Full alphabetical Index of all Materials on all my websites and blogs
(dates are approximate)

The purpose of this page is to enable someone, who remembers the name (or part of the name) of some material, to find it.  You could also scan it to see if there is something you want to read.  My writings are spread over three websites and a blog, as well  as within several subsections within the main website, Shapes in the Fire.  Some material will be listed in more than one place below, just so as many bases as possible are covered.

(1993) A Forgotten Resource - the American Spirit
- 3 essays: The American Will: to sacrifice for an Ideal; Economic Tyranny and the American Spirit; and, The Word, the Idea of Property, and the Creation of a True American Culture (essay - politics - social science - spiritual reality)

(2003) a gift from another's eyes - a poem (a vision of the inner life of someone who died on 9/11)

(2002) a letter to a young anthroposophist
- what it says - (essay - anthroposophy - guidance)

(1995) A Matter of Death: a short essay on the question of what is death - (essay)

(2005) American Anthroposophy - an essay written specifically for the European magazine Info3.

(2003) a small meditation on the spiritual path  pioneered by Ralph Waldo Emerson, including a report of some practical applications - this was an address given on the occasion of the 200th aniversary of Emerson's birth, at the Concord School of Philosophy - May 25th, 2003, under the auspices of the Center for America Studies at Concord MA. (essay - speech - relationship of anthroposophical path to Emerson)

(2003) America sings - a poem (what America wants us to hear)

(2001)America's Growing Moral Debt  - facing our own past in order to know what needs to be done for the future - (essay - politics, my  presidential campaign)

(2005) American Culture - a first look - a broader persective on American Culture in the light of Anthroposophy (essay - anthroposophy - goetheanistic studies of American Culture)

(begun 1998) American Phoenix - a novel, in process, about America during the coming general social collapse

(1997) Anthroposophy in the Light of America - what it says - (essay - anthroposophy, its shadow, and what America needs from it)

(2001) Basic Conceptions: fundamentals of a new social view - what it says - (essay on the founding principles of a goetheanistic social science)

Bead Designs - in the late 1970's and early 1980's, I created designs out of seed beads, following bead weaving methods developed by Native Americans.  Four of these are on the websites, at: Strange Fire; the Way of the Fool; the arcanum of the loom; and, the Mystery of the True White Brother.

(2000) Beyond Columbine: appreciating the patterns of social meaning hidden in the Columbine tragedy - what it says - (essay - application of a new social science to micro community problems)

(1997) Bicycles: a Children's Christmas Story for Adults - a young girl receives a much needed visit from an angel on Christmas Eve

(2003) Bioneers - what are these people and what are they up to (essay - social phenomena)

(1998) Book reviews - some reviews of books, of really only marginal importance unless one has some interest in anthroposophy.

(2001) Celebration and Theater: a People's Art of Statecraft.   a modern practical manual in new political arts, written for the use of the  emerging Citizen Governance movement - (a long essay, as a stand alone website on what lies yet hidden in protests and social activism)

(2001) Citizen Governance- the future of the Republic form of government - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(2003) Civil Society: its potential and its mystery - what it says - (essay - Civil Society seen from the new social science)

(2004) Concerning the Renewal of Anthroposophy - rediscovering the true meaning of the New Mysterys (essay - anthroposophy - what needs to happen next)

(2005) Dangerous Anthroposophy - concerning how true anthroposophy is dangerous and subversive even in the context of the AS (essay - introducing my work)

(1999) Die and Become: the future of Anthroposophy in America: an essay offering some insight to the American Anthroposophical Society concerning its current concerns over leadership change processes. (essay - anthroposophy - an opportunity that came and went)

(1998) do: (matins/2a.m.) a state of consciousness yet outside the Mystery: Signs of Spring The metamorphosis of one civilization into another as seen in the imagery of the succession of seasons. (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(1998) do-re: consciousness in movement toward the Mystery, "I am the true vine":pragmatic moral psychology The interelationships of thinking, feeling and the conscience, as these play a role in social existence and meaning formation. (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(2001) Domestic and International Social Triage  - ordering priorities from a citizen governance point of view - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(begun 1999) earth ranger 2323 - post appocalyptic science fiction novel in process

(2001) Election Processes in the Future - how citizen governance in practice eliminates the need for conventional media and the corresponding demand for excessive amounts of campaign contributions - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(1999) Essays and Comments on Current Afairs - various rants of the moment as our time of political and social crisis continues to evolve.

