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Opus One

Part One: The Necessity for Discarding the Concept of Time.

Time is Not real.  It (Time) is not even “is” (existing).

Change is a more accurate term, for the Now changes constantly, as everything is always in a state of becoming.

Something (thing?) inside of us needs/wants continuity of changes over “time”.  Without memory, for example, we might well not notice that this moment of now is different from a just “passed” moment of now.

Mostly time is a function of the feeling of regret - the sense of loss for a moment not to be repeated.

Language is real, but what is language in itself?  There are older languages in which time is not, in the sense of how we conceive our lives today.  I have heard suggestions that in the Hopi Language, there are no past or future tenses in any of the “verbs”. 

One of the main aspects of Hopi Culture is their star-wisdom.  Clearly the sky changed, slowly to be sure, but irrevocably the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, and the wandering stars make the strangest movements in the night sky ... 

People age and change, so how do we grasp THAT with “thinking” without some kind of “time” concepts?   Perhaps how we “think” today, did not exist during the births of many of the “ancient” languages we study; and, the oldest ,,,... the oldest suggest that modern consciousness is not how people were in the way past long ago when before.

The attached picture is a “Kiva”, which is a type of temple common to Hopi, Navajo, & Pueblo folk.  In the right moments of the day (and this was true in Egyptian architecture as well), stars can be seen in the blue sky of day, if we are in the dark, and looking out through a kind of tunnel, albeit in a kind of meditative mood, as it were.

Communal memory is stories, and stories are crucial to maintaining cultural integrity.  Seasons change, and understanding the changes in the life cycle of the plant world is crucial to continued existence for folk who eat their vegetables.  Stories, well understood, teach. 

Without memory and stories there is no sense of there might be a past, once upon a star-when.  As Emerson noted, thinking draws rays of connection between all objects of experience.  Consciousness makes links.  These connections need concepts and words in order to be shared in stories.

We do more than tell our children the names of all possible objects they may encounter.  We take memory and entomb it in stories in Written languages, and teach them to read.

The many Senses, and their related guide/mind, are primeval for many people, especially if we do not make them learn to read.  Before reading and writing, experience itself was the writing.  With Sun&Moon&Stars the World Song-Sang, and the Hopi, and others who remember the Dreamtime/Startime, gave these Beings names. 

Conversations were had.  Stars spoke.  Change continued.  Time was not, for Now was already Forever.

We turned the world inside out when we decided all need to learn to read writing, changing the eye of the mind to look to a inward-picture-word rather than an experience-direct.  The mind is a kind of lens, slowly being polished, to an end without end.

And, we went further deciding that everyone would/should be in the same time-zones - a good measuring device for making stuff&Profit.  Hopi prophets saw the wave/front of amazing change, in the stars & with star lore.  They remembered when writing and counting were not, or at least the language and the oral Hopi-stories do.

The Day of Purification, ... “day” being not-time, but tastes of changes savored by living slow, and watching/learning what sky/stars/seasons/plants/rains and all the other friends, including kachina’s - the folk not seen, but which the heart knows.

Outside my widow, a fresh dusting of snow, temperature 16 degrees, and I am 14 milligrams of sativa ganja-goddess into the changing light of day .... The Mayan Long Count was to remember that whatever the fuck existence is, it is fundamentally cyclic, and for us takes place One Day at a Time

For the Hopi, this has all happened before, and after this may well happen again [This name of changes:= being the Fourth World dying into a potential Fifth Emergence].

Some story-memories of folks from before the world drowned in time: “From the Beginning of Life to the Day of Purification.”, tales told over and over again in the Kiva, and then danced in the plaza with the music of the stars, as the rhythm section.

Is your smart phone living art, or a stone-cold dead albatross around the neck?  Change can go too fast.  Does not each day too often begin with a dread feeling of how can I yet catch up with myself, somewhere out there in the day after tomorrow when all my dreams/worries/hopes/wishes/&fears may step out of a cab with a gun in its hands, pointed in my direction.

