Stephen Clarke

up close and personal


Rudolf Steiner's Mexican Mysteries Re-imagined

I finally got Stephen to crawl out from under the basket where he has been hiding.  Here is some of his stuff (yes, its long, detailed, and takes some work, but if you want to penetrate deeper into the America Mysteries, can't do better than this).  These are big files by the way, so be prepared for them not to load fast.

American Chapters - Section I

Mythos, Undertow, & Destiny

Sorry can't do much more than hint - how about mesoamerica, the bomb, the divine feminine, mysteries of the underworld, close encounters and more.

American Chapters - Section II

Rudolf Steiner’s “Mexican Mysteries” Revisited

Lots of Rudolf Steiner's stuff on the Mexican Mysteries (appendix includes the full text), given a hearty dose of good old American "I'm from Missouri, show me" attitude, and then filled with the light of the West.

American Chapters - Section III

Annotated Bibliographies and Misc. Appendices

O'boy!  Discussion of images (like to have them but at this point don't). Stuff on R.J. Stewart, an essay from Patrick Dixon and lots more (including more books then you might be able to read in a lifetime.

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