To enter into a course of instruction in the various skills, crafts, and Arts underlying this work, see:  A Course of Platonist Studies in Anthroposophy***
(***a Path of Cognition - a Path of the Rising of the Sun in the Mind)

Freely Thought Christianity

This material could not be developed were it not for a directly experienced and personal relationship with Christ.  Certain details of that
are in the section on Anthroposphy, but the main personal elements are in my small book: *Biographical Necessity.

beadwork by the author

 - representing the sublime and delicate power of love as can be found
in the endlessly pulsing moral and generous streaming heart and blood of the individual human being

some final words

As I did recently with my anthroposophical work, I have decided to bring to a kind of finish my work on Christianity, in a similar fashion.   This situation began during Easter Week of 2015, when on the Tuesday, I felt called to be more "aggressive" as it were as regards reaching out to Christians about my experiences and research work regarding the Second Coming.  Following that Tuesday experience, I decided to go to the church my girl friend attends - a local Episcopalian church called: St. Lukes.   I read up on the church history, subscribed to the monthly American Episcopalian newspaper, and after attending for a while, sent a little letter about my experiences of the Second Coming, and 9 copies of my book "the Way of the Fool" to the members of the Vestry (a kind of local ruling body).  There has been almost no response.  This copied what had happened when I originally wrote "the Way of the Fool" in 2003-4, following which I sent three dozen copies to various Christian seminaries and other institutions.  There was basically no response. 

As part of this activity with the Episcopal Church, I also began to subscribe to Sojourner's Magazine.  After reading a few issues I wrote a small article about the Second Coming: Meeting the true Second Coming - the tale of a modern heresy.  Before submitting it, I contemplated the situation for several weeks, and decided to send five of my books, as well as that essay to them, as a kind of last act of outreach to Christians.  This has been done.  Either there will be a response or not.  For me the important matter is that I have gone "all in" in what was, to me, the right way.

some early preliminary thoughts

Imagine, for the moment, that the Second Coming is actually happening, in fact it began in the early 20th Century.  Further, imagine that this "true Second Coming" (the Shepherds' name for this event) has another name, a Kings'-stream name (see essay below, "shepherds and kings").  That Kings' name is: "the Return of Christ in the Ethereal".  The Shepherds have Faith:  Blessed are those that have not seen and yet believe.  The Kings have both Faith and Gnosis - see "the Way of the Fool", also below.  What is the "Ethereal"?

The Ethereal is the realm of the Light: "Let there be Light" and  "In It (the Word) was Life and the Life was the Light of the World".  Light is actually invisible - we only "see" color.  So are our Thoughts - these too are "invisible".  What Rudolf Steiner called the Thought-World, can also be called the Ethereal World (or in the Gospels: Clouds of Glory).  Christ has then returned not in the physical, but in the invisible ethereal world of Life, which we can enter through the narrow gate of our awake thinking.  In this way, the evolutionary-cultural stream of the Churches - of the Shepherds and Faith - is related to Anthroposophy - the evolutionary-cultural stream of the Kings and Gnosis.

There is also then, in addition to a true Second Coming in the Ethereal, or in the world of Life and Light and Thought, a Second Eucharist.  See the first essay in my Living Thinking in Action, which is called: The Meaning of Earth Existence in the Age of the Consciousness Soul, for details.  A more conscious path to this experience is described in a second essay: In Joyous Celebration of the Soul Art and Music of  Discipleship.  Both essays are included in "the Way of the Fool", "New Wine", and "The Art of God", as well as "American Anthroposophy"  This sublime second sacrament arises when the individual human being consciously takes hold of his or her personal moral authority, as described by Christ here, Matthew 26: 36-40:

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

In the Acts of the Apostles this is called: Holy Breath, for when we seek to be moral, after our own individual insight and intuition, Christ breathes His Life Forces onto the slumbering ember of our moral heart, giving then this gift of the Second Eucharist in the form of Life (Holy Breath) Forces that do not demand any other content but that which we choose to create out of our own generous ans selfless heart.  Our will to be moral is aided, as a gift, - a gift concerning which we are mostly unconscious.  Although, we can wake up here and have an experience of this subtle and delicate Presence of Fullness and Fullness of Presence.  If we awake to this gift of Holy Breath, we can then directly and personally experience the Return of Christ in Clouds of Glory.

Our artists see this clearly, and Clint Eastwood made two movies which deal very precisely with this inner struggle to author the Good out of our own thinking: Million Dollar Baby, and Gran Torino.  Many know of this true Second Coming, not just anthroposophists.  See reference to the Moody Blues below.  Here is a link to their "Second Coming" song on Youtube:

If you are concerned about certain kinds of ideas in Science, here is my essay on the problems of the Life and the Light and Space: The Misconception of Cosmic Space As Appears In the Ideas of Modern Astronomy - and as contained in the understandably limited thinking embodied in the conceptions of the nature of parallax and redshift   Support for this can be found from another direction (see there the section "animations" - especially the third one, then the second one and then the first one), where it is made clear that the solar system and the sun move, not according to laws of circular motion, but as vortexs - something common to all "living systems".  Even the idea of "destruction" (the first video) on this website is about living processes, where the creator of these videos does not yet fully appreciating "dying and becoming".

These videos, on the votex movement of the solar system and the galaxy, give a decent introduction coming from a more materialistic assumption to the idea in my essay on Cosmic Space as the realm of the Life and Light forces of the Creation - the idea that the Plane at Infinity is a wholly different kind of Space then that which we experience in the Realm of the Earth.  Read that essay for details.

