Long, proceed at your own risk ...

Medicine Woman is Here

the rainbow warrior is female
she's been sleeping, but no longer ...

dreamers always wake up, ...
it is just that some dream of being
~!~ DRAGONS ~!~


"Farewell", by Grzegorz Rutkowski
Dragon Riders: the Human Being in Maturity


So, you’re a movie director, famous&rich, ... who knows or cares.   Luc Besson.    French.    Loves women, as goddesses, shamelessly.   Still the main attraction is the mysteries of differences.    Your films are a dangerous and loving study of women.    You made: Le Femme Nikita; The Professional, which gave us Natalie Portman at 12 years of age; The Fifth Element, with a fantastic artistic vision that shames George Lucas, who is more mechanical ... etc. etc. ... And LUCY!

... Then you get them - the money folks - to bet 180 million on your next film (actually a massive money consortium, watch the credits of Valerian carefully) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJbLqa_uSiQ

Keep in mind that a director is a magician, juggling many hats, although famous with helpful friends to make sets, and other film arts. Art does not always make a profit.


For a lot less money, with no fanfare, someone else makes:




... visionary as well, and has the virtue of, if you like remarkable films, you might want to add this to your collection.

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Film, digital and otherwise, is the dominant art form in the age of the magic-lantern smart phone, and almost everyone uses this tool, dread pirate roberts included. With music&comentary as provided by that particular holder of their personal/stolen/borrowed Aladdin’s Lamp, firmly individualized/terrorized/salvaged/&cared about.

A weaving of personal arts&crafts photographic, so that what/ever/devil lives in Facebook&Google&Friends=builders getting rich, ... did they learn anything along the Way? ... still they helped imagine/codes-invisible, drum-roll please !!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Avatar-Body for the Noosphere. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (noticed it’s coming) "The noosphere is the sphere of human thought.” Wires-copper, earth-woven, with rays of heat across the living sky-dancing in glass. A body made out of parts of our Mother’s Avatar Body - She of the Hurricanes&Earthquakes. Weather no accident - just high level Karmic Arts&Crafts, each freshly minted/newly created drop of blessed Water follow paths of (see Clarke5):

NOW: ~!@#$~!~(&^~!~~~!~ the tale of the story in the film: Moontrap Target Earth:

A woman who dreams finds herself living in the dream.

At the outset references are made to two archaeological finds in the deserts of the American Southwest, suggesting that the second one - of those entombed/buried there - is perhaps an alien artifact, which naturally attracts the presently dominant tribe: the money-people,

- with the dreamer then hired to help, along with her “guy”, comes now discovery! ... And it appears that the second one was human in origin, and from (?carbon-dated?) about 14,000 years ago. Uncertainty has virtues.

The dreamer reads the ancient script found on the second Find, and dreams more of her own involvement. This Find first appears visually/symbolically as a slightly higher than a man white obtuse triangle, suggesting it is standing on something larger and still buried. The triangle-fin had itself been previously buried, but was no longer so. As in all such stories the excavator/dreamingofmoney, was seen - in the quantum entanglements of a black-holed bankers heart - as dispensable, therefore easily&professionally murdered.

The Find turns out to be a tail fin on a much larger ship which - when entered rightly - goes to the moon. There is violence and money people try to interfere. Someone/thing underneath the “fin” was vibrating, and its base was something quite unusual in a materialistic sense. Scene of scientific bafflement ...

Sometimes during the dreams, the dreamer experiences a second similar/woman, standing behind her, a helper/participant to her seeing.

The message of the ancient script on the ship, as read by the dreamer, is a kind of love letter to a lost love, who is "The Lord, my God". This is shared, by the dreamer, in a temple dominated by money changers.

The dreamer's earth-love is soon murdered, and she has to go alone/no-friends, in the ship, although force-ably accompanied by an obsessed servant of the money-folk-tribes.

Keep in mind that visually much is done in the primary colors, such as red and blue. The dreamer, for example, wears red in different aspects of the dreams’ realization/manifestation.