Pithy Hopi Speak: Day of Purification for sure.  Changes like tornadoes dancing with old Greek Titans and Furies, but as born-in-Tibet said: Does the Moon call itself Moon?

Seize the moment.  Or not.  Except: Foolishness and Silly probably better than scared witless.

Advanced Warning: Part Two will deal with the uselessness of the Idea of Space in Physics.


Part Two: The Uselessness of the Present Day Idea-of-Space ...
Inartistically Dominating Materialistic (all matter, no spirit) Physics.

Google definitions sez: the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics, distinguished from that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.  Also, the physical properties and phenomena of something.

Physics is not the prime/first science, although It likes to be treated as if.  Philosophy is first, for the mind needs to train itself, in terms of observations and the drawing of conclusions from the same.  Only thinking creates thought, which is an entire&obvious clue.

A culture usually has some history of such subjects, and most of us go to schools to become acquainted with what others have thought&think.  All the same physics, as primary in our history, could have been secondary - for example ... What kind of science would we have if we studied biological (living and alert) phenomena before learning of the basic laws of motion of inert objects (Newton’s Three Laws)?

Inert objects are the product of previous occupations of the Now, by alert objects.  Outside my window a tree, and beneath the snow, a realm of metals, and stones.  All of which have been transformed by the hands and hearts of human minds into my room, my chair, the computer at which I write this, and a whole lot of objects of/in my near space-field of sense experience.

It is actually the human being that should be studied first, because that is a subject of which we have the most direct and ongoing/continuous personal&raw experience.

A primary difficulty is that language itself can be a barrier to observation.  In the more obscure laboratories of the mind, there is a phenomena called: the pre-thought thought, or in a less sophisticated and nuanced expression: an assumption.

Modern folk all have languages that are filled with words/meanings/conceptions/ideas where space&time are implicitly accepted, as existing without question.  In Part One we dealt with the fact of Time not being real, ... So, ... let us now ask whether “space” is real.

Rudolf Steiner possessed a “mind” that should be a touchstone of all who seek the truth.  He set standards for reasonable inquiry that few know exists, and of those who know these standards exist, many have not been up to attaining his same level of disciplines.

I have written extensively on the phenomena of space, first from the point of view of “energy”, which the definitions of physics above describes as a primary field of inquiry.  The article “There is no free Energy” can be found here:

That article was focused on an odd form of “energy” - electricity - and I tried there to reveal how difficult it was to “think” electricity without a proper conception of “space” itself.  I later wrote another essay: “Electricity and the Spirit in Nature”:  Those two must be appended to the summit of the problem of “space” here: “The Misconception of Cosmic Space As Appears In the Ideas of Modern Astronomy”:

Rudolf Steiner’s studies of childhood development point out how the child in rising from the horizontal into the vertical arrives at a direct experience of “space” in the sense of material existence.  A colleague, Jill Owens, has made a personal study of the labyrinth of the ear, both in its physical form, and as an experience that leads us to manifold questions regarding our direct experience of symmetry - in space, or maybe not ...

for an interesting experience go there:

Which  “going-there” happens because of what?  A mouse-aided finger movement, soon to be a nano-machine thought-servant stuck inside your brain-pan?  We are already linked via counter-space, which is the other-concept required in order to appreciate space as we have been taught to conceive it.

Is an abstract concept of electrical current running through a kind of matter/connecting/tube accurate?  Hardly.  Without the concepts of time and space properly aligned, electricity cannot be grasped, and the path to this alignment - in a concrete inner-picture-sense - requires facility with Projective Geometry:

Space is Geometrically&Infinitely the primal Polar{archetype of archetypes}, and ... well, perhaps That-Space is a God, but that’s a whole other level of meta-anthroposophy.  R. S. spoke thus: “Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself.  Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.”

Space and Counter-Space.  Woven out of light: Points, Lines, and Planes of light.  Yet, what lies in between - which is before Light?  Life.  In it was life and the life was the light of the world.

Tragically Out of Print, tho’ still surviving on the Electrical-Net, while we have it, George Adams: Space and the Light of Creation.

