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  Saturday, May 18, 2002

Googling My Way to Bed
At last count I used Google 70 times today. Mostly while blogging. This post also introduces titles to my posts and the Google-It! Macro.

I don't want to sound like a link whore but I feel pretty proud that I reached 180 page reads today for 23rd place and its only my 7th day of blogging. I guess that means I'm getting the hang of it? Of course sitting in front of the computer for nearly 12 hours and making 26 posts had nothing to di with it
11:58:37 PM    comment []  Google It!  

Bioware is going to be slashdotted for a while now that they just released a beta version of the toolkit for Neverwinter Nights
11:08:59 PM    comment []    

A little back and forth in an office regarding the donut acquisition rotation.
10:47:13 PM    comment []    

"Welcome to Caitlin's new web site! Once a week or so, Caitlin will sit down with Mommy or Daddy, and add information and pictures to this site." [Caitlin's Weblog]

Hey Caitlin. Welcome to the world of blogging!
10:35:22 PM    comment []    

Poor Sysadmin's Guide to Remote Linux Administration.
10:12:47 PM    comment []    

This periodic table would be wasted on me as it would just get covered and never see the light of day.
9:59:38 PM    comment []    

Wired: The Man Who Cracked The Code to Everything.

Its a bit long for a 10pm read but I skimmed it and it looks interesting and I'm glad I ordered his book from Amazon.
9:47:48 PM    comment []    

"Good idea - Adam Wendt is using his Radio Outliner to maintain his What I'm Reading list. If I had more than two categories in mine (read and someday-I'll-get-around-to-reading-these), I would do this, too. I am envious of his reading time!" [The Shifted Librarian]

I wish I had that much reading time also. Most of those books have been on my reading list for weeks if not months and the only one I'm making any headway through is Sword of Shannara. One of the reasons for the list is to help remind me which books I'm supposed to be reading
9:32:15 PM    comment []    

Galeon: The Bloggers Browser

But seriously, I could never blog with IE or Netscape, first of all is the problem of window clutter. In Secrets of a High Volume Blogger Scott makes a few good points:

"5. Lots of Browser Windows. I've been called "Lesser Demi God of Browser Windows" by co-workers (ok, it was more like "TOO MANY WINDOWS AGAIN SCOTT". For me keeping a lot of windows open at the same time (the Stories window, the New window, the Home window) is highly productive.
6. Make a Personal Home Page. One of the first things I did was make a personal home page with links to the Radio editing page, my Radio home page and a few other Radio places like UserLand Support, Russ's documentation."

With galeon you accomplish both of those in one window. Look here for an example.

See the 'tabs' above the website, those let you shift between unlimited web sites without having to go down to the bottom of the screen and back, a quick key-press will also do the job. Right above the tabs is your personal homepage, search boxes for google or any other website that has a search box. Next to those are links to any sites you use regularly.

Only thing its missing is a tab that is just for taking notes in, maybe an imbedded outliner.
9:23:22 PM    comment []    

Oooh someone else who blogs from New England:

" Right now, this minute, at the time stamp on this post, it is snowing! SNOWING!! May 18 and it is snowing. Just thought I'd share that." [adrants]
9:08:26 PM    comment []    

Nyaow!. Mommy almost poured water on my head, nyaow. I was at the sink trying to get a drink, nyaow. She tried to pour water into the tea kettle, nyaow. Can't a cat get a drink, nyaow? [Nyaow Log]

I'm sorry to hear about that willleshner, doesn't she provide you with a glass to drink out of? Or maybe you should petition her to get a spring water cooler. Those taste real good.
8:32:14 PM    comment []    

Jenny, thanks for the link to Rob's Amazing Poetry Generator

Heres a short but sweet poem about my weblog:

IBM servers. Just how they got there, and you find out what you have your weblog gets a use for Harlem is a horny 16 year old on IRC a shampoo bottle, I have fought for them as my shows 15 years ago, Now I get up for my Mac, dream Tools. for software engineering. None the license.

Or maybe this one:
Adam Agnostic Audiophile Smorgasborg I read something written on Amazon. a good Big Blue sets up sharply too. There is a record. Thanks to 27 A working prototypes. I already live show switched to keep you have him For what he ever been gracious to share these ideas are And cheerleaders made one little fib about wearing thongs.
5:19:57 PM    comment []    

TotD St Germain - Easy to Remember

"Here, at this final hour, in this quiet place. Harlem has come to bid farewell to one of its brightest hopes, extinguished now and gone from us forever. For Harlem is where he worked, and where he struggled, and fought. His home of homes, where his heart was and where his people are.

And it is therefor most fitting that we meet once again in Harlem, to share these last moments with him. For Harlem has ever been gracious to those who have loved her, have fought for her, and have defended her honor, even to the death. It is not in the memory of man that this beleaguered, unfortunate, but none the less proud community has found a braver, more galant young champion, than this young African American that lies before us.

Did you ever talk to brother Malcolm?
Did he ever touch you?
Did you have him smile at you?
Did you ever really listen to him?
Did he ever do a mean thing?
We must honor him for what he was and is, a prince, our black shining prince."
2:10:36 PM    comment []    

The most useful feature of my What I'm Reading list is that it reminds me what the hell I'm supposed to be reading.
1:13:56 PM    comment []    

Paolo is thinking about The New Economy "While trying to figure out what was something written on a shampoo bottle, I said "I would like to have google available now"."

I have already used google 25 times today, its only 12:40 and I didn't get up till nearly 10:30. At that rate by 10pm when I go to watch anime I would have used google over 100 times. Already up to 27 times just writing this post.

I guess that isn't directly related to the economy but still interesting. :)
12:37:12 PM    comment []    

First draft of my What I'm Reading list.

This is a perfect example of what you can do with the outliner. Once I read something a few key presses will move it to a new list of stuff read and I can add links to my review. Once something gets delivered from Amazon a few keys will categorize it in the reading list. I'm really starting to like the outliner.
12:26:57 PM    comment []    

I used to love killing people but I found that its the simple things in life which are really interesting.

I bought a PS2 last night and out of the three games I got, ICO is definatly the most fun. "Assume the role of Ico, a courageous young boy born with horns who has been delivered to a mysterious castle to be sacrificed so that, according to legend, the community will be saved. Attempt to escape the grounds and save a princess through a variety of mazes, brainteasers, and other puzzles."
11:19:14 AM    comment []    

Its snowing here but in the next town over its only raining. I feel sorry for them as they are having their Arts & Film Festival. Its really a fun event, its nice that even though its raining you could go to the theatre and watch the films.
11:00:12 AM    comment []    

DNA explained in computer science terms
10:51:04 AM    comment []    

Abercrombie & Fitch are selling thongs for young girls (10-16).

According to my personal research while being a horny 16 year old on IRC a couple of years ago, all the girls are already wearing thongs. A & F are just selling something there is already a market for. Or maybe all those girls who told me they had perfect bodies and were teen models and cheerleaders made one little fib about wearing thongs. :)
10:27:15 AM    comment []    

Its May 18th and its fucking snowing in southern New Hampshire, anyone still want to assert that the weather hasn't been totally fucked up by humans messing with nature?
10:15:59 AM    comment []    

Backlinks and Annotations. The basic idea of the web is one of movement. Most websites attempt to keep you on their site rather than help you to move around the web. They see themselves as the be all and end all of a surfers web experience. By using some simple tools - detailed near the end of this article - the web user can begin to control his, or her, web environment, and help to influence other web users in the process. []

More discussion on backlinking for Jenny.
12:07:47 AM    comment []    

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