(1998) here - some critical comments on the magic pracitices of Aleister Crowley (essay - magic)

(begun 2001) Hermit's Weblog - everything your mother never told you about how the world really works - (comments in a blog format)

(begun 2004) How to Fight the Good Fight or Prelude to a Second American Constitution: strategy and tactics in the War the Rich are making upon the Poor.  (book in process) how we can solve any number of America's political problems by going back to the original drawing board, and starting all over again. [under construction]

(begun 2003) Hymns To The Consciousness Soul
- An Imagined Philosophy of the Moody Blues, or what I think their lyrics meant (essay on a very unusual Rock group) 

(2002) Initiation, Goetheanism and the New Boogeyman - what it says - (essay - anthroposophy and the difficulties that arise from the absence of a goetheanistic social science)

(2006) In Joyous Celebration of the Soul Art and Music of Discipleship: an essay concerning the path of Discipleship - the path of following Christ's Teachings.

(2005) Joel A. Wendt for Mayorfirst iteration of campaign literature in my seeking the office of Mayor of Prescott, Arizona (spring 2005), a process which was aborted in May of 2005.

(1998) Lazy Bear's Wizardly Emporium - my relationship to Franz Bardon, Hermeticist (essay - magic path)

(1998) Letters to the Alliance for Democracy  - comments on and for the Alliance for Democracy - (essay - politics)

(1999) Listening to the World Song - about my social research from an anthroposophical point of view - (long essay - what lead to it and how did it arise, and what are its essential discoveries)

(2005) Listening to the World Song (part one) A brief Application of the Principles of Goetheanistic Thinking to the Problems of Human Social and Political Existence; (essay)

(2005) Listening to the World Song (part two) Macro and micro aspects of the Mystery of Evil in Modern Times, as these play themselves out in the social-political organism of humanity (essay)

(1999) mi: (prime/6a.m.) consciousness at the Gate of the Mystery: the Abyss of Aloneness The hallmark of the purpose of our time - this central alchemical trial of individual transformation. (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(2000) mi-fa: consciousness finds the Light of Itself, "I am the Door": discoverying individual insight The no longer hidden divine potential latent in individual human thinking. (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(2001) National Sovereignty and the Future of the Corporation  - on what it says - (essay - politics, my campaign)  

(1999) On the Practice of Communicating the Ideal to the American Soul - concerning the relationship of the Central European Soul to the American Soul - (essay - anthroposophy, on a fundament problem that is overlooked to our detriment)

(2005) Open Letter to the Anthroposophical Society, in America, as well as in the World: encouraging the Society to adopt a more modern social form - one appropriate to the Consciousness Soul.

(1997) Outlaw Anthroposophy: the Journal - a couple of subversive essays sent to Ann Arbor in 1997 (two essays and a poll, one on the problem of the failure to apply Steiner's epistemologies to Branch and Group work, and the other on the social consequences of those failures)

(1998) overture An in depth examination of the basic social realities of modern life. (essay, from the book Strange Fire)

(1998) pragmatic moral pyschology - concerning the inner work that follows from certain teachings in the Gospels, and their consequences in the own soul - (essay)

(1998) program notes Concerning the general structure and purpose of the book, Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization.

(1999) re: (lauds/sunrise) the consciousness enters into the contemplation of the glory of the Mystery: the Age of Confusion An exploration of some details of the end of the Winter of our civilization and what this can tell us about the nature of Spring (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(1999) re-mi: consciousness finds the seed of Mystery within itself, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life": the practice of wisdom  An examination of the process of reflection and its role in tradition and in the coming social future. (essay from the book, Strange Fire)

(2001) Re-imagining the Conduct of the Presidency - a Presidential Campaign as an Act of Statecraft and the Presidency as the Art and Craft of Statesmanship (essay - politics, my campaign)

(1999) scenes from the eye of the heart: a meditation on: - Dan Dugan, PLANS, Waldorf Education, and the battle for the furture of the soul. (essay after years spent in the trenches of a rabid discussion list)

(1999) Shapes in the Fire - the main website

(2001) some biographical material on the candidate  - a short bio of j. wendt (essay)

(2004) Some of Us Remember - a poem (what has Vietnam to do with the War in Iraq)

(2001) "some thoughts on the nature of public life - and an offer of service"  - my campaign website from 2003, the individual essays are listed on this page (website)

(1995) Song of the Grandfathers: real wealth (wisdom), and the redemption of social and political existence(civilization): What might we discover about the American Spirit if we looked into our own soul depths with the same passion that America's Native Peoples had for understanding themselves and their communties, and the social dynamics involved therein.  (a long essay)

(1997) Speech A poem about the miracle of the Word as used in discourse and writing.

