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My video work is going to greatly expand over the next months, with multiple themes and story lines.  Since I have only one Channel on YouTube, those interested in different parts of my work will best find what they want by coming here, where a certain degree of organization is given to what might otherwise seem chaotic (because of the multiple themes etc.).

Below I've listed the name of the theme and a link to a list of the videos associated with that theme.  There is also a link to a more detailed commentary concerning that theme.  I apologize for any confusion in advance, but I am not an adept at the internet, so I am stuck with just being able to do very basic tasks, without all the bells and whistles someone more skilled might have provided.

I hope you will find something here that is useful to you.   The various themes are listed according to when they first appeared on my Channel (joel232001)

Caveat and warning: the first videos were made during a time of somewhat ill health, and also at a time when I was groping in the dark so to speak, seeking the best way to present my work and offer a viable service.  I tended to not show much enthusiasm, and to be often overly serious. 

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"there is no true self government, in a political sense, if there is not
an equal proportion of 'self-governing', by the individual of himself, in a moral sense"*

*from my essay: Song of the Grandfathers: Unconventional Wisdom (real
wealth) and the redemption of Social and Political Existence (civilization)

Older Themes (early experimental videos on listed themes)

the Songs of a True White Brother  (Material on the relationship between Anthroposophy and the Hopi Prophecy of the True White Brother)

the video blog of Joel A. Wendt social philosopher ... and occasional fool  (fundamental critical political commentary)

The Coming Metamorphosis of Christianity  (includes introductory material and links and lists of videos)

New Themes
the active link below leads to some introductory material, as well as a listing of the videos

Misery Loves Company: modern instruction in the Arts of Love (frank talks about sex and love and the sharing of life, in accord with the New Feminine Mysteries.)

In praise of the American Spirit (Dis-satisfied with current political leaders?  Get far better political advice, and ideas about what to do for local problems from thinking done in the company of others.  These talks are meant to be a stimulant for those who have the wisdom to forgo their own opinions through the process of seeking understanding via open-minded conversation.  When it comes to government, we are "We" the People, not "I".) 

Saving America from Ourselves:
Rants on politics by Joel A. Wendt, professional political curmudgeon.

On Becoming a Real Wizard   (the word "wizard" comes from old English contractions of wise head or wise heart.  A real wizard seeks wisdom, not powers, although the study of powers may be an element of the seeking for wisdom, depending on the karma and intentions of the seeker.  In this course the seeker will get more than they imagined possible.)

Real Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner taught something which he called: Anthroposophy.  He died in 1925, and only a few of those who should have followed him have understood his work.  This means that even though there is an Anthroposophical Society, it doesn't teach the true essence of what Steiner taught, but instead teaches what has to be called Steinerism, and sometimes a theory of Steiner's Spiritual Science.  If you want to get to the real thing, that's what is in these videos.  Not to say there is no good in that Society, just that they have lost all connection to the fundamentals which Steiner lived and taught, in particular that aspect which Steiner achieved by making Anthroposophy authentically scientific.  Just to be clear: I am here challenging the present leadership of the Anthroposophical Society, and asserting that they are failing in their jobs, and that I can and will do better.)

Proof of God  Recently various individuals of the New Atheists persuasion have been writing that there ought to be "proof" of God ... given the tendecy of the New Atheists to rely on materialistic science (all is matter, there is no spirit), it is odd to find them asserting that things be "proved".   This materialist science in a lot of cases offers evidence, but does not prove, rather it theorizes.   Obviously in the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, thermodynamices etc.) we can evoke mathematics with its particular rigor, and give the appearance of proof, but those who study the field of what might be called: the philosophy of science, know that we have first to establish a workable epistemology (theory of knowledge) first.   What I am saying, to be blunt, is that the demand for Proof among the New Atheists is a kind of immature and unsophisticated understanding of what science actually does, and these folks ought at the least strive to understand the system of thought (the paradigm) on which they so strongly rely.   These videos will address these and other issues.

Deconstructing Karl Rove: the father of lies  Our public life is greatly influenced today by lies.  The greatest presently living artist of the lie is Karl Rove.  Much that he has done and is doing is not able to be seen, because he is able (like Tolkien''s "'Wormtongue") to whisper in the ear of others, and shape their thought into that form he desires.   We can, however, see his fingerprints everywhere, because during his tenure as an advisor to Bush II we saw with more transparency his approach to matters political.  In these videos I will be taking two approaches: 1) I will read his op-ed pieces in the Wall Street Journal, and "deconstruct" them; and, 2) on occasion point out certain political events that bear the mark of his approach and genius.