Surfing the Coming Tsunami of Future History

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Mostly for economic (or profit) reasons, there is an interest in being able to predict the future.  There is even a discipline called: futurists.  From Wikipedia: "Futurists or futurologists are scientists and social scientists whose specialty is futurology, or the attempt to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present, whether that of human society in particular or of life on Earth in general."

For the most part this discipline/business works out of the common shared social/scientific paradigm of the present 21st Century, which accepts or assumes that the human being is only matter, and never spirit.  The same attitude is taken with regard to life on the earth, and the evolution of human societies, namely: that while many believe in a God or Gods, there is, for just as many, no reality to any active participation of any kind of Divine Mystery in human social/political/economic matters. 

The founder of this consulting service, me,
Joel A. Wendt

knows for a fact that spirit, the divine mystery, or whatever name you want to use,
is very much involved in everything going on on the Earth.  All the same, for the reader of this no beliefs are required.

I am willing to consult with various organizations, via electronic (Skype etc.)
meetings, and offer advice based upon a perception/understanding of the spiritual
organism of Earth existence, and the implications of those facts for appreciating the nature of the coming future.

This App will give some introductory material as to the basis for such an approach.
There will be no fees for this service, as gifts of the spirit should be free.  As a
beneficiary for decades of such gifts, it is really impossible to claim any ownership
in the usual sense of so-called "intellectual property".

This consultation activity is directed (and for) groups, not individuals.  The advancement of social evolution
is mostly done by groups.  It is a "We-process", not an "I-process".   Let us examine that, and other preparatory ideas.

Generally our understanding of human history is that there exist various influences, from leaders, kings, queens, scientists, legendary heroes and so forth, - i.e. great figures of history, that give direction to the course of history.  These leader types are distinguished from the masses, whose place in the shape of events is secondary, while great events such as wars, inventions, and predictable social tendencies give birth to the future.  This is not the case, although statistical analysis of trends can be predictive to a degree.  One way to appreciate this is to seek to discover the answer to this question: How does human society actually work, evolve, become, change and otherwise progress, or devolve, as the case may be?

If the human being is not just matter, but also spirit, how would we know that?   What does that actually mean?  What are my qualifications to say what I do?  Needless to say these are not simple questions.

I am a spiritual social scientist.  This link is to my introductory work on that type of social science.  I wrote a book: The Art of God: an actual theory of Everything, where I took the "religious" question and put it inside the scientific impulse as a theory, and basically wrote this as a challenge to Big Bang Cosmology, and Neo-Darwinian Evolution (speciation), showing how our understanding of the world is not really adequately explained by the presently dominating ideas of scientific materialism.  I've written on science itself, challenging its Ideas of the nature of the Starry Firmament (The Misconception of Cosmic Space as occurs in the Ideas of Modern Astronomy); on science's conceptions of Nature (Electricity and the Spirit in Nature); and science's studies of Consciousness and the Brain (I am not my brain - the map is not the territory; and The Idea of Mind). 

The central defect of modern science is the fact that it lacks a grounded appreciation of the Nature of Mind, from the inside.  Modern Science is philosophically weak.  I wrote a number of essays on thinking and thought (the mind from a scientific point of view), collected under the title: Sacramental Thinking.  I have an Internet bookstore, a website, and over 270 videos on Youtube.

If you are wondering why I am not famous, just consider that the whole weight of scientific materialism is to deny the spirit.  No one whose religion is science wants to have their belief system challenged.  For the so-called New Atheists, this belief system is their addiction and their blindness.  You can't see that for which you refuse to look.  I could go on, but instead lets just take up some general ideas, and a few practical examples.

The whole of human existence is governed by the acts of a Cosmic Being, whose basic nature is to Love.  Because of this, the central object of Love (spirit) is the individual human being.  The needs in any given life of all the billions of immortal human spirits is the basic causal impulse that produces "history" as a secondary effect.  Each biography is cherished in all its details.  As we are immortal, we also then have what the ancient East called: karma.  Karma is about Justice.   Justice and Love are the guiding principles underlying human civilization.   There is an afterlife, and much of that afterlife is also about Justice and Love. 

