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                                   "...government in its best state is but a necessary evil, in its worst state an intolerable one..."
                                      Thomas Paine: Common Sense, published January 10th, 1776

                                   Another Call for America's Second Revolution

The Gazette is an on-line newsletter concerned with the renewal of
public life -  or as we too often write, politics.   Its main focus is America, but its
principles are applicable to most forms of democracy.   The original issues of the Gazette
were published in 1998, and concerned laying out a general set of conceptions along the lines
of this website, but applicable to public life in particular.    These PAST issues have a certain validity
in themselves.   Also being published are a set of PRESENT issues, which will be an ongoing
commentary concerning contemporary happenings in the light of an organic and spiritual
view of public life, social existence and the general conditions of modern civilization.


                                                  The Greenville Millennium Gazette is being published on-line from Greenville, New Hampshire, beginning in the fall of 1998. It's editorial aim was to at least play a  role in the year 2000 Presidential primaries in New Hampshire.  This
did not happen.   Nevertheless, the Gazette continues, and now finds a new role (see below).

Issues of the Gazette consist of two types.
The original issues, seven in number, are listed
under the term THE PASTThey are important
mainly for the development of a certain theme
of possibilities latent in public life.  The more recent
issues are listed under the term THE PRESENT . Here will
be found ongoing commentary on day to day political
matters, as the author considers necessary.


Issue # 8 - containing various comments about current events



                                           We live in dangerous times.  Economic and racial violence boils
                                                   beneath the surface of American society.  It is an open question whether
                                              we can navigate these perilous waters without some great tragedy.

Our freedom's have been eroded for more than a hundred years, by the gradual
replacement of our American Republic with a corrupt and profit worshiping
tyranny of concentrated wealth.  The great decisions all now go against the needs
of the people; and only the corporation's interests are served
by our morally impotent elected officials.

We can do something about this without resorting to violence.
But we cannot do what is needed by remaining passive.
The central question is not what are the corporations going to do next,
but whether we are going to continue to tolerate the continued
economic enslavement of ourselves and our children for the benefit of a few.

A Second American Revolution is an absolute necessity.
 Yet it is not necessary to tear apart
our society in order to heal it.

The real question we need to ask ourselves is whether we love America?
Do we care enough to undertake the necessary tasks?

We can have a Non-violent Revolution!
So ask yourself: Are you willing to get involved?
 To take risks?  To hope?  To try?

The time to act will pass by, if we do not begin now.
Seize the Day!  Get involved in Politics!
If you are unsure what to do, check out the
Greenville Millennium Gazette for all the ideas you will need.

The Greenville Millennium Gazette is unique
in that it borrows some of its style
from the days of America's founding,
and so includes: news analysis, editorial material,
a seriel novel, as well as a philosopher's page

Links to individual issues of the
Greenville Millenniun Gazette

                                                                           The issues are listed in order by number, as well as by the main news analysis and the name of the lead editorial:

Issue #1: News Analysis: Why President Clinton should Not be impeached or asked (forced) to resign;
and Lead Editorial: Beginning to See the Lies

Issue #2: News Analysis: The Balkans; Lead Editorial: The Renewal of American Public Life

Issue #3: News Analysis: Youth Violence; Lead Editorial: The Truth About the World of Finance


the issues below are partially completed.  the lead editorial may be rewritten to some degree, the Novel -- American Phoenix -- is mostly there, and the Philosopher's Page is also partial.  As the News analysis is written (it will be following current events), it will be added below.  thus, those who want to follow the Novel, will find it in the following issues (mostly).  when an issue is fully complete it will be listed above this symbol.

Issue #4: Lead Editorial: How to Run a Political Campaign on Next to Nothing

Issue #5: Lead Editorial: By-passing the so-called Free Press

Issue #6: Lead Editorial: What Do We Try to Change

Issue #7: Main Article: Joel A. Wendt's announcement speech, announcing his candidacy
for President of the United States of America

The Greenville Millennium Gazette is also the vehicle being used by its author,
editor and publisher -- Joel A. Wendt, to lanch a run for President
of the United States of America in the Year 2000 elections.
 See especially, for details, Issue #7.
A file of biographic material is also being made
available for those who want to know more about me,
other than just my ideas. If you want to know
why you should vote for me, or otherwise get involved read this.

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