Some of the people i-eye know
think -- i-eye'm a jerk or worse,
i-eye don't know i-eye am,
perhaps this illusory poem will help.
Pay attention, there will be a jest-test.

Subject matter:
Family Matrix Set One
read out    x parents and siblings
(i-eye pause...these were the original
teachers of the magic formulas...words)
Please family touch.

Job Matrix Set Two
Must have food to live
must have money to have food
mus have job to have money
must have job to live.

School Matrix Set Three
easiest way to get through.

Necessary Social Order Matrix Set Four
watch out!

External Coloration Matrix Set Five
personality, clothes, social habits, speech patterns.

Internal Coloration Matrix Set Six
justification external choices.

Unconscoius Impulse Matrix Set Seven
primeval fire water air earth.

Invisible Matrix Set Eight
the law of iwegodlovechaos

Unknowable Matrix Set Nine

Union of Sets Matrix Set Ten
unique individual, a property held in common
by all existhing beings, visible and  invisible.

What fun this blank page
empty space formed by my lines of dark on white,
growing walking trees from the seeds of i-eye mind,
reaching across bizarre boundary words
with implied color/sound i-eye-magination,
zen transactional space mind interface,
while Spock's last ghost plays left show,
the laundromat animates itself into a cocktail party,
non=sense no=mind individuality
indivisable duality
I 'n i
in myth with reality,
the father, hand in hand with the son,
at cliff's edge
stepping off to fairy song
and sage advice.

why what?
why life?
Sorry, no answer in words; all important knowledge
accessible only through experience.
Why words then?

So my i-eye inside us all
decided to spin inside-out word collection,
toy magic chest
enjoyment, gift, essence,
i-eye inside game
present great communion
human beings like you.

Fear death!
not for end, but as sign of time misspent
opportunity lost
until some vague dawn
i-mirror shines clearly.

Astral horizon warning
cataclysm's pending ending;
1999 is 666 year 1
great mother earth stretches in dread dream time,
scratching sore-scab city,
smashing damn dams restraining life-blood waters
heralding lost second moon returning,
marking lord of darkness/lords of light arising,
grim evolution revolution pruning
of four, three do not see 2001;
universal love - grandmotherly kindness
life's greatest mystery
cataclysm necessary solution distillation purification
fire crisis isis-osiris reunited anti-crisis;
cycles within cycles, endless changing pulses,
cosmic laughter,
doggy poo on city streeets.

New Law

Some time ago, in moment now-past
memory's crystal held etheric grip,
an idea flew through i-mind,
complex and personal,
expression of possibility
strange fruit out of i-magination-eye.

Suffering i-eye was
truth seeking soul having once writ rule
experience equals gift equals seed to nurture to freedom
to sharing
Once upon a time
i-spirit prayed to I-spirit
"is the gift new law?"
(i-spirit ambitious to be magician)
near sacred I-ndian land
in answer to thoughts desire
lord hawk flew low surprisingly,
great chaos scattering the flow of i-resistance,
while another thought pursued
"o-when God, o-when",
the answer floating now before our-eyes,
these lines of dark on white.

i-eye know not what is to be written
ridding the whole in my headless head,
foolish hermiting through babylon's falling;
yet i-eye know the law made up inside my head
experiences song
by which the whole inside when empty
fills with food from the whole without;
So in magician's cloak i-eye now announce
"the war of love as the moody blues,
fellow sorcerers, caress i-mind.

This word, i-song,
seeks to touch inside you
the whole which is i, a chip off the block
notice now our-dance
for by the law what passes between us
is not what i-eye think but what
you/i-eye see;
so finally the seed inside you-eye
nurtured to your-truth
becomes unified with me into we-eye,
unity all eyes equal WE.

And, being given human status,
we dominate the local whole
making us, man/woman-kind god;
together we being beings
with all beings,
stars and planets, the three in one,
trinary equations,
father son ghost/brahmin vishnu shiva/charioteer chariot horse

Yet, what does it all mean?

Or the tetragrammatic equation,
in which elements one, two and three
combine into a fourth
actuality, square, harmony, water, love

And don't foret Love's sense of humor
which allows the city to exist
awaiting jokes punch, cataclysms healing;
I 'n i fire climax;

Great fate, universal parent, divine providence
shattering our arrogant ignorance,
reminding the i-eye within/ithout
that zero equals 2
inevitability, pentagram, reality, earth, chaos,
the illusory and the mysterious
or as the once and coming just missed thief in the night said we-i-eyes sow, so shall we god love chaos reap...

Three through four becomes five;
earthquakes, plagues, famine, war,
always balanced, light within growing
blessed and taught by experience
not always what we desire, but always what we need;
sole and communal,
the alone is not alone when alone.

Left to selling prayers i-eye write this song,
desiring fame, fortune and fate,
universal love, compassion,
strange fruit our i
individuality/indivisible duality/unity

How shall today's surprise arrive
out of the cosmic funny-bone book?
In caldean dreams, i-magination-eye weeps
the coming dissolution sounding out of depths
resonating past lives desire, future lives course;
the story of the world writ in form sits before all-eyes
the untouched feast inspiring spirits hunger.

Only one form has the hands,
old memories, lectures to yearning students,
old soul within, introducing the obvious
book of wisdom, things as they are.

See  the sun, the light,
it is not just an accident
but the story of that seed each i-eye nurtures within;
our goal, ever constant
giving being of light and heat,
love and will,
shines each day, energizing reminding,

see the moon, changing, dark to light and dark again,
the tale of the hazy mirror hiding i-within/without
the task, even present needing our giving
feeding understanding

see the earth, center base guide guru
song of patience absorbing i-mistakes
yet loving forcing we to fall
elusive heights

see the human, dominant determiner, choicemaker,
the agent and guest to cosmic humor
driving mindless of the law
innocent and forgiven

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