There are two robot-like/servants, Red and Blue Kachinas lets say - keeping to rich Southwest-Hopi-[prophecy] language gifts, ... Two powerful spirits who help/hinder, and die and become transformed.


Once on the moon, the dreamer finds a large head/statue identical to the previously seen quite momentarily, at the very beginning of the film,

in association with: We found this in the Southwest, & the question is: Who Is This? ... spoken by the man-friend, of the dreamer-woman, who dies too soon.

A good piece of Art that Head, best to see this stuff - in the film - if you can.

The Head-on-the-moon too, as with fin and its ship, is the top part of a large buried columnar/hexagonal structure that rises from the moon's surface as the dreamer walks/journeys from the ship to the temple there, and sort of: turns it on.

Earlier the dreamer was given in dream a stone of ambiguous blue/starlight, which now becomes part of the moon dream as an actual object, and needs to be inserted into the Head's third eye/receptacle.


Once inserted, and once the moon-Head rises with the Temple as its base, a beam of light soars from the temple top, in cylinder-form inside which the head is enclosed, until a golden sphere of light appears in the sky, and then expands&descends, as a sphere of light, turning the moon, in a dream&notdream, to green, with-blue-white-cloud sky - like earth. The green fades into Moon, although the sun-like light in blue sky remains, and the colors of moon-stuff appear richer when bathed in this light.

A breathable atmosphere comes with/via the light.  The dreamer awakening stands on the moon before the Temple, without the need of either Suit or Ship, The natural mind already travels in the moon/sphere of the spirit, yet we are never finished (what would be the fun in that) so now, as the dreamer awakens, does the mind itself freely reveal all its secrets, which is that nothing need change, for change is what is.  Relax.  Be yourself.  Breathe.  Decide.  Choose.  Its 6:A.M., and everyday is Groundhog Day.

The dreamer, followed by the obsessed man, enters the temple and finds therein the object of the love letter to "The Lord my God": a handsome youthful man standing still, surrounded by a curtain-cage(?) of vertical light bars, blueish white, to go with his odd/age-old/modest clothes, a lattice of kilt-like materials - Druid made, perhaps.

Again, there is violence, and the obsessed man dies, after which his face is joined - in a kind of hardly living death, to/as the face of the Blue Kachina, which is about to lose its head. The human faced Blue Kachina threatens the dreamer, who tricks the clumsy robot into getting its human-faced-head chopped off.   Red Kachina lucifers eat tradition bound Blue Kachinas for lunch.  Nice fantasies of the heart, are a good antidote to over-cold-thinking-calculus.  Our dreams are our own.

This kind of detail, in a film is / comes from what? It exists. Someone made it. Look them up. Maybe they should make more films.  Plus, they get to have their own adventure in the creation, that needs nothing from them but their own aesthetic.  The sequences feel right, and the spare sets are almost zen-like in function and purity.  We are jaded, if we want for better special effects.  Good art requires our participation. 

The dreamer sheds her "space suit", puts on a red dress the Red Kachina robot gave her and walks to the risen dais on which-which the man stands, and stands beside him - to his left, both facing the camera/spectator, ... she becoming clothed herself in a curtain-cage of vertical red-light bars.

The curtain-cage can be Read, in the Dreaming, as the Mentality-Materialistic, .... a naive science - woven over humanity, in the time of The God of Number's incarnation, to help with covering-over the religion of the old gods (the Earth Gods&Goddesses), and then worshiping - abstractly - the new (the gods of self&Forge, all set on changing the Creation in an atomic-rush, at the same time denying the Son (the young man) and the Mother Remembered (the dreamer awakens).  Science scared Religion into a corner, and Religion scared Science into a trap.  Art, only Art, knows what to trust - the heart, ... yes it is that simple, which makes it all the more so very hard.

