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***The word wizard means wise heart or wise head  - a wizard is not someone who snaps his fingers, or waves a wand, and turns little children into toads, as helpful as that might be in certain situations.  A wizard is also unique to the spiritual wisdoms of the West, rather than the East.  People with considerable skills, crafts, and arts in the spiritual, in the East ,tend to be known as masters or gurus; and, mostly they teach how to get somewhere, whether its is enlightenment or satori. 

An eastern Master teaches a Path, and the goal of that eastern Path is to arrive at a certain condition or state of Being.


A western Master does not specifically teach a Path so much, but rather they add to human knowledge in one or another fields of inquiry.  They may report on their Way of Knowledge, but mostly that Way makes them  capable of having the skills, crafts, and arts necessary to add something to human knowledge. 
For example, the Works of Owen Barfield:                  

If you wonder about the author of these pages on the Internet, my "masterwork" (or "sign" of mastery) is this book: The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything, which successfully challenges the evolutionary and big-bang theories of materialistic science, and shows that a Theory of God is not only more true, but offers a far better explanation of human existence.  That book, however, has a girl friend as it were: The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount, which for some will be the place to start, with The Art of God being the place to end.

There is, with those two, a kind of balance suggested between the Son & the Mother, that needs to be understood, particularly as regards this work on the coming Future-Now's true ambiance:
Medicine Woman is Here

In point of fact, it might be far better to describe me ~!~ the writer of this material ~!~ as a Path~!~Walker.   I've walked several spiritual paths, not just one, for in truth they cover a lot of the same territory, and knowing the virtues and their differences can itself be quite helpful.

- Six Paths to the Spirit -
and to wisdom and knowledge of the ethereal* world -

*(also known as The Force, or the forces of the Four Directions - the "Meha" according to the Hopi)

the four directions

Each "Path" can be said (superficially) to lead in the same direction, or toward the same goal.  The crucial matter, to realize here, is that all "paths" have differences, and the study of these differences results in the learning of different skills. 
                                                                                                 stolen from Google Images       

Fool: Almost all "paths" require learning to be a "Fool", that is to trust the unknown future and to reach out and embrace it, while not knowing at all what will happen when we step off the "cliff", which "stepping off" into the unknown becomes a kind of regular practice in life.  And, by the way, I've walked them all, which is not exactly an easy thing to do.   Although, the path of the Fool is the most crucial, for it overcomes the natural gravitas of too much seriousness connected to pursuing spiritual "attainment".  As Christ is alleged to have said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew: 18:3.

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Wizard: a Magic path ... begins here: Lazy Bear's Wizardly Emporium and continues on the Internet in all those websites where the Magic Arts are discussed and elaborated ...  On this path we face the problem of "powers", its temptations and meanings.  Many people naturally have powers, and others will seek them, as our common meme as regards what a "wizard" is, is someone who has "powers" (which is not true, as above, so below, the true wizard seeks wisdom of heart and mind.

                                             our former backyard at River House, on the Assabet River at flood ...

Bodhisattva: a Buddhist path ... begins here: this and that; and continues with Catherine MacCoun and her book: On Becoming an Alchemist as well as all those places on the Internet and in America where Buddhist thought has penetrated and taken hold.  A Bodhisattva is someone who has reached that early stage of enlightenment where they can make the choice to have that particular incarnation be their last (thus leaving forever the cycle of birth and death), or to decide to wait the entrance into this condition (nirvana) to a time when all sentient beings will be enlightened.  To choose the latter path is to forgo Buddha-hood and remain a compassionate teacher (a Bodhisattva) who decides consciously  to remain, with others, in the cycles of births and deaths.

   self portrait 1975/Lazy Bear's Spirit Song           portrait of all of us, five years later, after some hard falling ...

Shaman: an Aboriginal path ... begins here with Stephen Clarke and includes this: The Mystery of the True White Brother while including all those efforts at reinvigorating various approaches to Shamanism, as well as the Goddess religions like Wicca.  A Shaman is not necessarily part of one or another tribal system of development, for to be a shaman is to study and experience how the human being finds a way to be integrated with all communities (the rock people, the green world, the winged, the four-legged, and the human), and be of service to these communities.  A true shaman is then able to commune with all communities of Nature in the widest sense (the ancestors, the Sky People, and the Earth Beings - who some "systems" call the Underworld or the land of Faerie).  See: Electricity and the Spirit in Nature; The Grandmother Tree, and:
"Americans, ... among the Lost - notes from inner-space, ... the true Final Frontier" confessions of a white American shaman.

