Drowning in Wonder

a poem sent to Harvard Divinity School,
as part of trying to enroll at age 77

I walked in the leftover dreams of heretics,
Keplerian Astrologers, and Newtonian Alchemists
the most ancient and forgotten of sciences,
Gnostics, Manicheans, where priests were out of fashion
and if Grace was with you, Gods and Goddesses
touched your soul, revealing what is living
but not yet reduced to dogma.

I discovered I was not alone, although
most today forget the wars that marked
the beginning of the Copernican Revolution,
an exodus from religion towards natural science
and its false dogmas that I am only matter,
and never spirit.

Modern Christian heretics abound, and there
is a counter-Copernican Revolution
that finds spirit can be seen to be real
by the true and deeper methods that await
a yet immature science,
that forgot its roots in a rush to dominate.

There I found my home, welcomed by
She’s and He’s divine when I dared
to look inside - singing:
I am not my brain -
the map is not the territory.

Yes, I know ‘tis blessed to believe
and not have seen ... then why does it
feel cursed to see and not be believed?

Is there more that Christ wishes us to know?
Is revelation finished, and the only truths
are to be imprisoned in the books
too long adored and worshiped?

Yahweh came to visit me once,
a staggering assault on senses unprepared
reminding me I was an old friend,
and now was tasked to learn to see
the world for its true order ...
so much more than matter.

The Burning Bush can do what He wishes,
as can Christ and the Holy Mother.
When They touch me, its is more than
a game of tag your it. 
You are altered, made renewed, reborn,
while what is seen remains a finger pointing only.
Awake thinking, as a sacrament, is then called forth
to bring down to earth what was seen,
because others must not sacrifice the rational
for the art and beauty of a poets heart.

Save the Catholic Christian Religion from the Roman Church.
Remind science that in the long ago,
when languages were new, young and frisky,
they could only name what was seen, meaning:
all the greatest old myths of human existence
were exact perceptions of the divine origin
of all the world’s becomings.

The monotheisms, which ate the old goddess religions,
have outlived the divisions of their true believers;
and the souls of all of us know this:
that art, religion, and science, were ever only one whole,
and, that Eternity is always Now, and perpetually In the beginning.