Let us next review the presented tableau - the whole film as speech - the word in pictures ...,... in the “light” of Rudolf Steiner’s remarks regarding the future return of the Moon back into the Earth, and in the light of the Emerald Tablet: The above from the below, and the below from the above - the work of the miracle of the One. And things have been from this primal substance through a single act. How wonderful is this work! It is the main (principle) of the world and is its maintainer. Its father is the sun and its mother the moon; ...

                      father/son-like, celebrate sky and space                                                         mother/womb like, learning the wonder of stones and star lights

The primary beings of earth and moon are drawn to each other in dreams, foreshadowing an Event: During the now/becoming time of the return of the divine feminine mysteries, the moon sphere must become again a temple, in earthly life, ... the phoenix out of ashes Goetheanum/Steiner Temple an example - although a Kiva works just as well - of a world wide process needing/aiding the coming escape from the Enchantment of Ahriman, the Blue Kachina. The dreamer is helped by Paraclete-Lucifer (Steiner’s recognition of the role of Lucifer Gnosis - visit any Waldorf School), = the Red Kachina, although both die and are reborn.

The male/friend of the not quite recognized Dreamer, he who in the film's beginning frame/scene pointed toward the giant ancient-head (Steiner’s works re-illuminating ancient lore), has been killed by money&friends.    R. Steiner had to die before the Dreamer could awaken, for without a “scientific” Way of Knowledge of the Spirit, the path for the reentry of the moon into the earth cannot be prepared.  This is the Destiny of the West, of the Americas, the most rich with living pagan/mystical/magical lore natural temples on the planet.

No human made artifact can match either Earth or Heaven, yet, ... here we human beings are, and if certain Folks went to all that trouble, it just might mean something --- more than either Religion or Science dares to tell.  We are neither sinners or saints or dead-self-deluding accidents in an uncaring cosmos. 

Consider Forests &Trees: A Natural Cathedral

that Crown is not a single tree, but a communion of trees, linked via dark roots ~!~ dancing,
easily finding the shape in which to share the light and the water, while remaining glorious in beauty,
functional in the end to our brothers and sisters .... the human folks .... whose houses have
wooden skeletons, and furniture, although seemingly an improvement over
a teepee, covered in skins we didn't have to kill for ... So many brothers and sisters hurrying,
trying to catch up with themselves, Time Sings slow down, or Be Slowed Down ...
always been that Way, always will, ... children need limits, &love &touch &tales, built with endless waters&warmth,
while sporting moon-woman dreamtime sails ...


Good&evil is to be overcome by the marriage of the ancient goddess wisdoms: mysticism&pagan magic, woven into/with/around spiritual science. That is the how and why the moon/mood sphere must return to the earth - science without ceremony and dreaming, fails to See All. Powers of ancient Magical&Mystical Lore come riding in on the Return of the Moon.  The laboratory an altar, and the altar a laboratory.  Spiritual Empiricism.

This is why the dreamer lives in/around/near-enough to the American Southwest [Hopi Lore is that the Mesas they settled on - that place was where the earth was first made solid], in order to find the ship, from the clues of the ancient wisdoms still there, but it is a clue that goes back 14,000 years, to before the Fall of Atlantis. [Again, see: http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/Clarke5.html]


The ship, all white, graceful, and potent as/ It .~!~. the purity of the Path-to-the-Mother:-as-remembered-in-the-dreaming, as the woman behind the dreamer, whose poem is the love note to “My Lord God”. The Path of Surrender to the true/heart of ancient lore, not the Mother Herself.   Rather ... The Path of the Stone, whether Emerald Tablet, Hopi Stone Tablets~!~Broken, or the Foundation Stone, all are parts and no one ever truly stands alone. Foundation Stone to marry Emerald Tablet, = the starlight blue stone to be placed in the Third Eye.

Women are better at surrendering, at bending but not breaking ... it is only incidentally a sexual characteristic.  Father works from dawn to dusk, but mother's work is never done.  Worry is a full time job, and the best Way to help a man be a man, well, that's the trick isn't, because its a two Way street.  Earthers and Moon-aliens, demons and angels, legends needing to be remembered, because there is a New Sheriff in Town, and She Kicks Ass, whenever She wants - Her Quiver has hurricanes, earthquakes, famines and droughts, waterless deserts and cities on fire, ... do people really think this is All an Accident.?  That any of it is?


