Why Should Anyone Vote or Get Involved with
Joel A. Wendt's Campaign for the Presidency of
the United States of America
l. You love America and want what's best for our Nation and our People.

2. You realize something new and different has to happen, and that the politics of the old, of the Democrats and Republicans, doesn't work anymore (and hasn't worked for decades).

3. You are willing to do more than just Vote, realizing that the Responsibilities that come with  Citizenship are equal and necessary to the Rights that come with Citizenship.

4. You have come to appreciate (from reading the Greenville Millennium Gazette) that it is time for the American People to no longer Consent to certain habits and practices common to that moral swampland known as Washington D.C.

5. You can see the significance and the irony of having, as a Presidential Candidate, a person who is neither handsome, charismatic, politically adept, rich, or otherwise connected.

6. You want someone from the working poor to be in our highest office, because only someone from that point of view (and life experience) can appreciate and see what really needs to be done.

7. You can see the special nature of the time in which we live, and realize that this unusual time demands unusual individuals in our highest offices.  We can't do the same old things anymore.

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