(1998) Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization -  60% complete, may never be finished (book, with individual essays listed on this index)

(2001) The Administration of George W. Bush, the Rule of Citizen Governance and the United States Constitution - what it says - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(1998) the arcanum of the loom - an essay on the secrets of the internet (essay)

(2002) The Coming Collapse - civilization at the brink - what it says - (essay - what the new social science has to say about the future)

(2005) The Crack in the Foundation of the Dragon's Castle - a story written for the Anthroposophical Being Awake Conference in 2005, about the condition of the Society and Movement in the present.

(2001) The Fundamentalist Impulse   - the effect upon the future of those who want to reanimate an imagined past - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(2003) The Future  - what it says - (essay on the future, using the new social science)

(1998) the Greenville Millennium Gazette  - a series of internet newsletters, patterned after the newsheets common to colonial America - essays, editorials, and a seriel novel

(1994) The Idea of Mind  - a Christian meditator considers the nature of consciousness  - (essay - bridge to anthroposophy)

(2004) The Law and the Spirit - legal issues involving the AS - (essay - anthroposophy)

(2005) The least read, most important book, Steiner ever wrote* An essay about the significance of the book A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception. (essay - anthroposohy)

(2001) The Ill-logic of the Proposed War in Iraq. - what it says - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(2006) The Meaning of Earth Existence in the Age of the Consciousness Soul - from the final chapter of my book the Way of the Fool, this essay is being submitted to the News for Members in the summer of 2006, and contains one version of the full depths of my research into the social.

(1997) The Mystery of the True White Brother - a interpretation of meaning of the Hopi Prophecy by a member of the elder brother people -the relationship between the Hopi Prophecy and the Time of Michael (the Anthroposophical Movement in its widest context (essay still ignored of the deepest import for American anthroposohists)

(1992-93) The Mystery of the True White Brother - a book on the same subject that never saw the light of day (book, only partly on site)

(2001) The Nature of a Renewal Group - - some considerations concerning the future of the art of citizenship - (essay - politics, my campaign)

The 1998 announcement - an announcement to run for president written several years before the current campaign - what it says - (essay)

(1999) The Plan - an essay written prior to deciding to campaign - what the time is ripe for - (essay - politics)

(2001) The Problem of Terrorism - in the light of a reconsideration of the nature of foreign policy - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(2004) the Rape of the Republic  - a poem (concerning the hidden truth of the Republic)

(1998) The Quiet Suffering of Nature.  - something the evironmental movement needs to know about Nature - (essay - bridge to anthroposophy)

(1998) the Shadow Warrior Society - some new ideas for the homeless - (essay - practical considerations flowing from the new social science)

1999) The Social -Spiritual Organism of a Waldorf School Community - what it says - (essay - much needed in Waldorf, yet seen by some as to difficult to apply)

(2005) The Source: my maddening views on the problem of intellectual property.

(2005) The Three Wishes: an essay born in and somewhat in response to the Being Awake anthroposophical Conference held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Aug. 11th to 14th, 2005.
(1998) the third magi - concerning Franz Bardon's place in modern occultism (essay - magic)

(2001) The World in Balance- and the mystery at the heart of it all - (very short essay)

(2000) The World in the Light of the Human "I am"  - what it says - (essay - some thoughts on anthroposophy from a different perspective)

(2004) the Way of the Fool: the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity - some thoughts on the nature of human becoming (the evolution of consciousness), and the wise relationship of moral grace, freedom and love  (book)

(1998) this and that - about the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha (essay - after a number of years practical contemplation of these Truths)

(1991) Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order - what it says - (essay - about the need for careful thinking in approaching understanding social existence)

(2001) Time for the Second American Revolution? - just see if you don't think so too - what it is - (essay - politics, my campaign)

(2005) Uncommon Sense*: The Degeneration and the Redemption of Public Life in America - how the Parties have failed, and how Citizen Governance can pick up the pieces

(1995) Waking the Sleeping Giant: the Mission of Anthroposophy in America - what it says - (long essay, five parts, linking elementary aspects of the new social science to the situation of the Anthroposophical Movement in America)

(2006) Waldor Charter Schools in America: some social observations - an essay written for Renewal Magazine.

(2005) Wendt on Usher on Prokofieff on Tomberg: a little note written for the Anthroposophical Society Newsletter on America.