Here are some work-space pictures,
connected to my own practice...

the work-spaces are of two types:
the upper world space, where the usual higher hierarchies are honored - such as Christ, the Buddha etc.;
and the lower world space, or Underworld  (realm of Faerie) where the Holy Mother is the active ameliorating figure


in the upper world space, I keep track of supra-nature, as well as News, on the TV or via the Internet,
 and mostly work with books and my own creative writing ...





in the lower world space, I have to take account of sub-nature and the beings of the Underworld or the Realm of Faerie,
where I engage in the talismanic arts, or the crafts of "manufacture" and "electricity"




these arts occasionally create objects that want to live in raw nature ...


here are some links to essays and books that are relevant

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