabeth Ancrum MacKenzie, Ephiphany 2012