But ... where's the Center, if the Center cannot hold?  You.  Of course.  There stands the dreamer wakened, backed by the Red Kachina, in a field of green and wondrous sky, holding out a treasure, four books, and some questions to bother yourself with, that is if you want to dance by the light of the moon.  Knowledge is ... obviously ... necessary.  A magic home library will be aided ... consider the Temple's appearance once again, in the imagination.  The head's previously hidden base rises in the form of a temple, which temple emits a great beam of sunlight, flooding&changing everything, from the sky to the ground. 

Standing Rock was just a seed.  Deeper than Occupy Wall Street.  Hard to say what fires a revolution, when, as noted a long time ago by Walk Kelley's Pogo:

The finding of the lost love is only possible when the dreamer, knowing the ancient tongues, goes to the moon, solves the riddle of the emerald/starlight stone, and then enters the temple to take her place beside the Son, herself transformed by her journey. It is not just: “Not I, but the Christ in Me”. It is also: “Not me-we, but the Mothers in Us”.


The final scene is of a small green plant, rising/growing/bathed in sunlight - not so much the Moon anymore, as the Moon begins its reentry into modern consciousness in a new Way. Can Wiccan’s go to Waldorf Schools, or should TheyThem: Hymmning, you know The Gods&Goddesses up the ante some more, .... Their Hinting, as with Trump, getting more and more Outrageous/Humorous, and Ironic in the Extreme.  Just about everyone, who cared about what happens in the 2016 election, was wrong.  Mom's Lessons Always Hurt.  Except: Spring always comes again ...


There are Travelers, knowing ancient lore. Did Steiner/Enkidu (the INcarnation of the KEy to the magics of DOing) meet a Gypsy, or just a herbalist? Which Stream divides there - moon and sun - silver dancing shape changer, owns the Night on a regular basis. Carl Sagan’s Demon Haunted World is Real. Gosh, ... Damn --- We are In as gods&goddesses, old gods and the new-world. That world is magical, and dragons are real.  Science will be shitting its pants, as will the fundamentalists everywhere.  Watch out for new Inquisitions, some form of antipaganmagical thought police.


An endless loop, Mobius-like in time and space, never the same whenever a dreaming traveler becomes the tale as told & retold. Although, Steiner was limited by needing to artfully awaken spiritual knowledge without salsa-dancing&drugs. Intoxications have value, just be careful how far South you go in search of substances miraculous ... otherwise we get too far way from those growing points: Groots, in the dark beneath the surface of the Earth, on the Nights of Full Moons, where/when Fairies come out and dance and do magic.

The Coming Magics Are Winter Magics, when the Sun's Powers are beneath the surface activities, in the Below&Dangerous.


Look anywhere at modern Art, with an open mind, and the Return of the Mother is right there (the no longer hiding True Dark), in quiet accompaniment with the return of the Lord of the Dance: = Clint Eastwood’s characters in Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby, having to invent the good, in the absence of any help from Christian priests.  Or, more recent: Wind River, with power&wisdom - still, even aboriginal culture, like the Churches, fail in the fires of the Day of Purification.


Why? Because we are the very Gods&Goddesses reborn in flesh, in the last stages of the 70 x 7 lives in the most perfected instrument/avatar-bodyofMatter, ... Last Stages before the Earth Herself gives up the GhostlyEthereum (Valerian as dreamed by Luc Besson) to join some-we-hope-all who make it through the maze of the soul, and find themselves then on Vulcan-only-as-LivingLight, ...~!~!~

... instead of living in@ caves, in the ashes and charred bits of the once upon a time: formerly living/earth/ash&rock sphere, in the care of Red and Blue Kachinas-mechanical in nature, for a living avatar body will be impossible when the Moon rejoins the Earth, and its held-back for-a-time powers release all of magic&ancient lore to perform the Miracle of the One.

Going down, means going up. We be earth becoming moondy on the way to lighting/sun, and everywhere warm.


We are all wizards and wiccans, priests and priestesses.

All are.