St. Matthew, by Frans Hals
Disciple: a Christian path, represented as the archetype: the "shepherds" (and their flocks) in the Gospels ... begins here: the Way of the Fool, and New Wine, and continues in Saving the Catholic Religion from the Roman Church through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy, and Barack Obama and the reality of the anti-Christ spirit.  The disciple learns how to be "fishers" of men, and knows directly the experience described by John the Baptist this way [in Matthew 3:11]: Now I bathe you in the water to change hearts, but the one coming after me is stronger than me: Im not big enough to carry his shoes. He will bathe you in holy breath and fire.  The disciple practices Faith to the point where it is rewarded with the form of "initiation" described in the story of the Pentecost experience (described here:


Initiate: an Anthroposophical/Christian path, otherwise know by the archetype: the Kings, in the Gospels ... begins here: Living Thinking in Action and, Sacramental Thinking, for which this understanding provides some context: Saving Anthroposophy from the Anthroposophical Society and MovementAn initiate on this path eventually has a meeting with the lesser and greater guardians of the threshold (also described here :

the most important "books" to be studied, however, are:
the Book of Life (our own biography), and the Book of the Own Soul (our own mind)
(everything important will be found there, and all true wizardly actions will
arise only from work there)

study the geometry of the force,
the ethereal formative forces ...

"protective geometry"

an introductory essay on the idea of "the Force"
from the point of view of different paths to the spirit

"In It was Life, and the Life was the Light of the World"

We are going here to walk in a kind of complicated spiral around the idea of the Force or the Ethereal.

Most everyone has some sense of the ideas of George Lucas on the Force, as represented in his StarWars movies and television productions.  His views are not new, although many were surprised by these ideas.  Consider that everything can have a name ... it doesn't have to have a name, but it can.  Life or vital forces used to be discussed in Physics, and light and gravity etc. were at one time thought to be transmitted (like a wave in the water) via the existence of a luminous aether (including a vital force).

Most spiritual paths encounter this situation, from a variety of points of view.  I'll describe these briefly next, and leave to the reader of this any interest in pursuing details.

There is a Magic path taught through the books of Franz Bardon, and the links for introductory ideas can be found above.  There is also a large presence on the Internet of Bardon students and their works.   He teaches, among other things, knowledge of powers.  To master these powers requires a lot of exercises of a kind you won't see mentioned in StarWars movies or in Harry Potter books.  Real wizardly knowledge requires a lot of effort, and neither StarWars or Harry Potter is much awake to that reality.  Why should they, for they are works of fiction.

For example, Bardon teaches working with what he calls "the light".  One practices exercises where we learn to breath in and out "the light", and to condense it (concentrate) it, and put it into objects such as talismans or directly into a human body for healing.  The breathing exercise allows us to have a direct perceptual experience of this "light", through our "feelings".  "Trust your feelings" Luke is told in StarWars.  We can learn to "feel" the light and later can come to see it as well.

This light is not *color, which we'll come to hints concerning later.


Bardon either tells a big fib, or wants for some other reason to sow confusion, for there is a distinction about the light which he ignores.

If we consider "the light" (an older name for the ethereal) to be the same thing or similar to "the life force", we can find in the writings of the anonymous author of
Meditations on the Tarot: a journey into Christian Hermeticism a discussion of "force" in Arcanum Eleven.  The tarot symbol of Arcanum Eleven is of a woman holding open the jaws of a lion. 

In Arcanum Eleven a distinction is made between what its author calls: Bios and Zoe.  While this is a bit of an oversimplification, we could say that "the life force" has an upper aspect and a lower aspect, such that Bios is its lower aspect, and Zoe its upper.   Bios is more earthly in a sense, and Zoe more heavenly.  Bardon only teaches concerning the more earthly aspects of the light - its Bios aspects.  Exactly why, I am uncertain, while expecting mystery, ... such as this, from the Emerald Tablet - which begins:
The above from the below, and the below from the above - the work of the miracle of the One. And things have been from this primal substance through a single act. How wonderful is this work! It is the main (principle) of the world and is its maintainer. Its father is the sun and its mother the moon; ...

Buddhism hardly deals with this force or the ethereal at all (at least outwardly)  Zen Buddhism steps right past all this stuff, and goes straight at enlightenment.   Tibetan Buddhism will admit (when necessary for a student's development) the existence of these "manifestations", but mostly keeps it all secret, for the very existence of the possibilities of "powers" will awake in the student considerable unwanted desires, and since the goal is after all to move completely beyond desire, an involvement with powers is a big distraction.

Aboriginal paths well know these forces, calling them the Forces of the Four Directions, and recognize not just the existence of force itself (raw power or Bios) but as well qualitative emanations in the sense of the characteristics of influence (Zoe) that such forces imbue on existence, including the human being.  The author of Meditations relates this qualitative element of Zoe to the Holy Mother, and uses the term emollient to describe how it operates.   There is some esoteric history which suggests that Atlantis was lost because of the abuse of Bios powers and forces, and thus for a time knowledge of these powers (Bios) and qualities (Zoe) had to be keep secret from mankind.


