The Possible Futures of Science,
both Dark  and Light 
In the above title to this part of my home on the loom, the cyber-traveler will notice two icons, two small pictures. In connection with the idea of Dark Science I have placed an image corresponding to atomic energy, which represents the problem of incomplete understanding coupled with premature technological application. In connection with the idea of Light Science I have placed an image corresponding to scholarship, which I hope suggests the idea of understanding for understanding's sake. I am not trying to condemn any particular application, but rather merely to point to a core question, which, I suspect, will be determinative of any future direction in the practice of the discipline or path of science: namely, For what purpose is the work done?
The Quiet Suffering of Nature: an essay on the need for the environmental movement to begin to regain communion with the Being of Nature, so as to know, not only what environmentalists want, but what Nature wants, as well.

The Idea of Mind: in the early 1990's I undertook to come to terms with certain ideas then beginning to circulate in the field of neurophysiology concerning the relationship between mind and brain chemistry. Since my own experience as a Christian meditator contradicted the leading ideas, which attributed mind to brain physiology, and nothing more, I wrote this essay as an effort to contribute to the ongoing work in the study of consciousness.

A Matter of Death: a short essay on the question of what is death.

the next two essays are under construction

The Religion of Scientism: an orginal essay for this site on the social and psychological implications of the dogmatic faith in the points of view of science, a faith which is the core belief system of many educated and uneducated individuals.

The Way of John, and the moral conduct of Science - Christianity and the future of Science. An exploration of the need for authentic inner disciple as an element in the conduct of Science.

there will be more added to this site...

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