Every [Groundhog] Day has routine.
Routine is Ceremony&Rite
Movement and Magic

don't seize the day, seize the moment

MSaturn, Sun, Moon, Earth; Emanation, Creation, Formation & Existence; as well as the more ancient: Fire, Air, Water, Earth; or: Will, Intellect, Feeling, &= Conscious.OONTRAP TARGET EARTH. Reverse the course, by turning it insideout. Say: Consciousness/Water/Creation/Saturn, four of four, but reordered. Freedom has no limits, just responsibilities.


Dungeons and Dragons, multiplayers in the Noosphere. See Stranger Things for details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWxyRG_tckY&t=1s


It remains now, our task - those who have dared to follow this Far, to look more closely at the Path, at the symbolism of the buried ship that travels to the Moon, in order to open once more the Temple of Life, as connected to the Depth Lunar Wisdom, using the Key of the Emerald Tablet to give strength to the failing Anthroposophical Impulse, which got lost when their Teacher, Rudolf Steiner, died too soon.   The Gods&Goddesses leave details to Chance&Fortune, with those perverse imps Loki, Raven & Coyote.  The general music of the spheres was settled long ago, and the Return of the Moon begins with the Return of Christ, so that it can be Christ that announces it is Far Past Time to Remember Mom.

  Nor will it hurt to broaden our examination of modern films, as well, so as to include peripheral female characters, such as the fierce faith of the mother in Stranger Things, and the girl #11, who is the one with the "power" to open, and close (or give order to) the gate through which the Underworld, of previously invisible creatures, is leaking into the material world. 

The Collective Imagination can go no other places, but truths both light&dark.

A central mystery is the Red Kachina, who pilots the ship to the moon, and tries to keep the woman-in-red free of the terrorizing complicity of men, with regard to men's appetites for power and control.  As WhiteRose sez (sort of) in Mr. Robot, "the only currency men with power and wealth recognize is violence". 

Lucifer returned Home, after Christ's Death and Resurrection, joining the community - the Paraclete - which is a traditional name for the Holy Spirit.  Lucifer saw, in Christ's deed, the role that women needed to play in order for the Divine Mysteries to return to their former pre-eminence.  In more ancient times the Goddesses were part of the Pantheon of the Mysteries, before the patriarchal monotheisms kept women out of the priesthood, and made up all kinds of "rules" for keeping women in their "place", at home, barefoot and pregnant.

The hunger was for "dominion-over", rather than "communion-with".  I have heard the tale that Hebrew words are only written down with out the vowels, just the consonants.  The vowels, being the Mothers (according to the Sefer Yetzirah), are left out, for only the wise know the right placement.  In this tale it was said that when the Patriarchs rose to power in the Hebrew Religion, the words formerly translated as communion-with, became re-translated as dominion-over.  Males could dominate, but only females could connect across the barriers of species.  When those tribes lost those spiritual gifts - the communion-with gifts - they started to separate even further from Nature than usual, a rough destiny in deserts, and through troubling seas, before home is found.

Moontrap Target Earth = a search for a forgotten Home.
Owen Barfield's Final Participation begins with the Return of the Moon, ...
with the Return of Ceremony&dance, to the celebrations.

Recall that the dreamer, who is to awaken, has visions in which there is a woman standing behind her, ... helping.


When Rudolf Steiner lived, he had three primary women helpers:  Dr. Elizabeth Vreede (mathematician and astronomer), Dr. Ita Wegman (who helped Steiner bring rebirth to medicine), and Frau Marie Steiner (wife&confidant).

They were all raised in a Central European culture that was clearly patriarchal, and perhaps entering its last days.  When Steiner characterized Anthroposophy, on many occasions, he frequently referred to a spiritual being, with feminine characteristics: Anthroposophia: <that link begins with the following quote<:

When we are in a position to assimilate anthroposophical knowledge not only through reading and listening, but when we are more and more able to experience the content of anthroposophy in our heart, in our feelings, then it is as if living, cosmic beings enter our souls.  Then, anthroposophy will appear to us increasingly as a living being.  And we will become aware that something is knocking at the threshold of our heart saying, ‘Let me in, because I am you yourself; I am your true nature, your very humanity.’”    Rudolf Steiner

called: the Fifth Seal, after indications of Steiner
The problem/trials/mysteries begins when we seek to appreciate the forces of the lower chakras, ... when we ask what truly lives in human appetites?  "Sex, Porn, and the Return of the Divine Feminine."

