parallel thinking

In projective geometry - the geometry of cosmic life forces and processes,

parallel lines meet in The Plane at Infinity, where light itself is created

In It [the Word] was Life and the Life was the Light of the World

Prologue to the John Gospel

When we look to our broken world, what is needed?” a comment made by Jane Lorand at the Leadership Colloquium, as reported by Meg Gorman in the Fall 2012 issue of the Social Science Section Newsletter.

From the point of view of pure thinking, in contemplation of the nature of Christ’s Love, the world already is perfect - it is not broken. How can both these seemingly paradoxical self-evident truths be reconciled? How this works is that the individual perception of the world being broken serves the perfect nature of the unbroken world as Created by Love. Love means for us to go through an Age in which we experience the world, and all that are in it including ourselves, as flawed. The Hopi Prophecy calls this Age: The Day of Purification.

Love attends to the heart of the individual biography, not to the Stage Setting (all the world’s a stage), leaving the materialistic order of the Stage Setting to Ahriman and Lucifer. Christ, being outside of Time and Space, has all of Eternity to devote His Love to individuals. He also has countless numbers of aides, in all the hierarchies both heavenly and earthly, in order to carry out the intricate details of His Love.

Human beings are inserted into the Creation, however, and given freedom as well as multiple incarnations in which to spiritually develop and mature (We are forgiven 70 time 7). We are born incomplete (Fallen), and from our own forces then are meant to create ourselves. We have, in this Age, entered the stage of the evolution of consciousness where our dyings and becomings belong to us to determine first in freedom of thought, and then manifest. We have become, through Grace and Love, the principle source of meaning in the social-political world, and this world’s nature then is now dependent upon what meaning we render it.

In the Age of the Consciousness Soul, most human beings experience the world from their narrow and parochial points of view. Their thinking is frequently inhibited by cultural forces that dominate them, often causing them to react toward their outer world (their personal aspect of the Stage Setting) out of semi-conscious feelings of antipathy and sympathy - our natural instincts to like and dislike.

Every biography is meant to see - as in think, via these feelings, that the world is broken. It is by Grace that we are gifted with this situation of judging the world as deficient according to our own values in both the world of our personal biography and the macro structures of the Stage Setting. Without this goad and discomfort living in our judgments we would sleep and dream, and progressive evolution would come to a standstill.

This is one of the Mysteries of the Incarnation of Ahriman - to heat up the world and intensify conflict and division, so that the I of the human being has a context in which to wake up, and make choices. We needed the Ahrimanic Enchantment to bring about our materialistic culture so that we can become free of the ancient spiritual traditions, and by shedding them learn to rely primarily on our own heart’s-thinking, and prefer that over the external teachings of any system, guru or initiate.

Only in this way can the future of I-consciousness find its path to its blessed individual moral heart (see the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount). We cannot lean anymore on moral values outside our own soul and spiritual life, and must, via the conflicts born in this broken-appearing world, be forced to rely only on our own judgment. Even the Anthroposophical Society was to become apparently broken via the conflicts that naturally arise given our individual differences and unique character-logical dispositions.

Human beings in this situation of the Age of the Consciousness Soul naturally seek out those of a like or similar nature and concern. Thus we have all manner of associations, according to culture, and language, although mostly due to needs of karma. The Anthroposophical Society is an association mainly based on karma, and secondarily as a possible vehicle for advancing human culture via the teachings of Spiritual Science. Steiner advised that if certain aspects of spiritual development did not arise among the members -- which has happened -- that: “karma would hold sway”.

This karma comes to us out of Grace - out of Christ’s Love. We need to embrace it, particularly the differences among us.

Each of us then thinks in parallel, in the sense of Projective Geometry.  Yet our individual points of view, including the perception of a broken world, meet in the Plane at Infinity - the causal Life and Light (ethereal) realm - the transcendent mystery that is displayed for us as the Starry World.  We are Alpha, and out in the beyond is Omega - the Earthly seems to us to be imperfect, but from the Point of View of Love all is as it should be. [see: ]