this page is replacing another page, which had been getting a lot of hits, but which was actually no longer entirely accurate as regards me, Joel A. Wendt.

My main webpages are as follows:

Shapes in the Fire, which includes material on a new social science, research by others, links to books and so forth.

Here is an index to all my writings: full index

Here is a link to the website I created when I ran for president (for a year), and then later withdrew.  some thoughts on the nature of public life - and an offer of service.

here is a link to my website on: Celebration and Theater: a Citizen's Art of Statecraft.

here are my anthroposophical writings: Outlaw Anthroposophy.

here is the most important book I ever wrote:  the Way of the Fool: Christian Enlightenment (initiation) and the Future* of Christianity.

and here, FINNALY, is the link to the original work that used to have this url, something from a campaign for President I undertook in 1998