Another Way to view the Question/Riddle: Why, as the natural forces of women began to emerge from their forced "retirement", did women chose to become warriors; And, Why did the lover of women, the French director Luc Besson, worship these raw&untamed fires?

In the wonderful script of the Divine Mystery, "the What Is", we find male&female, with only one version of a human avatar body being capable of serving as a home for the holy generation involved in passing forward into the future, the physical/material evolution being taken to its ultimate non-material conclusion.  A human Baby is born to both worlds.  Culture too often trains the child to forget the spirit, and become focused on the matter.  This Tragedy Is, so don't argue with it, see It for Its Teaching/Speaking, and look to tomorrow, or the very next moment if immediate action is required.

The dominant appetite, as the spirit descends from its Star to the Earth, is the appetite for material life, for: "It matters to me, for Matter to be, and that I, to Matter, do matter".  At the same time, there is another hunger, a hunger to understand why we exist, as well as to know: what is the "What Is" for?

      &      &          &     =

every day's events are birthday presents, from Anthroposophia, AND, for all those someones wondering what the fuck is going on, and would like to do something about it:
                                                                                  The Ship  that goes from earth to moon, to recover what of antiquity that has been lost, ... and wishes to Return ....

Repeat viewing of the Trailer - the sequences of the Ship traveling can be paused and more detail observed - the Ship changing as it travels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dyaa2A7agk


Again ... from the Moody  Blues:

One step into the light
One step away from night
It's the hardest step you're gonna take
The ship to take you there
Is waiting at the head
Of the stairs that lead up through your opening mind

Dancing.  Intoxicated.  To soaring music.  To Celebrate Life.  Rock Bands&Rock Stars.  Ritual passion.  We remain Tribal
, with culture far more powerful than race.  Still, the gestation/creation/generative power is/was/and always will be given this name: fe male, as in fey, or fairy.  There being male fey as well, merlins all.  But still male - too much the gnome, tending to isolation, while those who fire ~!~ dance, while riding brooms with the fierce joy of a dragon ... Early Christianity tried to rid the world of the dangerous gods&goddesses of hearth&home, fire&garden, safe against too much of weather, and a well or a stream with enough water, .... small virtues count for a lot.  Women's goddesses being the most difficult to tame.  Or at least hide out of sight: The Cross in the Front, the Death made more crucial than the Resurrection, while She of RegenerationsInfinite catches us AllWays, still in a side Chapel [Catholics] or not much there at all [Protestants].

No wonder the fundamentalist and evangelical Christian Preachers feared the dark.  Feared the New Age, which was not so much new, but old as in wild&untamed & temporarily forgotten.  Still, ... there is the  battle field of Good&Evil to sort out.  "Moontrap Target Earth."  Yes, men make messes, ... so what? 

He tried to make it simple: Judge Not.  Simple to state, hard to do.   Yet, it is a deed entirely and freely our own, ... which deed/choices will also have consequences.

The path through this modern version of the mess (Trump&friendsetc.), the cleaning up of which is otherwise known as mother's endless works, as needed in order to find something that might be lost, or hurt, or out of place, and could use some kindness laden tones of voice, some serious listening, and perhaps the cleaning of a face&hands, which cools the brow while revealing much. 

There are still Travelers about.  Mystics&Magicians, entertaining-tellers of the tallest tales of tails ... come meet your-selves times ten: "Albert - in fugue"; "Tricks - dancing to a different drummer"; "A Miracle for Fences"; "Biker Nuns"; "Frosty"; "Yes, I am an Alien from another Planet"; "a Message in a Bottle, Found on the Dark Sands of the Seas of Morpheus"; "Bubba Helps out in a Hospital"; "Bicycles: a Children's Christmas Story for Adults"; and, The Zen Potter.

Choosing Directions.  Being Yourself.  Private&Public Worlds.  Shared.  Wonders.

wandering in wonder
drowning in wonder