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  Sunday, May 19, 2002

Food for Thought
You ever find yourself writing a weblog entry and you want to link to something, not a specific website but an idea. So you go search Google and copy and paste the top result, or maybe one further down if it seems more useful. I'm going to make a point to instead link to the google search results because its more likely that google will still be around in the future. I'm supprised theres not a quick Radio Macro like <%g("search term")%> to put a link to google in a post.

Well thats my (Nothing besides 'two cents' would return any useful search results, google didn't understand $0.2 or 2¢)
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Science of a Series Finale
Well The X-Files is officially over (for those on the east coast). Here's a blog about 2012. An interesting coincidence that I've noticed is quite a few people predict 2012 for the Singularity.
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Holy Reading List Batman
What's that I see on the right side of the screen? Is that a reading list written in the outliner? Here's the OPML and here's the macro!
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I'm refactoring my What I'm Reading list so that its pure OPML (not meant to be rendered straight to HTML) then I'm going to work on a macro for displaying it on the right side of this page.
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Blogroll'n In Outliner
Over on the left there is my blogroll plus other links written in a single outliner. This is my first attempt at any Radio scripting. I modified Dave's drawLeftLinks macro to allow for more than one level of links (2 to be exact). Here's the OPML for my blogroll and here's the modified macro.

Someone has probably already done this but it seemed like a good starting point for learning to script Radio.
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