A primary proof of all this is found in those sciences that reveal the evolution of consciousness.  Our present day conceptions of history, and the causal elements leading from one civilization to another, are in error precisely because we have yet to notice the evidence that human consciousness evolves.  The inner nature of the human being of today is not at all like the inner nature of the human being during the Dark Ages, and that Dark Ages consciousness is unlike the one during Ancient Greece, and that ancient Greek consciousness is unlike the one during Ancient Egypt, and Egyptian consciousness unlike that during Ancient India.  Owen Barfield, one of the seminal thinkers on the evolution of consciousness, in his book Saving the Appearances: a Study in Idolatry, calls this modern tendency to the view that consciousness is unchanging throughout history (and evolution): the assumption.  Once you set aside this "assumption" all the evidence turns out otherwise. 

See also: Speaker's Meaning, and Worlds Apart, by Owen Barfield.  Barfield was an "Inkling", and a friend for years of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Williams.  Barfield is a master of the knowledge of the evolution of consciousness, a fact essential to not only understanding our present and future, but perhaps more crucially our past  The deeper into the past we go, the less the soul and spiritual life of ancient peoples - their inwardness - is like ours.   Understanding this will change your view of the world, down to its bedrock.  Barfield works here as a philologist - a scientist of language.  Support for this work in the field of Art is found here: Art and Human Consciousness, by Gottfried Richter.  Additional support is here in the history of science - including the coming future of physics, Man or Matter, by Ernst Lehrs, as well as Catching the Light, the entwined history of light and the mind, by Arthur Zajonc.

Human history is designed by Love so that individual consciousness can evolve.  This is the primary principle that must be seen and understood, for everything that is to unfold in the future reflects this fundamental nature of reality.  As human nature evolves, under the influence of Love and Justice, changes arise in the human being, which coming changes can be understood.  However, given human freedom, nothing is really "fixed".  Human choices determine, and appreciating what drives those choices from inside of human consciousness then grants us access to appreciating the coming dynamics of what we call history.  A kind of war from the inside of human consciousness is spilling over into the directions being take by modern history.  People can either help this unfolding, which will benefit all of humanity, or people can oppose or try to manipulate this unfolding for their own personal agendas. 

It is not the sense observable outer physical evolution of the world that is central, but rather the inner, invisible, aspects.  It is the invisible within us - thinking - that learns to see the invisible everywhere else.   I wrote an App for that journey, for individuals: The Rising of the Sun in the Mind.

This is in point of fact an apt characterization of what is going on in the present.  The main problem is that without a spiritual social science, those who want to benefit humanity, or guide us collectively into the future in a positive way, will make all manner of errors of thought, many of which can (and are already) causing great harm.  Let me give an example:

Politicians tend to be driven by an Ideology.  An ideology is a set of ideas - a product of mental activity.  It does not exist in the sense world, but only in the mind.  The wealthy that back many politicians tend to be driven by greed and a lust for power.  Many religious folk as well want to bend the future for their conceptions of what this future should become.  Each has its own characteristic "Ideology".   Our present day society in America has been driven by several political ideologies, such as the War on Poverty; the War on Drugs; and the War against Terrorism.  All these ideological points of view were based upon a completely incorrect apprehension of human nature, and how societies unfold.  An Ideology basically says: this is how the future shall be, given that those creating the ideology want the future to be that Way.  The incorrect perception of human nature, and of how society actually grows, develops, and otherwise might mature, leads then to the complete failures of these Wars.  Instead  of being effective, in each case they just caused more harm.

Everywhere we see the harm of fundamentalist ideologies.  Everywhere.

Without a spiritual social science humanity will continue to misread its own nature, its own potential destiny, and tend to de-evolution, not evolution.  The stakes are that high.

Social Darwinism continues to flourish, albeit less obviously than previously.  The rich and the powerful tend to believe they have arrived at their "status" through their own forces of will.  This is a lie they tell themselves.  Most wealth and power is inherited, and the newly rich from out of the culture of the changes in technology compound the situation by believing that if they make a billion dollars this means they are a genius about anything that happens to attract their fancy.  Bill Gates, for example, is basically clueless in how he applies his new wealth to the world because he is clueless as to what is going in that world.  He mistakes his karma - the influence of Love and Justice on his biography, for a license to think whatever comes to his mind.  This is one of the big dangers of the new technological wealth, in that success there tends to rob the individual of any humility in the face of the underlying (and obvious) mysteries of existence.

As with George Soros, we can applaud Bill Gates for seeking to use wealth in progressive ways.  Just as we can be distressed by the negative Ways offered by the Koch brothers and others seeking to rule our public life via their wealth.  Nonetheless, in each case, lacking a spiritual understanding, these efforts to induce a result in the social will simply cause more distress and social ills.

