yes, I am an alien from another planet

Of course you want proof, but how could I give proof?  Even better, why would I give proof?  I not here to prove to you anything.  I’m here to investigate violations of the intergalactic laws of transrationality.  I am an alien criminal investigator, and the people on this planet are too rational. 

This excess of rationality is the cause of most of your problems.  While the irrational has its place, it is the transrational that is the heart of matters.  This excess of rationality is also the prime barrier between human beings and contact with those beings living outside the material/physical  regions associated with the planet Earth.  Oddly enough, the cure for an excess of rationality is to increase ones relationship to religion and to art.  One of the signs of the excess of rationality is the cultural exclusion of art and religion in primary education.

The new-atheist movement is a symptom, as are this Age’s reliance on computers, and its belief in the delusion of artificial intelligence.

You demand your political leaders appear rational, and ignore that this appearance is just a mask, in a badly written play.  The president of the United States, Obama, is too much his intellect, and as a consequence unable to lead.  Only a few individuals have developed their souls in such a way as to include not just the intellect, but the heart (art) and the will (religion).  One of the main reasons the search for intelligent life in the universe fails, is because God is real, and all highly developed intelligence knows this.

What you think of as outer space is not what you believe it to be, in a physical material sense.  It is neither empty, or filled with even what you call dark matter.  Rather it is everywhere filled with intelligence.  Everywhere.  Can you even physically see the intelligence of your pets, much less the homeless man holding out his begging cup?  You physically see only surfaces, and yet know that you yourself - in your essence - are not that surface, not that physical body. 

Thoughts are not visible, are they?  Nor are feelings.  Yet, were we to ignore thoughts and feelings no human relationships would be possible.  How can you know the intelligences of the surrounding cosmos by assuming they will be like you?  Your deeper science fiction writers posit a transcendent consciousness as the expectable result of even the fantasy of full technological or social development.  The TV show Star Trek often had its characters meeting transcendent, invisible to the senses, kinds of intelligence. 

Hello.  You also posit metal telepathy, and other mind powers in these “science” fictions as the natural endowment of advanced evolution.  And, then you turn around and are amazed that no one who lives in outer space has called you up on a radio.  

The fact is that they are talking to you all the time, and you just are too dense, and too intellectual (no art, and no religion) to listen.  To make mattes worse, your own history is full of what you vainly call unprovable myths and other tales of conversations between human beings and gods and angels and even demons, and still you look to the heavens wondering where is the written down in words on a page of some imaginary encyclopedia intergallactica. 

Yet, there they are in all the recent and ancient religious texts - its all there.  The Gods speak to human beings all the time, but in your intellectual pride you refuse to listen, because ... because ... because they are not speaking to you the way your priests of science speak to each other.  Your new atheists want to know why God hasn’t come down from heaven and offered written philosophical and experimental proof of his or her existence.  Yet, its all there all the time, and you call it: Nature.

Why does God have to write a book?  Even the intellectual addiction has confounded many religious.  They too hold up a book and say this is the Word of God, and by the way, God is not to be allowed to speak to us in any other way.  Only in our book, and only in the way we want. 

How childish. 

Even primitive peoples, which you often call “aboriginal”, know that the divine speaks with crashing thunder, and growing flowers.  With bird songs, and the scat of mice.  The Seasons sing of the greatness of invisible being that stands behind all the Creation, but the human “intellect” loves itself more than it loves the truth.  This intellect says: I am the crown of the creation of the human being.  Not my heart, nor my conscience.  Only my intellect is to have the power to know and decree what is true.

This is not just unwise, it is a crime against your own human nature ... to mistake an isolated part for the glory of the whole.  In fact, the intellect does this to Nature too.  Since the 15th Century we have shattered Nature into pieces, and looking closer and closer at the smaller and smaller, decreed in advance that among the debris of our super collider experiments we would find God, as a particle, as a mere part of a whole so huge and wondrous that it does boggle the true mind and the true heart to hear such egotistical vanity.

Now has come the time for me to reveal just how alien I am, and from which planet I have come.

I am from the Earth you do not see, because the intellect blinds you with its self-proclaimed brilliance.  Not only that, I am an inseparable part of that Earth, and joined as well to the Cosmos of the Stars.  Nor I am truly an alien.  It is only the self-important intellect that alienates. 

I am like the shaman, that sees and knows.  Everywhere you look, your sisters and brothers are in rebellion against the tyranny of the cold and heartless intellect.  Why does the scientist, and the new atheist carry out flame-wars with the religious?  Because of a fear of the implications that if religion has even a part of the truth, then the whole edifice of contemporary intellectualized science is flawed to the core. 

After having won a long war with the Catholic Church, via the Enlightenment and the Reformation, the intellect needs to guard itself so as to sustain its want for freedom.  It sees religion, and rightly so, as having its own tyranny.  But the problem is not with religion ... its with the truth.  To be axiomatically against all the ideas in religious thought is to actually cease to be a scientist.  To the new atheist, the religious are alien.  The spiritually and psychically endowed are alien.  Everywhere in  world there are aliens among us.  Even the intellectually alienated are aliens to the reality of Earth Existence and the true conscious Being of Nature.

Welcome to the club.