May Flowers, from April Showers

the day is Grey, and dark

clouds mask the sky

I watch Hannibal on TV

obscene corpses presented as art

drama appealing to the dark side of human beings

where are the screams of the politically correct?

where is the conscience of the network that uses

such beastly titillation in order to sell advertising ...

ten million Caligula’s Haunt our passages through this Age

sung to music by ten million Nero’s fiddling 

the worst dreamers of Rome reborn

dance among us now

exposing themselves

like the flasher opening his raincoat

surprising us and taking delight in our

shocked faces

we, the strange mirror to their devices,

what do we reflect to their observation of us?

Should we kill them, knowing they play

us like a deranged new orchestra of mad serial voyeurs -

we the mouse - they the super intelligent cat

licking its paws, and staring into space

having forgotten the prior moment,

and waiting only for the next

ball of yarn - ball of human desire

waiting only to push our souls down into the

nasty smelling pail of kitty litter we call a brain ...

are Cats and Dogs actually domesticated,

or is it just human beings that have been trained

and had their animal nature seemingly castrated

We like to believe we are light only,

having so many clever ways of denying our

own dark hungers and actions ...

Do Saints and Guru’s really gain the highest,

or do they only stand on our drowning shoulders

like the sailors standing on each other trying

to reach the air above and live, while floundering in the sea

of civilization’s raging storms,

We forget that the beautiful tree in our yard

can only live because its roots go into the deepest

darkest places of the Earth, there to find food and water

for its buds and leaves and flowers ...

A gorgeous forest is also an underworld of tangled roots

and hard stones, and caves wherein the rodents thrive

with the worms - that strange creature with a face at

both ends, and which when cut to pieces just grows another ...

birds eat worms, and then fly in sunlit spaces ...

would you eat your own self-worms in order to fly?