In a certain sense a profound illusion had taken over the general consciousness of humanity, which illusion might be called: the Enchantment of humanity by an excessive reliance on abstract reasoning/thinking.  That itself is a far too abstract way of expressing this fact.  There are important nuances.  Let us go deeper ...

From Wikipedia: "Collective unconscious, a term coined by Carl Jung, refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species. According to Jung, the human collective unconscious is populated by instincts and by archetypes: universal symbols such as the Great Mother, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, the Tree of Life, and many more."   There are a lot of debates in the so-called sciences of the brain, and the sciences of consciousness, many suggesting that Jung was in error.  That said, to the extant so many thinkers do not recognize the spiritual nature of the human being, they will fail to grasp the essential.  The core assumption is that the material brain is the cause of consciousness, self-consciousness, the unconscious and so forth.  This is untenable when examined in the light of a scientific introspection of the own mind (see multiple links above for details, particularly Sacramental Thinking).

Every living human being has a brain, which means actually that they have a mind, and engage regularly in the acts of thinking, and in the production of thoughts.  Again: For details of how to explore your own consciousness, available in App form for a smart phone, go here: The Rising of the Sun in the Mind:

Once we recognize the evolution of consciousness, we can begin to see that these changes in the mind (inner life) have a very strong influence on history - an influence that arises from the collective deep inside of human nature and generates vast and sweeping changes in civilizations.  The last great change began around 1400-1500, and is called by those who do this kind of "science", the onlooker-separation.  Prior to that time, people in general felt themselves less as individuals and more as members of communities, and families.  When we go even further back, human beings felt even more united with (and less separate from) Nature Herself.  In effect in more recent time, the wise guidance of humanity pushed us out of our prior connectedness, and forced us to be more and more individualized.  Instead of being part of, or participants with, in the most recent stages of the evolution of consciousness we became "onlookers" - observers.

For example, prior to this change there was no perspective in painting.  The writer Michael Dorris writes in his book The Broken Cord, that in Lakota Sioux one can only say: We hit us, not I hit you.  The ancient Greeks didn't see a "blue" ocean.  Once we start to look at the real details, the assumption that how we are today, inwardly, we have always been - that assumption fails.

It is as "onlookers" then that natural philosophy, later to become natural science, arises.  This Copernican Revolution led, over time, to a rejection by many natural scientists of there being any reality to religious thought.  No gods.  No spirit.  This was purposeful.  The Genius of History meant for human beings to loose their connection to the spirit, and as a consequence, their dependence upon Gods and Goddesses.  Religion itself became very abstract, more and more losing the profound feelings that our ancestors had.  Faith disappears as an act of trust in the Divine, and the modern religious substitute "beliefs" and doctrines.  We had to be isolated in the own ego, in order for that ego (or "I") to come awake to itself.  The English word: "self-consciousness" did not exist until about 250 to 300  years ago.

As a consequence, most of us assume an isolation, at least from each other, that had to be true in the past.  This was not the case, and in the absence of the missing connectedness, we moderns are then driven, by this "absence", to seek deeper association and connection.  We had such association and connection once before - during what Barfield called: original participation.  The further we go back in the evolution of consciousness, the less individual we are, but at the same time the more our inwardness is connected to the inwardness of the world.  From this connection of our inwardness to the World's Inwardness, we get all the legends and myths of gods and goddesses and demons, and nature spirits.  It was our ancestors actual experience to "know" directly these "beings" that today are invisible to our physical senses (but not to an awake thinking).

Yes, natural sciences doubts this, and assuming our ancestors had the same consciousness we moderns do, science decides they were idiots and all their stories are made up.  This is not true.

This belief in the false nature of our ancestors' Ways of seeing, resulting in modern materialism (all is matter, there is no spirit), ... this great mask placed over the reality our ancestors once naturally shared as communities: that is a major aspect of the Enchantment.  This Enchantment (of humanity by an excess of reliance on abstract reasoning/thinking) has been a gift, necessary for our individuality to become free of the Gods and Goddesses.  The question then becomes: Once free, what course do we choose next?

This next is a short sketch of the situation, leaving aside a lot of details.  Just keep in mind the old saying: God is in the Details.

The early stages of the Epoch of the Consciousness or Spiritual Soul (another name for our present - the time of the onlooker-separation) saw the end of the aristocracies of blood, to be replaced, at  least outwardly, by Western style democratically ruled Nation States, although behind the scenes the aristocracies of blood were often succeeded by, and incorporated into, aristocracies of wealth.  Even the very ancient Third Epoch rooted theocracy of Tibet (a previous stage in the evolution of consciousness)  was not to continue, and was unseated by the Chinese in 1949, scattering that culture all over the world.  The needs of the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul were not to be denied. and such events as the Chinese invasion of Tibet merely a tool to pry loose from its mountain vastnesses a well simmered stew pot of wisdom that the world’s cultures needed to be able to imbibe.

