Aesthetics of Economics

The Scottish Masonic Tradition

In the Light of The Folk Spirits

A Meditative Study

B. Gardiner MA

Copyright © Barbara Gardiner 2000

Is mairg a dh'itheadh an solus

Pity the person who would eat the light.
Gaelic proverb



This book is dedicated to all the Bravehearts of the World Economy, those who are not afraid to take the children of the world into their hearts when they engage in economic thinking.   It is specifically dedicated to the following,

Caledonia, my homeland, which inspired

Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland, 14th C

who inspired

Robert Burns (1759 -1796)

who inspired

Robert Gardiner, my grandfather

who inspired

Robert Gardiner, my father (1925-1968)

who inspired

Robert Gardiner,  my brother (1954-1997)

and Angela Maria da Silva Holanda, age 16, my Brazilian  economic god-daughter and her longed-for children.


This book is a spiritual collaboration and could not have come into being without the integrity, wisdom, faith and knowledge of my friend Rosa Letelier, Banker and Consultant, Madrid, whose banking genius and unfailing courage mapped its course.  Grazie, Rosa.

Barbara Gardiner, Edinburgh, March 2000

Aesthetics of Economics

A Meditative Study


Part One

1 Introduction

7 The Birth of Modern Economics

 15 Associative Economia
in the Light of the Portuguese Folk Spirit

  33 The Higher Perception of Occult Economics
   in the Light of the Russian Folk Spirit
 Selected Bibliography


Part Two

 41 Position Paper in World Economy

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