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  Tuesday, June 18, 2002

The Power of Community
kuro5hin made an amazing $10,000 yesterday and another $10,000 today in donations (and text ads and subscriptions) but they still need more. Read why they are broke and about the fundraising drive.

I bought three text ads (see them here). So far the one for my blog has a 1.4% click through rate, while the one for AmphetaDesk has a cool 4% click through rate. Finally the ad for Raverporn has a 25% click through rate (its only been running for a few minutes, 12 impressions 3 clicks). I'll keep you up to date on the success of these ads. For anyone who wants some real cheap effective advertising I recommend getting one of these. (that means you Hugh Madison )
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Thanking Dave
Dave Winer's in the hospital this week. As a thank-you to Dave Winer for the software and the community he has created, I would like to pass around a hat to buy him a nice object of hacker lust -- a 10GB, 2,000-song iPod with engraving (around $550).

Rogers Cadenhead is accepting paypal donations. He already has $370, I just threw in $20 so if ya love Dave and have a few bucks to spare throw it in.
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Some More Online Fiction
Untitled (Grey Girl): A hauntingly beautiful short story.

Moon Age Daydream: A great cross between Scifi and Magik. It also has one of my all time favorite AI characters.

The author of Moon Age Daydream offers the first half for free and charges $10 for the rest, its well worth it and you can also see naked pictures of his ex-girlfriends. Well to tell you the truth when I first read it I just emailed him cause I didn't have any money and he gave me the second half for free in exchange for telling him what I thought
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