Likewise with the business Corporation.  It is one "type" of a natural organism in our social ecology, and it serves many purposes, for the Divine Mystery - "the Universe", in modern non-religious parlance, multi-tasks on a level we can hardly imagine.  There are other "types" in the social ecology, such as institutional religions, educational institutions, political parties and so forth.  The general social phenomenology of the business Corporation is repeated elsewhere, and can serve as a meaningful instance/example.

Originally a corporation was a social form for doing business.  The needs of the blossoming so-called market forces, as the embryonic Economic Life emerged more strongly in the 17th and 18th Centuries, invented stock companies, which were in the beginning strictly regulated by the instinctive Rights Sphere.  But as wealth accumulated in corporations and in the families that sought to rule them (think of the Rothschilds in banking, the Rockefellers in oil and banking and so forth), the influence of wealth on this instinctive Rights Life (post the rulership of aristocrats of blood) led to the corporation becoming more and more unregulated.  In spite of the profound efforts of human beings to try to rule themselves (following the American and French Revolutions), instead of a functioning Democracy we ended up with a mostly hidden Oligarchy of the Wealthy Elites ( the 1% of the 1% ).

Corporations (again as a living social form) then became multinational ... that is they became more and more emancipated from any restraints by the Nation States.  All this driven from within by the cold and calculating use of the abstract cause and effect reasoning/thinking of the intellect alone, led by the influence in the soul of the dark side of human nature (one of the crucial to understand details of modern consciousness).  Whereas in the early years of corporate development, the individual ego forces of the heads of most corporate hierarchies were able to guide the corporation, eventually the inward nature of this social form began to develop an amorphous and ego-less -  independent of moral leadership - corporate culture.  If you entered into this hierarchical form, the inner social forces began to drive the individual toward conformance and obedience to the emerging dominance of particular corporate cultures (Ways).  These social forces sought to separate the individual ego from being able to apply the influence of the conscience to all significant business decisions (see the movies: Margin Call and Too Big to Fail).

At the same time, smaller more intimate corporations do not succumb so easily to this loss of an ego presence at the tops of their inner hierarchy.  This change in the corporation we are describing comes most often as an effect of scale, or a kind of excess of growth - a kind of inner social cancer as the corporate culture (Way) outgrows its principle leaders' ability to control. 

As this tendency develops, the individual members of the upper hierarchies of the large institutional corporate world also become easily replaceable and interchangeable, and the “culture” itself begins to rule free of any human interference.  Imagine, for example, a Zen Temple with no living teachers, only the doctrine and the perpetuation of the doctrine starts to matter.  Or the situation with the Catholic Church, where the Church itself is more valued than following its spiritual leader, Christ.  What is true of the business corporation is then also true of many institutional religions - as social forms become dominated by their Way of Beliefs in the absence of living teachers.  Like a cancer, this growing independent corporate culture frees itself of the human forces of warmth - it is a cold social disease, ruled by the untamed intellect - thought without heart.  This culture is a social environment which values the cold and calculated intellect above all else (again, thought without heart), and also becomes a kind of social growth medium in which sociopathic and certain aspergers personality types easily succeed, because of the absence of conscience and empathy in their soul life (inwardness/consciousness).  This then eventually produces types of corporate cultures (Ways) as seems to live in, and dominate, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and Halliburton.  The individual no longer truly decides, ... only the conscienceless ego-less corporate “culture” rules.

We might go so far as to suggest that while these cancerous corporate cultures, individually exclude human ego forces, collectively their ego could be what certain religious traditions call: the Father of Lies.  Truth doesn't matter.  Only profit does.

Everywhere we see the dark empty soul of these ego-free spirit-free corporate cultures, which Eisenhower observed in his farewell address in 1960, and called collectively, because of the ease of their cooperation and similar goals: the military-industrial complex.  Eisenhower, also in the same speech, noticed the loss of moral sanity in the Universities as well, due to his observations of their succumbing to the influence of money over ideas (stones over bread).

The influence of this Enchantment on social life is seeking to leave behind a social-form “body” without a heart - a body that can survive the social chaos which is falling upon us even now, during the birth of the Third Millennium.  Through the growing number of "trade agreements", Nation States are simultaneously losing any power and social control they may previously have held, over these multinational more and more half-dead social forms of distinct corporate cultural entities - purely cruel and cold in outlook and influence, and capable of surviving well into the Third Millennium, by acquiring private armies, and creating their own intelligence networks and individual versions of “foreign policy”. 