- the material below is mostly organized with the newest first and the oldest last ... mostly -

Sex, Porn and the Return of the Divine Feminine.

Why I am running for the "office" of Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

(a single asterisk below means that a copy of the book (or essay) can be bought at cost at my Internet book store: Joel Wendt's Theory of Everything Emporium)

*The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount - a companion work to The Art of God, going into more details than possible in that book as regards the nature of Evil and of the Threefold Double-Complex

*The Art of God: an actual Theory of Everything. A challenge to the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang, by offering A Theory of God and its details as a fully accurate and realistic Theory of Everything [two essays representing an unusual "review" of this book by Elizabeth Ancrum MacKensie - for her new website, "Christian Esotericism at Tibby Fowler's Bothy", go here]

*the Way of the Fool: the conscious development of our human character, and the future* of Christianity, both to be born out of the natural union of Faith and Gnosis  {A reconsideration of the meaning of Christian practice for the future, based upon recognizing that beliefs alone (without actually following the Teachings of Christ), disable us from really understanding ourselves, our lives, the teachings, the Incarnation or the times in which we live.  The Second Coming has already happened in the Ethereal World, the nearest spiritual world, one in which we already participate in our moral thinking, via a Second Eucharist.  In this book one will be led to proving this for themselves.}

*/**Bicycles {A sad child is visited by an Angel on Christmas eve ... the book version below has the story and a lot of empty pages, so that the child to whom the book is read can create their own pictures and draw them right in and around the text}

the gift of the word - some verse on the hidden wealth in speaking and writing ...

*/**The Natural Christian: the world is full of people whose heart is Christian through and through, but who cannot, with good justification, grant themselves this name, for that name has been stolen by others (includes Bicycles)

*New Wine:
foundational essays out of a Science of the Spirit, in support of the coming living metamorphosis of Christianity

(material in this book that is listed elsewhere is preceded by a double asterisk.  If there is a single asterisk indicating it can be purchased, but it is also in New Wine, that will involve */** showing both connections)

shepherds and kings: an essay I sent to the Harvard Divinity School Theological Review.  They rejected it.  I'm either doing something very right or something very wrong.

the redemption of hate - singing on Easter Morning, 2011

**Barack Obama and the reality of the anti-Christ spirit - what might happen if you begin to insert reason into Christian discourse, on questions of public life -

**Saving the Catholic Religion from the Roman Church - through deepening our understanding of the Third Fatima Prophecy 

**Sam Harris and humanity's moral future  (a reply to Sam Harris' recent stage presentation at the 2010 TED conference.  Here is the Youtube link to that talk: )

**The Coming Metamorphosis of Christianity (introduction to a new set of video themes)

Healing the Insanity of Psychiatric Medicines and Practice (included in the book New Wine): an overview look at certain underlying problems in the fundamental institutional thinking in that aspect of our social life related to so-called mental illnesses.

Does God Exist? - a wizard's point of view - A look at some of the underlying (and overlooked) questions in the debate over evolution between religion and science.

**The Quiet Suffering of Nature: an essay on the need for the environmental movement to begin to regain communion with the Being of Nature, so as to know, not only what environmentalists want, but what Nature wants, as well.

**The Idea of Mind : in the early 1990's I undertook to come to terms with certain ideas then beginning to circulate in the field of neurophysiology concerning the relationship between mind and brain chemistry. Since my own experience as a Christian meditator contradicted the leading ideas, which attributed mind to brain physiology, and nothing more, I wrote this essay as an effort to contribute to the ongoing work in the study of consciousness.

**A Matter of Death: a short essay on the question of what is death.

**a small meditation on the spiritual path  pioneered by Ralph Waldo Emerson, including a report of some practical applications - this was an address given on the occasion of the 200th aniversary of Emerson's birth, at the Concord School of Philosophy - May 25th, 2003, under the auspices of the Center for America Studies at Concord MA.

Youtube videos on Christianity - oral versions of much of the above material (read from papers as an experiment, and possibly very boring):

Then there's the Moody Blues... see this essay, Hymns to the Consciousness Soul,

"When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead,

The browns, reds, and golds of Autumn lie in the gutter, dead.

Remember then, that summer birds with wings of fire flaying

Came to witness spring's new hope, born of leaves decaying.

Just as new life will come from death, love will come at leisure.

Love of love, love of life and giving without measure

Gives in return a wondrous yearn of a promise almost seen.

Live hand-in-hand and together we'll stand on the threshold of a dream.


Here are the lyrics to the Moody Blues "One Step Into the Light",
keeping in mind what was said above about the Light

One step into the light, one step away from night
It's the hardest step you're gonna take
The ship to take you there, is waiting at the head
Of the stairs that lead up through your opened mind

Above the dark despair, shines a light that we can share
Close your eyes and look up in between your brows
Then slowly breathing in, feel the life force streaming in
Hold it there, then send it back to him

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we've been yearning for
Life is our savior, savior, savior, save your soul

The river of living breath, is flowing through the sun
He was there before the earth began
The world will drag on you, use his love to pull you through
Find the mission of your life and start to be

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we've been yearning for
Life is our savior, savior, savior, save your soul

There's one thing I can do, play my Mellotron for you
Try to blow away your city blues
Your dreams are not unfound, get your feet back on the ground
The truth will set us free, we cannot lose, we cannot lose
We cannot lose, we just have to choose, we cannot lose