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(***a Path of Cognition - a Path of the Rising of the Sun in the Mind)

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Freely Thought American Politics

beadwork by the author

the Spirit of the Four Directions:

The human being stands in the physical and social worlds able to look in Four Directions -
North, South, East and West.  In the Pipe Ceremony of the Lakota Sioux the Spirits of
the Four Directions are honored.  These same Spirits are honored in Rudolf Steiner's
most significant meditation/poem: The Foundation Stone.

In Praise of the American Spirit

we sing America
we sing her shadow and her light
we sing America
and, America sings us

- I've been writing on American Politics for several decades.   The below is a bit like an
archaeological dig, with the newer stuff tending to be on the top and the older stuff on the bottom -

Lets begin with some Art:   

basic theme expressed in a poem  America Sings  also

"Girl America" by Mat Kearney

some beautiful songs by a young American, Jonathan Yusuf Ali
"Empire's Soldiers"

a song by some American jazz/rock/folk artists - the Folksoul Band -  on America and New Orleans:

wonderful Rock version of Star Spangeled Banner:

Jimi Hendrix - "blows up" the same, at Woodstock:

Ray Charles: America the Beautiful:

Woody Guthrie (and friends) This Land is Your Land:

Woodstock: Joni Mitchell:

basic theme as expressed in a short story   
Counting Coup

basic theme expressed in a short (under ten minutes) video essay: "We have met the enemy and he is us"

a screen play treatment: "the grandmother war"

synopsis of "the grandmother war"


- the links below are to free reading that can be found on my website,  Shapes in the Fire,

if you want a physical book to hold in your hand,  those can be purchased at my bookstore Joel Wendt's Theory of Everything Emporium (e-books of many of the same can be downloaded for free)

NEW Article: I - an individual human being - no longer Consent -- changing the world, one human being at a time

NEW: Economic and Social Rebellion - a money debt owed bankers is only a number ... while what lives in the hearts of a People is a spiritual currency of infinitely greater value.

Uncommon Sense: the Degeneration and the Redemption of Political Life in America {concerns the failure of both parties to protect the Republic, and how through Citizen Governance We the People can move our public life forward by considering a 2nd Declaration of Independence and the creation of a new Constitution }

On the Nature of Public Life is a collection of older essays on politics and social existence (except for a couple original to the book) that also can be found elsewhere on this website

Some thoughts on the Nature of Public Life: older essays - some of which are include in On the Nature of Public Life, while many others are not.

Hermit's Weblog: everything your mother never told you about how the world really works.  The link here is to the blog, which ran from about 2003 to 2009

Counter-Moves: Finding victory in the war the rich are making upon the poor (also contained in the appendix to Uncommon Sense).

The America Quartet: four poems on the Spiritual America (also contained in On the Nature of Public Life).   See also "The George Washington Blues".

Shapes in the Fire (my new blog on the Insane Journal)

variations on the themes:

"there is no true self government, in a political sense, if there is not
an equal proportion of 'self-governing', by the individual of himself, in a moral sense" from my essay: Song of the Grandfathers: Unconventional Wisdom (real wealth) and the redemption of Social and Political Existence (civilization)

Sign a Second Declaration of Independence here***concerning a curious relationship between this Declaration, written originally in 2006, and the Sept. 29, 2011 Occupy Wall Street original document

YouTube material on this subject:

Welcome to the Second American Revolution

In Praise of the American Spirit

Saving America from Ourselves

older materials:

A Forgotten Resource: the American Spirit
    part one: The American Will: to Sacrifice for an Ideal
    part two: Economic Tyranny and the American Spirit
    part three: The Word, the Idea of Property, and the Creation of a True American Culture

Celebration and Theater: A People's Art of Statecraft  (link to web-essay)

even older materials:

Basic Conceptions: fundamentals of a new social view

Civil Society: its potential and its mystery

Beyond Columbine: appreciating the patterns of social meaning hidden in the Columbine tragedy

The Future

The Coming Collapse - civilization at the brink

Greenville Millenium Gazette:

Essays and Comments on Current Affairs;

Important material on money, from Richard Kotlarz Follow this link (for essays on the reality money - getting past the lies and the religion of economics)

even more ancient stuff:

Pragmatic Populist Politics or, It's Not Easy Being Green: I've recently spent some time with Green political folks, and its prettly clear that, while they have a holistic agenda, they don't yet realize that the practice of politics itself needs to be holistic as well. Here is a brief introduction to those ideas.

the Shadow Warrior Society: direct political action by the most marginalized in our society (the homeless) will only come about, and be effective, if, at its root, this action grounds itself in a fundamental cultural change of meaning. The SWS essay is an imagination of these possiblities and psycho-cultural realites (see Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization, for the fundamental reasons for this).

Letters to the Alliance for Democracy: I have been slowly coming more deeply acquainted with the Alliance for Democracy, a new political impulse which arose in America following the publication in the magazine, The Nation, of an article by Ronnie Dugger: A Call to Citizens: Real Populists Please Stand Up!. As part of being associated with this work, I have become a member of various on-line chapters of the AfD. As a support of this impulse, and its quite needed work in America, I have begun writing long letters to be posted on-line with the various on-line chapters and list serves. These letters, as they are written, will also be placed on this part of my cyber-home.

beadwork by the author

America as the Land of Ahriman -
the architect (see the Matrix movies)
 of the cold and cruel intellect unbound

... but that is only half a truth ...

for Americans are also

Natural Anthroposophists

From the Hopi Prophecy: This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun. 

The third "event" contemplated by the Hopi Prophecy, which predicted the first two wars of the 20th Century, is the ongoing war between human heart forces and the unrestrained cold, calculating and undisciplined intellect.  This battle takes place on many fronts, and we can see it most clearly in our public life, for there it is obvious to all.

The Red Symbol is both the human heart forces of Natural Christians, as well as the Rose Cross image on the back of the above "biker's" jacket.  This natural spirit of the American People is rising up to restrain the over-reaching of intellectual forces, not yet tamed by our moral heart forces.  These presently dominate our financial industries, our large corporations, and much of the idealogical driven political life in America.  Details are found in the essays collected in this section on American Politics.  

The "four forces of nature (Meha)" represent the Prophecy's anticipation of the rediscovery of the realm of the Life and Light or ethereal forces, fostered under the stewardship of Rudolf Steiner.

These are set "in motion for the benefit of the Sun", which is the Holy Creator Being as he/she/it exists both macrocosmically, and microcosmically in the human "I". 

The Hopi Prophecy called our coming Age - the Third Millennium - the Day of Purification.  This phrase: This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun, also refers to the Return of the Divine Feminine, for these macro-social changes arrive out of the social commons, not from the dead and dying hierarchical institutional structures of Western Civilization.  The above essays on politics come at this from multiple directions.

The point of this end-piece is simply to suggest that a culture is a whole, and much that goes on in each sphere will be only truly understood by a kind of thinking practice that is less ideological, and more living,  on all levels.