Simultaneously there emerges socially the NGO, the non-governmental organization.  What the Father of Lies wants to leave behind in the Third Millennium has a counter-pole where the selflessness and conscience living in the NGO creates an alternative and warmer social order.  At the level of the social commons vast changes are also in play.  The cold untamed intellect wars in the human soul with the forces of the heart.

That this slow moving social-spasm of dynamic historical changes occurs at the same time as what we are calling Climate Change, is not an accident.  Weather and moral life are linked, in part because the separation that we fancy exists, between any discrete object of perception and any other, is not real.  Everything is spiritually interconnected - everything.  I am not arguing a causal connection - the matter is more one of appreciating the harmonies of "wholeness" and all its implications. 

Today we have a great deal of fear of the future.  Climate change, loss of water sources, out of control disease vectors, the denaturing of food supplies, ... a long long list of horrors being visited on humanity, by humanity.

Now this is just introductory material.  There can be a lot more, but that basically depends on the context of the situation where I am being asked to consult.  So if one kind of organization wants a consultation, then what I have to say needs to be based in a kind of relationship to the why I am being asked, and what can be appreciated about the community that asks me.  I don't consult for individuals.  Individuals get my The Rising of the Sun in the Mind App.  Groups get something else, ... something more personal where I take the time and trouble to ask questions of those wanting consultation.

In some instances, questions might involve "politics".  Many people, who are paying attention, realize that a lot of social ills can be solved, except for the fact of the lack of the required political will.  Governments do not seem to favor their own people.  Rather they favor wealth, and a market place of favors by which those in power in one sphere of our social life, trade access and influence with those in other spheres of the social organism.   I've written in detail about how these matters work in the United States of America:

"The tendency to concentrate wealth has been with us since Pharaohs, Kings, Queens and so forth.  The Founding Fathers of America were an elite.  They participated in slavery, and the near genocide of the Native peoples that were already living here when the Europeans came.  The Old World aristocracies of blood became, around the time of the founding of America, replaced with aristocracies of wealth.  The New World is meant to be New.  For details go here: Uncommon Sense: the Degeneration, and the Redemption, of Political Life in America. ("Why play by the rules, when the game is already fixed?")  Then there is this: Economic and Social Rebellion ("a money debt owed bankers is merely a number ... while what lives in the hearts of a People is a spiritual currency of infinitely greater value").  And, this: the grandmother war (why we need to no longer Consent).  With the increasing effect of the return of the Divine Feminine, social processes are changing everywhere.  We can choose to fight the currents and waves of history, or to learn to see them, and then surf them into the future."

I am retired and if asked to "consult" then that time and trouble needs to have value.  The reason it needs to have a value is because the group or community needs to be committed enough to bother to pay attention to our dialogue.   Otherwise any collective of folks has put nothing at risk.  They've got to put something on the scale of meaning, as it were, which is basically time.  You first demonstrate to me how much you are willing to value the meaning of the conversation(s) we are going to have by demonstrating you have read something in preparation.

Further, I don't do individuals.  Only groups, and only groups of at least three and no more than five.  So we make a date (exchange some e-mails: to talk via Skype or some other electronic means (I'm too old to like traveling anymore).  Some representative of your group talks to me, and we work out a time   

Let us consider a possible scenario ...

A company gets in contact with me, and we agree to 10 hours of conversation over three or four days, with a limit of only five people in the dialogue loop to contain my having to engage too many people at the same time.  We have then set up a kind of academic-like seminar.

The electronic connection is made, and I see the circle of interested parties sitting around a semi-circular table, facing my screen.  I ask them to introduce themselves, and as they do so each should identify their "position" in the group (if relevant), and provide background material on their education, religious affiliation and so forth as necessary.   In addition they are to name for me what materials of mine, which they have read - carefully read.   Everyone does the first two easily, but when it comes to the third, they perhaps don't have much to say, except maybe that they scanned this or that text.

So I then say: this is like a bunch of freshman college students coming to their first class, not having acquainted themselves at all with any of the texts listed in the previously provided syllabus.  This failure on their part then requires that I am constantly forced, in answer to questions, to refer them to texts they should have read.  They didn't have to read all of them, but could have divided up among themselves, various different texts and come prepared.   Its their time.  I will give it to them.  I will also not try to do more than the most basic precis of the materials they have not studied.  If that is not satisfactory, we can discuss for a while, and during this first one or two hours, they will find that to go further they must study.  They have gone back to school, in a complex field with which they are not at all familiar.  I will try to guide their further inquiries, but at the same time, if they want to waste all of our valuable time together, by not being prepared, that's on them.

