To enter into a course of instruction in the various skills, crafts, and Arts underlying this work, see:  A Course of Platonist Studies in Anthroposophy***
(***a Path of Cognition - of the Rising of the Sun in the Mind)

Various writings that defy easy categorization

In the center of this picture, a grey apparition of stark leafless grace, lives the Grandmother Tree.
Here is Her story.

Consent: I - an individual human being - no longer Consent (changing the World, one human being at a time)

Introduction to a Spiritual Social Science (12 Parts, published over 12 weeks, beginning on November 15th, 2014)

after some short stories, how about a fairy tale: with links to other treasures

Biker Nuns: another short short

Frosty: another short one.

Yes, I am an alien from another planet: one more short short

A Message in a Bottle, found on the Dark Sands of the Seas of Morpheus. (written for and offered to, the sub-reddit mentioned in the piece)

Socially Radical Anthroposophy: a hosted by me website for the offerings of Anthroposophical Society Branch and Study Group members, who otherwise feel they do not have a voice for their own thoughts

Bubba helps at a mental hospital: one more short short

a Miracle for Fences: another short short

Albert, in fugue: another short story.

Tricks, ... dancing to a different drummer: a short short story.

Electricity and the Spirit in Nature: considerations of the present state of science in the light of a modern practical understanding of the nature of mind.

Fairy Works: some happenings outside our new home in Paxton, MA.

Philosophical Ruminations - my latest video work, begun just after Easter, 2013.

The Global Mind - the potential of social networks re-examined.

This website is basically always under  construction.  It also contains a great deal of material  that has not been carefully edited, and which therefore contains errors of grammer and spelling. Why I tolerate this condition, in fact celebrate it, can be found by reading this story: the Zen potter.

Visit my video archives, where links to my current work on YouTube can be found.  These concern multiple themes of various kinds.    There are over a 240 videos presently there, which have received over 100,000 visits and earned almost 400 regular subscribers.   Here is the link to my YouTube Channel in which the same material is organized in a different way (perhaps more effectively)  

Principle Youtube Work (most popular by far, resulting in many questions):   On Becoming a Real Wizard

Silent Passage: a partial collection of the prose-poems of EarlyFire, aka: Harvey Bornfield (for which I am the editor).

American Phoenix: a now completed novel: politics, end times, scifi and magic combined.

Counting Coup - a Rainbow Warrior story -

the Pharaoh Foundation: an idea whose time has yet to come

Catherine MacCoun and her book: On Becoming an Alchemist: a guide for the modern magician (a sort of book review)

Catherine MacCoun on Rudolf Steiner's human limits: Work on What has been Spoiled.

Important material on money, from Richard Kotlarz:   Follow this link.

Introducing Stephen Clarke: Stephen hides his talent under a basket.  [Not any more - I now have some of his work on this website: look here] His research in the Mysteries of the Americas is quite unique, and various essays can also be found by joining the AllOurRelations discussion list at YahooGroups.  Once you have joined, then you can go to the files section where Stephen has hidden the essays maintained here, as well as a whole lot of other material. Here is a link to this discussion list.   Also, more modern, a special treat: Some Notes Toward a Resolution of the Dilemma - in reference to Paul V. O’Leary’s The Inner Life of the Earth, which is a discussion of certain erroneous thinking, common in the Anthroposophical Society, on the nature of Evil.

Introducing Chuck Greenwood: Chuck and I go way back, to Berkeley and the late 60's and on.   He retreated to the Mountains, and I stayed in the Cities.   We are both retired and he's finally got around to starting to write.  He has a lot to say, and here is a link to his first visit to the Internet via a web page (he's on Facebook, and just learning).  I'm hoping to help him build his own website or find a place in which to park his writing and advertise his wares.

Introducing Don Cruse: Don wrote a book: Evolution and the New Gnosis: Anti-establishment Essays on KnowledgeScience, Religion and Causal Logic.  It is a collection of essays and well worth owning and reading.  He was also an anthroposophist/inventer/philosopher - in a way, and a story teller, such that he tells the story of a "machine" that mixes things in an entirely new way.  Here are links to videos about him and the story of this machine.  There are three, for a total of about 30 minutes.     The complete film was called: "The Mysteries of Kinematic Inversion: The Old Man and the Oloid"  http:/  See also this website:  Only a few people could have told this very important "story".

David Wingroves remarkable essay on the Chinese Politburo: Nine Men.

Bioneers: Something unusual is going on out there, and these folks are a quite valuable nexus for it.  Imagine a regular early fall gathering, not too long after Michaelmas, in which the brightest and the best from the environmental movement and activist social movements (Civil Society) gather together and share their very best inspirations, as well as stories about their practices and actions.

Then there's the Moody this essay, Hymns to the Consciousness Soul, I introduce the some perhaps not well known deeper aspects to the work of these remarkable musical artists.

Seven Dates: erotica transcending an attempt to once more place Eros in its proper relation to other forms of Love, by encouraging couples to read this book together, so that they can, through conversation, increase their understanding of their shared intimacy. At present only the introduction and the essay in the appendix: The Redemption of Eros, can be found on my website,  ... I have decided that my ability (in the present) to write erotica is not artistic enough, so I have discontinued the full book for the time being.

Misery Loves Company - the Redemption of Eros:  Youtube videos:

Songs of a True White Brother of the Hopi Prophecy:  Youtube videos:

The Quiet Suffering of Nature: an essay on the need for the environmental movement to begin to regain communion with the Being of Nature, so as to know, not only what environmentalists want, but what Nature wants, as well.

The Idea of Mind: in the early 1990's I undertook to come to terms with certain ideas then beginning to circulate in the field of neurophysiology concerning the relationship between mind and brain chemistry. Since my own experience as a Christian meditator contradicted the leading ideas, which attributed mind to brain physiology, and nothing more, I wrote this essay as an effort to contribute to the ongoing work in the study of consciousness.

A Matter of Death: a short essay on the question of what is death.

On Becoming a Real Wizard - latest version of my understanding of the magical aspect of existence.

drawing by the author, done in the mid-1970's

At a certain stage in my biography, I discovered that magic was real.  I left that Path
around 1978 or '79, to take up my studies of Anthroposophy.
Here is a link to the writings from and about that time.

Faerie Works (2013)