Now, lets get personal: Our Experience.

When in the world of the senses - our ordinary state of Experience, we are taught that we are a kind of center, around which a space and object filled world is inhabited by, ... while here we get variations considerable.

No better example than your own, so no more words from me as to details, although as with the “time” insanity a reboot of how “space” is understood is now in progress.

In the East, this riddle is handled with poetic epigrams, although the screwball koan stuff can be fun.  Instant Satori (enlightenment) was promised, although learning to wait a lot - while sitting still - seemed to occupy most in that school.  The high mountain vastness folk, were, well - lively ... I once watched born-in-tibet hypnotize a whole group (about a thousand folks crammed into a concrete cathedral in SF CA).  Had to get their attention, so transmission could happen.  Or not.

In the 1970‘s scientific explorers took LSD, and hung out in sensory deprivation tanks.  Of late, a South American “natural substance”, perhaps helped to its potential by shamans as well ...

Some drugs break down the nature of the assumed reality of experience.  Some slow it down.  Some speed it up.  Some make you sleepy, even to going unconscious in some kind of rush of ecstasy - a false/chemical induced hunger for at least one moment of transcendence in this shit hole which is life.

We are all on drugs, folks, and Wealth&Power Addicts are spreading too much unnecessary shit on the rest of us.  Time for a change.  Space for a change.  How about change at a level never seen coming, or totally coming exactly as seen coming, by the folks that know their shit about such things.  When the New Age of crystals, chanting, yoga, claimed to make one feel better than did Western Medicine, and not only that told the physicists that plants like us talking to them, ... that rush of new-aginess caused a chief theologian of science to roar - in a book - about the dangers of the return to a demon-haunted world.

Geometries of polarities, woven of other geometries of polarities.  Space and Counter-Space.  Father&Mother, with Son in Tow.  Two always is also three.

The Labyrinth of the Ear:

Then there is “electricity”.  Who is that?  Not What is that, but qualitatively ... Who is that?  The Gnomes, remarkable physicists by the way, and very much helping out here with this review of all the most obvious stuff - good grief - the truth is always obvious.  Looking  tho’, well not all of us can be as good as gnomes at Looking, ... although emulating to the degree possible enables an amplification of nervous excitement.

Is electricity excited?  First times memory met, sparks where sheets rubbed blankets, fading into the dreaming.  Shocking.  Someone - on purpose - using socks and rugs generates what? and then then they touch you a spark leaps a gap, and comes with a bit of an ouch.

Attentively read the experience backwards in memory to connect the phenomena in the right order.  Just as one writes a sentence, experiential reality writes sentences.  Ouch ~ spark-leaps-a-gap ~ mechanical rubbing of different substances. 

Spark-leaps-a-gap is the center/middle.  Something not there in space and time is suddenly there in space and time.  A name is invented after some further scientific investigation, and sparks-leaps-a-gap is given a new kind of name, as “field” phenomena.  In “space” electrical potential is built up, until it has to discharge itself.

For us, a light actually seen, and a hot-like sting.  Who or what did that?

A field is not visible, nor is potential.  In which space is field&potential?  Space or Counter Space, ... Or, both?  Wait, we have to be careful not to forget The Fey, the legions of littlest invisible folks, for as much as we want to deny it, everything lives and has consciousness.  Has not the religion of quantum physics declared: “That without the presence of consciousness, the indeterminate potential cannot collapse into reality”.

So what/whose/whom’s consciousnesses are in the works, fulfilling the required-for-the-collapse of the imagined yet indeterminate potential into reality - but the consciousness of fairies and such.  I knew you could do it Physics, but just one more brave step and you can catch up with your forgotten past.  Where do you think all that pagan magical&mystical lore comes from?

Nothing created is not also life&consciousness.  What’s worse is that here we are down in our earth-conditions of little bubbles of space and time existence, while all around us, sharing the same space&matter&time falling&flying, are the best and most interesting of company.