The basic problem, as it were, is that most people live within the Enchantment.  We are then required to "tease" their minds away from the confining assumptions of the Enchantment - in effect help them free themselves.  Rudolf Steiner, one of my teachers, had this to say in the last sentence of the original preface of his book: The Philosophy of Freedom (sometimes also called: The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity): "One must be able to confront an idea, and experience it, otherwise one will fall into its bondage."  An "idea", in this sense, is a kind of non-physical Spiritual Being that appears to the contemplative mind, when that mind finds its Way to the right degree of individual moral tranquility.

By the Way, Western Civilization is failing.  More precisely it is dying into a new becoming, a kind of extraordinary social metamorphosis, civilization being "living" and all that.  A major component is the fading away of the patriarchal influences that appear in the impulse to "dominion over" and their gradual replacement with a modern maternalistic influence, aptly described by the terms "communion with".  Such are the tides affecting the social future, the Third Millennium, and the ongoing current phase of the evolution of consciousness, which will dominate at least the next 1000 years.

Want to play a conscious role in this process?  If you do, I'd like to help.  The dialogue, when correctly approached, is not about me giving lectures.  It is more like a modern version of a Socratic social intercourse.  My skilled contribution is in asking those present good questions.  Or, helping them find good questions.  They create the answers, not me.  All we have done is stepped away from the Enchantment, and into a deeper social/spiritual contextual reality.   Where useful I may direct a group to other resources and individuals, who can add their own distinctive point of view to the whole idea-stew. 

Consider this "Enchantment" from another quarter.   Who gets enchanted by life?  Children.  So also humanity, which is presently child-like in a spiritual sense.  As we wake into our ever and ever greater intellectual prowess, that very prowess enchants us.  The on-looker separation is also about the child-like spiritual nature of the human mind, that begins to discover the real potential of the adventure of reason.  We, in this adventure, are not at any kind of end.  Rather we are very much just "In the Beginning".

You see, the world always has been an intentional poem, crafted by a master of the Art of the Word.  A song, that each mind can learn to hear, and then become able to act as an artistic co-participate in that World's own future creation.

And, the world does have a lot of problems.  Fixing them is a We-process, however, not an I-process.  That's why this App is directed at groups.  A principle danger is the potential to lose hope.  Many social problems seem huge.  At the same time, many hands make light work is the wise saying.  Inwardly, as individuals and as a group, we fight the temptation to lose hope.  To see beyond the obvious dread, to the living potential of the human spirit to surmount ever and ever again all adversity.  This the Genius of History has taught.  Even in the most dire times, we persevere.  We hold to each other and never give up.  For a beautiful (and funny) look at this question of fear and hope, watch the movie Tomorrowland.  While not commercially or critically successful, it had the audacity to try to portray the "idea", that intelligent and wise people could collectively use "hope" to overcome the darker whispers of fear.  Recall above: the cold and cruel untempered intellect wars in our inwardness with the warm thinking of the heart.  It is the former that breeds fear, while the later gives birth to hope.  See the movie for the meaning of this phrase, in case you don't recognize it: "Which wolf would you choose to feed?"

The Mystery of the Primal Paradox

The Social-Political World - the arena where human biographies unfold - is simultaneously imperfect and perfect.  From the point of view of Love this World is perfect, for each single biography is one note in a melody of biographies involving the same individuality - multiple incarnations often spread out over great eons of time.  Love, existing in Eternity, is able to oversee all the details and has countless helpers for this Art.  From the point of view of the individual, whose biographies are experienced in linear time, the world is imperfect.  We see the world as imperfect as an aspect of our yet unfinished, and often wounded, nature.  This "fractured and incomplete seeing" then is necessary to our choices in life.  So we will be aware of the suffering of others, for example, and feel called to alleviate that suffering.  Or we will feel our own suffering, and seek to heal that as well.   Even the differing ideas, religions, and other points of view, all belong to those who hold to them.  The individualized world of concepts held by each is necessary for each.  We don't need to think the same, or feel the same, or believe the same. 

The material in this App is based on the work of many people, not just me.  I've taken no money for my
part of this Art.  For those who have liked what is here, and may want to offer some financial remuneration,
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