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  Sunday, June 02, 2002

Added a review of Paul Levinson's Borrowed Tides. I'll give you the short version. Its pretty bad, don't bother unless you really really have nothing else to read.
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We shall all be the same?. A reflection on human narrowness Everybody has had an encounter with a simpleton. If this simpleton happens to be a public decision-making official, the consequences are almost always tragic for someone. This was the case when I tried to give an abandoned pet a home. []
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Directories in OPML. In parallel to the work that Dave has been doing, I'm working on a new feature for RCS: A page that lets you view an OPML file as an HTML directory.

If you have an OPML file that you want to see rendered as a directory, go to this page, and enter its URL. Once released, any RCS will be able to render directories from OPML. [Jake's Radio 'Blog]

Cool! Here's my reading list rendered as a directory. Can't wait till I can render this locally on my weblog (as seen here).
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Sonar Challenge is a fun flash game. I have 40th place in the top 100. I should have had 26th but it wouldn't let me enter my high score.
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The Bookslut blog seems nice but I know I'll never read it unless I can get it in my aggregator :(
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Important change to the LINK tag.
This change comes in response to (valid) criticism that the old way was too general, and could cause confusion if, in the future, there were other XML-based formats that pages wanted to link to. Using a more specific MIME type (the exact type was suggested by Dan Brickley) solves this potential problem, and the more specific title goes along with it. [dive into mark]

So for those of you who put the LINK tag in manually, change the type and title attributes to: type="application/rss+xml title="RSS".
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Want to boot fast? [Hack the Planet]

Yes Please, that looks nice but I'm lazy so I'll wait for the debian packages.
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Ask and Ye Shall Receive
One of tomorrow's innovations. More links for Radio weblogs. It's going to point to the blogroll OPML, if it's present; and to mySubscriptions.opml, and a change in the format for the link to the RSS feed. We won't release the code until tomorrow, to provide a very brief comment period. My Radio weblog already has the three types of links in its head. View source to see what they look like. [Scripting News]
In my previous post I asked for just this and now we're gonna get it. Sweet!
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Link'n Logs
I now have 3 <link> tags in my <head>.
<link rel="alternate" type="text/xml" title="XML" 
href=""> <link rel="feeds" type="text/xml" title="XML"
href=""> <link rel="blogroll" type="text/xml" title="XML"
XML versions of: What I'm saying, who I'm reading, and my own little directory (see here).

*Makes his 3rd request to Dave today*
Wouldn't it be nice if one little macro would put all three <link>s?
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Bug In Radio Aggregator
It seems that Radio's news aggregator likes to render HTML in items even if they were written with &lt; and &gt;. Take for example this post when that shows up in my aggregator the <link> tag doesn't show up. Hmmm
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DaveNet: The Googlish way to do Directories
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Syndicating an Updated Blogroll?.

"Looking for new feeds?
I went through my list of subscriptions and found that the following Radio users' sites also list their subscriptions with RSS links, either on their home page or on a separate page, as linked:

Jenny Levine
Jon Udell
Adam Wendt
Katy & Bruce Loebrich
Jim McGee
Marc Barrot
Sam Ruby
Andy Fragen" []

Upfront disclaimer: I don't know what I'm talking about below:

My list of subscriptions is on a separate page on my site, but I'm curious to know if there's a way I can syndicate it so that others can get updates when I add a new feed to my aggregator. Does this exist already and I've missed it? Should I try creating a category with that list as a post?

My inquiring mind wants to know.

[The Shifted Librarian]
I think this might be another job for a <link> tag. Dave already did something like this with his blogroll, and hopefully he makes it a simple macro for Radio users.
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How to Make Aggregators Leave a Visible Trail
Looking in my webserver logs I see that the most common referer is this which is what Radio/Frontier's Aggregator sends when it grabs your RSS feed.

Sure, its great to know that my RSS feed was grabbed 490 times in the month of May (my first month blogging). Wouldn't it be a lot nicer if my logs told me who was grabbing it?

Jeff says: "One place aggregators do leave a trail is in the referrer logs of the sites they aggregate. This can be enhanced by modifying Radio's application signature (aggregatorData.prefs.appSignatureUrl) to point to a custom page."

Thats great, I didn't know that, but should I really have to hack into Radio variables and create a custom page just to let people know I'm reading them? Dave did a great job in the last couple of days getting Radio to link to RSS in HTML and then auto-discover those links. Now Dave, wouldn't it be nice if Radio automagically changed that aggregator referer to point to an automagic custom page that would tell people you are reading them?
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Little House: the lost years. A publisher-sanctioned fanfic "Little House" book fills in the years that Laura Ingalls left out of her autobiographical novels. Link Discuss [Boing Boing Blog]
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