Want to talk to a star, talk to a stranger.  Don’t like people?  Cities compress the senses inward, and nerves become taunt and tight. 

 “Think on it: how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself.  Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, and then come again, for then the Infinite will shine forth for thee in the finite.”

Space has many names, as should any God.  Relationships of shape in snowflake and flying seed, ... each motion accompanied by uncountable Fe dancers rendering light into colors and sounds.

Some of whom volunteered to be tortured to death in places like Cern, where Physics continues its march  towards a cliff, and could use a stern warning.  If Cern were to become an altar, that allowed shamans and math&physics nerds to take drugs and see it as a Temple, great teachers, long banished to the stars by fears and disbelief, might sing us the songs we need in order to pick up the nuclear and chemical trash by ourselves worshiping, as did Goethe, Coleridge, Emerson, the Mother, whose waiting is obviously full of impatient weather.

A last advance warning: As an object lesson in the field of inquiry of Steiner-thought,
my next coming:

Part Three: A book review of the book: “The Electronic Doppleganger”, by ...
opps the cover does not say, which means what /? given that the cover also
asserts/claims the book is about:
“The Mystery of the Double
In the Age of the Internet”
“from the work of Rudolf Steiner”



Part Three: A review of the book: “The Electronic Doppleganger”, by ...
opps-the-cover-does-not-say, which means what /? given that the cover also
asserts/claims the book is about:

“The Mystery of the Double
In the Age of the Internet”
“from the work of Rudolf Steiner”

a couple of introductory remarks for context

A crucial meta - (above) - physical treatise is The Emerald Tablet, which begins this way: The above from the below, and the below from the above - the work of the miracle of the One. And things have been from this primal substance through a single act. How wonderful is this work! It is the main (principle) of the world and is its maintainer. Its father is the sun and its mother the moon; ...

Go deep enough inside the spiritual nature of the earth, ... go deep enough, and you cross over into the cosmic periphery, the stars.  Go far enough out beyond the stars, and you find yourself in the cosmic deeps.

This what projective geometry reveals as the true “shape” of the Universe aka: Reality, which is presently a physical condensation between two cosmic entities, all joined and penetrated by the infinite potential of spirit. 

Space is not empty, ... Space Exists in its fundamental polarity of Father, Mother & Son Realized.  With each of us having our own tale of a cosmic inside of the deeps, and from there can/does circle ‘round again to the starry firmament.

If you just notice: You, experiencing, ... you see Both right in front of you every day of your life.  With sight, you gaze into the infinite distance.  With hearing, focused inward to and through thought, you feel the deeps of the heart as the knower of the endless rhythms of change.

~ the miracle of the One ~

Now to the book, sort of ...

From what&whence came this book, ~ a mystery, perhaps ~ but all I have is an object ordered from Amazon.  A lot of thinking and writing bothers me, that bases itself almost exclusively on Rudolf Steiner-said.  What does this person, described inside first page as follows: “Edited and Introduced by Andreas Neider”, ... what does this person want to achieve, and then there is this: “Translated from German by Simon Luke Breslaw.”

I see no reason to suspect that anything less than the best of intentions live in this book, to provide illumination - for English speakers - of Rudolf Steiner’s thoughts on truly substantive questions for modern existence.

I hope, in this examination of the existence of this work to add to what has been done.  That said, a curious set of questions lurk, and I would first make them front and center. 

I am inclined to find this work a failure, completely and utterly.  I am a reader of books, and there are standards, albeit often just matters of taste.

The following facts did not taste good: The bibliography was Steiner all the time Steiner, which makes it harder to gain a sense of what the “editor” did (in conjunction with the “translator”).  There is no index, although there are notes, and in gazing among them an occasional reference to another thinker.

I would have hoped for references to, and familiarity with, the basic Geothean scientists, such as Adams, Lehrs, Hauschka etc., given that we are dealing with “electrical” phenomena, and those folks were ... observant.   All the same I am also not surprised, which brings us to this: the Culmination.

This book on the “Double” is fully within the Aristotelian stream (a matter of creating/finding an important category of study, and giving considerable spiritual life to the necessary tasks or research), ...