In Christianity one really cannot make a "scientific" connection with Christ's healing miracles, without appreciating the Life Force on occasion, and there is a long tradition of healings being done by various Saints and preachers over the years.  Because of the possibility of fraud, the Catholic Church evolved its elaborate safeguards regarding sainthood, while in Protestantism healing fraud is quite common, and many people, whose troubles worry them, become easy prey for the unscrupulous.

Most of this stuff is unbelievable in a scientific age, which is why we have
"the Force" in StarWars as fiction, and the fantasy of different kinds or acts of magic in Harry Potter (while waving a wand and making funny noises).

This leaves us with Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.  Steiner, by the way, went to great pains to distinguish his observations of the ethereal from the older ideas of a vital or life force.  This attitude is quite justified.


Science has progressed to the point where it no longer just fools around with inorganic matter, making technical devices and spliting the atom.  Science now invades the realm of the biological or the living and organic, and is on the verge of being just as clumsy and stupid as it was when it created atomic bombs.   In the biological realm science is now altering the DNA of the food supply, with the same arrogant ignorance as when it made the bomb, and is by this means putting the whole life sphere of the planet at risk.

If mankind continues to believe all is matter&there is no spirit, ruin and destruction will fall upon us all as Life itself resists our treachery.  Already the signs are everywhere, and all the most ancient prophetic traditions (such as the Hopi Prophecy) predict this time of crisis.

Into this potential breach, t
he Divine Mystery itself has come, with knowledge unimaginable.  Beginning with Rudolf Steiner, and then following on with his students, all manner of basic knowledge of the true Force has been laid before humanity, if it has the wisdom to approach it in the right way.


Called various names by Rudolf Steiner, but mostly in this way:
the ethereal formative forces - these forces are shown to be sourced in the cosmic periphery, and are the opposite of the centric forces we know as gravity.  Not only has there been a whole science of the ethereal formative forces given out in lectures, but practical applications have been provided for medicine, education, natural science, agriculture and much else besides.

As formative forces, these ethereal powers give rise to all organic shape, and once understood this will enable us to finally step past the stumbling block in biology that causes such weird approaches to how matter, using only DNA chemistry, can give us form.

Even in inorganic matter, the balance of the gravity forces and the levity (ethereal) forces plays a role (see George Adams: Universal Forces in Mechanics).


Moreoever, these forces are shown to be the very forces by which human beings think.  In thinking human beings work directly with ethereal formative forces, and by their means shape thought in ways not before conceivable.  This is not all ...

Steiner, in his role as the John the Baptist figure of the true Second Coming has pointed out that in the cosmic field of the ethereal will now be found Christ, clothed in an angel-like spirit form, making Himself directly available to human contact.  Our thinking is the bridge by which individual human beings can now meet and experience this aspect of Christ during a Rite that has to be called: the Second Eucharist in the Ethereal.

What was a remarkable dream in the mind of George Lucas, exists in reality in ways even he could not imagine.

Just Keep in Mind that this term: "ethereal formative forces" is an aristotelian abstraction ... there being no abstract forces in Reality, only the will activity of Beings, as platonists know ...

Plato on the left, Aristotle on the right.  One gesturing earthward, the other heavenward.  Part of Raphael's The School of Athens.

Plato (and neo-plantonists) keeping to pagan lore, concerning elemental creatures of fire ~!~ (will) intellect ~@~ (air) water ~&~ (feeling) ~!~@~&~ earth (consciousness)
>>> the work of the miracle of the One >>> 

For understandable reasons Steiner had to present his work in a form as close as possible to the general understanding of the world held by modern educated people, which means a world filled with categories of abstractions ... aristotelianism running into a wall.   

Here are some introductory books (there are dozens more), mostly written out of the bridge being built from the aristotelianism of the modern world, to a New Paganism, in the sense of a real ceremonial reverence for the Mothers-may-i.  The return of the Moon Beings/forces into proper alignment with the Earth, will upset most religious, and most scientific, believers.  A good grounding for that transformation, which is to be the heart of the Third Millennium, can be found in studying the works below.  That's if one wants to keep the light of the enlightenment still shinning.  Otherwise, we go backwards, into vain sorceries and human sacrifices.

Man or Matter: Introduction to a Spiritual Understanding of Nature on the Basis of Goethe's Method of Training Observation and Thought, by Ernst Lehrs Ph. D. (were among much else, *color is described as the "deeds and suffering of light").
Physical and Ethereal Spaces, by George Adams
The Plant between Sun and Earth, George Adams and Olive Whicher
Projective Geometry: Creative Polarities in Space and Time
Living Thinking in Action, by Joel A. Wendt

by Rudolf Steiner:
Spiritual Science and Medicine
The Light Course
The Warmth Course

"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was toward God, and God was what the Word was.  It was with God, in the Beginning.  All things happened through it, and not one thing that has happened, has happened without it.  In it was Life and the Life was the Light of the World. Prologue to the Gospel of John.

