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Joel A. Wendt

(a priceless education)

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currently semi-retired, at age 62

production assistant: working on a light industrial assembly line, helping machines mass
produce charitable solicitation mailings. (employed from September, 1999 to November 2002,
in Wilton NH)

mental health worker: worked the graveyard shift at a for-profit psychiatric hospital,
involved in direct care of schizophrenics, manic-depressives, character disorders, addicts,
drunks, abused children and adolescents, etc. (employed from March 1988 to July 1996, and
then from August 1998 to June 1999, in Nashua NH)

live-in aide: worked as a live-in caregiver for a disabled professor of colonial American
history. (employed from December of 1996 to May of 1998, in San Francisco, CA)

window washer: self employed as a washer of windows in an upscale community.  (employed
from April of 1988 to October of 1988, in Concord MA)

house cleaner: worked for a small house cleaning service. (employed from December 1987
to April 1988, in Concord MA)

house painter: worked as a house painter for a gypsy house painting crew. (employed from
September to November 1987, in Sacramento CA)

odd jobs: worked for a well-digger, doing odd jobs (employed from March to June 1987, in
Weed CA)

egg flipper: worked as a breakfast cook (employed from September 1985 to September
1986, in Yreka CA)

week-end counselor: worked as the supervising counselor for a group home for severely
emotionally disturbed adolescents. (employed from March to August 1985, in Citrus Heights

week-end counselor: worked as a weekend counselor for a set of group homes for severely
emotionally disturbed adolescents, plus did the menu planning and food purchasing for all four
homes. (employed from January 1984 to March 1985, in Stockton CA)

on-call counselor: worked as the main on-call counselor for a set of group homes for severely
emotionally disturbed adolescents.  (employed from September 1982 to January 1984, in
Citrus Heights CA)

pantry chef: worked as a cold sauce and line cook for a restaurant specializing in Cajun
cooking. (employed from February 1982 to August 1982, in Oakland CA)

dishwasher, grill cook: worked first as a dishwasher and then later as a grill cook for a
breakfast and lunch place. (employed from August 1979 to December 1981, in Oakland CA)

construction laborer: worked on a high priced home construction site as a general gopher.
(employed from June 1978 to June 1979, in Montclair CA)

theater manager: worked as a porno theater manager in the Tenderloin district.  (employed
from September 1977 to April 1978, in San Francisco CA)

theater manager: worked as a movie theater manager for a repertory cinema.  (employed
from February 1977 to August 1977, in San Francisco CA)

custodian: worked as a custodian for a small group serving several business. (employed from
September 1976 to December 1976, in San Francisco CA)

theater clerk: sold candy etc. at a porno movie house. (employed from May 1976 to July
1976, in Berkeley CA)

self employed group counselor: worked as a group counselor using transactional and
reparenting modalities. (employed from September 1972 to February 1976, in Berkeley CA)

postal worker: worked as a postal worker for U. S. post office at a large parcel center.
(employed from November of 1971 to June of 1972, in Oakland CA)

house husband: worked as a "wife", taking care of baby and home etc. ("employed" from
January 1971 to October 1971, in El Cerrito CA)

insurance underwriter: worked for an insurance company evaluating casualty risks
(employed from August 1969 to January 1971, in Berkeley CA)

supreme court law clerk: worked as a clerk for a Montana Supreme Court Justice.
(employed form January 1969 to July 1969, in Helena MT)

dishwasher: worked as a dishwasher for an up scale restaurant. (employed from September
1968 to December 1968, in Denver CO)

insurance adjuster: worked as a car accident insurance adjuster. (employed from July 1967
to September 1968, in Denver CO)

law clerk: part-time research and writing for personal injury and workman's comp. law firm.
(employed from January 1967 to June 1967, in Missoula MT)

law clerk: part-time research and writing for County Attorney's Office. (employed from
September 1966 to January 1967, in Missoula MT)

engineer's aide: worked as an aide on a highway department survey crew.  (employed in the
summers of 1965 and 1966, and worked from January 1964 to August 1964, in Missoula

supervisor: worked as a supervisor of an accounting section of the City Assessor's Office.
(employed from June 1963 to January 1964, in Denver CO)

night clerk: worked as a night clerk in the City's motor vehicle department.  (employed from
October 1962 to June 1963, in Denver CO)

air force academy cadet: worked (was paid) as a Cadet in the United States Air Force, at
the Air Force Academy. ("employed" from June 1959 to June 1962, in Colorado Springs CO)

gandy dancer: worked on a railroad grouting crew in the summer of 1958 in Great Falls MT.

Publications etc.

all my written material is on my websites:

research - "Shapes in the Fire", and political - "some thoughts on the nature of public life"


Weekend Intensives, including lectures and practicum, training others in the use of
transactional analysis and reparenting (Chicago - three times; Boston, and New
Orleans), 1974-75.

Lecture, International Transactional Analysis Conference, 1974, on the theme:
Accepting Transference, the role of love in group therapeutic dynamics,
Chicago, Illinois.

Lecture, 1992, Dying and Becoming: the Future of the Anthroposophical
Movement in America, given to the Anthroposophical Society meeting in Wilton,
New Hampshire.

Lecture, 1993, The Social Future: an examination of the dynamic interplay
between individualism and community, given to the Anthroposophical Society, in
Wilton, New Hampshire.

Lecture, 1997, Anthroposophy in the Light of America - an examination of the role
of the American Character in the healing of the negative effects of the shadow of the
anthroposophical society, given to the Anthroposophical Society, in San Francisco,

Center for American Studies at Concord

Since the fall of 1987 I have been a parttime unpaid fellow at the Center for America
Studies at Concord (MA) Their website is at:

This has largely been voluteer work, with a few exceptions.  For example, I gave
several paid living history presentations in the late 1980's, of an immigrant German mill
worker for weekend intensives given to Fulbright Scholars.  I have also been on the
board at the Center and participated in many conferences, meetings and other relevant

For further information on my participation, contact the founder and director, Stuart
Weeks, via the Center's Website.

Some personal data

Joel A. Wendt

address: P.O. Box 219, Greenville, NH, 03048

Education: Graduated High School, Great Falls High School, Great Falls, Montana, 1959 (president senior class). Three years, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. One year, University of Denver, Denver Colorado, received B.A. in religion and philosophy, 1963. Scored 698 out of 800 on the Law School Admission Test. Three years, School of Law, University of Montana, received J. D. (juris doctor) in 1967 (given an award, for receiving the high A in the Evidence Course).

Self educated in philosophy, sociology, science, education, political theory, and depth ethical and spiritual disciplines.

Affiliations: Member in good standing of the Anthroposophical Society for over twenty years. Member in good standing of the Legal Bar, Montana and Colorado, until these affiliations were allowed to lapse due to circumstances of life.

Three marriages, twice to the same woman.  Five children.  With Tina: Marc 39, Doren 36, Jennifer 32; with Dawn: Adam 20, and Gabriella 14.

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