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  Wednesday, June 12, 2002

26,747 New RSS Feeds Available
Taking to heart what Paolo said yesterday about aggregators not just reading news I sat down and wrote some PHP to turn all 26k+ artists on discogs (the most comprehensive electronic music database) into RSS feeds.

You can use this page to find an artist, I've provided auto-subscription links for both Radio and AmphetaDesk users.

So when a new release is added to by an artist you are subscribed to it will show up in your aggregator. The next step is to tweak this a bit and allow you to subscribe to the 6,000+ record labels.
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Less Email == Good
Yahoo groups in your news aggregator.

Somehow I had totally missed this feature of Yahoo Groups. In the case that somebody else might have missed it too, if you submit:

to your aggregator, you will get all posts submitted to that group in your favourite news reader. [Paolo Valdemarin: Paolo's Weblog]

Cool, I subscribed to klog and will probably subscribe to a few others as I figure out which email lists I'm on use Yahoo.
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IRC Quotes in Your Aggregator
deus_x has set up some rss feeds to the IRC quotes database. I've subscribed to latest 25.
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Linux at ILM
Linux Journal has a story on how Industrial Light and Magic has switched over to Linux.

Cool! Mental note: get my brother who works at Skywalker Ranch to get me a Linux system administration job at ILM.
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