... And my review/reflection will be a Platonist-take on the spiritual-scientific views the book presents [“The Mystery of the Double in the Age of the Internet”].  Not the book as an object, but the book’s Subject [the Double] will be approached from both views, with Andreas Neider&Simon Luke Breslaw representing that approach following after Steiner, and I will represent the other-approach, using this difference as a means of ... well that will be up to the reader ... won’t it.

Make no mistake, I am reading the book, and it tastes in all the best ways such books usual offer, that I have previously read, ... Which books wished/were trying to illuminate Steiner’s thought.  “Heavy lifting” sez he of behind my left ear.  Indeed, for although I seldom agreed, for example with Prokofieff, we must nevertheless fully honor the effort.

A bit of necessary back/foreground, not so clear in Steiner, but if he is the only resource the reader of this is willing to recognize then don’t bother to read onward.

Plato was connected to the past, as it were.  Aristotle was the future.  That past remains present, and very much needs to be acknowledged as deeply as it was before.   While European civilization was forming itself out of ancient Greek Culture, and Roman martial prowess, the Hebrew folk had been at work, for some time, eliminating their relationship to the older Goddess religions, whose forms of initiation were something with which Plato was deeply familiar. 

This ignoring of the Feminine Mysteries would continue as three powerful monotheistic religions attempted to drive (unsuccessfully, see Clark 2017, with purpose and mal-intent, the goddess teachings from existence, replacing a Glorious Pantheon with a single MALE deity - often fearsome, and served by an all powerful all male priesthood - socially and politically connected with other men-folk, - to manage the religious lives of ordinary people, ... for mostly the purpose of social control.  A god who sez the poor will be with you always, helps the rich accept their difficult lot.

Such is always a bargain with the devil.  The real problem with the devil is getting our heads&hearts around to admitting that whatever the devil is, if we want to make use of the concept of god/good, it seems the god-that-is-in-the-details made the devil as well.  It is one of those all or nothing absolute logical infarctions.

Plato knew more about Atlantis than he let on.  Whether or not Steiner could see Plato’s secrets or not, it is clear that Steiner interprets a great deal in a fashion convenient ... he - Steiner - holds a well reigned-in world view - few frayed edges and/or unanswered questions.  Steiner, all the same, knew that he could not give what the Platonists were destined to give.  He could only point a finger and say: There will be Contact, and Upon How that Meeting - between the Aristotelians and the Platonists unfolds - the Future Course of Civilization may well depend.

Might be fun, if what Platonists were, was/were itself better understood ... Given that it <lived-platonism - is not a theology of mind>, but rather a matter of “participation” - with Invisibles, more than with categories of things.

Steiner then finds that in order to make his works accessible to modern scientifically trained minds, he must reject the pagan magics&mysticisms, formerly normal fare where both Gods&Goddesses were worshiped and followed.  Hexes hanging from kitchen doors, a poultice for most ills in/from the herb garden, fire spirits to honor, for without fire & water & shelter, plain folk do not live well.  Household gods&goddesses by the dozens, each powerful and practical, yet ...

Women were trouble.  Powerful gods favored their Ways.  The amazing natural intuitive psychic capacities - of spirits in female avatar bodies, one upon an lost eon made possible: communion-with, direct conversation with invisibles ... was swallowed whole by dominion-over ...  Participation waned, and then disappeared.  Falling stars became involutions of the whole-periphery, concentrated in a darkening sin-center for a while (Paul’s hated corpus), trying to figure out how come people are so afraid of sex ... still ... 

Life is too full of the cyclic, and what was once comes again, ever new, but still an unbroken breath-filled spiraling~dance, going all the way back to the Mother.

An accusation of sin by a priest is something few women could endure, and stones get thrown more often than not ... still.  Today we see the payback - begin - as it were, the long-time what goes around comes around, and the domination of women by men is being driven away by the highest laws possible, which are social&essential in nature, not formal and well loopholed. 

