Philosophical Ruminations

introductions to the life of the mind, and its generative potentials
- video work begun just after Easter, 2013 -

where written material is available to support the video
there will be a link as an aspect of the title of the work

Canto One (three videos completed April 4th, 2013)

Philosophical Ruminations - canto one
more philosophical blah blah blah - enter at your own risk
you've gone this far, you might as well go all in - don't you think?

Canto Two (four videos completed April 13th, 2013)

Philosophical Ruminations - canto two:  some universal characteritics of mind: sleeping and waking; forgetting and remembering; madness and sanity; and, death and life.
Prisoners of the NOW: what does it mean to mind, to always experience everything in the present? Even memory of past events, or fantasies of the future - all experience is of the present ...
social chaos, news and stuff: How do we actually see the reality that tries to poke through the filters that make up how News is created?
irrationality, rationality, and transrationality: the mind has many courses and rivers, many streams and seasons, many colors and times, ... if we learn to be awake to all its moods, there lies a universe of wisdom ...

Canto Three (seven videos, where is read the middle (heart) aspect of my novel American Phoenix, completed May 3rd, 2013)

part one:
part two:
part three:
part four:
part five:
part six:
part seven:

Canto Four (some poems)

a poem - May Flowers, from April Showers:
another poem: the haunting:
more ... the World:
again: letter to President Obama #1:
the Mystery of Lust - in poetic form:

Canto Five (some short stories)

the Zen Potter
Counting Coup: a Rainbow Warrior Story
    part one:
    part two:
Bicycles: a Children's Christmas Story for Adults

Canto Six (an ongoing series: Poet Network News,which is also contained on my blog: Shapes in the Fire)

"movie review - Lincoln - a failed opportunity":
"everywhere is war":
"the real meaning of the Boston Marathon bombing":
"thinking the unthinkable":

Canto Seven (a reading of the book Economic and Social Rebellion)

Canto Eight (readings of the developing novel: "StrangeFire: the name of the first space traveling, self-aware, Cathedral")

Canto Nine (notes on the construction of a living spaceship, with a real AI - see the novel above for an imaginative presentation of this idea - these notes are the technical specifics on how to create such a ship  in physical  "reality")

Canto Ten - the slow development of the series of Courses under the title: the American School of Life-on-the-Earth Sciences (the meaning of human existence)