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wizard, or fool, or both?

Civilization burns.  War, hate, disease, mistrust, egotism, racism, greed, and just plain stupidity seem to be active everywhere, destroying social order
and reducing our hopes and dreams to ashes.   Yet, strange patterns form in the
flames.  Weaving and dancing, human beings, and their communities,
live and die, move and change, grow and become.
  Meaning hovers over the seeming chaos, and with a careful attention to the most basic elements it
becomes possible
to discern the music that moves along side us - even the themes flowing out of the future .  On this site are the visions of a few
modern story tellers - students of the Mystery, sitting with us by their computer screens, the community
campfire of our electronic age.

For a summary or overview of my work, go here. If you want to skip past that to the first material on thinking, which includes
introductory links to the deeper valleys and caves of my thought, go there. For my video work go this way. 
For my bookstore wander that way.
   To enter into a course of instruction in the various skills, crafts,
and Arts underlying this work, see: 
A Course of Platonist Studies in Anthroposophy***
(***a Path of Cognition - of the Rising of the Sun in the Mind)


*fun video: to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire-