What Can a Website Do For You?

I'm just a small business. Why do I need to be on the web?
So you're not looking to move thousands of units of merchandise through automated, massive eCommerce systems. You're a traditional business, you sell items from a store, perhaps occasionally through the mail or over the phone, or you provide a service. That's just all the more reason to be on the web.

Consider the alternatives. A yellow pages ad is only seen by people flipping through the book, and generally only if your name begins with "AA". It's tiny. It doesn't show your products. It doesn't tell your story. It doesn't let you show pictures of your business, or tell people about your quality and reliability. An ad in a newspaper or magazine can be even more expensive and only runs the few times you pay for it...then it's in the trash can, gone.

Inexpensive, Stable, Effective
A website, on the other hand, is a permanent thing. Once done, it exists until you decide to change it. It's your first impression to your potential customers, and can hold a lot of information, catalogs, product photos, directions to your location, contact information, your history. Anything you like.

Reach Your Customers
There are 2 million new internet users in this country every month, many of them likely in your area. They can and will see your website. Website addresses are often spread by word of mouth, or can even be printed on your product packaging. Increase your business many times over...for very little investment.