Dragons circle civilization, and their Mother is a woman, who/whatever human avatar-form ends up riding them. 

This shaming fire will continue, and go to excess without a doubt.  Still, ... the point here is that the Platonists are pagans, wizards, sorcerers, magicians, astrologers, tellers of tales, singers of stories, jugglers and comedians.  Travelers, if we understand how travelers before and after Atlantis rode the sea-roads spreading and maintaining a cultural garden as wide as the world of all the four winds of the creation.

Imagine ... You ... live, for example, on a coast, next to a great ocean, your local deities are well understood by your shaman-clans.

When there are no local wars, the Travelers visit, sometimes as regular as the stars.  The Travelers bring culture, new songs, new tales, new ways to get drunk and dance until you pass out.  The Travelers everywhere welcomed, there being legends that some Traveler’s Ships once rode the very air&light itself.

Eventually the Travelers will disperse ... marry into coastal clans and leave behind the great seas.  Travelers have shaman clans too.  Those clans wrote a book, to leave a record, knowing reading is coming, ... a book of pictures.  It didn’t need a name, is often used to see the future, and help us affect it’s comings&goings if possible.

World Culture heading for Celebration - Integration - Billions of Star folk, now walking the Earth in a personal well designed Avatar Body of amazing potential, if our appetites don’t wreck it that is.

And, ... carrying whatever the fuck Karma means.  Although.  There is my/our lives, which has its course, as with all of us travelers of the present, steering ships on troubled seas.  One of my main gods&goddesses had this to warm our hearts - you are meant to be where you are, so deal with it!


In the book “The Electronic Doppleganger”, we find the word “forces” used many times by Steiner, and his students.  Many times.  However, there are no abstract forces in the Creation, ... anywhere.  There are only the activity of Beings, including countless little folk invisible - of Fey and Faerie, who are involved wherever “forces” are imagined to be. 

Steiner needed someone to stand up and. using puppets and wonderful Fey-voices. speak of the armies of invisibles, while he had to described the living reality in this abstract and sad - as in artless Way: Ethereal Formative Forces, arrayed in the imagination like the armies that faced each other in the Lord of the Rings films: - a necessity, but no longer. 

Opps?!?  My god/goodness.  What are Waldorf Education, Bio-dynamics, Anthroposophical medicine with its tiny folk potencies - but temples and altars to the little folk, the daughter movements all lightly shining with Fairy Dust.

An American woman - Marjorie Spock - gives us this: Fairy Worlds and Workers: a natural history of fairyland.

These tribes of invisibles carry out the tasks wherever Steiner used the word: Forces.  They follow laws, and the laws are essentially expressed in their nature & differences.  But, to put forward in Europe any effort along those lines would have made of Steiner a laughing stock - a comedic figure for sure.  Anthroposophia is not done working Her wonders, and the Platonists bring the missing pieces that Steiner had to lay a bit to the side. 

Part of what this means is that whatever the names of the beings that are connected to electrical forces and currents, ,,,... behind those forces and currents are acts of Beings, full of consciousness and will, while remaining beloved members of the Mother’s Forever Endless Hierarchies.

Labeling them evil or dark is a tragedy, and a kind of crucifixion.  Colors are the deeds and sufferings of light, said traveler Goethe.

In the above Platonist~fire~side~light, then, read the book The Electronic Doppleganger.  I’ll be lurking if wanted for consultations.  Or, you could study your own mind&life, as did I, & then write your own: “The Mystery of Evil in the Light of the Sermon on the Mount”

I’ll take checks, but they have to made out to my Lady, whose capital is dwindling while I get up everyday to write ganja-intoxicated poetry&prose.  If I make money, all my government benefits, with which my Great Lady of Providence rewarded my efforts, as weak as they may be, go up in smoke.

Where/who-ever you are who reads this, may someone send you an Everyday is Christmas Day tree, or you could make your own like I did. 

representation of various aspects of Franz Bardon's naming of the fundamental element aspects (Quabbalah) and their relationship to letters, consonants and vowels.


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