At the same time, as all his other lecturing and writing was happening, Steiner was asked for and gave lectures to "the workmen", - laborers and craftsmen that do the heavy lifting of making this neo-pagan temple right in front of everyone in Europe, which of course was burned to the ground - physically, meanwhile the Idea Lives On ...


These workmen included wise people too, not just the high cultured and educated central Europeans.  But as a group, whose hands and limbs were tough with muscle and callus, they to wanted to know and asked questions, ... those very questions tell their own Tale. Imagine now a gathering in Switzerland, during WWI (picture on left is from 1914).  Out of harms way the Temple Builders, including a few Travelers, Mystics and Gypsies - folk who move around a lot - willing to live in tents and wagons, have wonderful skills, and only on occasion make trouble.

  realities and dreams, for sale, with some palm reading on the side
example of lectures given to the workmen

What did the workman&women make of Steiner's ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the original Goetheanum, out in the open air, and turning/moving ritualistically, along with speaking to the Four Directions, just as do those Aboriginal Americans do in their pipe ceremonies?


What fairy and fey folk danced along side all that effort and work in Switzerland, during WWI.  Who might be there that notices the little people, material and otherwise.  A temple such as this has not been seen for millennia.  But that's old-Europe, where a title still had status, and there were gents called Dr., ... even some women folks.  Frau's and Frauleins flitted about wearing veils wandering over the grassy hills, doing outdoors Eurythmy, as buildings rose, and burned and fell to ash, to return - spirit-stubborn against the darkest times, although no doubt many debts accrued for actions taken, ... or not taken.  Hard times in Central Europe, we American's cannot imagine ... some workers asking questions used the word: "masters" referentially describing their betters for whom they labored ...

Yet, it will only be on the American Continents,
that Steiner's works will bear their greatest fruits.

                                                                 frank chester's seven-sided platonic solid

After all ... over in America, we recall the European Invasion and failed attempted Genocide - over in the Americas, where/when we do serious Earth Medicine, it has names like Standing Rock, Occupy Wallstreet, and Levitate the Pentagon.

Magic is real, ... it is
a materialistic&fundamentalist science&religion that lives lives tragically bogus.  Everyone's a natural mystic floating in the air ... and all the perennial pogroms will never triumph over the music ...

which is what a human being is: living music ...

            modern prophecy rock       =              &    

the Mothers-may-i have never been gone, but were for a time eclipsed.
Now they are coming back, riding dragons

and everything is changing

[A practicing Wizard needs a workshop, or work spaces.  Here are some pictures from my personal work-spaces, with a few comments]

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 few final words on this element of true Wizardry... (from Lazy Bear's Wizardly Emporium - see link above)

A modern wizard has no need for powers, although the dream of powers is a common enough fantasy.  The Divine Mystery does not need for humans to have powers in this Age, although it does hope for certain forms of mastery.  Mastery of the Shadow in the Soul is one such power the Divine Mystery hopes for us to seek, and with that some Craft, perhaps even Art, in the use of the Gift of the Word.  These are hard enough goals for any human being, and while somewhat difficult, they are frequently more easy to attain than many might think, for the real question involves turning one's heart and mind in the right direction, honestly facing the right questions:  How do I learn Mastery of the Shadow in the Soul? and, How do I discover the Way to create with the Gift of the Word?

For example:

There is much hidden in obvious places in our lives.  We have, for example, a fascination with Dragons, and a modern Wizard is one who has learned that our true human spirit, when freed of its social and karmic encrustations, is a Dragon.  We are Dragon's on the deep inside, as Ursula LeGuin has shown through her use of the Gift of the Word, in her six novels placed in the fantasy world of Earthsea.  It was his Dragon that Gandolf revealed to Bilbo in the first Lord of the Rings movie, when Gandolf seems to grow larger and larger and loom over that oh so small Hobbit while he struggles with his Shadow.  It is our Dragon self that knows how to Master the Shadow, and who knows the nature of True Speech.  We are magical beings in essence, bits and pieces of the Divine Mystery - Dragons out of ancient lore, wise, deep, flying and fire breathing beings of great power and immortal hearts.  We have had to forget this for a time, in order to raise our Dragon Nature from mere instinct into conscious choice and action.  As someone said recently in the social activism movements: It is not our weaknesses we fear, but our power.

All the same, let us not forget the dark side of the force.  Here is a link to a collection of material that also exists in other places on the shadow.

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"Farewell", by Grzegorz Rutkowski