In Praise of the American Spirit
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I've been writing on American Politics for several decades.   The below is a bit like an
archaeological dig, with the newer stuff tending to be on the top and the older stuff on the bottom

basic theme expressed in a poem

America Sings

some beautiful songs by a young American, Jonathan Yusuf Ali
"Empire's Soldiers"

basic theme as expressed in a short story:

Counting Coup


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Shapes in the Fire,

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Joel Wendt's Theory of Everything Emporium

NEW: Economic and Social Rebellion - a money debt owed bankers is only a number ... while what lives in the hearts of a People is a spiritual currency of infinitely greater value.

Uncommon Sense: the Degeneration and the Redemption of Political Life in America {concerns the failure of both parties to protect the Republic, and how through Citizen Governance We the People can move our public life forward by considering a 2nd Declaration of Independence and the creation of a new Constitution }

On the Nature of Public Life is a collection of older essays on politics and social existence (except for a couple original to the book) that also can be found elsewhere on this websiteSome thoughts on the Nature of Public Life: older essays - some of which are include in this book, while many others are not.

Hermit's Weblog: everything your mother never told you about how the world really works.  The link here is to the blog.

Counter-Moves: Finding victory in the war the rich are making upon the poor (also contained in the appendix to Uncommon Sense).

The America Quartet: four poems on the Spiritual America

Shapes in the Fire (my new blog)

older materials
A Forgotten Resource: the American Spirit
    part one: The American Will: to Sacrifice for an Ideal
    part two: Economic Tyranny and the American Spirit
    part three: The Word, the Idea of Property, and the Creation of a True American Culture

Celebration and Theater: A People's Art of Statecraft  (link to web-essay)

links to other essays:

Basic Conceptions: fundamentals of a new social view

Civil Society: its potential and its mystery

Beyond Columbine: appreciating the patterns of social meaning hidden in the Columbine tragedy

The Future

The Coming Collapse - civilization at the brink

even older materials:

Greenville Millenium Gazette:

Essays and Comments on Current Affairs;

Some Thoughts on the Nature of Public Life, and an offer of Service:

additional background materials:

see also for general research on the micro-social (as against the macro-social) The Social-Spiritual Organism of a Waldorf School Community et seq; and, Threshold Problems in Thinking the Threefold Social Order

Important material on money, from Richard Kotlarz Follow this link (for essays on the reality money - getting past the lies and the religion of economics)

Elizabeth Ancrum MacKenzie: Elizabeth is a Scottish visionary thinker, very interested in social life, such as politics and economics, who at the same time is a serious esoteric Christian.  Here is an outstanding, though small, book of her's  Aesthetics of Economics and The Scottish Masonic Tradition  and, the link to her main website:

a small meditation on the spiritual path  pioneered by Ralph Waldo Emerson, including a report of some practical applications - this was an address given on the occasion of the 200th aniversary of Emerson's birth, at the Concord School of Philosophy - May 25th, 2003, under the auspices of the Center for America Studies at Concord MA.

even more ancient stuff ...

Pragmatic Populist Politics or, It's Not Easy Being Green: I've recently spent some time with Green political folks, and its prettly clear that, while they have a holistic agenda, they don't yet realize that the practice of politics itself needs to be holistic as well. Here is a brief introduction to those ideas.

the Shadow Warrior Society: direct political action by the most marginalized in our society (the homeless) will only come about, and be effective, if, at its root, this action grounds itself in a fundamental cultural change of meaning. The SWS essay is an imagination of these possiblities and psycho-cultural realites (see Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization, for the fundamental reasons for this).

Letters to the Alliance for Democracy: I have been slowly coming more deeply acquainted with the Alliance for Democracy, a new political impulse which arose in America following the publication in the magazine, The Nation, of an article by Ronnie Dugger: A Call to Citizens: Real Populists Please Stand Up!. As part of being associated with this work, I have become a member of various on-line chapters of the AfD. As a support of this impulse, and its quite needed work in America, I have begun writing long letters to be posted on-line with the various on-line chapters and list serves. These letters, as they are written, will also be placed on this part of my cyber-home.

link to older YouTube material on this subject:
Welcome to the Second American Revolution

link to beginning of Youtube playlist on this theme:

In Praise of the American Spirit

list of single videos on this theme

#1 the gift of unemployment (part one):
#2 the gift of unemployment (part two):
#3 the gift of unemployment (part three):
#4 the gift of unemployment (part four):

#5 foreclosures - and the changing tide of consent (part one)
#6 foreclosures - and the changing tide of consent (part two)
#7 foreclosures - and the changing tide of consent (part three)
#8 foreclosures - and the changing tide of consent (part four)

#9 We have met the enemy and he is us (one part only)

#10 the extraordinary ordinary (part one)
#11 the extraordinary ordinary (part two)
#12 the extraordinary ordinary (part three)
#13 the extraordinary ordinary (part four)
#14 the extraordinary ordinary (part five)
#15 the extraordinary ordinary (part six) http:///

#16 America Sings (a poem)

#17 a Rant on Iran and the Bomb:

#18 How the American government is supposed to work:

#19 Obama Care and social context

#20 American Fascism

#21 On Obesity Hysteria

#22 Real Politics: Same sex marriages

#23 Occupy Wallstreet Needs Leaders

#24 taming the future: part one   text of taming the future: part one here (includes texts of taming the future parts two and three (never recorded)