Faerie Works

To the right, outside the picture, is the rear of our house, and my office overlooks this scene, albeit from a different angle (basically at 90 degrees).  When we moved in there was only one tree wound (stump), the one on the right.  An aborist recommended we retire (cut down) the neighboring 50 foot tree, whose wound (stump) is now on the left, because of the danger of limbs falling on the brand new roof from high winds, given the age of that tree.  We were reluctant to disturb the plant world's designs, but the danger was real, and had happened before at the previous home Linda had owned in Concord MA - large limbs from a great tree had fallen on the roof there.

When the aborist was finished retiring the tree he pointed out that from the wound he could tell the tree was dead on the inside and might have completely fallen sooner rather than later - not just the limbs that overhung the roof of the house, but the whole tree.

To honor the nature spirits of the place in which we were living, I placed the tall (about 8 inches) crystal on the new wound, which crystal rests upright on a naturally occurring hexagonal stone I found some years ago.  This had been in our home, near the door to my office, but now seemed to be needed to help focus earth-energies on the newest wound to these remarkable royalty of the plant world - the great trees.  To further honor the nature spirits of the place, I put the Hopi-stone on the older wound.  The Hopi-stone had also been just outside the door to my office.  Now both the crystal and the stone were on the wounds. 

On a recent morning (6/28/13), which was very foggy, I noticed, while looking out the office window, the large mushroom on the right, which had emerged quickly over a couple of nights, suggestive of the acceptance of our honoring acts by the Kingdom of Faerie.

As you can see, the whole scene is also under the gaze of the Buddha statue, tucked against a tree inside the bushes where the grass meets the forest edge.  If you look closely at the Buddha, you can see that the tree behind it seems to suggest energy rising from the Buddha's head upward - an interesting accidental (?) effect of the fog and the light.  This energy image also aligns with the crystal, again an accidental (?) effect on the image, which I did not notice until after the picture was taken, and I was writing these words.

At the base of the crystal can be seen a small orange feathery tuft, which was a bit of cloth the aborist found attached to the head of a very old nail he discovered in the tree when he retired it.  He left this nail on the wound when he and his crew finished their work, which is why I incorporated it in the composition of the crystal hexagonal motif that was place on the wound.

If you have Google Earth, you can put in our address: 6 Monticello Dr. Paxton MA 01612, and see the large forest at the rear and left of our home.

All of this lead to the work on the Faerie-World Terrarium

Our recently purchase home in Paxton, MA, included a terrarium - from the outside it looks like this:

and this:

from the inside it looks like this:

Inside the "terrarium" I began to construct some "models", intended to honor the Kingdom of Faerie, which I know to exist, but which I can't see with my senses - only with my awake thinking - a Kingdom that makes possible a great deal that happens in nature ... the models tend to be small, sometimes less that an inch high, while the plants (the "forest") go from just 3 or 4 inches to two feet or more with flowers on the top ...

the physical objects used are mostly "found", around the house, and perhaps enhanced a bit ... the physical objects are meant to be among the forest/plants as if they were in a giant forest ... there continue to be interesting "accidents": the small (about an inch tall) purple "bear" with a pack on his back, in the foreground, seems over looked by a snake-like or reptilian creature, which was actually found on a beach in SF after a huge winter storm that competely rearranged the coastline there ... not until this photograph did I ever "see" the "reptile" in that piece of driftwood ...

See also this, on the Grandmother Tree, where we lived before in Concord MA. http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/GrandmotherTree.html