Bicycles: a Christmas Story. A story for adults and children about a conversation between an unhappy about-to-be young woman and an Angel, which takes place on Christmas Eve.

The Possible Futures of Science, both Dark and Light: several essays exploring the intersection between modern materialism and the new emperical knowledge of the spirit.

Earth Ranger 2323: a novel in process, appocalyptic in nature.

Lazy Bear's Wizardly Emporium: two essays on the magic Path of Franz Bardon.

 The Arcanum of the Web: Everybody understands that the cyber-world (internet/web) represents some kind of basic transformative force in modern civilization. What might this change mean, if approached through a method of thought which uses reason, imagination and devotion in concert? Maybe there are some better words? Maybe "the Web" is not accurate? Is it a spiders lair, or something else?

An Imagined Philosophy of the Moody Blues: During the course of my life, music has meant a great deal to me. In the latter third, since about 1978, no group has had more significant an impact on me than the work of the English rock group, the Moody Blues. In many dark moments, this inspired music and the deep spiritual themes of its lyrics have been the one earthly resource that could be guaranteed to lift my spirits and help me through one more dark and lonely night. I must admit, however, that my interpretation of what their lyrics meant (i..e what they meant to me) and what the artists who created them intended, may certainly be two very different things. Even so, I am enternally grateful for their work...and yes, I will not leave you "driftwood on the shore".

The Mystery of the True White Brother: an interpretation of the Meaning of the Hopi Prophecy: This book (yes, a whole book) was competed in 1994 and submitted to Lindisfarne Press, which took an interest in it (they sent me some money even). Their reader considered it weak in many ways, not more than a first draft (I had labored on it for several years). After coming to terms with the criticism, I took myself through what is a very fruitful process, but which is nevertheless difficult and lengthy.

It is a form of inner work called "sacrifice of thoughts", a work which is always needed if one wishes to truly find one's way to something new (otherwise the already-thought stands in the way). In the case of the book, it was necessary to completely give it up, to detach my soul from it in all ways, and to achieve a rest point where I could say to myself, that my life could go on, and the book was something that I could recreate or from which I could just walk away. Once this point of complete inner freedom is achieved, then the whole process can be renewed, and the book recreated from the ground up, if I so desire, starting with the moral reason and the nature of the why I want to write it, and the nature of the question it seeks to answer. This process, by the way, I was familiar with, having done it before. It is also a process which can be done in an instant, with regard to our more ordinary thinking.

In any event, after going through this process, during the re-creation phase, the book underwent a metamorphosis and turned inside out. The main theme - the Hopi Prophecy - became the context, and the contextual elements - modern social realities - became the main theme, ultimately resulting in: Strange Fire: the Death, and the Resurrection, of Modern Civilization. (See Home page) None the less, I did feel there was some validity to the original manuscript, so I have posted it here.

Some biographical material about the author of this website. Bits and pieces of my life story for the morbidly curious.

This and that: A modest personal exploration of the Four Noble Truths, originally expounded by Gautama Buddha.

Book Reviews: comments on some books I have read.

Weavings on the Loom (links): some personal preferences regarding other places on the cyber-loom

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