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main floor: stories, videos, knick-knacks and stuff
second floor: books, essays and other written oddities
third floor: a political blog and some other useless waste of print
fourth floor: offices of the pharaoh foundation [enter at your own risk]
seventh level underbasement: the remains of the orginal emporium

this site is presently under  construction

 - the individual and communal new art

the fool's corner

bad jokes, pithy sayings, useless advice and
otherwise vain and often maidenly confused observations on the times,
placed for your pleasure on entirely useless objects such as cups, notebooks,
pens, toilet seat covers, disposable diapers, mouse pads, padded mice, and
steroided into immobility former sports figures.  A full line of autographed
pictures of political figures and their sycophants is expected to be added shortly, pending
their release from prison, or return from hades, whichever comes first.*

*L. Bear, the owner of this emporium, wishes to inform the shopper that allowing this junk prime of place was the only way to get the needed janitorial services for free.  Mr. Bear apologizes to his customers for any inconvenience,
yet cautions them that the foolish janitor often leaves his buckets of strange stews and bags of odd objects almost anywhere, such that they should move about the store with utmost caution and recognize that the management makes no guarantees here for the safety of their person, soul or mind.  While the store is open 24 hours a day
and seven days a week, the janitor works when he wants to and has been known to engage in acts of random and profuse obsequiousness just waiting for you to turn your back so he can steal your wallet, purse, change, or any other object loosely attached to your person, such as words and other dangling participles, including children.  Lost objects and children can be found on the top floor of the emporium where the fool offers them popcorn and ice cream with all the excesses that would make today's parents, who are obsessed with fat and diets, want to jump off a conveniently located diving board, 13 stories above the alley behind the store, directly over the open dumpsters, where the 12th Avenue Homeless Collective Liberty Brigade will be glad to introduce them to life at the bottom of the social abyss.

bedtime stories

Bicycles: a Children's Christmas Story for Adults.

a teller-of-stories symphony


Signs of Spring

the Age of Confusion

the Abyss of Aloneness

the Descent into Shadow

main themes and songs

American Phoenix

a novel about America during the coming general social collapse (in process),

which then undergoes a metamorphosis into what was earlier called:
earth ranger 2323 - a post apocalyptic vision of rebirth in fire

Chapter One

Into the Maelstrom

Chapter two

Escalation and Intensification

Chapter Three

Convulsion, Death, Endurance
and a new beginning 

Chapter Four 

Wanderings and Introductions

 Chapter Five

A Time For Decisions

Chapter Six

Stepping Off The Cliff

not yet finished...


poems are more than strange scribbles on a page, for their
words are often torn reluctantly from our hearts
and thus should be read aloud with grace and gratefulness
 if read at all:

Lazy Bear's Spirit Song (from 1975)

the gift of the word (was speech - 1997)

An American Quartet (born September 11th, 2004):

Some of Us Remember

the Rape of the Republic

America sings    

a gift from another's eyes

 under  construction

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